Guns N' Roses (SE)

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Game Design: 7.358

Artwork: 8.288

Sounds/Music: 8.639

Other Aspects: 7.842

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This is "Guns N' Roses (SE)".
The other versions are: Guns N' Roses (LE), Guns N' Roses (CE)

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There are 52 ratings (that include a comment) on this game.
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66 days ago
Not a fan of JJP Flippers, always seem weak. No upper PF on this version, and it is missed. Not a huge GNR fan but the included songs are pretty good.
68 days ago
I had fun playing this game but I wish I had a chance to play the more featured rich version, seems like I am missing a lot.
3 months ago
Game looks like the 21st century but plays like a 60’s pin…
4 months ago
I’ve tried a few of these at various trim levels.

The game feels cheaply made. I think this impression comes mostly from the feel of the flippers and the center scoop. Despite being basically new, each of the games I played had broken elements on the playfields.

Nothing about the game made me eager to play again. Between the sound, artwork and layout there isn’t anything addicting. There is definitely too many multi balls.
9 months ago
I'm usually not one to complain about LEDs. But this one is loaded with them and they're just annoying I think they take away from the game play it's like you're watching a ball fly around a Baskin-Robbins sherbet tub.
9 months ago
I Love GNR and at first i thougt i seemed promising. The playfield is pretty, the toys, layout and sound seams good. Just about every song they made is available, but after playing it for a few hours I was quite disappointed. There was tons of fly balls and the plunger and flippers felt kind of cheap. I don't know if I just where unfortunate to play a fucked up machine or if the code was undeveloped at the time? The overall impression I had was that this game seemed to have been put together in a hurry. I guess a positive outlook would be that this is a very nice looking jukebox fully loaded with nice tunes with a descent pin attached to it, so it might be worth the money but not for the love of the game!
11 months ago
First ever play of a Jersey Jack machine. Fiippers weak as hell, plunger felt really loose (maybe it was abused), gameplay boring, too many STDMS. Didn't want to play anymore.
11 months ago
The game starts really slow, but a Lot going on at the top of the play field. Good sound, game feels like it’s a quality build, just wish the play started a little stronger.
11 months ago
The shooting action (starting a new ball) is lackluster. Just shoots a few feet and curls up into the playfield.
Would have liked to see it go all the way to the back near the stage like most pins.
11 months ago
I've tries to play this at multiple locations before I write a review.

Thematically its very cool. Lots going on with the band and fun callouts

At times it get real busy, all most too much. Stacking multiballs and different modes can make it hard to hit certain shots. The lights can be confusing.

Ruleset can be confusing. Not exactly sure how things happen or what the goals are.

I really do enjoy playing this, and am considering buying one. Sometime a bit less is more though
1 year ago
I waited a while to review this one as I wanted to weigh it correctly against the LE and CE. The fun factor, Theming, Lighting, Music, are super great! The SE plays faster than the LE and CE without the upper playfield, but it does miss some of the fun factor, interesting related features, and physical ball locks. The game is still great, but my wife and I think that the LE/CE game play and game features are much better.
1 year ago
I like GnR, but don’t really care for band themed tables. This JJP’s best table to date, though.
1 year ago
Great pin. Plays smoothe. What a light show. Sound is great especially for GnR fans.

Multiballs are heavy. So many balls that it's hard to accomplish the call outs. You just have to jam while your on stage.

Not a fan of the cartoon art anywhere on the machine. Would have loved GnR band pics, albums, posters, etc. Almost bought the LE just for the cabinet art. Still the cartoons are well done, just not my preference.
1 year ago
Jersey Jack pins are interesting to me. They seem to always have a few things about them that sets them apart from Stern, Spooky and American...and mostly that is a good thing but not always. For one, their games seem to be set at a slower pace, from the moment you release the plunger all the way to the softer calibrated slings they use.

When I released the rod on GNR and sent first ball down the quick eject it felt a bit lethargic and honestly I felt it would be downhill from there. Boy was I wrong. This pin is nuts crazy fun! The lights, the sounds, the action and the crazy frantic-paced multi balls; holy S&^%! With rockband pins I tend to favor pop bumpers placed at the drop point of the ball like Stern KISS and Stern Aerosmith. This one's got them tucked away up high and since ball pours out well below them I felt the pop placement is way better this way as they are more integral to scoring. I also love the placement of the scoop. It may seem a bit too low and easy to hit but that is what makes the flow so fun. Also the COMA mode where you can hit anything to set it off. You can tell the designers wanted to not make you study all the rules and scoring conditions/multipliers but simply rock out and have fun.

I have never played a rockbank-based pinball machine and told myself 'I have to own'. I thought about buying the Iron Maiden pin but talked myself out of it. This one 'I have to own'. It is simply that immersive and engaging and there are a bunch of songs. Some rockband pins give you 5 to 8 songs. This one I'm sure is well over 20. I honestly didn't look it up but it seems like a lot.

I gave this pin a perfect score because I don't feel anything could've been better. My first impressions were maybe 1 additional ramp or a faster launch like Stern's Jurassic Park but honestly it is a non issue and after about half an hour on it I felt so well synchronized and connected to it that I feel it earns the score I gave it and for the record I have been playing pinball machines since I was 7 or 8 so that's about 40 years.

