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Guns N' Roses (LE)

Pinside rating

This game received 72 approved Pinsider ratings and currently rates 8.700 /10


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This game ranks #13 in the Pinside Pinball Top 100.

Score breakdown

Score breakdown in the 4 main categories:

Game design: 8.116

Artwork: 8.939

Sounds/Music: 9.214

Other Aspects: 8.776

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This is "Guns N' Roses (LE)".
The other versions are: Guns N' Roses (SE) (regular version), Guns N' Roses (CE)

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There are 32 ratings (that include a comment) on this game.
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11 days ago
A Perfect 10 from me and yes i rate games very high unless i do not like them. This has everything and i am a Stern Fan boy but now the Jersey Jack has converted me WoW!!! i felt like i was in the front row of a GNR concert. Shoots well, Art is perfect, I love Multiball games and this has plenty. I love it. Sound, Music and overall package best so far. Lighting best so far. It does not miss on anything!!!!
12 days ago
Wizard of OZ 2.0. Pretty to look at. Very underwhelming to shoot. I was beyond amped to get this game and was pretty disappointed to say the least after owning it for a week. I played it repeatedly, watched tutorials to give it every chance under the sun to grow on me. It is just simply not fun to shoot! It will be up for sale really soon I think!
12 days ago
I've got about 30 plays on it so far. I agree with others that this pin is not meant for pinball players because there are no satisfying shots. I think it appeals to casual people that want a nice light show and to rock out to GnR. The pin is beautiful though, but I have a hard time choosing it ahead of CV for example. There are just too many better shooters out there.
17 days ago
I have been following this game since the awesome release JJP did for this game. I have to say, the game did not live up to what I saw. I don't want to start negative, so I'll say this game is tons of fun. I'm not a GNR music fan, but do like some of their hits, which are great for rocking out the pinball. I did not think I would like the footage of the middle aged Axl, but the video footage of the concerts was really good and set the stage (pun intended). The four lights in the back and the RGB light rails really add to the game. When you start a song, the game play is really fun. This is the best lit game out there, and I like the art.

For game play this really reminds me of Wizard of Oz where it just looks stunning, but game play isn't what I'm looking for. Yes, flipper strength isn't what I would expect. The biggest dissapointment was the two synchronized spot lights. These looked way better on video than in real life. The really cool looking drum stick ramps and gibson guitar head look great, but the catwalk wire forms don't look good.

In conclustion, this game rates high for me, but not as high as I expected it would. As a game to look at, this is the best, but for me to play, not as much as I would like.

PS. I didn't have a problem with the amount of multi-balls. Also, the powder coat does look burnt orange, which I liked.
18 days ago
It's a good game for those who want to flip flippers and hear the music and see the light show but its too long of a player to be good for tournaments and too shallow for a seasoned player to enjoy. Best lit game, hope to see light rails on more games but the controlled lights get in the way of learning the shots and the modes are very uninspired.
20 days ago
Listen...this game simply does not suit the brand. No one asked for a shimmering glitz bomb with a bloated coke head wheezing around reliving the glory days. And let’s be real...the playfield design? C’ guitar headstocks and drum sticks. It’s like a ten year old just heard “rock music” for the first time and made a pin about it. GNR is a grimey LA rock band...this pin ought to smoke cigarettes, have a heroin problem and fuck your girlfriend. could very easily be rethemed into a Bay City Rollers pin. You KNOW I’m right about this. Anyway...the lighting is TERRIFIC! If you bought a CE I’m sorry...I hope it doesn’t chip away at the posts...or your bank account.
23 days ago
Game looks and sounds amazing but the most important thing about a machine (replay ability)is lacking. I found the machine to play slow and the shots lack luster. None of the shots were satisfying for me. I would rather play JJPOTC. Got board of this game quick.
30 days ago
I managed to come across one of these in the wild and played it as soon as I saw it. It was definitely fun, but like many of the music-themed pins, it didn't have the same appeal as non-music themed games do. I can see GNR fans loving this, but I'm not really sure it's going to stand out much from other pins otherwise. That being said, the shots feel good and multi-ball is awesome. The music was so loud as I was playing it that I wished I could adjust the volume and that's never happened before (it's an awesome thing in this case) - the sound was clear and definitely would be spot on to what GNR fans would want I'd say. I'd still prefer to play other Jersey Jack games before this, but it's way better than Wonka at the very least in my opinion - a nice rebound by JJP.
30 days ago
First of all not a JJP fanboy, I actually prefer Stern models myself. I have always found that JJP make beautiful well built games but have always felt the gameplay and code was a little flat and lacking for my style of play.

