James Bond 007 (Pro)

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Other Aspects: 8.217

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This is "James Bond 007 (Pro)".
The other versions are: James Bond 007 (Premium), James Bond 007 (LE), James Bond 007 (60th Anniversary LE)

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There are 26 ratings (that include a comment) on this game.
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44 minutes ago
Just a major let down.Doesn’t do the theme justice.
5 days ago
My view on the Bond Pro after 15 minutes of play @ Funland in the Brunswick Arcade in London:

The playfield looks much nicer in real life than on pictures. Stern haven’t returned to their MS Photoshop era;

The skill shot is reminiscent of DeadPool and the pin has a similar feel in some respects, i.e. some novel shots that need dialling in, but then give a great combination of flow and specific cradle shots. The playfield is a lot less cluttered than Deadpool, however (not necessarily a bad thing);

The car with the sunroof VUK is a GREAT toy. Looks much better in person than on a video;

The Bondo rocket with drop targets feels a bit like Littl’ Deadpool, but works less well. It takes up a lot of real estate on the top of the playfield, and the ball tends to dribble off the Bondo and trickle out from behind the drop targets. Literally the most unsatisfying thing in the game;

The video assets are a bit rubbish in some respects. Some really grim fonts;

Code-wise, there’s as much going on as a B/W DMD-era game and, if you assume that’s what you’re getting right now, you won’t be disappointed. I got two different multiballs and they were solid - not amazing, but solid. It might get repetitive if you are a good pinball player playing at home, but a bad pinball player onsite had a perfect good time;

Music could do to be more varied (not just a more frantic version of the theme when you get a multiball), but I like the Bond theme so it wasn’t a huge issue.

I personally wouldn’t buy one (right now), and I think I would probably always prefer Deadpool as the entire package, but the playfield feel is above average for a modern Spike 2 Stern and - if the code improves - it may end up in the same league as Deadpool (I appreciate the Katana shot has its fans. Personally, the car makes up for it).

I played the mighty JP2 Prem afterwards for comparison purposes and I prefer that, but I - personally - would rate Bond above TMNT, LZ, Rush and Mando.
18 days ago
Great flow.... I really like this pin.... It's one of those pins that take time to grow on you.... Players pin for sure....
18 days ago
Combines James Bond with pinball, what more can you ask for?!?
Will update as there's more code updates available.
19 days ago
Quite good flow, layout feels new, not a copy from old machines. Bond Theme is "timeless"
20 days ago
I do not understand the current bashing of this game and totally desagree with it. Theme is wonderful, look is terrible, game play very good, flow is quick. I will certainly buy one!
22 days ago
After looking for months, I finally had the opportunity to try this Pro version of new Bond. I left disappointed.

Being a Bond Fan I was excited going in, however the game felt slow and sparse. Normally I say more, but that it my takeaway after a few hours of trying it. Left shot is nice, rights not so much from flow perspective. On the positive, the cab and play-field are attractive. IT will certainly add ambiance to many of basements and bars.

Regarding the game, I understand the code is immature, but you don't see a new machine and say "I'll pass until the code is better", you play the game! Anyway, hope this gets better with time, but as of right now I have no interest in flipping this game again, which is a unfortunate, and rare achievement.
23 days ago
Bond is a top theme for me. I just had my premium delivered. Couldn’t wait. I should say I have high expectations going into this. Stern games I own are Godzilla, Avengers, Jurassic, Transformers and Iron Man.

I’m not considering the code yet. I’m sure it will get there. It’s actually better than I thought.

Lack of any music theme songs is a major bummer right now. It’s awesome starting a game and the bond theme plays. But it is already getting old hearing it all game long. Even when a game ends it plays the main theme song way too long after.

The game play can start out clunky. A lot of misses, the kind of misses that make you frustrated and lose interest. It doesn’t flow like GZ, AIQ or JP. But Bond grows on you. Once you get the feel for it, the shots open up and it gets super fun. Left lane is a very satisfying shot. Best in the game. But there are a lot of cheap drains. I changed out a couple posts to help with that. Game plays like it’s missing something. I wish the rocket did more. Also, wish there was another mech, something on the right side instead of just ramps there.

The build is noticeably cheaper than the others. Also, only one node board for Pop bumpers so they do not function individually. And the ball takes forever sometimes to get out of the pops. A lot of balls go in the diver area.
23 days ago
Not so impressed... for now. Obviously the theme is great but the playfield not so much... The left lane is the most satisfying shot for me. The left reverse scoop is the worst and breaks gameflow. The code is a bit immature at the moment but given the playfield I am not that optimistic. Had a lot of cheap drains too. But come on it is a James Bond theme so I remain optimistic and I will reconsider my rating if the experience gets better.

