Guns N' Roses (CE)

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This game received 151 approved Pinsider ratings and currently rates 8.485 /10


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This game ranks 2nd in the game group "Guns n' Roses (JJP)". The group itself ranks #23 in the Pinside Pinball Top 100.

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Score breakdown in the 4 main categories:

Game Design: 8.073

Artwork: 8.851

Sounds/Music: 8.704

Other Aspects: 8.336

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This title is part of group: "Guns n' Roses (JJP)"

Found 72 ratings (with comment) on this game

There are 72 ratings (that include a comment) on this game.
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49 days ago
Beautiful, Fast and Furious !
84 days ago
Not a pinball, just a masterpiece !
3 months ago
The CE is an incredible game !
Amazing light show.
Fantastic theme integration.

Tons of fun to play when set up properly and all sensors are working properly.

Only let down is playfield failure, post pooling and posts literally sinking into playfield :(

Had there been accountability and good customer support from JJP I would still own this game.
Too unreliable unfortunately.

Such a shame as the game is truly awesome.
3 months ago
I came in skeptical, not knowing what to expect as it seems people either hate this pin or love it. After playing a bit, then studying the rule set, the gameplay is starting to make a lot more sense.

Can it be frustrating when you have six balls on the playfield while trying to make a shot, of course. But the game is designed for chaos at times, layered with lights, music, sounds, and the shaker - it does create one hell of an experience.

This game is beautiful from top to bottom. Having Slash involved has given this game by far the most IP assets in any pin. Very cool to have all of the name brand music equipment, along with 21 licensed songs and concert video.

Lastly, what I like most about this game is that it creates an exciting experience for all. That’s important as I have a lot of novice pinball players who play it. They can step up (not know the rules), easily start a song, and have a ton of fun playing it.
4 months ago
Great game. Purchased and had it in the collection for 2 years now. Amazing rock pin but the lastability is an issue if you are not a die hard Guns and Roses fan. The creative layout is a true rock and roll concert under glass. Shots are fun and risk / reward is well done.
6 months ago
I'm a huge GnR fan so I love the music and theme, but I can't feel the love for this game I'd rather just play another game while playing GnR on the stereo. Issues I have with the game: multiball heavy; hate the ball launch; layout is strange to me, especially the left side; too much multiball (never thought that was possible) and it's too easy to attain. The JJP flipper mush is noticed too. I've also played this at various locations as the playfields seem to always be trashed. Especially the spinning disc.

Pros: The music is great and has a nice mix of tunes from their discography. The lighting is great. Rules are somewhat clear.
7 months ago
I've played this in several venues and played it as often as I can yet I can't fall in love even though I want to. The game is really busy and confusing at times. The saving grace is that the game call outs help guide the player on where they are supposed to be. In other words, if there was no hand holding during the game, I'd be lost. Playfield is cool, songs are great and I would certainly put this in my collection but it wouldn't last unless I watch tutorials or read a walk through. I have a JJP WOZRR and after a handful of games I got it right away; the rules, the shots, all of it. I would also like to say one of the biggest reasons I would want this in my collection is because of a talk I attended at Pintastic (in Massachusetts) given by the game designer Eric Meunier. It was his explanation of the game and how it all came together that gives me a deeper appreciation for the design and makes me want to have this in my collection....I want to love it, I will try to love it but I see myself having lots of fun then looking for the next one. I guess the game makes you feel like a rock star because its kinda of like a groupie, have some fun with her then move on. One last thought, I think its the coolest crap ever that Slash was involved in the design and it provides me with another reason I want to love it. Update: The more I played it the more I like it. I guess it goes back to the confusion of the game, its a deep game. I took the plunge and bought a far I'm NOT regretting it. The artwork really pops on these radcals and its just stunning. I will be cross posting this review but giving lower ratings to the LE because because I played the LE and there is a difference in the artwork, lighting and autographs that affects my rating.
10 months ago
Great music pin for sure. It’s awesome you don’t have the listen to the music until you in a mode.
1 year ago
Not a fan of JJP Flippers, always seem weak. Upper PF is a good addition to the CE and LE versions. Not a huge GNR fan but the included songs are pretty good.
1 year ago
First impression was "wow". After 50 games not so excited anymore. Lack of lastability.
1 year ago
This is the first JJP machine I can play longer than 3 minutes. AT pintastic, I got my name on the scores 5 times on 3 different machines. I didnt grasp the rules, I just made the shots. The metallic playfield shines like surgical instruments. I didn't like the F-bombs from the band and thr narrators, but I'm sure that is a setting that can be turned off.
1 year ago
I’ve tried a few of these at various trim levels.

The game feels cheaply made. I think this impression comes mostly from the feel of the flippers and the center scoop. Despite being basically new, each of the games I played had broken elements on the playfields.

