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Other Aspects: 8.508

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5 days ago
I am going to preface this by saying that I am not, never have been, or never will be a guns and roses fan.

The Pros:
This game is the best integration of a rock and roll show into a pinball game. Ever. This game looks, sounds and feels fantastic! The art package is brilliantly done and all aspects of the video, cabinet, GUI, custom quotes, themACe integration and involvement with Slash to give the team at JJP everything they could ever want and more. It's a beautiful thing when the people who own an IP love pinball as much as the pinheads who play it do. The upper playfield and the 6 ball lock over the center saucer makes things random in multiball from the get go. The light show on this game is stellar. Bar none, the best I have ever seen on a pinball game. The orbits and the ramps feel great and the inner loop from the upper flipper has that PotC feel that is most satisfying. The toys on this game are varied and offer more than just a good look to the game. The upper playfield doesn't have much to it, but the shots there are good. Kind of reminds me of the winkie pf on WoZ. 6 ball multiball is a mindbender with all the other activity going on! Most importantly, the rules. While I have only had a few games on it, The feel of the rules of the game is solid. Options to choose songs as well as to collect or to continue/add-a-ball make for interesting and valuable choices. Each mode is clearly it's own choreography and while some may not like the "shoot for the colored lights" treatment, it works and requires minimal translation. You are still guided around the playfield differently with each song/mode, but confusion is at a minimum. I am still learning more about this game and will add updates as I figure more stuff out.

The Cons:
It's a Guns and Roses game. I don't care for the center saucer unless it is shot from the upper right hand flipper. Shots from the pops find their way SDTM with more frequency than any other game that I can remember in recent history. The FIRE! skillshot is well done, but the exit onto the PF keeps insta-draining out the right hand side of the PF (who turned the ball saver off?). This is a HUGE design flaw. This is the kind of mistake that no amount of software will save. Are you ready for a 30% chance of a bullshit drain off each and every plunge into the game? Well, here you go! This is BAAAAAAAAAAAD. Tank the playfield design right there. Because you can't play a pinball game if you can't get the ball into the playfield without a ridiculously high chance of failure. This skill shot is anti-fun. And that is what people play pinball for, first and foremost... FUN! You had better make all of your shots because those outlanes are incredibly hungry. Casuals are going to play a game or two and say "huh?" I paid a dollar a game for this?!? Ops better set their outlines to as tight as they can until a player who can nudge gets a hold of it. Get the balance right... I also want to say that I have only played one copy of this game. I hope that this is not the case with other copies of this design. The elimination of the upper playfield and the guitar head lock mechanism on this game is a huge loss. Kind of like playing AC/DC without the lower playfield. It just doesn't feel right and that plastic topper over the upper right hand side of the playfield only makes the missing items more obvious.

The Takeaway:
If you like Guns and Roses, you will absolutely fall in love with this game and your life will not be complete without it. If you are not, it's an incredibly well put together pinball game with lots to do on it and has very long legs (the RULES!). Along with Willy Wonka, this game has enough depth of rules (once you actually get to play the game...) AND direct simplicity to entertain casual players and enough depth to keep the tourney monkeys and the home players entertained and challenged for a LOOOOOOOOOOOONG time! JJP is getting better at what they do. Good for them!

The exit out of the skill shot can be adjusted/fixed. Now the center scoop has a high percentage of sdtm drains. This game will probably be fine in a home collection, but operators may not have the time for these details. Learning this game is a hoot!

Update v.2:
The rules on this game take a bit to learn fortunately, the programming team at jjp has implemented so many different options on gameplay, rules and effective actions on the mechanics of the playfield that this game can be "tuned" to your desired performance of the design ad nauseum. Most impressive. The extra lights on the playfield make the rock and roll experience in a box a wonder to behold. While the playfield layout isn't perfect, the implementation and depth of this design make this game a possible "collection of one" for the pinhead willing to put the time, effort and interest into this game.
6 days ago
Standard edition is a great value in today’s market. Fun shot layout, has great lighting, animations, and sound. Yes, it’s lacking the upper playfield and color changing hot rails, but it plays fast and fun while being a few thousand dollars less.
17 days ago
This is my first JJP game, and will be my highest rated game to date. The game is amazing on many levels. Theme integration, sounds, lights, layout and overall fun factor are top notch. The flippers definitely aren't as snappy as Stern, but make all shots and orbits with ease. The multiballs are amazing, and it's mandatory that you like multi-ball play to enjoy this game! I added a shooter lane protector to help minimize wear from the number of balls that get ejected during a normal game (guessing 30+). But adding all of this to the concert atmosphere lends to a high-energy, addicting game that is just amazing. I added a subwoofer to mine, and this brought it to life even more.
27 days ago
We had this for about a month, and enjoyed it while it was here. Great playfield layout and some really interesting shots. Working through the game rules is fun and challenging. I don't think you have to be a Guns N' Roses fan to enjoy the game, but it probably helps. I gave the sound - music/quality on this 6/6 even though I'm not someone who would listen to GNR unless it came up randomly on the radio or in a shuffle - simply because the track selections on the game are great, the music is well integrated into the game, and the sound quality is top notch. Excellent theme integration and artwork on this pin. The light show is amazing in a darker environment. The only issue we had was with the launch - the ball would constantly go STDM after launch (and even after a ball save or two), it took many adjustments to improve that - but it never was fully resolved. Would I buy it for my collection? Probably not - but I would play it on location or in anyone else's collection in a heartbeat! Would be great to try the LE/CE sometime!
33 days ago
When I saw it irl it grew on me quickly to the point I prefer this back glass. The hot rails that are gone aren’t too bad since the playfield inserts are super expressive. I really love the LE upper playfield, but it isn’t missed and the ramps are better.