Played on a single location for now in Paris. Best score was 270M after a dozen of games.
32 days ago
Played the pro on location with wide outlanes more than 8 hours these last 10 days , scoring 841 millions , long ball time ( i play pinball at least 1 hour everyday for 15 years and used to play in tournaments so i have a decent level )

I m surprised it s a good and fun Stern , even with very early and incomplete code 0.80 , i like the playfield ,nice ramps , good flow , many shots , great multiball , old school James Bond atmosphere ,can t wait to test the Premium , wouldn t mind owning one ( my favorite recent Stern i still play with great pleasure are Iron Maiden, Godzilla , Mandalorian , Jurassic Park , Avengers, Deadpool, Batman66 and Elvira house of Horrors )
33 days ago
Early code so have expectations will get much better. Playfield in person is actually way better then I anticipated, Cabinet art better also but translite is not good at all. Play is fast but did struggle a bit with henchman ramp shot. Playfield felt a bit unbalanced with most activity in middle right where ramps are, kinda felt like last 1/4 of play area just kinda fades away. It was loud in the bar so couldn't really evaluate the sound track although it does utilize theme song with repetition. Will definitely play more games on it as code gets updated and re-rate. I'm sure this game will have multiple mods being developed that will premium up the pro which in my opinion is the better value of the 3 models. Grew up with Connery Bond so great theme for me.
35 days ago
The shots are there, the code is not. The rocket and whatever is behind it is a complete waste of pf space. I'm sure the game will get better with code but as of this review (and you can blame Stern for putting out a game with incomplete code), its not that great.
37 days ago
After reading reviews and seeing the videos, I didn’t think I would like the game but it was actually pretty fun.
The art work is terrible, and the bond theme song gets old pretty quick but the game itself is still fun.
The code could use some polishing, but the shots and layout are good.
My kids had fun just aiming for random targets and I had fun trying to complete the various objectives.
41 days ago
I'm a relative new pinballer. I played this at a restaurant and it played really well. Looks were very 1960s which was a good thing. It was very different from other pins. Music was fantastic and brought back memories. It was much fun to play. I had a chance to get one and got it. It was a little slow at first but it is getting better as I am also. Had the family here last weekend and it was a hit. We added a sub to it and that made the music even better. I know it's early in the game but it looks like a winner.
45 days ago
I've had the game in the house for a week ish now. Code is in infant stage but still has some fun multiballs. Shots are fun and can hit some crazy fast combo. Love the theme and the artwork matches the theme. Better looking in person. Bond theme song constantly plays until you Start a mode but keeps you in the Bond world.
48 days ago
I love the James Bond movies and when I first saw the pin(before I played it). It didn't look great from the photos. This pin looks much better in person and it plays fantastic. The integration of theme is outstanding. I love the video clips, love the layout, love the sound effects and theme. This game is so much better than I thought it would be. As the code gets fleshed out I think it will get even better. The choice of movies that they are using is spot on and really works well with the game. I am glad they didn't try and make the game based on only one movie. It seems to work really well this way and I think it will give them plenty to work with to create rich depth. My biggest complaint is probably the Dr. No! back glass and I will probably replace it with something different when I get the chance.
48 days ago
OK, not great, I hoped for more. The reverse scoop on the left feels clunky. No part of the playfield feels special or interesting.
52 days ago
I put about 5 games on this at my local dealer. I was very excited about the theme. I played a few games, and really dug the video clips that are available at this time, but almost immediately started to get overwhelmed by the music. I don't mind the art, actually quite like it as its themed after some pretty vintage films. Gameplay left me underwhelmed. A Rush Pro was sitting next to 007 and I jumped on for a quick play just to see what is was like juxtaposed to 007. I am not a huge fan of the band Rush, but I will say that gameplay had much better flow and fun factor by comparison and it ended up prioritizing my time, I ended up never returning to 007 that day.
55 days ago
Great game but with that being said the code still needs a lot of work. Give the game a little bit and I bet it will be in the top 20! Im definitely going to buy one!!!
56 days ago
This rating will be updated with time as this game is very obviously unfinished

where do i start with this game, it has the theme going for it but that's honestly about it

the Aston martin is neat what else is there when it comes to toys other than the bash rocket on the pro

now honestly one of the greatest things this game has is the music and opening, what a damn cool way to open a game

the game as of this rating only has 2/8 skill shots and is very obviously a wip that stern has just been trying to get out the door before christmas

out of the several plays me and a friend put into this machine i was able to actually achieve multiball a grand total of.... one time

also the scoop likes to eject the ball and ricochet it straight down the middle.
58 days ago
Stern launches another game before it is even remotely finished. Code is completely deficient, the rocket does absolutely nothing except make an irritating sound, the upper left flipper (with a bad coil stop already, shocker) shot to the two ramps could be great if they were laid out well. How many times can you listen to the James Bond theme over and over? And the opening video is terrible. Immediately followed by “we don’t have the license yet“ disclaimer. I mean yeah, this game should not have been launched. What a waste of a great theme. I’m sure over the next decade that Stern will update the code, however… That’s not how you launch a product. Pay attention stern. Lastly, the plastic stand ups on the pro are simply sad, what four cent investment held them back from something better? They clearly nickel and dime this machine to death.
62 days ago
Extremely fun to shoot, looks and sounds great. Already feels like you're playing a James Bond movie, and code will only improve. A creative layout that shows Gomez still has some genuine inventiveness up his sleeve.
63 days ago
The latest throwback theme from Stern.