Nothing about the game made me eager to play again. Between the sound, artwork and layout there isn’t anything addicting. There is definitely too many multi balls.
1 year ago
I am a huge fan of GNR and their music. This game is a new benchmark in pinball related to the light show, sound quality and display. Having the high number of songs along with full concert footage is very impressive. The use of lighting to go along with the music gives the feeling of being at a live show. With Slash fully on board, you can tell nothing was off limits related to the license. The sound system also is nearly perfect. Unfortunately, the gameplay is what ultimately lets this one down. This game lacks any satisfying shots or flow. The playfield design is just not very fun. I also did not like the mini playfield. The deep JJP ruleset is there for those who want to put the time in to learn it. For me this is a showpiece game that's boring to play.
1 year ago
After reading all the comments about how this was a solid 10, i was very disappointed after playing it. More style than substance for me. A real beauty, but i found the game play to be just OK and not spectacular like I was expecting. I'm only a moderate fan of the group, which may have something to do with my rating--and I am in the extreme minority here but I prefer the DE version.
1 year ago
This machine is a blast to play. It does matter wether you like GnR music or not, but the overall gameplay experience is 2nd to none. Absolutely NONE!
4 Flippers, 10 main shots, upper playfield, the best video animations ever on the backbox lcd, hotrails and incredible lighting effects.
I recommand to add an active sub. I hooked up a 300W Harman Kardon sub and the game becomes so much more fun. To go completely “over the top” I added the latest pinstadiums. Not a matter of lighting the playfield better, but just to add an insane amount of light on the playfield.
But even without the pinstadium lighting this game remains a candy to the eye. To me it has 21 endgames in one: 21 songs from which you can at least always play one each game. And you can choose it.
Like every game it needs to be properly dailed in. And once it is you will really enjoy it.
I like the gameplay, since you are rewarded for not instantly accepting jackpots scores and you can “prepare” a song or mode in order to score more points later during that game. I own my machine for 6 months and I hardly understand all the tactics, patches and multiballs. But basically it’s pretty simple. Keep the ball in play long enough and your scores will increase and explode once you hit the right shots.
And if the lighting is too much of a hassle: stay inside during Christmas and you can recover from a sensory overload.
Fun game, great lighting, plenty of rules and code, enough shots. Just great fun to play.
1 year ago
Nice game but is below ACDC for me.
1 year ago
I’ve never been a huge music pin guy, but this is not the music pin for me. I prefer AC/DC or the Beatles over this title. The artwork on the cabinet and playfield were mediocre at best. The theming and shots were nothing special. The lighting was also discombobulating at times. I will try another couple dozen games to give it another chance, which is only fair with such a beloved title, and update my rating if I feel I did not do this title justice.
1 year ago
Wow. Maybe the best pin I have played.
1 year ago
beautiful machine, fantastic lighting effects, but the game is confusing and slow, it is not intuitive, the machine has its merits of construction and finishing very good! but i find the game boring.
1 year ago
Definitely one of my favorites. The sound quality and call outs are amazing. The light show that is customized for each MB song is nothing less than incredible and matches up so well with each song, you feel like you are at the concert. It is a totally immersive experience. Artwork is ok on the CE body, but the LE is best. This game is highly repete-able and addictive since there are so many aspects to the game. There are so many MB options and special separate game play modes that are fun and highly satisfying when/if you complete them. Call outs from the actual band members are a big plus and very entertaining, especially in adult mode. Sometimes a shocking call out comes out where you think “did I just hear what I think I heard?” lol. I love the bonus feature that can get to a huge number that is only obtained if you hit the scoop at the end of the song. It creates quite a rush when you hit it and you want to cry when you can’t hit it. Again, my personal favorite of all time.
1 year ago
I'm not one of those middle-aged dork that thinks he has to have another fan pinball. But I will say that this game have some problems at least for me. The lighting is way too much into varied. That flash is really bad I don't even have eye problems I'm not one of those people but it's just a complete mess for me and it doesn't allow you to see certain shots or ramps parents of course A lot of these games get it so that you want to do well so you can hear the entire song. That's nice but I can't look up from the Playfield even take a peek it what's going on because there's so much flashing I don't know where the ball is. To me that's the biggest problem with this game if there was a way they could turn down the lighting or make a lot of it just colorless D I think that would really help.
The game does have a lot going for it but like I said the lighting on the Playfield in even a little bit of play Field layout Tennant Star Wars at all. The thing would have a much higher rate by me otherwise
1 year ago
10/10 best music pin ever made then Maiden then Metallica yes i love music pins. This is ridiculous and do not think anything will beat it for a while as its full of everything. I hope JJP does another music pin or horror pin as these are the themes i want. Thankyou Jack!!!! Slash!!! and Eric!!!!
1 year ago
For me once you get past the lighting and the trinkets on the playfield it’s a whole lot of shock and awe that proves rather thin as you get deeper into the game.
1 year ago
There is so much to love about GNR. It looks amazing. It is a beautifully integrated machine with amazing detail and consideration.

All of that said, the gameplay just is not there for me. The rules are not bad, but generally shooting the game I just can't seem to fall for it. I want to love it, I just don't really enjoy it at all. I still think it's a fantastic example of what can be done with theme... but I just don't enjoy it and probably wouldn't recommend it to most people unless they were big fans of the franchise.
1 year ago
Owned LE game for several months and finally figuring out a strategy. After watching several YouTube videos and playing a **it ton of games I have learned to really appreciate the code and mechs.

The lighting and music experience are easily #1. GNR music was never on my radar, but after so many games, now it is.

I have added even more lights and better sound (pin stadiums, replacement speakers/amp, and exterior cabinet lights) to really make this game rock.

Only a couple of gripes- playfield pooling is a real issue, so I spent a fair amount of time placing plastic washers everywhere (upper playfield was a pain). I also added flipper coil fans, which definitely make a difference. The rear spotlights are a pain- I currently have disconnected the servos- don't miss it at all.

As far as code- fabulous ("Band Frenzy!" all day!!) with excellent risk/reward. However album modes and Slash Solo modes, although fun and cool, are just not worth the effort. I often skip those if going for a high score. Please fix this JJP!

The CE game is great- love the topper and exterior back lights which I have tried to replicate with my LE. You can't go wrong with the CE or LE. I can't comment about the SE.

Scorbit and wireless connectivity are great. My son also has this game and challenges me all of the time.
GNR- a new standard for all pinball machines.
There are 72 ratings (that include a comment) on this game. Currently showing results page 1 of 3.

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