The Awesomeness:

I have to say that this machine blows your mind as you step on to it, first of all the theme integration is outstanding, I don't know of another game that gets me more into the theme of the game then this one. There is no doubt that you are being transformed into a GNR rock concert as you are playing this game. The lighting outmatches any game I have ever played it is awesome with the LED rails and all of the LED inserts and the game surprisingly doesn't blind you, thou I find it difficult to understand some shots due to being color blind but we will get into that later. The artwork, is some of the best I have seen on a game, there were super smart putting the best art package on the LE, as they are making a crapload of them at a premium price. The sounds and music is amazing, again being a fan of the band helps but 21 songs to choose from full songs and unedited you really can't ask for more here. Lastly, game design if there was one area where I was concerned it was this as I haven't found many JJP really fun to shoot, well I have to say this one is, WTG JJP you finally found a great layout and the same flow quite good considering it has an upper playfield which I am normally not a huge fan of.

What Can This Game Improve:

The drain outs can be very frustrating when doing an initial skill shot (especially when ball save is removed), I am not sure why they chose to go this route, they are already being generous in the code to allow you to progress to a song, why not divert the ball into the in-lane instead of the this weird kick-out onto the playfield.

The code, granted this is early code, but I am not a big fan of the add a ball rule on the multiballs (mine are turned off), and I don't like how there are not combo rules for on the fly play and that risk/reward that goes with it, if you are getting band members consecutively there should be bigger rewards. Same as if you risk going for your six ball multiball there should be more risk/reward there. I don't like the 3 minute rule to complete each album level (I have reduced this to 2 minutes), I know they are trying to get you to listen to entire song but man it makes the machine too long playing for my liking. There is a lot going on in the lighting in multiball and I find it difficult knowing what shots to shoot but this could be a result of my color blindness. The gameplay is a little slower than a Stern, and the reason for this is the flippers, slings and pop bumpers are not as strong as pretty well all other manufacturers. I am not sure why JJP continues this trend, I am tempted to swap out coils on the slings just to get a little action there, and currently I have had to max out all of the coil setting on the game just to get it playing half descent out of the box.

The Awfulness:

The rubbers, yes the fricken rubbers on this game suck, the flipper rubbers are destroyed after 500 games and the sling rubbers are toast, not sure who supplies this stuff for them but they need a refund. Quality control, on my game we could not even play it when we first got it as one of the flippers was so weak you could barely make it to the scoop, this should have been caught in QC and a big miss, luckily we have the means to be to fix it and get it playing, but some noob would have been in serious trouble if they got this machine.


Only one here, a gun mechanism might have been warranted here to finish off the full theme integration, imagine having to shoot the scoop with a Gun mech in the center scoop instead of just shooting it with your flipper, there could have been a subway that ran from the scoop to a loaded gun, then you shoot it in the scoop to collect your jackpot or risk it to move on.

Overall Thoughts:

