Guns N' Roses (LE)

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Game Design: 7.888

Artwork: 9.02

Sounds/Music: 9.008

Other Aspects: 8.408

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Found 274 ratings (with comment) on this game

There are 274 ratings (that include a comment) on this game.
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36 days ago
The game is gorgeous. But the gameplay is lacking. The 30 mins of multi-ball per game get old fast. There is a reason why there are 50 for sale all 2000-3000 under the original price. Look at the ad they all have less than 100 games on them. If you want a beautiful trophy and you’re a GNR fan but you don’t play a lot of pinball. This is a great game for you.
48 days ago
Once you adjust the flippers and add fans, this is one of the best and unique pinball experience is available. There is no other machine more integrated to its theme. Despite what others say, once configured correctly, it is a phenomenal shooting machine. Also provides more variety than almost any other machine I have played.
49 days ago
This game is superb if you like GNRs music. If not ....tough luck. The sound quality and songs are excellent. The light show is the best I have ever seen. Beautiful cabinet. Make sure you build up your patches collection before starting song. The award can be enormous. Cabinet and playfield finish is superb with the exception of some studs on the playfield that have just to short length/not enough threads. This can cause cracks around the whole. All in all: Love this machine.
61 days ago
Really love this beautifull and fun pin
Great flow ans atmosphere
In my top 3 JJP
Wish i own one
71 days ago
What a beautiful machine! this machine truly looks amazing. I really like the music and the lights of this machine. I only think you should play this machine with your sunglasses on. a lot of things happening and for people who own the machine it is just fine. for people who play it once in a while the machine is not clear. you have to collect patches and start Wongs with balls locked. just a lot of things happening. I do like to play the machine but it doesn't want to make me play it over and over again.
75 days ago
Guns N' Roses just might be my favorite game from JJP.

The layout is very good. Especially the mini-playfield and the wire form back to the left flipper are awesome. The gameplay is alright but the shots just don't feel as satisfying as a Stern's would. The flippers seem a bit weak too, especially in multiballs. It is very hard to keep all the balls in play. My favorite shots are the ramps, they have a very interesting feel to them.

The rules seem a bit complicated but there are enough features to be enjoyed even if you're more of a casual player. I absolutely love playing the songs, that's an amazing feature and I've legitimately enjoyed that more than most of the modes of Stern's music pins. That's a feature that increases the replayability of this game by a lot.

The artwork looks perfectly fine and matches the Guns N' Roses theme very well.

Overall this is a very replayable and fun machine. I think everybody who enjoys Guns N' Roses' music will appreciate this game.
4 months ago
Wow what a blast. This game is exactly how a music pin should be. Incredible light show on the playfield during the songs and live performances on the screen. I love that you have to earn a song to be played. I was extremely impressed with this pin and hope to add it to my collection soon. It’s not too difficult and plenty of multi balls to be had. Should be fun for new and experienced players.
4 months ago
Game sounds and looks good, but everything else is just a clunker. Rules are all kinds of messy, what you are supposed to do is not even really clear in the game as your playing, take a moment in a mode to cradle and see what to shoot... yep not seeing it. This game I've tried so many times over the past year as it's a permanent free play fixture at a local arcade, and it's just never clicked. Multiballs also just starting out of thin air, I swear I didn't do anything even and suddenly there's a multiball. The game just feels really sloppy and random.

Also this is an older JJP which has their trademark soft feeling flippers. Just lacks the snap of everyone else. It's a pretty game that feels like the band threw up all over it and they kind of gave up on the rules halfway through designing it. You would figure for a game still being sold by JJP, they would be interested in polishing it up but they clearly don't care.
5 months ago
One of my favorite games ever played. Might even buy one!
5 months ago
Guns and Roses pinball by JJP is the most beautifull pinball ever produced ! This one will never leave our collection !
5 months ago
I am an happy owner of this game , which is great et derserves a 10 ! In addition, perceived quality of JJP pinballs compared to other manufacturers is much better.
6 months ago
If your experience with this game is like mine, it will go in phases:

Phase 1. Initial impressions of the game are "Wow!" and initial plays are super fun and the light show - yeah there just isn't anything else that can compare to the light show

Phase 2. It starts to get dare I say a little boring and a little repetitive and then you start seeing all the comments on the forums of 'where is the code update?', you convince yourself that this game is multi-ball crazy to a whole new annoying level, and then you step away from it for a few weeks and play other games.

Phase 3. You adjust everything, dial in all the settings, study the rule sheet and get a better understanding of the depth of the game. You start playing it again regularly and now for hours at a time. You start understanding the game and start being able to make the shots with ease, you get into the mini-games like coma and others.

