Guns N' Roses (LE)

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Game Design: 8.034

Artwork: 9.002

Sounds/Music: 8.961

Other Aspects: 8.525

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This is "Guns N' Roses (LE)".
The other versions are: Guns N' Roses (SE) (regular version), Guns N' Roses (CE)

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There are 221 ratings (that include a comment) on this game.
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4 days ago
Man, when this came out I thought this was going to be one of the greatest games ever made. However, this game is a horrifically mixed bag with gameplay VS looks.

Features the greatest light show cosmetically in all of pinball in my eyes.

Art is really great: CE definitely has the best package though.

Animations are top notch: they really use the LCD to its full potential.

The upper playfield really adds a lot, and is a great use of a toy.

Some of the shots on the lower playfield are truly great, like the ramps and the center spinner.

Sound quality is fantastic, as well as having some great GNR hits.


I’m sorry, I can only imagine the work a programmer has to go through to create something like this, but this ruleset is really not my thing. While I know what I am doing, it’s extremely unintuitive and (IMO) isn’t really much like pinball should be.

The skill shot could have been better thought out, I think the feed off it in particular should have been redone.

While the light show is very cosmetically appealing, it can really be hard to tell what is going on during a song. While this isn’t a struggle for me, I’ve seen many other players truly struggle with this, and it shouldn’t be an issue.

Overall, I love a lot of this game, but I also really hate some of it I’m sorry to say. If you like it, I see the appeal. However, it’s not for me.
6 days ago
One of the few games that I will walk by with no interest to play even on free play. To start the game it sounds like when you play horrible on guitar hero with just crap instrument noise. The skill shot plung is crazy boring. The light show is crazy awesome but sometimes it makes it too hard to pick out where to shoot for the mode. The sound and videos are great.
31 days ago
First let me start by saying I am a huge fan of the band. I have played this game roughly 30 times at shows and people’s houses. This game is by far the most beautifully integrated theme in pinball history. The light show is also by far the greatest light show ever coded. The game is pinball perfection on so many levels it makes me want to cry when I think about the code. The code in this game, specifically the Multiball, ruins this game. The playfield layout and shots are not great, but in the end none of it matters because you cannot hit any shots once the Multiball kicks in. There are many people who will defend the code and try and tell you how great it is and how all of the Multiball is warranted………HOGWASH!! Simply put, when I play this game and one of my favorite bands music is cranking up, I feel nothing, in fact I get bored. This pin destroys the experience of GNR music, it does not enhance it. Stick with Iron Maiden, ACDC, Kiss, Rush, Metallica Pinball as all of those games enhance the musical experience.
33 days ago
GNR is just an incredible pin, starting from the first game when you get the amazing spotlight band introduction. This just sets the quality bar and the pin keeps impressing.

For the record, I’m not a huge GNR fan. I’ve never owned any of their CDs and could only list 3 or so of their hits. When I say this game sets a new standard in certain areas, it’s because I feel it’s the truth regardless of any opinion about the band.

Here’s my thoughts regarding the various rating areas:

Game Lighting? Nothing tops this out there. Excellent.

Theming? Again, best in class. Real band member call outs? Real material from concerts? Band member involvement in design? New standard.

Sound/Speech/Music/Quality/Variation? Again, best in class. 20+ songs, all high quality, little riffs from Slash. Excellent.

Playfield/Backglass/Cabinet? I feel this is the best looking pin ever. Cabinet on LE is amazing. The animations on the display often match the backglass’s artistic theme that you cannot even tell it’s a monitor (other than it has changing material).

Playfield Layout? It’s pretty good. Is it excellent? Not sure, giving it a good for now.

Game rules? This is perhaps the first “recent” pin that I actually found interesting enough to start really learning the rules. Are they excellent? Not sure, but definitely good.

Toys/Gimmicks? Guitar string ramps? 6 ball guitar lock? Servo-controlled spotlights? Upper playfield? Thunderchucker drum stick lane? Excellent.

Game Play? I’m having a blast. It all fits together, creating something I’ve never seen before. Excellent.
40 days ago
Honestly I think the original gnr is better then this game very bad code; I’m the biggest gnr fan but this game is way too heavy on mball
50 days ago
Looks excellent. Sound, theme, lighting are all on point. And yet there seems to be no direction, there is a lot going on, and I agree multi balls are too plentiful. It's one of those strange occasions where I think they've actually put too much in the game. If they removed 25% of the stuff, I think they'd have a better game!
56 days ago
Not a fan of JJP Flippers, always seem weak. Upper PF on this version is a plus. Not a huge GNR fan but the included songs are pretty good.
66 days ago
Beautiful game. Shots are not as fun or as fast, but definitely enjoyable.
75 days ago
86 days ago
Masterpiece. Might not love it as much if you aren’t a GnR fan.
3 months ago
My first jersey jack game. Resisted it for a while because I read about playfield issues, flipper weakness etc. Forget all that stuff. It’s awesome! Glad I bought it. Looks great. As fun or more fun than any game I’ve played…it does have a lot of multiballs, but they help you qualify band members, so they are nice to have.
3 months ago
Nothing quite like GnR pin.. It’s not pinball in its purest form but as a celebration of a bands work under glass. It’s awesome and delivers that!
3 months ago
I bought this game after 1 session playing. It’s the game that gets played most when I have people over(6 game lineup with WOZ, Halloween, and a couple of great Sterns), but I don’t turn it on much anymore because of the layout. The left side of the playfield is compact & there’s not many long range shots in the game. The game and lighting are an 11, but the play just does not do it for me like a pin needs to in a home lineup.
3 months ago
Wow, what a light and sound show on this one. We have #1352 in our house. A little tough for beginners to play but just the music and lights makes them love it. Plus, a pic with Slash can't be beat. "Live and Let Die" mode ia a blast.
4 months ago
I’ve tried a few of these at various trim levels.