This game is just plain fun, I have to say it but if Stern mechs/code and JJP design, build, artwork, sound and music had a baby this might have been the best game ever made. However, right now, due to all of the innovations I would say currently this machine is a top 5 machine for me of all time. If they can add to the code and adjust the coil mechanics a bit more this machine could very well go down as one of the best ever. I am glad I made my first JJP purchase and this machine has gotten rave reviews with all of the people that have played it in our facility. If you get a chance to try this game out don't hesitate you don't need to be a fan of the band to appreciate the awesomeness of this game.
30 days ago
Not just another jukebox music pin but a real concert experience. I'm a mild GNR fan. I know their hits but have never seen them in concert. This game is loaded. The shots are smooth. The logic make sense. The Fender and Gibson guitars are awesome as well as the light shows and ability to earn and play songs. Looking forward to getting more time on it but first impression is that this has substantially raised the bar for all forthcoming music pins.
31 days ago
Overall good game. If you aren’t into GnR, it might be a turn off, but the game is definitely worth a spin. The drain outs can be very frustrating when trying to hit the skill shot. Not sure how to fix that. Love the light show, it gives a real concert feel. I like many Guns and Roses songs, but it can get a bit old. The gameplay mostly makes up for it. Overall good release
37 days ago
got to play this over the weekend (and again this past weekend) and now with approximately 20 games under my belt. Its still an amazing pinball machine and the lights, sound, play and everything else about it already mentioned is just incredible. To me the rating is by far above my TZ and AFMr. So glad to have ordered the GNR CE!
37 days ago
This machine is amazing. I have never rated a table 10. The only reason I did not start now, is that I am not personally a fan of GNR, and I can't say I know the rules that well. Can anyone really know the rules of a modern table without reading and playing a game for a substantially long period of time? Given that time, I may edit my rating to a 10.

Should I order this machine, it would be the first one I owned, where I did not install a Pin Stadium. The lighting is that good.

The toys are outstanding, and follow the theme so well. It is a piece of art.

Like on POTC, the extra ball is only awarded with a very difficult shot. On the one hand, very frustrating. On the other hand, only right to do so, as the extra ball is almost always the most valuable thing on the table. Especially on ball 3.

Also like POTC, I have heard others saying it is too multi-ball heavy. ?????? How can that be a complaint?

Once again, JJP has raised the bar for others to follow.

This machine is the "Real Deal".
39 days ago
This is unlike any other pinball experience. You actually feel like you are in a concert. Unbelievable. Such a rush to play and the risk / reward rules are absolutely fantastic. Good layout and even better lightsshow, audio and code. A game changing pinball experience.
40 days ago
Wow...this game is awesome. Only played it 4 times, there is a lot to unpack from a rules perspective. The game is brilliant literally brilliant. Theme is fun and challenging.
40 days ago
At the age of 61, I am a classic rock fan . Sure I know about Guns N Roses, but they are not a top band for me. I had heard about this game coming out and of course being a pinhead I had to check it out and frankly I was blown away. The amount of work and detail is above all other pinball machines I have seen or played. I was fortunate enough to have put a couple of hours into a game at a local arcade. As a musician, I am extremely impressed with the Fender and Gibson headstocks as well as a full concert immersion. I really enjoy watching other people play and listening to the songs and watching the videos. Having an unprecedented essentially unlimited license allows so much more on this machine compared to so many other machines. My second game on this machine was 8 million and as a new pinballer ( in this hobby for 18 months), I was worried that the game was too easy. If course reality arrived and all subsequent games were much lower.

The game play, art work, sounds, etc. have all been discussed by so many others- all top notch. This is such a no brainier. I have ordered an LE, and my son pulled his order on another machine to order this one as well. We have close to 20 pins between us and have never had a duplicate until now.

No game is perfect. I did not rate this 10/10 because of that. This is the best one I have played (I have played almost all of the top 100). Order one now while you still can.
41 days ago
Ok, so I made the 100 mile drive to play last night. It is REALLY a great game, you guys. Now, if you're a tourney player - and are just wanting a quick bang bang jackpot multiball, probably not for you. But, this game, like a LOT of JJP games are an EXPERIENCE. Once you get the song going, and if you can REALLY get it going... wow does it rock.... It is just so fun to complete stage after stage of the songs and having to decide to keep going or to stop...

The game - as you all know already - is stunningly beautiful. The coolest thing I didn't know is the spotlights in the back corners of the game actually move like real stage lights.

I don't really know what JJP is doing, overall.... but the toys are significantly cut-down, vs their other games. The use of the optos and prox sensors makes the playfield very clean looking... not a lot of rollovers and other switches sticking out. So, there is a "CLEAN" look to that, in my opinion. Also, less can break.

It is definitely multiball heavy.... similar to Hobbit. Once you get the songs going, there is a lot of stacking. I didn't play enough to really understand ALL of the different things that were going on. I just mainly tried to start songs and keep them going as long as possible.

