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Game Design: 8.318

Artwork: 8.85

Sounds/Music: 8.63

Other Aspects: 8.589

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21 days ago
I waited a while to review this one as a perfect 10 rating needs a sanity check ... but this game is really that good. The fun factor, Theming, Lighting, Music, upper playfield are super great! I played an LE at a location for close to a year and put probably over 200 games on it. The game had the mutiballs either turned to a harder setting, or turned off and I couldn't see why there was all the complaining about the multiballs. It was really hard to get a good score and was trying to progress and learn as much as I could. Once I got my LE (a month before I wrote this review), it was so different. Yes the pre-staging multiballs were easier to get and if you have a good game, they are a few that could get stacked or get strung in series. Believe me ... those that complain about all of the multiballs ... this game really needs those for pre-staging the songs and sets up some other modes and scoring too.

The CE is pretty cool with the extra bling, undercabinet lights, and the coma physical ball lock. I tried to get one from 6 distributors on day 1 with no luck. I had to get an LE, but that is still a top notch game in my opinion. The CE features are "nice to have" but the LE doesn't fall short of being just as great.

The unique shaped upper playfield is effective and fun. It's designed to hide the lower playfield a minimum amount and looks awesome too. The SE doesn't have the upper playfield and I think the fun and game play suffers without those features on the upper playfield. For those that only care about flow, flow, flow, you might like the SE better.

There's really nothing that I can knock down on any of the categories in the review. My wife loves this pin also - another good thing. This pin will not be leaving our collection - lastability at the max.
35 days ago
Most complete fun game produced to date. Nonstop fun and great sound. Pictures do not do this machine justice. Light years better than LE
58 days ago
Juste wow
3 months ago
This is the premier league of pinball design and gameplay. The sum of the parts is at the very highest standard it could be and once again JJP has raised the bar. Only time will tell about the quality of the playfield in terms of wear and tear. Who knows and I do accept that older pins may see more cycles.

Maybe we could do with a guarantee of cycles played. Back in the 1990's I never paid much attention to the durability of a pin, you paid your money in the pub and the game played like it should. Almost 30 years later surely technology for materials and coatings should allow for a pin to be more bulletproof regardless of OEM?

Either way, this pin, the CE edition and the theme chosen, is a total combination at the highest order. New out of the box this is the absolute best in class. Only time will tell on playfield quality and we will see how that goes over time. I have a TZ and TAF with original playfields after all of this time and they would have seen over 10,000 plays for sure and they are all okay. Let’s hope JJP, Stern and everyone else can deliver the same.

GNR CE edition is the pinnacle of pinball technology, where will it go from here?
3 months ago
This game has literally blown me away. I’ve never owned a pin that’s got me this hooked before! When they say JJP is the Rolls Royce of pinball, they ain’t wrong! Theme integration is second to none. Light show is phenomenal.
Lay out is brilliant. Software so far is really clever and well implemented.

Well done Eric And JJP!
4 months ago
Garbage Playfield design as the clear delaminates from the Playfield. Known issue for JJP's last 4 games; They (JJP) refuses to fix and now will not offer any remediation for the customers. Gets horrible ratings because if a pinball machine can't be played without damaging itself; its not a lasting game.
4 months ago
This game felt slow and oddly, too many multiballs. I was disappointed in the lights after playing zeppelin so much, but I did like the layout…may change ratings after playing more, but this is based off first 10 games.
5 months ago
This game truly in all aspects is a masterpiece.
The best music pinball ever.
Deeeeeep rules, great gimmicks, great animations, many multiballs, also each game plaues on it is dynamic and different.
5 months ago
I am going to preface this by saying that I am not, never have been, or never will be a guns and roses fan.

The Pros:
This game is the best integration of a rock and roll show into a pinball game. Ever. This game looks, sounds and feels fantastic! The art package is brilliantly done and all aspects of the video, cabinet, GUI, custom quotes, themACe integration and involvement with Slash to give the team at JJP everything they could ever want and more. It's a beautiful thing when the people who own an IP love pinball as much as the pinheads who play it do. The upper playfield and the 6 ball lock over the center saucer makes things random in multiball from the get go. The light show on this game is stellar. Bar none, the best I have ever seen on a pinball game. The orbits and the ramps feel great and the inner loop from the upper flipper has that PotC feel that is most satisfying. The toys on this game are varied and offer more than just a good look to the game. The upper playfield doesn't have much to it, but the shots there are good. Kind of reminds me of the winkie pf on WoZ. 6 ball multiball is a mindbender with all the other activity going on! Most importantly, the rules. While I have only had a few games on it, The feel of the rules of the game is solid. Options to choose songs as well as to collect or to continue/add-a-ball make for interesting and valuable choices. Each mode is clearly it's own choreography and while some may not like the "shoot for the colored lights" treatment, it works and requires minimal translation. You are still guided around the playfield differently with each song/mode, but confusion is at a minimum. I am still learning more about this game and will add updates as I figure more stuff out.

