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Game design: 8.902

Artwork: 8.543

Sounds/Music: 8.765

Other Aspects: 8.7

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This is "Pirates of the Caribbean (LE)".
The other versions are: Pirates of the Caribbean (regular version), Pirates of the Caribbean (CE)

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22 days ago
This game is the GOAT. There is no question about it. Plays fast (compared to other JJP titles), has a ton of shots, shoots like butter, ton of toys...the list goes on. It would take a lot to pry this baby out of my collection. This game is what got my wife into pinball, and my 2 year old chooses this game (out of my collection of 4) to play all the time!
39 days ago
Best game in the planet!!
54 days ago
I’ve owned POTC le for a couple of months at first I wasn’t sold on it, but once a got into the game play and rules wow what a gem. It is know one of my favourite pins.
55 days ago
Amazing game. So glad I got one before the rush. Then I bought another. Love it.
64 days ago
Beautiful looking game, but haven’t connected with it yet from a gameplay perspective.
64 days ago
absolutely overrated, the owners of this pinball want to exalt it for its rarity and complexity, distorting the ranking. the reality is that it is a fairly slow game and many toys are completely useless (like the tilting boat), the game is interesting but far too long. the art is subjective but I don't like it, jack in the center doesn't leave much imagination, I would have preferred the black pearl or a wider scene like on a hobbit, the colors on the whole are beautiful but it's all very dark, too much for my taste
71 days ago
I've owned and played a lot of the best titles. None come close to this machine. A true work of art and hands down the best game ever built
3 months ago
Are you kidding me??? How this game is not in 1st, 2nd, 3rd, 4th and 5th place on the top 100 is mind boggling. I would take this game as my #1 pin any day over any other pin. I bought it recently after never playing it and not only did it live up to the hype, it blew it out of the water like a 100 mph cannonball from the Black Pearl.

Even my wife loves it....

There is so much to do.... can I complain about that? So many things to shoot for, maybe the rules are a bit complicated to someone who walks up and wants to just play a game and not know the rules.... but for a home collection I could not imagine a better pin for LASTABILITY out there. Liar's Dice for Video Mode - so much fun and frustration!! (Bastard cheating computer!)

I've played a lot and there are so many good games out there. POC JJP is just in a different class.

The ONLY points deducted from this absolute beauty is because as good as it is, JJP looks like it has abandoned the code and there could actually be a TON added. That, and it's a bit on the can't-just-walk-up-without-knowing-it side.....which to me, is a whatever thing, cause I'm rating it as a purchase for HUO...but if you want to nit pick that's really about it.

I don't understand anyone not liking this game. It's what modern games should all compare themselves to. "It's good, but is it as good a POTC?"
3 months ago
Like most JJP games, it is deep and challenging. In the arcade environment, it'll take you more than a few dollars to get familiar with the game play, game flow and shot selection. The ramps, though steep, are satisfying to hit. The call-outs are good, but should be better with more license integration. As a foil, the video clip utilization is not nearly as impressive as the Hobbit. However, the game-play and table layout (IMHO) is superior (to the JJP Hobbit). A great game, albeit a bit over-valued given the short initial production run and regular issues with clear-coat chipping and wearing. If a re-run ever occurs (with clear coat correction), one should consider this a strong buy.
4 months ago
This game is packed with so many shots and modes, it is almost too much.
JJP did an excellent job again!!

- high quality build, nice finish with many toys (no cheap Stern finish)
-A lot of varied shots, and it never feels too tightly packed
-Many modes and really well done game integration; much better than Sterns rushed half baked code on release of their games.
-Mini playfield well integrated. The cannon on the side is very cool.

cons; nothing much.
Because there is so much to do it takes quite some time before you know a bit what to do.
It is maybe a bit overwhelming with so many shots.
4 months ago
Definitely one of my favorite games to play! Great game
5 months ago
Wow; what an experience. A lot of different ways for playing this pinball machine.
IMHO it is JJP's best game so far.
5 months ago
After playing this pin I can no longer play my other games let alone lool at them...lol
Definitely a next level pin. You can tell they put a lot of time , heart and effort in this game... it shows
So much to do. Ucant see myself getting bored of this
5 months ago
This is an exceptional game. much like keith elwin did on his debut, Eric Meunier really dominated his debut game. i really did not like it until i put about 20 games on it. after that, i found myself really sinking my teeth in and enjoying the exceptional layout. very tough game, so not for rookies. however, it is easy enough to stay alive for a good ball time. this and Wonka are the BEST JJP games, with DI a close 3rd and WOZ 4th, but not far behind. i am constantly amazed at the feel of this game. as a widebody, it shoots FAST, and is very demanding on the player. the sounds are nice, but the narrator gets a bit old, kinda like Wonka. no movie elements are really in the game, so the theming is not there. nevertheless, the gameplay and mode lighting and features make this a keeper. someday perhaps i will own one. we shall see.