Phase 4. You start noticing all of the details that have gone into this game, how well thought out it is, how incredible the art work is, and that light show! You wonder why the market for the game is soft and figure its because 5000 of the LE's was probably too many but at this point it almost doesn't matter because you've decided that this one is staying in your collection permanently. Oh yeah - and you also start thinking 'umm, when is that next code update please?' - could be a near perfect game with some code tweaks

I think in time this one will be one of the greats - but will need everyone to get through all those phases first - and a code update!
6 months ago
This is the only Jersey Jack I own, and visually it's incredible. Whenever I have a guest over, they tend to try that one first. I also have two young girls, and it's the one they like to play the most, as do their cousins, so the lights and sounds are exciting for them, you just have to watch the bad words or adjust the settings. That being said, out of all my machines, it's my least favorite. I don't dislike it, but I also have Godzilla and Foo Fighters and for me there is no comparison. It is fun getting a song mode though and making it last.
6 months ago
If you like a lot of lights, if you like fast pins, if you like multiballs, if you like Guns and Roses, don’t hesitate, this is one hell of a ride.
Keeps me going for just unlock that song and my highscore, great fun !
8 months ago
The Good:

-- The light show is amazing. It's the best in pinball and the amount of time and effort to choreograph each song to a specific light show isn't lost on me. Best in the biz, job well done!

-- The music, of course. I'm not a huge GnR fan, but this game pumps it out loud and clear and it's hard not to love every single song when you play.

-- The layout is top notch. Always something to aim for and hit. The playfield feels HUGE and that gives you the feeling of being able to go anywhere and explore. I really like that.

The Bad:

-- Maybe it's just me, but a music pin should play music right when you plunge it. In GnR you gotta earn the right to play a song, and if you don't play the ball well enough, the song stops and you gotta start over again.

-- Multiballs happen too often. Multiballs are something you work for in every game and it feels like a treat when you earn it. This game hands them out with no explanation as to why or how to play them. When you're given something you don't feel like you've earned, it takes away from the enjoyment of it.

-- Scoring is weird. I played non-stop for 10 minutes on one ball and barely earned a million, but if I play a song for a long time and hit the right shots, it can be worth 50+ million. And if I take chances and drain, my 50 million is gone. Why do that? This isn't Jack*Bot!

-- The flippers are weak and get weaker as you continue to play. Eventually you can't make it up the ramps, can barely make an orbit, the side flipper fails to hit your targets, etc. It's annoying.

-- The plunge is not exciting, and often doesn't feed the flipper. I played two different games and both games resulted in plunges that went down the middle immediately, so you had to work to save it over and over again.


I don't love the game. I think I'll probably someday swap for one and play until I'm sick of it, but that's only if the game finds its way to me. It's not a game I will ever seek out to buy. There's currently 40 of them in the market. Can't be a good sign.
8 months ago
The light show on the game is probably the best of all. The game play is pretty good. I hate the upper playfield. The side cabinet art is very unimaginative. The code could definitely be improved.

My rating stood at a 9.76 for over a year. I am revisiting the rating because JJP is now onto their next game and haven’t finished the code for this game. You can light special, but it doesn’t light, the scoring is very unbalanced between songs and albums and other modes(Tour, Coma, Slash, wizard modes). If they ever get around to fixing it as promised I’ll then rerate it.
8 months ago
Wow this machine is beautiful! It really catches the eye, like it consciously wants to be seen. Then you get up close and can take it all in. So much to look at, that's actually worth looking at.
Which is when either the lights or the music grabs your attention. The lights are so well done, and integrate into the gameplay seamlessly, adding to the spectacle. The music and call outs are fantastic. In my opinion, these are the 3 things that JJP completely excel at.
Then there are the things that I always (to this point) felt were the things that JJP do not do to that lofty level. There are certain shots in their games that are more ambitious than their flippers. Yes I am used to the "Stern snap", because that's what I own. Getting to the upper playfield can be iffy, and when a ball comes at speed to your bottom flippers, it's hard to power it away. To where you ask? Good question. It's not always obvious where you're supposed to be shooting, if you want to keep your eyes on the game. It's annoying needing to look up at the screen, and then drain.
For everything JJP have thrown into their GnR machines, much of it sticks. What hasn't stuck is what makes GnR a bit disappointing. Despite it's stellar theme.
8 months ago
I so wanted to like this pin. Had a decent value opportunity presented to me recently. There is absolutely zero debate that this pin is stunning. The anticipation that builds just from walking up to it is like getting the keys to a sweet sports car (pick your favorite). And you get in, you sit down you look around and it's awesome. You turn the key and meh. The shots are just OK, but it's really difficult to understand what you're supposed to be doing, and for what reward & logic. If you're looking for a showpiece this is hands down a winner. But there are plenty of other rock and roll machins that are pretty good to looking at AND decent to play.
9 months ago
It seems very long to play and somewhat tangled its game, in addition to slow
9 months ago
I don't get the love for this one. It just feels loud and gimmicky. Wife and both wanted to like it and just couldn't get into it at all.
9 months ago
I am a bit surprised this game is rated as highly as it is. The art, animations, and callouts are all excellent, however I feel the rules could be so much better and the layout has some flaws. The skill shot is weak, and the plunge as a whole slows down an extremely multiball-focused pin. There is so much multiball in this game that it really doesn't feel rewarding like it does on a game like Dialed In/WOZ. It certainly is aiming for the "concert experience" rather than a shooters game.
9 months ago
Traded my Godzilla premium for this game, plus recieved a good chunk of cash. Godzilla was awesome, but it felt like a cheap toy compared to this game. I don't really know how else to describe it. & I'm enjoying this much more than I did Godzilla. I didn't really expect that but I'm just blown away by the total package here. On most machines gameplay dictates how I'm feeling about a game, which makes perfect sense. Yet on this game the art, light show & sounds/music are so captivating that this alone can keep me interested regardless of how good or bad I'm playing.