The game feels cheaply made. I think this impression comes mostly from the feel of the flippers and the center scoop. Despite being basically new, each of the games I played had broken elements on the playfields.

Nothing about the game made me eager to play again. Between the sound, artwork and layout there isn’t anything addicting. There is definitely too many multi balls.
4 months ago
Great game. Amazing show..Rules are a tad confusing. Video, sound, art all top notch.
4 months ago
I love the theme, but I’m not crazy about the game. Very fun with friends, but not as much by yourself. If you are looking for a shooter, this isn’t it. This is a multi ball and light show frenzy!!!!
4 months ago
Here we go. Traded my brother walking dead plus 4 k for this one. At first I agree too many multi balls but then I started to understand. They are essential to your game Good luck making the shots you need with that many balls going. But the balls are so easy to lose thanks to the brutality of the outlanes I am a way bigger maiden fan and that one couldn’t leave quick enough because the songs just ran over and over especially trooper the game almost made me hate my favorite band. Finally a music game done right. I hope one day jjp does ozzy he needs to be done right too. In the end home environment only to understand how deep and rewarding this monster really is.
4 months ago
I am taking the review posted by deejaypee and posting here because he summed it up perfectly for me:

"This is such a different machine—I approach this game differently than I do any other machine. I think that’s a credit to the theme integration, because when they said they were making a GNR concert experience, I think they really meant it. I’ve played better layouts, smoother machines, but when I decide that I’m gonna play a song and I get the booster multiballs going, and I’m starting up the lights, and turning on the amps, and getting the crowd going, I definitely get lost in the multiball mayhem, but it lends an air of anticipation for the show about to start. And by the time you’ve locked six balls, it feels to me like I’ve been milling around a packed venue and I get really excited that the song is beginning!

Then it’s a whole different game. The music is slamming, the lighting is beautiful, and the shots become so much fun to try to hit in the chaos of six balls, because you’re not just enjoying a show, you’re performing, and how well you do determines how far you get into and through the song. And you do it well enough, you get an encore. So many rushes of adrenaline up to and through that point. Add in the scoring incentives, the risk of pushing forward with one ball left, knowing you can lose a handsome jackpot if you don’t perform, of your can double it by doing well. It’s really something else. I really do love it—and I really am beat when I finish a game.

To me, this is a wonderful home arcade addition. I really think you need a substantial amount of time on this to develop your strategies, and to find the way of playing it that appeals most to you. In my case, I wanted big scores, and I was kind of dejected about my inability to get them for a couple of months. Then I decided to enjoy the music and the show and not think about scores, and of course, my scoring started increasing immediately. But hey, even if they didn’t, it is so much fun to play pinball while rocking out to some really good music.

This game took a good deal more effort to get playing smoothly than I’d experienced before, but once I did, all things clunky were forgotten and I really love hitting these loops and ramps. On a purely pinball level, the center scoop is so easy until you have the pressure of collecting a jackpot, and then it’s kind of hilarious how difficult it can be to hit it. The upper playfield is surprisingly excellent—nothing is difficult up there but you're foiled while you’re trying to go about your business plenty. It’s a great place to lock the ball to take stock of where you are in the game and decide what you want to take care of next.

In the end: Total immersion! Risk! Nerves! Shots! Beauty! This is a really great pin that rocks like nothing else. It’s a keeper."
4 months ago
Love the soundtracks and call-outs!
4 months ago
Too many multi-balls!!! Some cool light shows, but I got bored.
4 months ago
I’m a big GNR fan and have been to multiple concerts. Slash and Duff are big pinball fans and we’re involved in doing custom music and call outs. More than I can say for any other band pin. No crazy cool toys besides maybe the guitar head. Light show, music and concert clips are amazing. Love the powder coat, and cabinet artwork. Definitely worth adding a sub to the game and putting it on jukebox mode. Rule set is multiball heavy, a lot of song modes have the same objectives but with almost 20 songs they can’t all be unique. Playfield issues are upsetting. Still a keeper game for me.
4 months ago
Fun game, but gives you mulitball too easily and too often. I often get physically tired playing GnR and I am only 40 and in good shape.
5 months ago
Witholding final comments until final code is released. Best lighting and sound integration in pinball. Probably one of the best theme integrations ever done.
5 months ago
Drove a ways to play this and felt more like a trip to museum than pinball. I mean, the game is a gorgeous piece of art and would look awesome in any home collection, but it’s simply not a great shooter. The one I played was very expensive and found myself not really wanting to continue past about 5 games - All fluff and no substance it seemed for me. Shots were ho-hum but lighting and toys do look cool. My BIGGEST beef with this game is: who made the poor choice to use fat and old GNR concert footage over young and cool GNR from their awesome videos and/or concert footage?
There are 221 ratings (that include a comment) on this game. Currently showing results page 1 of 9.

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