The Cons:
It's a Guns and Roses game. I don't care for the center saucer unless it is shot from the upper right hand flipper. Shots from the pops find their way SDTM with more frequency than any other game that I can remember in recent history. The FIRE! skillshot is well done, but the exit onto the PF keeps insta-draining out the right hand side of the PF (who turned the ball saver off?). This is a HUGE design flaw. This is the kind of mistake that no amount of software will save. Are you ready for a 30% chance of a bullshit drain off each and every plunge into the game? Well, here you go! This is BAAAAAAAAAAAD. Tank the playfield design right there. Because you can't play a pinball game if you can't get the ball into the playfield without a ridiculously high chance of failure. This skill shot is anti-fun. And that is what people play pinball for, first and foremost... FUN! You had better make all of your shots because those outlanes are incredibly hungry. Casuals are going to play a game or two and say "huh?" I paid a dollar a game for this?!? Ops better set their outlines to as tight as they can until a player who can nudge gets a hold of it. Get the balance right... I also want to say that I have only played one copy of this game. I hope that this is not the case with other copies of this design.

The Takeaway:
If you like Guns and Roses, you will absolutely fall in love with this game and your life will not be complete without it. If you are not, it's an incredibly well put together pinball game with lots to do on it and has very long legs (the RULES!). Along with Willy Wonka, this game has enough depth of rules (once you actually get to play the game...) AND direct simplicity to entertain casual players and enough depth to keep the tourney monkeys and the home players entertained and challenged for a LOOOOOOOOOOOONG time! JJP is getting better at what they do. Good for them!

The exit out of the skill shot can be adjusted/fixed. Now the center scoop has a high percentage of sdtm drains. This game will probably be fine in a home collection, but operators may not have the time for these details. Learning this game is a hoot!

Update v.2:
The rules on this game take a bit to learn fortunately, the programming team at jjp has implemented so many different options on gameplay, rules and effective actions on the mechanics of the playfield that this game can be "tuned" to your desired performance of the design ad nauseum. Most impressive. The extra lights on the playfield make the rock and roll experience in a box a wonder to behold. While the playfield layout isn't perfect, the implementation and depth of this design make this game a possible "collection of one" for the pinhead willing to put the time, effort and interest into this game.
7 months ago
This is by far the most expensive toy I have ever bought, it’s beautiful, the light show is amazing sound quality is superb. Call outs by slash and the girl are super lame, concert footage is cool but it would be nicer if it was footage from 20 years ago before these rockers became so haggard looking up from gameplay to see the lead singers ugly mug in such high definition is a little disturbing. I’m gonna keep the machine For now but if you are reading this review and you wanna trade me a Rick and Morty blood suckers edition plus cash I probably will do the trade.
7 months ago
What a light show! This game is amazing and sets the bar for light integration in a game. Makes you feel like your at a concert.
7 months ago
no issues out of the box
7/7 more like it in every category . My First JJP . I am Not the Biggest fan of Gnr but like allot of the music and when i seen what this game looked like had to have the CE //
Metallica is more liked by me but not my #1 band but Sterns MET Premium was my #1 pin of all time on my list of top Ten ,
BUT NO MORE . Here comes this Sparkling gem of a game with Artwork That of Met but even better . Not one spot on this playfield is a bore . Kick ass Graphix everywhere you look/ the way the game flows is like bruce lee's water style ,be water /.
The levels of code are like no other . The game drains our ball when you complete certain modes and you be like wtf / pins do not do this. Then starts your next ball and still have not lost your ball count which i never seen done before .
The Multiballs. The leds The colors to the modes / The Superimposed Camera shots with you and Slash .. This game has all this and more . Holy Smokes !!!!!! The game gives me goose bumps when playing and giving me commands while trying to hit the objective shot.
The Amount of accolades to strive for are numerous .. I never see myself tiring of this game . I am going to have to have a Looksie at some more JJP titles in the Future / Freaking well done JJP Team
7 months ago
GNRCE is the best pinball machine in Earth
7 months ago
Upper playfield doesn’t seem to flow well with the game. I’ve played the CE and the SE and prefer the SE for fun factor, but the CE pops are fun toys for sure. Overall I hope the code improves and this game becomes a keeper, it’s probably 4th in my JJP ranks. Would have been better with the original guys names you know not half the band names like frank and #who?
7 months ago
This is the most fun I've ever had playing pinball.

It puts a smile on my face like I'm a little kid. never rated a game a 10 before, but I think this game deserves it. There are so many great moments in this game, I wouldn't even try to list them all. The whole experience from the shots, layout, gameplay, music, theme integration, lights, soooo satisfying, rewarding, fun, and it really gets the adrenaline going with the risk/reward.

Everything about this pin is excellent.

- I think it's the best theme integration I've ever seen. The sculpts on the playfield are amazing. The asset.... animations, pictures, videos, and how they are incorporated throughout the game are incredible.

- I think it's the best looking pin I've ever seen...I'm a big fan of Arian Buhler. It's stunning.

- It's the best sounding pin I've ever heard. The speaker on the topper adds a new dimension to the sound. 22 tracks from the master recordings.

