Pirates of the Caribbean (LE/Collector's Edition) (Jersey Jack Pinball, 2018)

Pirates of the Caribbean (LE/Collector's Edition)

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Game design: 8.704

Artwork: 8.44

Sounds/Music: 8.487

Other Aspects: 8.486

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Note! There are multiple versions of this game!
This is "Pirates of the Caribbean (LE/Collector's Edition)".
The other version is: Pirates of the Caribbean (Standard) (regular version)

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There are 37 ratings (that include a comment) on this game.
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2 days ago
Had a chance to put a few games on a POTC-CE over the weekend at a fellow Pinsider's house. What a beautiful game and IMO is the best game yet from JJP. The playfield, cab, and artwork are all terrific. The layout of the playfield is unique and the rocking ship is a blast to play and adds a extra challenge to master, especially the cannon shot! Last year at the Texas Pinball Festival, I played the prototype that had the 3 spining disc and closing chest lid and I personal don't see where they added much to the game. Sure the 3 spinning disk were cool, but also looked like it could have been a nightmare in the future to keep working the way they were wobbling around on the prototype.
Overall , I was blown away. Eric really knocked this one out the park. The build quality and attention to detail really shows. Hope to add this game to my collection some day.
8 days ago
Great job by JJP. they outdid themselves again..deep game, rules,. shots It just is the best pinball machine made to date. Whats next, I better start saving.
8 days ago
My wife and I played this game at the Houston Arcade Expo for the first time. Our 10th game or so that day she looks at me and says "We're getting this one". No argument here! I looked at the price tag and said "maybe we'll have to settle for the standard edition this time." You'd have thought I had cursed at her from her reaction. We now have an LE, though we waited for the second hand market.

Everything in this game is phenomenal. The toys, animations, layout (none of the shots are consistent SDTMs), art, decorations, THEME, everything in this game is crazy fun. Stacked multiballs are some of the best light shows you've ever seen. The rules are extremely deep and it takes several games to understand what you have to do even basically really, but that makes it great for the home environment. I feel I could play this game for years and still find new things, though admittedly I'm not the best player.

Other than the insane PRICE, this game suffers tremendously by not having the original "He's a Pirate" orchestra theme song that sets the tone of the movies. I get it, licensing sucks, but it really REALLY needed that. It's like Star Wars without John Williams. We need a pin editor for this. Others may disagree, but I thought having just a couple call outs from Jack Sparrow would have been a big lift too, even if they were just sound bites.

I had three people over who had never played the games in my collection before. One preferred Pirates, another Dialed In, and the other Iron Maiden Premium. The rules were apparently too hard to figure out in a drive by setting. I get it. It lets me know though that it's not for everyone and it doesn't replace the other pins in your collection.
12 days ago
Played on location a lot and now have owned for almost a month. First, the production unit is so much better than the prototypes that they had at the shows. I really didn't like the game after playing the prototype. But found a production game on location and was blown away by how much smoother it shot. Everything, including the single disc change, was better. I like that you can keep track of the locked balls in the chest now. Loading the cannon and getting a bulls-eye is a blast every time. The music, lights, and callouts are fantastic. There is even a Pirate version of the LOTR Gimli jackpot, "Super Jackpot...whoa ho ho!" The game makes me smile and laugh. I have several super short games and then will have that one game where I blow it up. Have managed to get all 5 movie multiballs going at once and it was sensory overload! A really great game. How you play the game changes on whether you are playing alone or with others and I love that. Do I go for completing chapters towards a wizard mode, or just for points, or both? Which character should I try? So many ways to attack this game. So, bottom line, if all you have played was a prototype at a show, try it again. Yes, the rules are super deep. But, I own this game, so I have time to explore it. It cost a lot and I feel that the depth, toys, sounds, music, art, and fun are worth it and that will keep this game from getting dull for a long time. Great game..period!
13 days ago
As close as you can get to perfection in pinball. Absolutely a perfect game.
14 days ago
Best pinball ever!!!! There is nothing on this game that is lacking. The theme ,the shots, the rewards, the variations. Everyone I introduce to this game has loved it.
14 days ago
Very nice game, probably with a lot of potential. But very loong ball-times. And I am not that good a player, but after first and second game I nearly got bored, and wanted to drop the last ball. I gave it another shoot some days later, but the same feeling, very nice but too long ball times. Maybe I will upgrade my rating later on if I give it another try.
15 days ago
a very good widebody from Jersey Jack!! Way better than hobbit, and a little bit better than Wizard of oz, and Dialed in..

Great multiballs and fun modes ( even though all the modes are kinda analogical)...

