Pirates of the Caribbean (LE)

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Game Design: 8.823

Artwork: 8.561

Sounds/Music: 8.568

Other Aspects: 8.691

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Note! There are multiple versions of this game!
This is "Pirates of the Caribbean (LE)".
The other versions are: Pirates of the Caribbean (regular version), Pirates of the Caribbean (CE)

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42 days ago
With the price that these go for, I thought I was walking into playing the greatest pinball game ever made. The game I played had a frustrating number of drains, not a lot of great long shots, and the back glass and artwork was mediocre at best with all the source material they had. Amazingly deep ruleset but just not enough to make a new pinhead like myself come back for more. I will always go back and play games rated so highly on Pinside to give them a fair shake, as I find most ratings on here to be completely accurate. So I will give it another try and will update as I have in the past. Happy sailing!
3 months ago
Fun game. Tough to score. deep complex rule set typical of JJP games. They score like EM games unless you do some crazy complex video game deep rule mode shots
5 months ago
I finally played this this weekend. I would say that it is a great game. lots of good shots and some difficult ones for sure.
5 months ago
I bought this game nib and although I could make a pile of cash on it, I love it and it's not going anywhere. My second fave after MM.
7 months ago
It surprises me this is a top 10 game. maybe I need to play it more but I don;t find it that enjoyable.
8 months ago
The hype is real. Game has a huge amount of variety because of the VERY LARGE number of modes. Mini wizard modes are hard as HELL and multiballs are fun and even keep you in the game! Had a few trick shot type things like the sinking of the Dauntless, which don’t get old.
8 months ago
Visually gorgeous and a blast to play. But I was paying $200-300 a month in repairs to keep it in playing order because of one issue after another. I had it for a year but finally got frustrated and sold it.
8 months ago
It's not bad would love to play one in a home environment i bet that's where this would shine!
10 months ago
Not a fan. I understand people love it but I don’t get the hype.
11 months ago
Simply the greatest pinball ever made. GNR is the only thing to compare. The only drawback is it doesn't use enough movie assets but otherwise its a perfect design.
1 year ago
Love this one! Sorry I missed out on getting this one.
1 year ago
Played this for the first time last week; wow. These JJP machines are really next-level. The visual experience alone is enough to keep coming back for more.
1 year ago
This is one of my favorite pinball machines. I really like the layout of the playfield and how deep the ruleset is. maybe they could've made the artwork and the color of the sideblades and legs a bit more spectacular. The only disappointment of the sound is that the multi ball calls are not spectacular. This is an awesome machine and this pinball won't leave my collection!
1 year ago
This is quite simply put, the best game made, to date. It took me months of owning the game to actually appreciate the genius at work here. Unfortunately most casual players and arcade goers won’t take the time to learn the ruleset, and will never get to experience everything it offers. The game definitely fares better in a home collection for that reason. Difficult, but possible to achieve the objectives within the game. Such a unique and satisfying combination of shots. Beautiful game cosmetically, great stock playfield lighting; can’t really say enough positive things about this game and can’t think of a single bad thing to say about it.
1 year ago
Absolutely epic game. Only just got this about a month ago but love it and understand why so many do. Goes nicely with. My Hobbit LE amd Dialed In LE amongst others. So much fun, so many shots and just a brilliant pinball machine.
1 year ago
Anyone who regards this game as the greatest pinball of all-time should not be taken to task. Surely it is in the Top 2 or 3 and is one machine where you always want to play "one more game" on. Sadly it is difficult to find an affordable example of these days but perhaps at some point Jersey Jack with do another run. A masterpiece.
1 year ago
This game has a lot of great toys, original layout and fun call outs. The sound coming from the speakers is much better than expected. They did a fantastic job recreating the fee of being on a ship and giving the game its edge. For me and the family, it just didn’t have the long term lasting ability of a classic, which I believe was about the theme, shots and flow being a little different, which is common on some of the Jersey Jack games.
1 year ago
Probably the last loaded game from jjp and one of the finest pinball games ever, I only took points off bc I wish the chapters felt more varied. Otherwise a widebody that shoots like a standard and loaded like none other.
1 year ago
Beautiful machine with a ton going on. Challenging and deep.
1 year ago
Pretty game. Convoluted rules. Fun for a bit.
1 year ago
One of the best modern pins and my favorite JJP. Great layout with well executed upper playfields. Lots of fun to play and never get tired of playing it!

Almost a perfect 10!
1 year ago
I've logged a few hundred games on this one since I added it to my collection. I will say that this game is very very deep, and doesn't feel like a chore exploring the depth. I often feel like some of the "deep" rulesets out there become a bit of a mathematical exercise. I think JJP struck a rare balance of meaningful variation in the way you can stack scoring with modes and multipliers along with creating a really fun way of working towards the various multi-balls and wizard modes.
1 year ago
JJP POTC is EPIC if you have the chance to track down and play this gem do so!
1 year ago
Very deep rule set, I feel like I could play this game a million times and still not figure the whole thing out! GREAT game, theme is amazing if you love the movies, everything comes together nicely, the artwork, sounds, game play, it's a great game! Quintessential JJP! I hope to own one someday!
1 year ago
i am still in doubt a little bit about this game. i am sure that it was really hard work to finish this game; remember, this was 4 years ago. all the new features; a completely new style of pinball machine. yes, jjp has reinvented pinball. i think they planed a lot! so many new inventions in this game, some work well, others not so well. i think there is nobody who didn't have trouble with this pin. i repaired the ship several times. but -for sure- this game is enriching the world of pinball. very sorry that there is no code update. it seems that jjp was glad to finish sales. i looks a little bit like child laying aside. it seems they don't want to have anything to do with this machine further???
i see this machine in the top 20ies, not top 3.
There are 170 ratings (that include a comment) on this game. Currently showing results page 1 of 7.

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