This game is really really really great. Very enjoyable. Shots are clean and smooth. It has a really nice flow to it all... and with the concert experience going the whole time, it really makes for something fun.
41 days ago
I am going to preface this by saying that I am not, never have been, or never will be a guns and roses fan.

The Pros:
This game is the best integration of a rock and roll show into a pinball game. Ever. This game looks, sounds and feels fantastic! The art package is brilliantly done and all aspects of the video, cabinet, GUI, custom quotes, theme integration and involvement with Slash to give the team at JJP everything they could ever want and more. It's a beautiful thing when the people who own an IP love pinball as much as the pinheads who play it do. The upper playfield and the 6 ball lock over the center saucer makes things random in multiball from the get go. The light show on this game is stellar. Bar none, the best I have ever seen on a pinball game. The orbits and the ramps feel great and the inner loop from the upper flipper has that PotC feel that is most satisfying. The toys on this game are varied and offer more than just a good look to the game. The upper playfield doesn't have much to it, but the shots there are good. Kind of reminds me of the winkie pf on WoZ. 6 ball multiball is a mindbender with all the other activity going on! Most importantly, the rules. While I have only had a few games on it, The feel of the rules of the game is solid. Options to choose songs as well as to collect or to continue/add-a-ball make for interesting and valuable choices. Each mode is clearly it's own choreography and while some may not like the "shoot for the colored lights" treatment, it works and requires minimal translation. You are still guided around the playfield differently with each song/mode, but confusion is at a minimum. I am still learning more about this game and will add updates as I figure more stuff out.

The Cons:
It's a Guns and Roses game. I don't care for the center saucer unless it is shot from the upper right hand flipper. Shots from the pops find their way SDTM with more frequency than any other game that I can remember in recent history. The FIRE! skillshot is well done, but the exit onto the PF keeps insta-draining out the right hand side of the PF (who turned the ball saver off?). This is a HUGE design flaw. This is the kind of mistake that no amount of software will save. Are you ready for a 30% chance of a bullshit drain off each and every plunge into the game? Well, here you go! This is BAAAAAAAAAAAD. Tank the playfield design right there. Because you can't play a pinball game if you can't get the ball into the playfield without a ridiculously high chance of failure. This skill shot is anti-fun. And that is what people play pinball for, first and foremost... FUN! You had better make all of your shots because those outlanes are incredibly hungry. Casuals are going to play a game or two and say "huh?" I paid a dollar a game for this?!? Ops better set their outlines to as tight as they can until a player who can nudge gets a hold of it. Get the balance right... I also want to say that I have only played one copy of this game. I hope that this is not the case with other copies of this design.

The Takeaway:
If you like Guns and Roses, you will absolutely fall in love with this game and your life will not be complete without it. If you are not, it's an incredibly well put together pinball game with lots to do on it and has very long legs (the RULES!). Along with Willy Wonka, this game has enough depth of rules (once you actually get to play the game...) AND direct simplicity to entertain casual players and enough depth to keep the tourney monkeys and the home players entertained and challenged for a LOOOOOOOOOOOONG time! JJP is getting better at what they do. Good for them!

The exit out of the skill shot can be adjusted/fixed. Now the center scoop has a high percentage of sdtm drains. This game will probably be fine in a home collection, but operators may not have the time for these details. Learning this game is a hoot!
42 days ago
I got to spend a couple uninterrupted hours playing an LE at the Blue Moon bar and grill in Madison, WI an figured I had enough time to put up an early review.

I'll start with the how the game looks. Overall the game looks amazing and fits the theme perfectly.