Has some really good shots..
17 days ago
A state of the art, really fun game that needs to be in every collection. Worth the wait and worth the cost. Makes my 3rd JJP pin (no DI and no interest in it) and maybe the best one of all but so hard to say because they (WOZRR, THBA, and POTCLE) are all so different from each other; makes for a great collection!
17 days ago
Excellent build quality. Very deep rule set. Great game play.Really need to have this at home so you can work on the rule set. Play field and toys are great. The biggest problem is the voices,music and animations have nothing to do with any of the movies. Lack of assets is keeping this to be a near perfect game.Hopfully the next JJP’s pins have full assets
17 days ago
My main complaint on the is game is the pure lack of animations in modes and the fact that the game has almost nothing to do with the movie
28 days ago
I didnt want to like it since I own the Stern model, but I can say this is an awesome game. The rocking ship is very fun and innovative. The chest is grat. The spinning pirate in the barrel. thoroughly enjoyed playing this game and now need to figure out how to move the Stern POTC for a JJP POTC LE.
36 days ago
Fun fast flowing widebody with great shots.
Really like the chest ball lock, the lighting, the cannon shot and the upper flipper.
Don’t like the theme, the center button or all the floating faces in the artwork.
This is a very fun game to play and would be great in a home environment with the volume turned up. The lights in the outlane telling you how many tilt warnings you have left is a great feature. Well done jersey jack!
43 days ago
They hit a Home Run again!
48 days ago
Exiting and varied gameplay - love it and want to play More each time
51 days ago
This pin delivers. Well done Eric, Keith, Joe, JP, DThiel, Jack, and everybody else involved.
51 days ago
This is a GORGEOUS game. The playfield, cab, and artwork are all terrific. The second playfield and turning circles in the playfield are just killer. This is easily one of the best pins ever produced.
57 days ago
Since 13 months, with the first pictures, i decided to own one !
Great pin, it’s awesome, beautiful layout and artwork.
Playing on this pin is just a real pleasure, you have many and many colours of lights. The game is fun and various, the rules are à little bit difficult to understand, but i have it since five days. I need to play more to understand everything, but now it is in my game room, it won’t move for a long time...
I have played many pins, i think i can compare, and i can say it’s the best pin i have played, far from the others !
I really don’t understand how people can give a rating under 5 to this machine ! Is it the worst pin ?? Noooooooooooo !!!
58 days ago
Worth the wait. It is such a great shooter and so fast that you will not realize you are playing a wide body. Playing it with friends and family is a blast with the ability to plunder. This is a game that will last for a long time in the collection.
63 days ago
There’s no other way to put it, this game is simply fun. The people that say it is too overwhelming in a public setting are probably correct, as there is just so many options. I’ve had some monster games on it, and the stacking alongside the mode play is a blast. Where the hobbit was too multiball heavy, the wizard modes in POTC are typically one ball timed. The complaints about the animations are valid, but I honestly haven’t noticed the lack of actors. A few ajustments were needed since it’s a early run of the game, but after about 15 minutes I was playing with no issues.

The loop is a blast to hit, and the map hole difficult, but not near impossible like the sim card hole on DI. There is three great feeling shots that are repeatable and smooth, but three challenging shots that take an effort to hit. The EB shot in between the pops is awesome, and you really earn it when you hit it as you can’t make contact with any of pops.

Overall the game is a riot, and really shines in home use. The entire package is typical JJP quality, and I don’t see letting this game go anytime soon. Great job JJP!
63 days ago
Excellent pin, a little overwhelming at first but easy to learn. The only pin I’ve played that I just can’t get enough of. I’d like a collector edition of this title
67 days ago
I'm just going to call a spade a spade. you may not like the theme, you may be pissed they didn't have a the three disk spinner, but this is probably the best, most complex, most detailed, and deepest programmed game in the history of pinball. We can argue that it should have been a different theme, and i'm upset it doesn't show clips from the movie with Jack Sparrow for example. But what they're missing from seeing real movie clips is made up with graphics. If Jersey Jack is to thrive they'll need to make more games, probably cheaper games at that. My suggestion would be to release more games like Stern but come out with something like this baby right here every two years. Pirates is a masterpiece and I think its fair to say this is the best overall pinball game every designed. It really is just that good.
71 days ago
Probably my favorite JJP to date and I've had them all, Dialed In is a close second. Unique layout and a mini playfield that is actually fun to play which is rare. Rules are ridiculously deep and hope for continued additions to code to make good even better. Definitely disappointed the rights to video clips of the characters was not obtained, may seem minor but looking at generic clips for each mode start is way worse than seeing some of the better film clips.
73 days ago
From theme to integration, screen animations, artwork sounds, the gameplay is fresh and amazing. So many shots to shoot for, variation is fresh, and the playfield layout make this game a lasting enjoyment to play.

Eric Meunier’s first design out of the gate is a homerun slam dunk. It’s got some amazing shots that are very unique, very cool and very satisfying.

More so is the great design and engineering into the workability and ease of repairs if needed on this game the upper playfield comes off with one bolt and the rocking motor and linkage comes off in a matter of seconds with workability and ease of repairs if needed.

Artwork is crisp and on point there’s not much negative to say about David Thiel’s sound package on this game as I think he is one of the best guys in the business creating some of the best sound packages in the business.

Getting customs speech by Kevin McNally Gibbs character was an excellent choice is the directional go to guy narrator of the game. I would however like to have at least one or two more additional characters as some fanfare just to mix it up a little bit hopefully that will come additionally later. Understandably the license did not have the use of facial video and only clips of the movie without character face shots.

Early prototype machines had a opening chest lid. However I think going by the static open lid is much better because the player has the satisfaction of seeing the progression and how many balls are locked in the chest I prefer this much better. Also the center disc was a tri-spinner disc with leds. Again I don’t see this as a huge deal and I think this single spinning disk actually works better in operation and getting the map animation up on the screen is a little bit more fluid and nicer.

Code wise this game is superior, it’s got a good balance for the novice player as well as the more experienced player. An average person can walk up to this have fun know what to shoot for in a relatively quick experience and it has very nice depth for the long term player in the home. There is a lot to do in this game and will keep you coming back for more.

Lighting and effects are fantastic and you can see with every JJP release they are learning and evolving. The GI is well used and no negatives here.

Personally I think this is JJP’s best game of the 4 titles produced thus far.

The staying power will last for many years to come on this game it’s pretty much perfection and I think the best game of all 2018 releases.
73 days ago
Great game, tons of thing to shoot, lots of toys and incredibly deep code, loving it!
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