Jet Spin

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Game Design: 8.347

Artwork: 8.509

Sounds/Music: 2.124

Other Aspects: 7.979

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Found 20 ratings (with comment) on this game

There are 20 ratings (that include a comment) on this game.
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2 years ago
Pretty much same rating as Super Spin, just 4 player version. Same fun same great game. More detailed rating available on super spin rating
2 years ago
Nice layout of various Gottlieb features.
Beautiful colors on playfield and backglass.
Sometimes outlanes are cavernous.
Overall one of Gottlieb's best!
2 years ago
Wish I'd kept this one. It's loaded to the gills with stuff. The left Special lane was so sweet to nail. The weird but neat-o angled rollover lanes up top, the assymetrical pf, that mile-away rototarget shot! One of the great Gottlieb multiplayers. Some people say 'too bad it doesn't have any drop targets' but I think that's because it's so loaded with stuff you notice the only thing that's missing!
3 years ago
This is just a great game, different then most other EM's of its time, usually you need drop targets to make a game worth playing over and over but not Jet Spin, The Vari-Target, Roto-Target, Asymmetrical playfield, just make it a cool different layout for a game of this era. The setting under the playfield to convert this game to a AAB when you reach certain scores makes it a modern style Add-a-ball, most people probably don’t even realize you can do this, really nice back glass and playfield make's this one of the best EM's out there IMO, just read all the other ratings and you will understand why everyone has the same overall opinion on this game, if their was a EM game you should put in your collection this is the one, It will stay in my collection till the end.
3 years ago
Super spin is one of the last great electrical mechanical games produced by Gottlieb and the great Ed Krynski.

The Pros:
This layout is one of the best asymmetrical Gottlieb games from the mid to late 70s. Interestingly enough, this is one solid state games really starting to take over the arcade landscape. And wow the newer technology may have brought on great innovations to gameplay, this design is an effective use of older electro mechanical technology combined with a challenging layout. The rotor target is placed very well at the top left-hand corner of the game. And while it may look like a big single target, do you really want that Roto to be a 300 points or more when you hit it. The lane on the left and the saucer on the right are not always easy shots. The saucer on the right in particular requires a bit of nerve to thread through the back bumper and the rubber on the right to score of the shot from the last flipper. The left lane is dangerous because the food coming out of it can go straight down The middle between that wide flipper gap. Keeping an eye on the left and right stand ups in the middle of the playfield it’s a good idea as the score the left and right roto target values at the top of the PF layout design. The very target in the lower right hand part of the playfield is the ability of electro mechanical risk versus reward. Even if you’re not that target all the way to the back of the latter, will the spring shoot the ball straight down between the slippers? Is it worth it? Decisions, decisions, decisions. The very target in the lower right hand part of the playfield is the ability of electro mechanical risk versus reward. Even if you’re not that target all the way to the back of the latter, will the spring shoot the ball straight down between the flippers? Is it worth it? Decisions, decisions, decisions... The artwork on the playfield, the backglass in the cabinet is super rad!

The Cons:
No drop targets. Extremely hungry outlanes and a wide flipper gap in the middle keeps ball times short. Many drains are caused by errant and chaotic reflections from the pop bumpers straight down the middle. I do wish that there was another way to get back to the top lanes for another skill shot during same ball gameplay.