Thank you, Jersey Jack!
1 year ago
The lighting, sound, and vibe are mind-blowing. The toys, however, (top-hat, drum sticks, pancake-laminated Gibson/Fender headstocks) are totally corny. So many Guns N' Roses cliches are used here that I'm surprised the machine doesn't have love handles, a leg brace, and a few more chins. It's an amazing game, tied in with a band that's creatively exhausted. Like the game, hate the theme.
1 year ago
It's ok. I got sick of the music after a while. I've played it quite a lot on location but wouldn't want one in my home.
1 year ago
Visually appealing and if you like GNR, the sound is excellent.

I've played the SE model a fair bit on location and I get what they tried to do, but there are some problems, particularly with the SE - the plunge is not fun and it dribbles badly onto the playfield - the missing upper playfield makes the left inlane (how a multiball is started) totally nerfed - the scoop is not fun (it rejects and is hard to hit for such a key shot).

The risk reward of the song jackpots is fun...for a little while, but the game feels tired because of the constant multiball and really only one strategy (build the song jackpot and song level). The side (album modes, tour multiball, slash solo, etc) modes (in the code I've played) are not balanced and so are skippable and risky for low value, which makes the pin a one trick pony. Hopefully software updates will fix this.

Have not played a LE or CE yet, but fell like it would make a big improvement to the layout, but the software is weighing the game down for now and I don't think the upper playfield would be enough to counter that.
1 year ago
I love GnR... the band. I could'nt wait to sell this machine once I had purchased it. I don't think I've ever owned a game that I wanted to sell so fast.
1 year ago
This is a good game, but it has the dumbest plunge in all of pinball.Multiballs... way too many multiballs.. its crazy.
The playfield looks pretty great in person, sadly the cabinet artwork does not. Axle’s mouth does not match the singing in videos alot, but the masters sound better than current Axle so I get it. Overall a good game, but the cheap version is just that. Cheap.. I got it for a great price so I grabbed it. I cant see sinking 10k or higher for it. Thats just nuts.
1 year ago
Overall, lots to do on this game with a variety of shots.

On the game I played, the scoop ejected the ball so that it drain straight down the middle almost every time, but on an LE I played, it seemed to be fine and didn't do that.

The empty space where the upper playfield should be on other models looked a bit odd, but I kind of forgot about it after getting into the game.

The light shows were basically like fireworks going off inside the game.

The post on the spinning disc often got in the way of shots to the right ramp.

The skill shot was difficult since you had to be incredibly precise with the plunger. I think either there should have been fewer targets, or they should have been spaced out a bit more.
1 year ago
top machine, i hope i don't have problems with playfield
1 year ago
Game is super fun even for the SE version. You will be missing some nice features but speed will make up for any loss. This pinball is surely a dream for any pinball and GnR fan.
1 year ago
it's an ok game. i dislike the sound effects and wish the game actually played more music. most people get to hear one or maybe 2 songs at most during a game. My biggest gripe is with the low power flippers and slings. the game would be a lot more fun if it flipped better.
1 year ago
I'm not a big fan of the band. Their music rocks. But most 80s metal never held my interest for very long. I once played the Data East Guns N Roses pin and absolutely hated it. I've talked to other pinheads that swore by it and, admittedly, the Data East copy that I played was NOT in good shape. Finally, JJ's WWATCF was a big disappointment for me.

So needless to say, my confidence was very low for this machine. So imagine my delight to discover just how awesome this machine actually is to play. Checking it out, it doesn't look like much. A couple of small ramps, a scoop and an outer orbit. But man, it knocks you out like when "Welcome to the Jungle" kicks into its main riff. Wow! It is hard to articulate exactly why it is so successful. Early into play as you shoot the ball around the playfield and hit various targets, you trigger different sounds and instruments like the band tuning up. The jet bumpers are the drums, etc. The quest is for the player to get the band to play one of their songs. Once you get there, this machine transcends itself from pinball to interactive art. This game is clever and surprising, nuanced and playful.

Jersey Jack's strength has always been in its build quality and game programming. All of their machines have their attributes. But after the let-down of Willy Wonka, they are back to form here with the VERY welcome addition of even greater ball flow and faster game action. It is my understanding that Slash is a major pinhead and contributed to the design of this pin. Who better? My only caveat is the small, inert stage figures in the back, left corner of the playfield. While very cool looking, it doesn't add anything to gameplay. This pin is a near perfect example of mingling theme with game design and execution. I can't wait to play a copy of the LE or CE.
1 year ago
Finally got an opportunity to put my hands on this pin. Let me start by saying this is the first JJP machine I have ever played. I have been reading all of the mostly positive reviews for years but I don't have a local distributor and there are no JJP machines in the wild near me so it has taken until now for me to actually get to play one. Maybe all of those positive reviews set me up for too high of an expectation. Or maybe all of the Bally, Williams, and Stern games I have owned over the years are just that much better. But man, what a disappointment. From the minute I pushed the start button and pulled the "soft plunge" the machine felt, for lack of a better term, cheap. The lighting is great. The audio is great. The layout was fun. But the overall fit, finish, and feel of the machine as a whole really felt poorly put together. I just cant wrap my head around the let down that I felt while playing the game. I have been considering adding this JJP title to the lineup for some time, I love the Iron Maiden and Led Zeppelin I have, but I am really reconsidering JJP after playing this title.
There are 52 ratings (that include a comment) on this game. Currently showing results page 1 of 3.

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