Pirates of the Caribbean (LE)

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Game design: 8.938

Artwork: 8.613

Sounds/Music: 8.756

Other Aspects: 8.767

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This is "Pirates of the Caribbean (LE)".
The other versions are: Pirates of the Caribbean (regular version), Pirates of the Caribbean (CE)

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12 hours ago
Absolutely epic game. Only just got this about a month ago but love it and understand why so many do. Goes nicely with. My Hobbit LE amd Dialed In LE amongst others. So much fun, so many shots and just a brilliant pinball machine.
19 days ago
too deep and non intuitive rules make it un-fun to play for me. unfortunately the copy on location here was always having issues.
22 days ago
Probably the last loaded game from jjp and one of the finest pinball games ever, I only took points off bc I wish the chapters felt more varied. Otherwise a widebody that shoots like a standard and loaded like none other.
40 days ago
Beautiful machine with a ton going on. Challenging and deep.
47 days ago
Pretty game. Convoluted rules. Fun for a bit.
52 days ago
One of the best modern pins and my favorite JJP. Great layout with well executed upper playfields. Lots of fun to play and never get tired of playing it!

Almost a perfect 10!
52 days ago
I've logged a few hundred games on this one since I added it to my collection. I will say that this game is very very deep, and doesn't feel like a chore exploring the depth. I often feel like some of the "deep" rulesets out there become a bit of a mathematical exercise. I think JJP struck a rare balance of meaningful variation in the way you can stack scoring with modes and multipliers along with creating a really fun way of working towards the various multi-balls and wizard modes.
61 days ago
Very deep rule set, I feel like I could play this game a million times and still not figure the whole thing out! GREAT game, theme is amazing if you love the movies, everything comes together nicely, the artwork, sounds, game play, it's a great game! Quintessential JJP! I hope to own one someday!
64 days ago
i am still in doubt a little bit about this game. i am sure that it was really hard work to finish this game; remember, this was 4 years ago. all the new features; a completely new style of pinball machine. yes, jjp has reinvented pinball. i think they planed a lot! so many new inventions in this game, some work well, others not so well. i think there is nobody who didn't have trouble with this pin. i repaired the ship several times. but -for sure- this game is enriching the world of pinball. very sorry that there is no code update. it seems that jjp was glad to finish sales. i looks a little bit like child laying aside. it seems they don't want to have anything to do with this machine further???
i see this machine in the top 20ies, not top 3.
66 days ago
I can't say enough good about this game. Absolutely amazing. Even a low scoring game is enjoyable. The variation and the number of areas and toys is remarkable. I am glad I was able to score one of these for my collection. Can't imagine letting it go anytime soon.
3 months ago
I've been extrememly lucky to have an LE lent to me by a friend, the more I play this game the more I learn and the more I want to learn, in 33 years of pinball collecting, not sure I've ever said that!! This game keeps you coming back because there are so many ways to approach it, so many different paths you can take, literally no end to the variations!! Each character selection gives you a different look, you must then decide how best to use the advantages that they give you, it really does make each game seem like a new experience. A real masterpiece, and a stunning achievement for a first time designer!!
3 months ago
It’s an impressive build but it lacks charm for me. Manufacturers will likely never make a game like this again as it’s a nightmare to maintain. It’s just too precious feeling for me. Like most JJP games it’s a lot of boutique flash lacking in soul and functionality. The rules and coding are great however and I’m sure it makes a great home game. I’m just not personally interested. Flag away! Haha
4 months ago
Great game
4 months ago
This game is, without a doubt, up there with the greatest pins of all time. It will likely appeal most to collectors that enjoy unique mechanical gadgets that interact with the ball, as this is easily the most loaded and complex pinball machine built to date. Every inch of the massive playfield is also utilized to the fullest with more shots than any game before it. With a steep pitch, this game still plays surprisingly fast and flowy for a widebody, even if not quite as fast as many modern Sterns. This game really feels like a new and improved version of TZ, where many games will be short and brutal until you get that one runaway ball where everything starts stacking together.
The code in this game can be a double edged sword, though. The ruleset is LotR like in it's depth, to the point where it can be daunting at first to figure out what to do. There are so many different strategies and approaches to advancing in the game, but it comes with some balancing issues. Average players will struggle to get to one of the game's 5 mini-wizard modes, which are some of the best moments in the game, while experienced tournament players may find qualifying and stacking the 6 multiball modes a little too easy. The 'chapters' and multiballs are numerous, but do have a sort of same-ness to them until you advance further in the game. Fortunately, the game has an absolutely killer musical score with many unique tracks and sounds to help set these modes apart somewhat, provided you can hear the game where you are playing.
Overall, this game provides an incredible experience unlike any other pin, especially in a home setting with the volume up and the lights down. I would highly recommend owning this game, or at least giving it some serious playtime... and I didn't even like the movies! It's become one of my new all-time favorites and we may never see another machine this complex again. A little spit and shine on the code could easily put this in my #1 spot.
4 months ago
Played it several times,I really want to understand why people love this game but its just not there for me.
5 months ago
i like this game, but its not the best thing ever. The rules are hard to understand with all these characters (at least if you don't own it) And the play field is dark. I wish they used more of it instead of cutting areas with the malstorm and pirate ship. Now, toys, its great with the disc and rocking ship, cannon, etc. Music and call outs are great. The plunger is weak for what reason?