Backglass art - Much of the backglass is covered by the LCD but the artwork that's there looks awesome and fits the theme well. 10/10

Cabinet art - I really dig the color of red they chose for the trim and love seeing all of the unique touring lithos. 10/10
playfield art - JJP finally has a kickass artist on staff. I love the hand drawn art and thought it was brilliant to represent the band members as skeletons. 10/10

Display animations - This may be the best looking display work yet on a JJP game. The fact that they were able to sync up the modern day concert footage with the original tracks is pretty incredible. 10/10

Playfield layout - I think the layout fits a music pin well. I didn’t think I would like having a scoop in the center, but I actually don’t mind it. The game has pretty good flow and it makes sense to have smooth orbits (like Hobbit) and wider ramp shots on a music pin so that you can jam out to it while you play. It wouldn't make sense to have bash toys or tons of targets on a music pin like this. the key is to have smooth and medium speed flow that you can rock out to. The game isn’t a precision shooter but is a game where you just need to get flow going and rock out while building up your song times. I wouldn't say the layout is amazing with a mix of easy and tough shots like some of KME's layouts like AIQ or JP2, but I don't think those types of layouts would necessarily fit this type of game well. I also really like how the upper playfields are implemented as they are challenging and fun to hit the available shots and look incredible. 8/10

Game rules – to me the game kind of feels like a modern day ACDC with a rule-set that heavily favors pushing your luck and high risk/reward on song jackpots. I think it may be a bit heavy on the multi-balls as it seems you are in multi-ball play far more than single ball play. Scoring seems heavily dependent on the ability to shoot balls up the left ramp and lock balls on the guitar neck, something that can be difficult if you don’t boost your flipper strength from factory settings. Flippers feel a bit mushy and underpowered at factory settings and it can be challenging (especially in multi-ball) to lock balls as it requires clean shots. Other aspects of the rule-set such as “travel” and “patches” are still a bit unclear to me at this time. I would also like to see a more dedicated purpose for the upper-right flipper loop shot. Currently it appears it can be used to travel or help advance through songs, but doesn’t really seem critical to the game’s rule-set at this point. I’m a big fan of games where upper flippers have a lot of importance for things like super jackpots but on this game it seems that most of the big jackpots are cashed in at the center scoop. 7/10 but I realize that code will be improved over time so this will likely go up.

Toys/Gimmicks – The Slash top hat spinner is well implemented but I think most of the BOM on this game went into the lighting and display. The upper playfields are well designed and implemented. 8/10

This game scores a 10/10 for me in all sound and lighting categories. It truly feels like it is bringing the concert experience home and does sound and lighting better than all other games. The game shines in these regards! I did think the hot rails were slightly less impressive (more muted) in person than they appear on video, but they are implemented nicely and add a really cool effect.

Theming – They 100% nailed this theme. It really helps having Slash on-board and unlimited access to assets. Having 21+ songs is incredible for a music pin. If you are a big fan of GNR and have the means I think you owe it to yourself to buy this game! 10/10

Last ability – I think if you’re a big GNR fan the game should have a ton of lastability with all of the content. Since the rules are done by Keefer and Joe Katz I’m sure there will also be plenty of depth to keep you interested in owning the game a long time. On the other hand if you aren’t a big fan of GNR I could see the theming and assets being a detriment. I know I wouldn’t be interested in this game if it were themed after KISS or Iron Maiden and the amount of video assets would be a turn-off for me. I love the Stern Maiden game because of the layout and because they went a different route with the theme (Eddie adventures) vs. tying it to concerts and touring and typical band stuff. If you’re a GNR fan I’d say this is a 10/10 for lastability. If watching modern day Axl parade around on stage for hours on end gives you cause for concern, then this might not be the game for you. If you aren’t a big fan of the band then I’d give it a 6/10 for lastability.

Fun Factor - If you are a fan of GNR it is really fun to bring the concert home with you. The push your luck rule-set is also fun. I don’t think there are any other games that offer this “concert” experience quite like GNR. I think what this game does for music themed pinballs is comparable to what ACDC did back in 2012. Before ACDC we were subject to concert pins like Rolling Stones and ACDC really upped the ante in terms of adding improved lighting and sound and gameplay excitement (risk/reward) to the pinball landscape. I think GNR exceeds ACDC in almost all areas including lighting, sound, video, and especially artwork but there are a couple of areas where I feel where GNR is lacking. The first is that the game is missing a truly satisfying shot. On ACDC this would be the bell shot, which just feels awesome to hit. GNR is a good shooter and flows pretty well, but is missing that magical truly-satisfying shot. The other area where I think ACDC bests GNR is in adrenaline pumping moments. Having a huge song jackpot lined up with a 3X PF multiplier and firing that cannon is such a rush. GNR also has the ability to build up huge jackpots, but it is more anti-climatic when you simply shoot a scoop to cash it in. 8.5/10