if you are a home collector, this is a Perfect home game. it will take the average player (like me) a year or more to pierce deep into the game ruleset, so that's a real good thing; you always want to play some more to see what the game is hiding. i love it.

i had the privilege to play a Collector's Edition at the museum of pinball. it is an absolutely gorgeous machine. it is a shame many players will never even SEE a CE, let alone play one. i am lucky. the RADCALS are absolutely stunning, shiny and smooth, and the topper is the BEST topper in pinball, period. the CE is just a dream machine. i have played an LE as well, and it is just as fun, but not as beautiful.
6 months ago
I would love this as a home game, but find it's depth to be intimidating onsite unless you can dump a lot into it. Once you learn the game, the rules and toys make each visit to the machine a different adventure. I'd love to have this in my collection.
6 months ago
Great Game
7 months ago
Like this game a lot, but a lot to keep running 100% from locations I’ve played. Love the ship. Like any game with multiple releases, it can be a bit redundant, but this is the best of the POTC franchise.
7 months ago
Game is a hit. The modification from demo at the Tpf to production model take a toll on the machines panache. Rule set is deep and I like that you will never play the same game twice. Definitely something that will be a great add to the collection.
7 months ago
Way too complicated for a simpleton like me. Just to start the game with the number of characters to select turns me off.
7 months ago
Wow, what a game, shame it does not have more movie clips in it and the sound is lacking in bass but apart from that it is probably the best pinball game ever made.
Such shot variety, plenty of toys, and deeper than the Mariana trench.

It is such a blast.
7 months ago
I've owned POTC for a few weeks now and put on over 100 plays so feel qualified to rate.

I usually ignore talk of new games being the GOAT but POTC has a strong case. The game is fantastic in so many ways. I didn't pay much attention when it was introduced since JJP's first 3 games didn't last in my collection, but took another look when some long-time pinsiders and podcasters I respect started to sing its praises. The ratings for most new games get pumped up by a lot of relatively new collectors, but if you read POTC's ratings they are different.

It's a wide-body but fast and smooth. The shots are a perfect mix of repeatable, challenging and risk-reward - and all very satisfying. For a first time designer to lay-out a playfield with so many unique shots with no duds or clunkers is pretty amazing. There is no bash toy, thankfully, but the upper playfield is amazing. How can a canyon shooting across the playfield from a pirate ship and blowing up a British Interceptor not be one of the best toys ever. The stock chest is disappointing, but the open-close mod available turns it into another great toy. Whirlpool ramps are nothing new but this one is at another level with different states and cool ball movement.

I was skeptical about basing the rules around scenes and characters, but after owning, they are excellent - tons of variety and lastability but approachable and immersive. I also own an IMDN LE and it has an outstanding playfield and rules (some of the best ever) but POTC is a notch or two up.

The art isn't excellent but is attractive and works with the design. It would be nice to have a couple more supporting voices and some humorous call-outs but what's there is very good and hopefully future updates will only improve.

The game is too finicky, especially for someone not comfortable working on machines, but is well worth the effort to dial-in. Before owning, I would have bet that JJP would make more if the demand was there, but am not sure now considering the complex, difficult to build/maintain design.

This really is the best that pinball currently has to offer in my opinion. It's been a long time since I've been so excited about a machine.
7 months ago
This game will never leave our collection. The rules are neverendingly deep - and plundering another players loot is genius.
8 months ago
Played this at the Cleveland pinball show, it was one of the few that kept calling me back over and over.
8 months ago
Wow what a game, has something for everyone... a must have machine for anyone’s collection.
8 months ago
Not sure if my experience with the audio was just the venue I was playing at being super loud, but I didn't really catch anything as far as sound goes for the game. But the game itself is a blast to play - brilliantly themed, lots of fun nods to the license, and a significantly good bit of action to be had. The Pearl ship in the upper right is a fun 'mini-game', and the ability to select characters to get different in game boosts makes this a perfect hybrid of pinball and video games. Barbossa forever!
There are 130 ratings (that include a comment) on this game. Currently showing results page 1 of 6.

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