Basically I believe the SE is better because the state of the art theme integration is still the same. It’s only drawback is the left ramp white guitar light is kinda odd looking and I would have preferred something else (red rose light?).
66 days ago
This game is a blast to play. Theme integration is probably one of the best in pinball. Lots of Risk/Reward going on in this game. The light show on all versions is over the top. It really feels like a concert behind the glass. With some tweaking of the rules you can limit the amount of multi-ball if that is what you like as well.
69 days ago
Honestly. I absolutely am biased to JJP machines.. woz is my fav game of all times.. but gnr might take it away. It's a beautiful blast of colour. Light name it. Worth every penny
72 days ago
I'll update as I play more and give a proper review.. but the light show compared to any other pinball (including other JJPs) is off the charts. I think I'll have to downgrade the GAME LIGHTING scores on all my other ratings just to emphasize how incomparable the lighting logic is in this game, and this is only the STANDARD edition.

Comparing the underside of the playfield on a GNRSE vs any of the previous JJP pins... wow! It's bare. There is only one toy - Slash's CD spinner. Even though the playfield is simple, it doesn't feel that way. The shots are smooth and are unique (center loop through pops and up into top lanes is sweet!) , the integration with both screens and the light shows and the strategies are a feast for the senses. What is nice - I won't have to fix JJP mechanisms all the time like I have to in or all my other machines. I LOVE THAT. I think with the SE, you can look forward to more playing, less tuning/fixing.
72 days ago
I am blown away! This game is the absolute business. I thought I would like it, but this is amazing.
The lighting is phenomenal. The sound quality is outstanding. I though ACDC premium was good for quality of sound and this blows it out of the water. And this is all on the Standard Edition, the higher end ones must be amazing.
Love it.
79 days ago
This is the one and only version of this game I’ve played.....and I’ve played a hell of a lot in the past couple months- enough for me to purchase a new one! New titles rarely if ever blow me away like this one did or at least enough to throw down a big chunk of change on a new pin. (I’ve always liked 80s-90s titles) But something keeps drawing me back out on location just to play a couple more games. The light show, the sounds, call outs, live concert footage and visuals on screen....this game has everything including a pretty deep rule set. The LE & CE have more added excitement with extra goodies on the playfield and cooler cab art (not to mention 100s more lights etc) but for me it was this or a Stern Pro. GNR is a masterpiece in modern pinball design and I feel like this game will only get better with new code updates. My only complaint on the standard would be the cab art but you don’t buy a pin to “just look at it”. Get one while you still can or splurge and get the LE!
80 days ago
The SE Is superior to the LE or CE. Very fun game and pretty smooth once you get hang of it.
3 months ago
This game took me for a surprise. I am by no means a Guns and Roses fan, however, I watched some Gameplay videos of it, and with in the fist 10 min, my mind was blown. Finally went looking for a SE and found one, and have been playing it everyday. Game is a ton of fun. Lights, rules, and gameplay is amazing. Yes, Mulitball is a big part of the game, BUT the thing is, they don’t last long at all. This game will be in my collection for a long time!
3 months ago
No... just no...
Left ramp flops up & down...
Couldn't they make a new more appropriate ramp?
Starting one of the multiball via just repeat left ramp shots?
The art on the cabinet is like poor man's version of dirty donny...
The big hole of the playfield with nothing in the back left corner can't be avoided, why not a ramp that loops up and around that area?
4 months ago
The overall package is just stunning and top notch - well lit with amazing animations, artwork and of course music. The rules and what to shoot for take a little getting used to right out of the gate. Ill admit, at first I was confused on what to shoot and when. But the more I played it, I started to get it and then was sucked into the whole risk/reward aspect which is a thrill and total rush. The game is addictive and awesome. A very different type of gameplay to what I have in my collection which is why I really like it - and I grew up listening to GNR so thats a no brainer. The more I play, the more I love it. Theme integration and player immersion is best of the best and it's the total package. I don't find the multiballs to be overwhelming at all (I WANT them during song mode) The SE is plenty loaded, beautiful machine that has an amazing light display and shoots well. Excellent value. Not floaty and not blazing fast - just right with good flow.
4 months ago
A local location brought in an SE really early, so I've had some time to flip it now. Every time, I just can't get into it. The lighting and theme integration is definitely some of the best I've ever seen, but the gameplay is just not my cup of tea. I hate the entry of the ball into the playfield. It's just kind of a limp flop out of the shooter lane to the right flipper (or sometimes the upper sling or right down the middle). I do like the flow of the orbit shots, but the short ramps don't really offer much kinetic satisfaction. Overall, my biggest gripe in terms of gameplay is that it feels just like another MB heavy JJP game. To me that ends up drawing all the attention to the point I have no idea what I'm even trying to shot for. That gets old quick for me. The constant flow interruption by needing to hit the center scoop is really a let down as well. I really wanted to be excited about this game after seeing the reveal and the super cool lighting on the pf, but for me the gameplay just isn't there.
4 months ago
Really fun Pin that truly is an experience to play. I have yet to play the LE/CE version of this game, so I can't can't compare. However, this game doesn't feel like it's missing anything and the experience it delivers, at the very least, is on par with Stern Premiums and LE's. The light show is amazing on this pin and I feel it could compete with any other machine on the market. This game is easily the most immersive music pin and features 20+ songs, well thought out light choreography, tons of video content and fun custom callouts. The shot variety is good, but it's a hard shooter and slightly missing shots can cause quick drains. The rules are solid in their current state, maybe a little multiball heavy, but I imagine they will only get better with future updates. The risk/reward component of building up and cashing out jackpots is very addictive. The cab art on this model is decent, but I feel the cartoony monsters are very taste specific. I don't hate the cab art, but I feel it's the weakest part of this machine. The playfield artwork is good, and I like how all the band members are represented by skeletons. It's probably smart not having actual band member faces plastered all over the cab, backglass, and playfield, since GNR's band member lineup consistency hasn't exactly been the band's strong point over the last 30 years. However, seeing Axl, Duff, and Slash in front of the band makes the late 80's/90's GNR fan in me very happy.

