Guns N' Roses (LE)

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This game ranks 2nd in the game group "Guns n' Roses". The group itself ranks #2 in the Pinside Pinball Top 100.

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Game design: 8.382

Artwork: 9.027

Sounds/Music: 9.066

Other Aspects: 8.894

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5 days ago
Love love love this game. I try to get a different type of machine each time I buy NIB, I already had a shooter with JP and a flow machine with Star Wars...wanted a music pin and the rule set of GNR is unlike any other. Fast and frenetic but deep once you learn the code. A blast to play and always has that, just one more game feeling. This game chews through rubbers though due to the multi balls. Have a good number on hand. Also, there is a stick area on the lower pop bumper that I had to address with a felt pad. The Mantis scoop protector is also meh, and I replaced that with a Cliffy first thing. The only other issue is the sound. You definitely need a sub solution. I hooked up an external which is great, but it also muddies the highs and mids. Using a Pinwoofer setup for equalizing the sound and to clarify the top end. Overall though, I would highly, highly recommend this pin.
8 days ago
Single handedly redefines what you expect to see in a light show.
9 days ago
Great game, keep coming back and playing this one.
12 days ago
My rating is based on only playing GnR a few times at my friends house. The game didn't reach out and and grab me when it comes to game play. It looks amazing and I like GnR as a band, however, like most JJP pinball games the game was somewhat slow. I have yet to find a JJP game that I love but this is my favorite title by them. I know the Pinside members are going to hate me for saying this but Stern is still on top when it comes to game play. That said, excellent job JJP on creating a masterpiece and I hope you continue to raise the bar to force Stern to put more into their games while maintaining fast flowing game play. My rating could change if I get more games under my belt.
12 days ago
I just dont click with this pin.
14 days ago
Best pin ever!
18 days ago
Dream theme here. Placed deposit in early April 2021 and hoping to receive by the holidays. Wife has already said this one won't be leaving our collection. What an amazing experience.
26 days ago
Wow - the playfield layout, artwork, and gimmicks are unparalleled. I am not a fan of GnR - that is putting it mildly - when GnR came on the radio back in the day, I immediately changed the station. But this game overcomes my bias against the theme - it is that well done. If it were Van Halen, Rush, Journey, Queen, or any stadium rock band that I’m a fan of, I would be $10.5k poorer, because this is an amazing machine. You have to see it and play it to appreciate the detail and how well it all integrates, but especially the ramps and toys - the Les Paul guitar neck, actual drumsticks, a mini-drum kit with high-hat - just fantastic!
26 days ago
Nothing plays like this machine. Constantly going and very hectic but totally a blast. There is never a slow moment. Moreover, this is the only machine that entertains the observers at the same time.
26 days ago
Skill shot is the one major flaw. Feels like a Williams Superpin (good and bad) for a generic rock band theme. Could use a couple more GNR specific elements (G/R ramps are missed from DE) but this game succeeds in telling a story and emotionally delivering the thrill of a live show. Not a perfect pinball machine but a triumph in entertainment media. I don’t even like GNR or LCD screens, but JJP really fulfilled the potential of what a modern machine can be.
33 days ago
Best JJP game ever made!!!
35 days ago
I own 9 pins. I have never owned a Jersey jack or even played a jersey jack. I was able to play this just before Christmas. I couldn’t stop playing this game. I believe this is one of the best games ever made. I instantly fell in love with the G&R and wound up ordering one shortly after. I can’t wait until it arrives. I also loved it so much it turned me on to other Jersey jack games. I wound just wound up also buying one of the last Willy Wonka CE’s available after my first impression with Guns & Roses. Keep them coming Jersey Jack
40 days ago
love this game but not a keeper. It’s a joy to hear the music ad the light show is on another level. But is so frustrating, I hate it when it drains, the plunger sucks and have the balls fall down the middle right out of the plunge. Also design layout amazing quality not so good it’s riddle with bugs and balls that get stuck. But I still give it a high score. I traded my game for a guardians LE and I got another on the way. Go figure
41 days ago
It lives up to the hype!
42 days ago
Permanent Collection- Never Selling
44 days ago
The game looks great, lightning and sounds are amazing, possibly too bright on the lighting but I’m sure there is a setting for that. (I played on location)
But gameplay was just ehh. Way too many balls in multi-ball and way to long multi-ball time lengths. Some shots worked well but most felt sloppy. I liked the idea on the skill shot, but it’s not great way to start a game.
Great music, but got board with the game quickly. It did not have that one more game feeling.
45 days ago
Amazing fun game, The plung is the only thing I don't like.
47 days ago
Beautiful game, lighting, and art work. Shots and play disappointing. Callouts poor. Music is great if you are GnR fan.
49 days ago
Wow. So much fun. It really is a full concert experience and get's you rocking out. I love all the multiballs. Well done JJP.
56 days ago
I have been happily collecting pinball machines for a very long time and, after playing this machine at Silverball in Asbury Park, I am convinced that this is the king pin. We all have our own top machines. For me it has always been Twilight Zone with a nod to Wizard of Oz. GnR just took the top spot for me. I don’t have one yet. Working on it.

Pro: the rush you get playing it
Con: too many multiballs...tired hands
68 days ago
Best music pin by far... Oh if only ACDC/MET/Kiss/As got the same attention.
69 days ago
Really unique layout. Has that Jersey Jack feel, super deep. This is better than Dialed In and the Hobbit. I would rate this close to Jersey Jack Pirates of Caribbean and ahead of Willy Wonka. Super high quality, wish I had one, love the group.
70 days ago
Rivals a real concert experience and is a sensory masterpiece that almost reduces the still superb game-play to insignificance. A truly transcendent pinball experience.
72 days ago
My new all time favorite pin!!!
74 days ago
Love the artwork and the light/sound package. Just can't get into the gameplay part of it at all.
There are 97 ratings (that include a comment) on this game. Currently showing results page 1 of 4.

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