Pirates of the Caribbean (LE)

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This game ranks 1st in the game group "Pirates of the Caribbean (JJP)". The group itself ranks #15 in the Pinside Pinball Top 100.

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Game Design: 8.78

Artwork: 8.579

Sounds/Music: 8.561

Other Aspects: 8.654

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This title is part of group: "Pirates of the Caribbean (JJP)"

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There are 192 ratings (that include a comment) on this game.
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28 days ago
I’m not gonna sugar coat this. This title had overpromised, mediocre delivered, and without an actual FINISHED PRODUCT via code, is considered abandoned by JJP. Nobody wanted this title until JJP stopped producing them.

Overpriced…a lot. Fun factor? No Depp, start multiball, rinse, repeat.

Art is great, cutscenes and music are great. No immersion with constantly changing modes. Swing and a miss.
45 days ago
This is my favorite machine of all time .
51 days ago
This game has great flow. An example of that is the ball getting shot to the upper playfield to travel directly into the spinners and onto the upper flippers. There are creative and theme-appropriate choices all over the place, like the whirlpool shot. The treasure chest. And the rocking upper playfield ship that has a cannon that can shoot another ship.

If I had to take away points, it's due to the lack of certain movie assets. It doesn't have the music from the movies. It doesn't have the actors doing call outs, or saying famous lines from the movies. What is there is quality stuff (the music and the call outs), but it's not "Pirates of the Caribbean" stuff.

If you can get past those things, you are in for a really great game that has excellent shot variety, a really fun progression system, and some really smooth gameplay.
53 days ago
Il manque juste la musique de Hans Zimmer pour en faire une machine de légende !
3 months ago
awesome so much to do
4 months ago
Really fun game. Lots of toys and variety. Love the ability to change characters and all the different modes and multiballs.
5 months ago
This is a very rare, very expensive, and very bloated game. I don’t want to dredge it up or insult someone else’s feelings about the game should they enjoy it.

But to me, it’s a slow and floaty game with an impenetrably complex ruleset with a thousand things going on at all times. It’s just not fun to play, and it lasts forever. Not for me.

Lock stealing, and gold stealing however is awesome. I love when games force you to consider your opponent’s next ball.
6 months ago
Brilliant game! Played it on location and loved it! Hope to be able to own it someday, dream theme!
6 months ago
I own this in my collection and was my first pin. The theme is amazing and the ability to pick your character that has “special powers” just adds to the depth of the game. Love the depth … as an example. Up the ramp to the black pearl, stay on the tilting pearl, open the cannon, load the pinball into the cannon, aim the cannon, hit the ship correctly…. THEN left loop to start the curse of the black pearl multiball.

First time I put that all together, felt like I finished a marathon. Very rewarding.

The game is stacked with games within a game and ability to steal another person’s gold or ball or character.

Playing with multiple players adds to fun and is always a party fav.
7 months ago
I get it, it's more collectible than anything at this point and the limited numbers will keep prices high. I would totally buy this if it was $9-10K. It's definitely a pinball experience.
8 months ago
After having this game in my house for 3 - 4 months I couldn't wait to see the back end of it. Whoever is rating this so highly is obviously doing this to inflate the price of the game. Its terrible. The code is unfinished and the video assets literally show nothing. It looks like Disney only allowed them to use scenes with no actors in it!

An example. 'Hello poppet' Just shows a door opening. Another scene just shows a ships sails. Its truly awful. The Wizard mode is unfinished and it looks like this game code will never be done. Don't be fooled by highly rated reviews. With the code being unfinished throwing multiballs at you like they are going out of fashion, this game gets old fast. The Stern version is way better and costs 1/6th of the price!
9 months ago
one of the best mechs of all time
that rocking ship is amazing.
the game plays well too for such a beast.
11 months ago
This is a fantastic pin and has one of the best shots in pinball (black pearl cannon to HMS Dauntless), however the code became a bit boring after a while. I’d like to see some additional modes and final wizard mode added.
11 months ago
Nice game and good theme, but value for money is off
1 year ago
Simply an amazing game. I believe it's the best JJP has put out so far. It's sad though that they have gone up to 20k and that JJP has seemingly abandoned the code.

Unfortunately, I have to update this and take points off for the code. Shame they would seemingly forget about this game.
1 year ago
I really enjoy this one. The theme is perfectly implemented, the game is a lot of fun and you can alwyas come back to it and discover something new, there are so many playable characters. I dont think its worth the high price tag right now, but I always play it on location.
1 year ago
complex game and rule set not for the faint of heart. Tougher for younger players or less experienced but theme keeps most coming back for more. worth the challenge for sure. very enjoyable.
1 year ago
This is an absolutely magnificent game but i believe it is slightly overrated compared to other JJP games.

Like every JJP game the playfield is well lit and the toys look great and when properly maintained add lots of value to the game that will keep players engaged and coming back for more.

However some of the game mechanics feel clunky and difficult but are nowhere near unplayable.

The monitor in this game is very well utilized in my opinion although collecting gold can be slightly difficult when trying to keep an eye on the ball but it doesn't take away from how fun this game is.

I would be willing to pay a dollar to play this.
1 year ago
I had a chance to play one of these and it was pretty amazing. The sheer amount of toys under one piece of glass is incredible, in fact I don't think they could fit anymore in it! It is that jam packed!! Sadly... I think it's biggest short coming is that it's heavy on mulitballs and the although it has an overwhelming amount of modes, sadly they are all the same which is my biggest complaint about the game. There are no animations to the modes so when you start one of them, you shoot certain shots to collect characters but there are no animations associated with doing so. Yes, the intro to the mode is different each time but the mode itself is very lack luster so although the rest of the animations in the game are good, this is sadly a major hit in terms of what you see when playing the game.

***Since owning this, it has become a favorite in my collection. After exploring it deeper, it really is incredible and extremely fun to play! It's one of those games where you say, just one more game time after time again. The rules are very complex and way more than what meets the eye on the surface. I never knew what people meant when they said this game has to be played in a home environment until owning one. It's Fantastic!
1 year ago
The price of this game right now is definitely crazy, i remember my dad buying it for 9k from the first owner in 2018, we still own it until this day! I have gotten a lot of plays in and its definitely a top2 jjp pin. I am not gonna lie, it kind of gives me twilight zone vibes, theres something to the flow that makes it special. Just sad not many get to experience it.
1 year ago
My best JJP in this time
1 year ago
This machine is best used in a home environment.
Deep ruleset, will make it last for years before mastering it.
Wide body but play fast with a lot of shots!
1 year ago
With the price that these go for, I thought I was walking into playing the greatest pinball game ever made. The game I played had a frustrating number of drains, not a lot of great long shots, and the back glass and artwork was mediocre at best with all the source material they had. Amazingly deep ruleset but just not enough to make a new pinhead like myself come back for more. I will always go back and play games rated so highly on Pinside to give them a fair shake, as I find most ratings on here to be completely accurate. So I will give it another try and will update as I have in the past. Happy sailing!
2 years ago
I finally played this this weekend. I would say that it is a great game. lots of good shots and some difficult ones for sure.
2 years ago
I bought this game nib and although I could make a pile of cash on it, I love it and it's not going anywhere. My second fave after MM.
There are 192 ratings (that include a comment) on this game. Currently showing results page 1 of 8.

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