That is a pretty unique experience, not sure I've had that happen before. Maybe a bit on JJP's WoZ or Hobbit which I've had, but the gameplay wasn't as fast or exciting on those. Not even a huge GnR fan but I've always liked some of their songs & don't hate them. I'm finding that this game is more of an overall experience than any other machine I've played. The depth is great in terms of modes, so many songs, so many modes & various multiballs & some really fun in game hybrid video modes that work great especially with the large LCD. The smaller LCD on the playfield is great too because that is telling me what I need to do. Furthermore I know a code update is on the way for this game too, likely a large one given how long it has been since the last. Yet I don't really have complaints on the current code. Build quality is awesome. I love how so many of the inserts have sensors which is great as you don't need to have so many wires & parts coming up through the PF, making things very clean.
So at the time of writing this, the limited edition of this game is going for considerably cheaper than many Stern Premiums, & that certainly matters too as I feel I'm getting quite a bang for my buck. I wrote this same thing about Hobbit years ago now its value is likely where it belongs. This might happen to GnR too, especially after a nice code update. I should note that I also installed precision flippers on this game. Look awesome & it flips great. Can't really comment on default flippers as I did this upgrade almost immidiately. If you have an issue with flipper play, the precision flippers may be your solution.
9 months ago
What a machine! What a game!

I absolutely love GnR LE. This thing has so much going on for it, it's hard to keep track of all the accolades I could express about it.

The lights are absolutely 2nd to none.

The sound is amazing.

There are tons of great and funny call outs and it's loaded with sounds and music.

There is great shot diversity and it has a well laid out playfield too. The machine is loaded with stuff in it.

The ramps are amazing on this. From incorporating the drums sticks into 1 ramp to the bass guitar triple section ramp, to the left ramp with its 2 way diverter that leads to a smooth fast ramp and back down to the left flipper or it leads to the cool upper playfield and Gibson guitar neck ball lock. Love this spectacular layout.

Machine has 4 flippers with the upper right flipper used to hit the inner loop and some targets.

The 3 pop bumpers are drums and have a working hi hat on one and a crash/ride cymbal on another.

The greatest lane spinners ever are on this machine. They're whitish, translucent guitar picks that actually light up all different colors as it reflect the playfield light off of them. You have to see them to appreciate. They are 1 of my favorite features in the machine.

There's just so much to go on about in this thing.

The artwork is beautiful. The cabinet incorporates a bunch of their concert posters while the playfiled is just stunning. The artwork is bright and beautiful and the LEDs light it up so amazingly. Definitely the greatest ever machine for lighting.

This game has more songs and modes in it than idk what. And each and every song is coded with it's on lighting effects. I can't even fathom the amount of time and work that went into coding all the song and lighting features.

The backglass art is beautiful and the giant screen with all its animation scenes is out of those world! There is so much going on up there. From gameplay, to music, to concert footage, fan footage to videoing you up there during game play, to having you take a selfie with Slash, it's simply awesome!

The only negative that people give on this game is it's flow. But the machine wasn't designed to have the greatest flow. Most machines have great flow. And while this does have some great flow, it was designed to be more of a stop and go game with lots of player interaction. When you realize this, you can appreciate the game for what it truly is and not knock for what it isn't.

Imo, It's definitely a long term keeper in any size collection. I highly suggest getting one while the prices are dirt cheap. This will be a $10k - $15k (depending on mods in it) machine once all the LEs are sold out and they stop making them.

If I had any knock on it, it's the scoring. This is across every JJP pin. Low scoring. People get excited with high scoring. Especially wives and kids. I wish JJP would double the point scoring on their machines.

That's my honest opinion on this fantastic game.
10 months ago
Guns and Roses is the one of the best machine I have ever played ! Unfortunatelly is too expensive ... I am lucky that my best friend has one.
10 months ago
The machine is truly a work of art. Absolutely stunning playfield with a lot detail. Go use of multiple display screens. I will keep this game in my collection for a long time!
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