The adult mode offers a complete experience, and I love having a "family mode" option for when my 6 year old wants to play. My wife and guests are blown away by the experience this pin offers, and it seems to impress them like no other pin I've owned.
However, it still offers plenty of challenge and ways of blowing up the score that veteran pinheads will appreciate. I feel this pin offers a very unique and immersive experience and adds a nice touch of variety to my collection.
4 months ago
Pinball gallery has one in malvern PA and the SE is a blast to play. So fast and furious multi ball and music is so integrated.
4 months ago
Makes me remember the good ol G&R days..sweet light show,Crazy multiball..It is a keeper!
5 months ago
I've had the for about 2 months. Music and call outs are great. The rule set is kinda confusing. I got rid of it. Not a good imo.
5 months ago
Easily the prettiest girl at the dance but just not that fun to shoot. Very stop and go and very easy. Lots of ball saves and mb. More style over substance. Feels a little bit like a chopping wood kind of code set imo. Great game to bring in new blood to the hobby but not the kind of game i see most keeping long term. Great location game (which JJP needed)
6 months ago
I got an SE thinking that I might upgrade down the road but now there is no chance. The SE is a fantastic game- though a very different game than the LE.

I think of it as the shooters version of GnR. It plays much faster and has much better flow than the LE. It’s a great pure shooter- shoots more like a stern than any JJP (that’s a good thing). Visually it’s much more open so you can see the ball travel, it almost has an old school look with how flat the playfield is in the center, I love it. The light show is a 9.5/10 vs a 10/10... still the best in pinball.

What makes GnR pinball special is the music, assets, and lightshow. The SE has all of that and puts in a fast flowy package. Perfection!

I agree that the art is the “worst” of the 3-but it’s still fantastic! It depicts a scene straight from the game in original art. Better than most other pins out there.

I have a feeling that once the SE becomes more widely available it will develop a cult following of its own with many preferring it to the LE.
6 months ago
Had a chance to play an SE at a 1UP today and it was pretty sweet! Not a fan of the Rat Fink art style on the SE back glass and cab but the playfield art and animations looked great. They had the sound way down so I couldn’t hear it too well, but what I could hear was pretty cool. The light show is as advertised, incredible. Not sure how much the upper playfield on the LE adds, but the replacement on the SE looked good. I thought the soft plunge skill shot would be kind of lame but it wasn’t bad, just different. I also didn’t find the multiball frequency to be too much as I suspected after watching various early streams, it’s actually pretty key to keep songs going. As far as other music pins I’ve played, this one is at the top! I suspect this (or more likely the LE) will wind up in my collection before too long.
6 months ago
I know I'm still in the honeymoon phase but wow! I'm having a ton of fun with this pin. very fast and nice flow callouts are nice and the music is great. still working thru the rules but so far I have no regrets with this purchase. I played the LE and I was worried about not having the upper playfield and the ball lock but so far I'm enjoying having the extra 3k in my pocket. Again lighting is so good even on this SE.

*I see a lot of people complaining about the plunge going down the middle. While I'm not a fan of mandatory short plunge games, I have not had a single ball drain off the plunge. 6.5 pitch and level seems to be key.
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