- The layout is creative and a blast to shoot. Little touches like diverters on both main ramps that add variety to what the shots do are great. Both orbits scream around with great flow....I love that. The ramp shot off the upper right flipper is smooth, fast, challenging, and repeatable. The inner orbit with the spinner is great. The center scoop is satisfying to hit. The upper playfields are challenging and play fast...the ball is always moving. I really like the shot through the pops to the Axl area with the magnet...a fun/challenging and long shot. The gameplay is sooooo good!

- The light show is the GOAT...not a close second.

- The code is great! I love the risk reward of the song jackpots, and the variety of each song. The mini wizard modes are awesome.

I don't know what else I could say. It's sets a new standard in so many ways.
7 months ago
Best rock experience you can bring home.
7 months ago
I realize I am probably in the minority here, but the game doesn’t have that “one more” feeling to me. Sometimes a game will last me over 15 minutes and I still only have a score of 2 mil. I will feel like I am playing really good and get a bad score, and then I feel like I’m playing just so so and get a big score. I prefer games that reward you based on how well you are playing not on how lucky you are.

I also don’t appreciate that the multi balls in the song modes all feel the same to me. With six balls flying around I just flail about and hope for the best, that is not fun. I don’t feel like I am progressing through the game. This game is a real drain monster to boot. Hopefully I will change my mind over time, but I still prefer most of my other games to this one.

Edit: Just sold to a buddy, couldn't get into this game, too bad JJP keeps putting out games that don't click with me. I like to have fun when I play, not feel like a chore. Average game times are usually over 15 min!!! If you like that this might be the game for you.
7 months ago
Still trying to figure out all the rules is my only knock. Sometimes too much going on. But.... that is also a good thing.
The new GOLD standard in pinball. MINUS the Quality Control out of the factory. JJP NEEDS to get better there! Especially with the cost of the machines these days being almost as much as a new car.
7 months ago
This is as close to perfection as I have played since I started in pinball when I was just a little kid! I had to take away for call outs but I understand many more to come. Cabinet art is amazing but left room for something more to my taste than that of the CE. I do however love the LE so maybe not fair to deduct however have to leave some room for anyone to out do this ! We cannot stop playing this one in a 27 game collection although we will hone our skills now and again in the Fathom lol . Well done Jersey Jack!
7 months ago
I have not been a big fan of many of the JJP releases as most of them feel "floaty" and there is nothing to get the adrenaline pumping like I often get from a Stern game. However, GnR has changed that. JJP found the right formula for a great game with GnR. Fast action with incredible lighting and sound combined with a great soundtack (if you are a GnR fan). The risk / reward on this game is off the charts...trying to hit the middle scoop to collect the song jackpot or push it to grow the jackpot is so much fun. I have lost many very large song jackpots (>20M) as I was getting greedy! Gets the heart pumping like no other game I have played.
7 months ago
This game is simply fantastic. Nearly perfect actually in every important way. JJP knocked it out of the park.

I was a naysayer. I thought it would be all Bling and no Bite... it’s an incredible package.
7 months ago
Now this is pinball on steroids, I adjusted my review after a few months of owning. I own a CE and some initial startup quality issues there, the machine has been solid. Again this is still next level lighting and immersion in pinball. For the game to get to the song, it is just a bit slow, but once you get into the songs.....magic. The lightshow, the music, the shots. World under glass, animations top! The machine looks great, truly a the best pinball machine at this moment in this lifetime. The rules and scoring are somewhat fuzzy. Hard to score consistent on all kinds of songs. Seems that certain songs are racking up way more points that other songs, mini wizrad modes are a bit dull. The game is certainly not easy. So lastability and scoring are adjusted in my final review. If you like GNR music then this is a must. If you do not care that much about their music, I think this is not the machine for you.
7 months ago
after reviewing a dozen or more games and this being my seventh owned, I have never found a pin to be more alive and wanting to play again and again. Although the GNR CE came with a few small issues out of the box, JJP quickly corrected them and got me up and playing. If you ever find a GNR CE out there to play, make sure you take the opportunity as it is quite amazing especially with a stand alone subwoofer added to give you more of the experience.
7 months ago
I knocked it one notch on toys and gimmicks. doesn't have one super cool thing that I thought deserved top marks. after that, i gave the game perfect marks.
i own a lot of games, mostly Sterns. I love all my games, like 280 lb babies. But this game blows my mind. the CE package is the best pinball presentation i have ever seen. it shoots great AND the rules are already amazing and will only get better (I am rating this on 1.14). Best risk reward game i have ever seen.
It has risk reward before you start a song as you get very tempted to build song value. Then it has risk reward IN the song as you are tempted to keep going. My high score so far is 27 million and I have already blown a 29 million point jackpot. So much work down the drain! makes you want to keep pressing start. i do admit it is exhausting tho. losing all those points can make you very frustrated as you spent a lot of time building the jackpot. Long playing game when you are playing well. Be warned. Still, I have Iron Man, Mata Hari and 8BD for when I only have 5 minutes and want to get several games in!
7 months ago
I own all the JJP games and this is the best one, the more balanced. What a show!!! I own the LE and CE. Amazing games.
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