The Pros:
The Music and the opening video are iconic. What a great way to initiate a pinball game! True skill shots and skillful shots from the upper playfield mean that multi-ball is an exciting experience. The dual split the ramp on the right is interesting design. And the orbit shot between the two entrances on that ramp is one of the most intimidating shots in pinball that I've seen in a long time. The left orbit to the left flipper figurating around the playfield is fast. But considering how much space it has to travel, it feels slow. Very well done. There's lots of little extra bits and pieces of the design on this playfield that feel different and interesting. It works, but it's different. I think it's closest relation would be a game like Roadshow. I get the idea that I could play this game for a long time and then find a little physical details that I hadn't noticed before that make a difference in the game. The playfield of the game that I played looked excellent. No orange peel dimple damage. They have figured this out? That would be awesome if they did.

The Cons:
The spinner placement above the upper flipper is more Oktoberfest than Iron Maiden. The outside shots. Both the Aston Martin and the undersea battle are more likely to be landed with bounces off the slings than skillful shots. I get the distinct feeling that more money is spent on this license than was for its physical assets. Not proy dollars for the Beatles, but it feels like the bottom line was affected by this business decision. To be clear. I have absolutely no idea what Stern pays for its licensed themes or how it affects their bottom line. But this game feels... Like money could have been spent differently on it that what I played. I know that is an abstract thought. But that is how it feels. The PhotoSlop cut and paste artwork was a hint for me. I'm hoping that the rocket toy does more on the premium the LA then it did on the purchases in the middle of the football table like a big dildo. Inconsistent bounces from the undersea struggle to the shark tank standup to sdtm is a playfield design flaw. Emotionally deficient pinball players will cave in the coin door just on this "feature" alone. Ball savers in software may help the matter, but this will most likely lead to a common complaint with this design.

The Takeaway:
Theme and theatre support a pinball game. They do not make it. Lots of people will buy this game for the theme. And that's fine. Stern has been doing this for decades. But substituting a theme for gameplay does not make for great pinball. Cabinets looking like a 1960s movie poster is a stylistic choice. But it's not always evident until you actually get close to the game and take a good look at it. The artwork isn't Austin Powers bad, but it's not what most pinball games today look like either. This game looks like another case of somebody in marketing decided that the theme was too good pass up. And they settled for all sorts of compromises to the IP owner in regards to the look of the game. Or it's a retro choice. Sure. I'm going with that. I could really describe this is the same way I felt about deadpool. I didn't care for it or necessarily get it at first. However, after somebody who owned a deadpool game took the time to show me around the playfield I had a better understanding and deeper respect for it. I know 007 is early in the release / production cycle. so my hope is that this game will show itself to be what it really is as it becomes more refined and polished.

Oddjob still kicks ass.
65 days ago
played about 15 games last few days in vegas. It ia fun and fast. Good flow. I like the artwork more than anticipated. But the entire left side of the playfield is boring. The left orbit is cool but having to drop 3 targets to get to the worst toy in pinball in the last decade, makes no sense. What is the point of the rocket. To me is is a waste of space. I prefer the lcd in ts4..At least it looks cool. It is not a hard shot and it's very boring because it doesn't make the ball bounce unpredictability. I could hit it over and over. The theme is great. I'm a 90s baby so I would have liked some Pierce Brosnan. The music is brutal. Most peolple left after a game or two. I was bored after about 5 games. It didn't have the one more game feel. The left flipper is fun. The right side ramps are enjoyable and satisfying. The extraball/jet pack shot is poor. It feels off. You dont need to hold the left side flipper up to hit it unlike tmnt. Also, the clips from the movies only use about half of the lcd screen to date. It's off-putting... Overall I thought it was okay, but it plays almost identical to avengers, tmnt, rush and gz. Feels like a modern stern. But like the 5th one with little to nothing new except layout. I will spend lots at the arcade, but nothing worth purchasing for me personally. A good, but far too familiar pin.
66 days ago
Played yesterday at AYCE in van nuys. I wasn't blown away. Liked the art more than I was expecting but the playfield design just didn't wow me. Game is fast and I wasn't sure what I was suppose to be shooting. Double ramp structure on right is interesting, but I wasn't really sure how to utilize it fully. I'm sure with more play I'll understand and revisit this review. But, surprisingly, what really turned me off was the music. I love the bond theme, but after an hour I wanted to turn the music off! A cool theme and an interesting playfield but I'm not trading in my GZ!
There are 26 ratings (that include a comment) on this game. Currently showing results page 1 of 2.

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