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Game Design: 8.29

Artwork: 8.998

Sounds/Music: 9.022

Other Aspects: 8.725

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This is "Guns N' Roses (LE)".
The other versions are: Guns N' Roses (SE) (regular version), Guns N' Roses (CE)

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14 days ago
Ive had this game a couple weeks now and I love it! The light show integration with the songs is simply awesome. Playfield is loaded with fun shots. The rules are pretty awesome too. Probably a long term keeper
16 days ago
All my reviews are going to follow a simple formula for those reading.
Number of shots to make - Pro's - Con's - Must Have Mods - What To Look For When Buying

Number of shots - 11 - insane

* Lighting. It’s like nothing in pinball. The best ever and it’s not even close
* The risk/reward during a song keeps you coming back
* Fun upper playfield with unique ball lock
* Seems Multiball heavy but it’s really not like that
* Lots of shot variation and all feel smooth

* All the big points are in the songs
* Album modes (although fun to play) not overly valuable for mini wizard modes
* Slash’s solo best to just time out

Must Have Mods: (Note I will not include things like LED's, Color DMD, Invisiglass or Speaker Upgrades unless it's really badly needed)
* Pinmonk flipper coil fan set
* Pinmonk airball protector
* JJP tour poster art blades
* Lior shooter plate, shooter rod and lockdown bar accessories
* Cliffy Protector for scoop hole and shooter lane
* Cliffy carbon fibre post circle, at least 10.
* 7/8 PETG washers for posts, approx 25
* Pinwoofer sub kit

What To Look For When Buying
* New in box look for cabinet artwork damage, check nothing is in bottom of the cabinet
* If buying second hand, check for any artwork damage around every Hex post in the game in particular but other posts too, any damage around slingshots and whether original rubbers have been replaced
* Check Axl magnet is working as it should
16 days ago
I'll start with the cons first:

1) Minor playfield pooling. At least on mine. Delivered on 6/14/20.
2) Attention to detail. Misaligned stickers on the coin box and some issues with the alignment of the side art.
3) Some minor issues dialing it in.
4) Backbox art could be a little sharper and brighter. I had to buy a backbox lighting kit.

The pros:

1) All or nothing scoring is brilliant. Keeps you coming back for more.
2) Really good looking pin. And I have a Hobbit...
3) Well built and weighs a ton.
4) Can be adjusted and dialed-in fairly easy.
5) Smooth loop shots.
6) The light show!

Simply a beyond belief pinball with a few issues but it's worth every penny!
18 days ago
Incredible game. Playfield problems and other breakages are my main complaint.
23 days ago
What can be said about this game that hasn’t already been said? The game is a master piece. Well deserving of being the 2020 game of the year.

My only knock on the game is the video used the current version of the band rather than footage of them in their prime. Still, the assets this game has are simply off the charts. JJP hit a home run here.
28 days ago
I'm not going to get bullied by flaggers. Changing back to all 10's, but with additional explanation. Note, I've made two key modifications- PinMonk's Tibetan breeze and an external subwoofer. Both are critical because they add to the intensity and feel of the game.

For me, this is number 1 GOAT. It's a players player pinball machine. And I’ve played em all. The first two games I played on GNR out of the box brought sobbing level tears from my eyes. An overwhelming experience starting sweet child of mine and paradise city…. (They were random… but being out of the box… I suspect the first two selections are by design….!)

A gorgeous game with the greatest most diverse light show and experience in all of pinball that strikes right to the emotional center of my brain. The shots are great. Outer loop is flowy and can be repeated like getaway (super satisfying) and an orbit starting to the left has an inner loop similar to getaway. A pure fast strike through the middle spinner pick that quickly zig zags to the top beyond the pop bumpers is highly satusfying- made better by the random musical progrssions from the spinning pick… wow. Managing upper playfield shots through intense multiballs will challenge and reward the best multi taskers among us….

The entire package soup to nuts is so well thought out and so well integrated. Between the spinning record and corresponding light show, to the casual slash call outs like "Nice effing awesome" (or similar) when you do something cool- the timing of his comment and overall effect is like he's standing there commenting on your play.... another buddy at the side of the machine adding to the dialogue and experience. But at the end of the day, its the FEEL of the game that makes this so endearing as a long time pinball player. The way the legs give a little to create a great feel in nudge play. The feel of the flippers is butter sublime (Tibetan Breeze fans are a must) and remains sharp with perfect feel DEEP into a game... The default play field angle and how it jives with the vibe of the machine no matter what song you are playing. The right amount of float and groove with high speeds to boot. The multi-ball stay alive relief by clearing balls through the pick to the bumpers or above in the upper play field. The upper play field small flipper is like you are playing baseball left handed against a right handed pitcher. It's just shocking how well done this entire package is... Pure pinball joy. There is nothing like it in terms of feel and satisfaction and emotional response for me anyway.

And the songs… I was not a huge GNR fan prior but certainly not a hater. If you are on the fence but a pinball fan no worries. You will LOVE this game and band. So much to learn, so much to do, but most importantly so much to EXPERIENCE. It effing rocks. And the sound quality despite what some say is great- the tone from the speakers (and my external sub) is similar to the tonal experience of an actual live concert (you have to experience it to understand it). I know this because I did an extensive A/B compare between the default audio and an external Nakamichi amplifier and sonus faber toy tower speaker setup. I prefer the factory setup with sub by a mile.

And the final reason for all tens, the X factor of how this game connects you to PEOPLE. It's a game that is as fun to watch and share together. It's just incredible how it creates "holy S*iT moments" for all in proximity. Entertainment at its best.