The Takeaway:
This game design might have been a top seller for Gottlieb even just a few years before. But with the advent of digital games and less chaotic layouts that were dependent on skill for shooting and incorporated higher speeds on the playfield, you can see the writing on the wall. Kinda makes you wish that the management at Gottlieb at the time could have seen it as well. The good news is that if you don’t compare this game to designs coming out by Williams and Bally at the same time, it’s a great player. Even with no spinners or drop targets, this game has fantastic shots that always keep the player on their toes when the ball is in play. I’d love to find a copy for myself and put it in my collection.
3 years ago
Action packed. Lots to shoot for. Fast and fun. Out lanes are killer! Beautiful artwork.
3 years ago
Cool theme, cool artwork and nice clean wide open playfield
4 years ago
I enjoy this pin more than most EM's. Great art and and a playfield layout that is more than OK.
4 years ago
This is a fun game that my family keeps coming back to. Has a great variety of gimmicks (some argue too many) and a nice variety of objectives for an EM. My kids were initially annoyed at how easy balls drain on the outlanes, but it eventually taught them the value of a good nudge--so props there too :)
4 years ago
This is the pin I grew up with. An uncle of mine had it in his home since 1979. It was routed for a couple years and then he was given it as a wedding gift by my aunt. I was at their house from 1981-99 no less than once a week. We played it for HOURS. It has, in my mind, the best back glass of the era. The artwork on it and Super Spin is fantastic. The colors and lighting make is just pretty enough to have in the living room with the machine lit up and the room dark. The gameplay has enough challenging shots to make, from the Roto-spinner, to the deep bullseye in the top left. Hard shots, fun shots, lots to do on the playfield, only thing it is missing, is Gottlieb’s ever famous drop targets. I once read an article that it was slated to be the first Gottlieb with all of their major target types. 4 drop targets were prototyped into the playfield parallel with the upper left bullseye, but were pulled to make production easier. I am often surprised how low it is rated, but hey, it has a soft spot in my heart. Heck, we even still have it 40 years later.
5 years ago
Game is nice, but too easy to beat with above average ball control skills... gets a bit boring for me after a while.
6 years ago
WOW !! This is a fast and fun to play EM !! Can be very challenging but when you get on a roll you can rack up the points. The Roto-target is fantastic ... the Vari-target is fun and makes you feel good when get it with a hard, direct hit. I love the artwork ! The art on back glass, playfield and cabinet all work together nice. Sounds are good > old school chimes (classic pinball). Only complaints are On the Back glass >WHY the guy (to the right of the red head woman) doesn't light up .... and when you hit one pop bumper > they both fire (reducing the excitement when the ball is bouncing between the pops). Also wish the bonus points didn't max out at 15,000 (for each ball). but AWESOME pinball machine !!! LOVE IT !!
6 years ago
very fun em game.. I really like the mechanical target on the right side of playfield... when you nail it and it ratchets back far its very satisfying!
6 years ago
This is a fun game I grew up with. Spinning the wheel and hoping for one of the three roto targets come up as the star. If not, get rolling the roto wheel again.

Love the great artwork and theme. A lighthearted game for all ages and the artwork exemplifies this. Very approachable machine that is just fun.
6 years ago
Great game for its time ... was built like a tank ...and almost as heavy aw one ...I just don't understand why it so inexpensive... if you see one for sale in good condition grab it has that just more game feel to it ...
6 years ago
The Roto-target at the top is what makes this game and the fact that you can hit 3 different targets instead of the normal one target on most earlier roto-targets games from GTB. Also nice is that it has two on playfield specials, (one very tough shot bullseye, on left side) set up by a hard shot to the vari-target and one from the roto-target if you are lucky enough to get the center target to land on a star first. Extra ball when lit targets are "random" and you have to be ready to shot for them quick as they do not stay lit long. Cool theme and artwork by Gordon Morison.
10 years ago
So, for Years you think that a game is not very good and recall playing it some where in your youth. Then one turns up for sale in ok condition, but in need of care and attention. You end up buying it doing it up and then you can't stop playing it. Crazy really, but that's pinball. Tastes change and your outlook on certain games completely changes. Fact is I still don't really like the game, but can't stop playing it. The one main thing that detracts from this game is it's sheer size. The back flash is so oversized it dwarfs other games next to it. Ugly, yet fun. I had a few girlfriends like that.
10 years ago
It seems like they threw a little of everything but drops on this machine, but I'm not sure it really benefits from it. It is a fun table for all the different shots but it seems more like a mosaic of Gottlieb machines than a flowing cohesive design. I do think the art is really striking and it's a great looking machine.
11 years ago
This was in great shape. I really like some of the em's
11 years ago
A pretty fun game with strategy tied to the roto-target. Do you go for the 500 or star or do you try to spin the target to a better value? Vari-target is OK but not one of my favorite playfield mechanics.
There are 20 ratings (that include a comment) on this game. Currently showing results page 1 of 1.

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