Overall – I think the game is a grand slam for JJP and does many things better than any game in history. If you love GNR the band you should be absolutely ecstatic with how it turned out. The game is fun to shoot and has tons of content and deep rules and the best visual/audio experience in pinball. I do think it might be a tad overhyped as it’s not going to make other pinball machines obsolete or less fun to play. I don’t know that I would want the pin as an only modern game in my collection (I would prefer a Stern game like JP2 if that were the case) but if you have a few other pins already I think it would complement them nicely and add some diversity and a unique type of pinball experience to your line-up. I know I plan to pick one up when the time is right. 9/10
42 days ago
What a light show and amazing sound. This game is an experience when you play it. I spent about an hour on it and came away impressed. The beauty and amount of stuff packed into the game is amazing, however this also leads to some slower gameplay and it is hard to combo shots. The upper Playfield and guitar ball lock are really cool but it makes it difficult to see the ball during several shots to the left side.
43 days ago
Well, I just spent about 2 hours on this game today. I played about 10 game. I do own a POTCLE and Eric has another great game here.

There is a mix of some chopping wood and flow as well, kind of reminds me of Metallica a bit in that way. It is chopping to get all the band members in the beginning to start a song. Once your in the song, get gets intense. My hands were sweating a bit from time to time. The music seems to turn up a bit louder. I found myself numerous times singing and rocking out to the songs...high school all over.

You can make some shots from the flipper over the spinning disk, through the pops and up to the roll overs.

The upper playfield is interesting enough for me. Sometimes a shot will bypass the flipper and make it into the lock mech of the guitar head.

It is fun when you get to flip it up there and get it into the VUK, then it comes fast down the bass it.

There is not too much that I don't like in the game. The center VUK shot, I don't care for that much. I had it pop out a couple of time and had to nudge the machine so it would not go SDTM. The game was not quite level, slight lean to the right.

It seemed to me that the record was not on there tight enough, looked to have some wobble.

Drum stick ramp is super cool and of course the light show. Probably the best far.

I forgot to mention the skill shot, way to think outside of the box Eric. It is tough to hit consistently. I enjoyed it.

It definitely has something for everyone, but not everyone will want to own it. I couldn't stand the music of Iron it left the collection.

I can see down the road if you don't like the music, it probably will not stay forever in your collection.

For me, yea...I am getting one....loved it!

43 days ago
A true masterpiece. Definitely set the bar for what too expect from music pinball machine experience. Cant wait to get it in my collection
43 days ago
Really an amazing game and Certainly not like any music pin before.
43 days ago
Its just unique, challenging, fun, dynamic and intense enough to inspire replay after replay after replay. It is as some would call it a concert in a box. This world underglass is a balance of risk reward that sets up any easy initial multiball but very challenging path to complete full song multiball modes.
44 days ago
As others have said the showmanship and integration is wonderful. A fun design with a lot of love. The game play for me while good was not great. A lot of extreme results while playing it - got successfully into the other modes or just draining quickly. For me, the flippers didn't have enough oomph. Maybe after the game is tweaked a bit and settings changed my results would vary.

It is quite a kick to hear some of the songs with the light show synchronized as the ball is moving down through the field. Unfortunately, that also is a bit of a distraction and requires someone else plays so I can watch the Guitar Hero style lights moving in synchronicity with the music. Ah, first world problems, right? :)

I did not mind all the multi ball modes that I heard some people complaining about while playing. I think what they meant to say was there are too many balls on the playing field and can't get the shots they want. That happens but that is true in any newer multi ball game and it takes some practice to work around it.

I recommend the game for playing at least a few times to see the show and experience the machine. I am not a true fan and would not necessarily want this in my collection (I let you know this now before the storm of down voting hits). That being said it is worth playing. As are a lot of the new machines that are out. The game is fun.

It is exciting to be alive now if you are a fan of pinball.
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