Super happy with my purchase and JJP and slash and the others should be commended. I’m giving all tens because honestly It’s just so well done and so over the top.
36 days ago
Love this game. lots of fun!
36 days ago
Absolutly game of the year, for sure!! Huge shout out to the heart of JJP Ken Holland, this was our first JJP and he was amazing to work with, His customer service was over and beyond!! Huge shout out to Mike with Automated Pinball, he is #1 in our book, amazing to work with and would buy through him again!! Now for the one of a kind, JJP GNR.......Could not live without, Cant stay away!!! It is beautiful...BEAUTIFUL!! The game play is very smooth and the light shows are breathtaking!! ITS A CONCERT IN ITSELF!! The game play is like nothing ever seen before and the extent of the rules are AMAZING!! Highly recommend!!!
36 days ago
I went from a SE to a LE... I traded back to a SE.. sometimes less is more.. and this is 100% the case with GNR.the upper playfield.. and the change in the left ramp sucks. Play both.. you'll agree.
39 days ago
The game is fun to play and much better then the first Gun Pin. Shots are all achievable and the rules are easy to understand.
41 days ago
WOW, i have the game for three months and now i can say if i have to keep just one game is that one. A lot of fun, the lihtshow is awsome, the game is a beauty, a real variety in gameplay. Near perfect for me and a solid keeper.
46 days ago
I have played it various times on location.
1st of all, the machine is impressive. It really raises the bar for what modern pinball should be. JJP did it again, whatever the issues, I salute them for pushing the boundaries of this hobby.
I am not of fan of the band, I don't care for their music and this is not my taste to see an old guy dressed like my grand aunt yelling in a mic. Anyway, Slash is the coolest guitar player, and knowing that he is been involved is really cool.
As said by many others, even if Eric meunier did a good job, the layout and the flow are not at the same level than the other aspects, and it killed most of the fun for me.
Not on my list but still a great table and i understand why it's a dream game for GNR fans
46 days ago
A truly amazing, fully immersive pinball experience!! Best ever. Recently purchased and can't wait to play every day. it is my 12th pin and it really is at a different level than IJ, TZ, SW, CFTBL, STNG - all of which I think are incredible. It is my first owned JJP, but I have played all the others. This is the best theme integration and light show of all the other JJPs.
No playfield issues yet. Fingers crossed.
The only negative for me is that the sound quality is not quite good enough for the great music and call outs. I assume this is fixable with a Pinwoofer amp.
Get an LE as soon as you can!
54 days ago
I received my GNR LE in June, and it is an instant classic. the music and lights are unprecedented, and the features with the guitar lock, bass return ramp, drum stick return, spinning disc, reticulating spotlights, honeycomb lighting, and hotrails are incredible value for the money. this is the best music pin ever, aside from IMDN, IMO. this game has the best lights of all time. I didn't LOVE GNR before, but now I actually really appreciate their range as a band, so this game has opened up my musical horizons and made me appreciate JJP even more now.

Eric's PF design is very well thought out, and in my opinion, it outshines POTC because its faster and more playable. The rules are cryptic, but that's one of the allures of JJP games IMO, they last long in home collections because its a constant game of discovery.

No regrets here!
55 days ago
A decent game but is held back by the lack of flow. There is a lot of stuff jammed in there so the shots are not as good as they should be. Still a good game, just not a great game. Artwork, sound and visuals are outstanding though.
56 days ago
Unbelievable, gameplay is fantastic although a bit multiball heavy. Outside of that can’t fault it.
Theme done perfectly.

No play field issues for me so far but will keep a close eye on it.
56 days ago
The best ever.
58 days ago
Tremendous package, lackluster gameplay. From the initial weak plunge to the super close left ramp and general clunkiness, this one left me really disappointed. Obviously the music and theme integration are far and away some of the best pinball has seen, but this one just didn't pull me in with the shots. I'm not a hardcore GnR fan, so at the end of the day that was all that mattered.
61 days ago
Super great pinball. I love it, it's beautiful and fun to play.
Only con for me, it's patch system (collectable) i dont understand what is for what and their combo.
62 days ago
Bad ass. I only wish it would have been a Def Leppard theme inside this cabinet. I believe they have more “rockn” songs that people are aware of.
64 days ago
Simply the best!!!
68 days ago
The best music pin ever made - no contest. It also has the best lighting/sound/shaker integration of any pin I’ve ever played.

It is multiball heavy - but a neat twist is that it punishes you for trapping during multiball, so it’s pretty frantic.

If you love GnR music, you’ll love it.
86 days ago
This is the greatest pin I have ever played! I’m a huge GnR fan and this game captures one of their concerts perfectly. Great flow, some tough shots but very rewarding when you hit them. So many songs to play, by far the best music pin out there. Light show is unbelievable, not only is it an amazing game, it’s also a work of art. Get the LE if you can, mine is bolted to the floor and will never leave my collection.
87 days ago
Can't say enough great things about this pin. The whole package is stunning and integrated with so many assets like no other license ever. Once you get used to the shot locations & get a feel for the game, the flow is there. I love multi ball, it was always one of my favorite things about pinball. The rules, risk reward, and all the different ways you can strategize are excellent, some of if not the best ever for this type of ruleset. And the little details - the call outs for tilt warnings, the riffs when entering your name, the selfie with Slash, power chord jackpots - the upper play field is also one of the best. It's no wonder this won game of the year and so many other awards.

(added rating comment 7/20/2021)
3 months ago
Wow...incredible how the theme has been implemented into a pinball game. Awesome.
There are moments in which I can not stop smiling due to this "is-this-really-true-moment".
The combination of game rules, flow, Multiball, lightnings, sound experience and Shaker moments makes this game so special and intensive.
It's a complete new pinball experience. Congrats JJP.
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