Hopefully they may it again or some version of it.
5 months ago
Honestly their is way to much going on in this game to many characters to choose from and the play field is enormous with lots of stuff
6 months ago
Wow. What a game. When I first played it I was overwhelmed by the myriad choices. Once I bought my LE and spent some time learning the rules, I was blown away. IMO the most amazing pin ever made. So many things to do and so many mini wizard modes. You can stack anything with anything and choose so many different characters to play - each with benefits and penalties.
And the toys! Where did they get those marvelous toys? The rocking Black Pearl ship with a set of flippers and a cannon to fire your (cannon)ball at the other ship across the playfield. The whirlpool shot, the collectible gold, the compass that shows the best shot, the magnetic random mode bounce house, the star map that gives hidden clues - this game has it all! I installed a playfield protector which gave me an opportunity to take everything off of the playfield and see how well this game is made. JJP quality is the best! If you can find one for sale, don’t hesitate. It easily warrants the high price that it demands.
6 months ago
So I traded my M.M LE for this game plus 4500dollars. I was apprehensive before I got it home and played it. Holy *:;! This is the greatest game ever made, hands down. The plethora of great shots along with the flawless integration of the screen in to the game is sensational. It will never leave my collection. If you have a chance to own one , take a second mortgage and get the game. Best ever, zero debate!
6 months ago
Hands down the best game ever made. It's a fresh take on a old story. Learning the characters is fun. They all have advantages that can be used depending on game play. The inlanes are changeable on the fly so you can adjust then as need be in the game. There are way more shots then first meets the eye.
It's on a level all on its own. And once you own one, it's hard to go back to a normal mode based game.
7 months ago
I like this game but cant fall in love with it. Maybe I need to own it and play it hundreds of times to understand it better. But as a person that gets to play it on site other JJP games hold my interest more like dialed in or Woz.
7 months ago
Almost too many shots. The game doesn’t have enough flow. I love the awesome toys and depth of rules. The left side of the playfield almost seems beyond the reach of the right flipper at times. I would love to own this game but don’t see the value this game pulls currently. Bravo to JJP for making a great game, Wonka didn’t quite achieve the same awesomeness. Hopefully their next pin is a redemption. I love the mode start magnet and chest lock.
9 months ago
This game is the GOAT. There is no question about it. Plays fast (compared to other JJP titles), has a ton of shots, shoots like butter, ton of toys...the list goes on. It would take a lot to pry this baby out of my collection. This game is what got my wife into pinball, and my 2 year old chooses this game (out of my collection of 4) to play all the time!
10 months ago
This is the first time I've rated a game.

The reason why I chose this, out of the three I own or the hundreds I've played over the last few decades is as a result of the complete surprise that Jersey Jack's Pirates of the Caribbean turned out to be for me.

The first time I played it, was on a spontaneous birthday trip visit that included a swing by Jersey Jack, well close enough, back in June 2018. I was aware of the game, and at the time, it was the first time I'd seen the Hobbit and Pirates, and my eyes glowed up, down, and over the Hobbit, while paying more attention to Pirates as a result of it's current prerelease status. I walked away enjoying it visually, but in no way being jaw dropped the same way I was at initial glance as I was with the Hobbit.

Fast forward to August, and I had a chance to play it at Helicon Brewing, and things started seeming more and more positive. As the months moved forward, and buzz started to hit for the game during Fall, I still scratched my head a bit at why this was being branded "GOAT", a term which in general annoyed me, and more so specifically seemed pretty grandiose for the game I'd been playing the past few months.

Well....fast forward to Valentine's Day 2019, and the game I HAD been playing, was eclipsed by this new game, the game Eric, Keith, Joe and Jack Danger streamed that fateful night. Finally, the potential of Pirates came crashing into my mind with a fever pitch. The layering of multiballs, the frenzy of gameplay...for a widebody...the incredibly diverse and accessible, yet challenging array of shots, and most of all the lush sound design and visual interface at play in the back box.

This game opened up before my eyes, like none other had prior. Mind you, I still have yet to play the way these gents played that night, oh so casually, but like a fine wine, an open sky filled with constellations avast, or a symphony in full harmony, I found myself understanding to some degree, a thing only others might inevitably master.

Months later, JJP's grand Pirates has found port in my fortunate home, and in running down this scoring checklist up above, and looking at this fine game down below, I can't find much of anything lacking in it, except for the fact that it's pedigree makes it a bit of an unfortunate orphan, but oh what an orphan to adopt.

Thanks for taking the time to read not so much my analysis of the game, but more so my path of understanding and appreciating it.

Be well, and flip on my friends! :)
10 months ago
Best game in the planet!!
There are 155 ratings (that include a comment) on this game. Currently showing results page 1 of 7.

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