James Bond 007 (Pro)


James Bond 007 (Pro)

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This game received 219 approved Pinsider ratings and currently rates 8.016 /10


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This game ranks 3rd in the game group "James Bond 007". The group itself ranks #18 in the Pinside Pinball Top 100.

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Game Design: 7.931

Artwork: 7.593

Sounds/Music: 7.821

Other Aspects: 8.298

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There are 98 ratings (that include a comment) on this game.
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21 hours ago
This game keeps me coming back to it, I love Godzilla but for some reason Bond is the game I want to play more of.

The Goldfinger music is so well placed it is just cool. But, no one beats Connery as Bond so this game is just A+ for me.

The shots are challenging the modes are great…the updates code makes this game great. Too many reviews are from early core and it is completely different now.

The cabinet art and backglass to me are the only disappointment for me in this game.
19 days ago
I'm not impressed, I played 10 games on a Pro sandwiched in between a Godzilla and a Jurassic park and the game just feels empty. This is not a Richie, Danger, or Elwin, their is no flow all of my shoots were bricks. I'm very disappointed because bond is a dream theme with so much potential .
43 days ago
007 can be a dividing pin. My first plays on this game turned me off to it because it wasnt the easiest game to learn. There are tight challenging shots all over the play field that can be brutal. But as you play this game and learn the ins and outs it can become a favorite fast. The code caries this game alot. The shots can get stale despite their challenges and i think this is largely due to the unpredictable feeds. The left jetpack eject is different on every machine you play and can drain with a bad bounce. Alot of the time you are trying to regain control from the ball getting caught in the slings from a bad return feed. Once you hit your shots and get comfortable with the upper flipper it is a really fun and rewarding game but it definitely isnt beginner friendly. Every game is a challenge and that is what keeps me coming back.
54 days ago
Very good game. Love the left orbit shot to far back ramp. Great theme integration. The cut scenes do slow down the action but I find it fast and fun. May have to trade for one.
54 days ago
I truly think this game is underrated,the flow of the game is really good and the shots are pretty smooth. I don't know all the rules of the game but I kept coming back to play it. I heard a lot of people didn't like the earlier code, but the most recent code is really good and I know it will get better. The pro art package is not my favorite but it's the game that matters. I truly don't think you will be disappointed if you give it a chance.
61 days ago
Overall this game is okay. I would not classify it with the top ranked big hitters as the game just doesn't have that punch. It's a little anti-climatic and the layout/design is a little boring. It plays fast which is fun, but I feel like they should have packed this game with more toys and gimmicks that interact with the gameplay. I'll throw a loonie or two at this game on location, well because it's James Bond, but not sure I would own one.
66 days ago
This one is growing on me. Every game calls for another one. Not yet figured out all the rules, but I feel there's a great depth to this game. In my wishlist!
66 days ago
Played on location a couple time and liked but didn't love as much as IMDN, GZ or FF but it was top 5 for sure.

When I was finally able to hear the music and callbacks my overall gameplay experience went up exponentially.

**I was born in the late 60s afterthe Sean Connery movies came out but definitely have a renewed appreciation for them after watching the 60th anniversary specials last year.**

For me the artwork on left side of cabinet is awesome and despite some of the not so positive reviews about it, personally enjoy so much that I just purchased a one owner HUO machine for my growing collection.

Not sure where I stand on the scuba mod as game play does slowdown somewhat and there are some SDTM drains but as I get into more games,am excited to discover more depth. After a dozen plays my scores have gone up 3-4x and Once the multipliers and extra balls add up, was able to get over 300 mil pretty consistently and a couple of 400 mil runs. I know there is a lot of room to improve for sure but very very addicting.

I don’t have a point of reference in regards to the old code but as it sits now would love to hear different music and have the lag time tightened up on call outs but Am very satisfied with the playing experience.

My family and friends have found it much more challenging than my ff or imdn
68 days ago
Really enjoy the modes and multiball play. A rules sheet for playing the modes would be helpful. The shots are different and fun. Theme is very well integrated - opening of a new game is fantastic.

Some of the cut scenes can run a little long, but ok with watching them through once in a while.

Looking forward to the final polish on the game.
72 days ago
Rating at code 0.99
76 days ago
It seems criminal that I haven't taken the time to rate the only pin that has spent longer than 6 months in my collection. My James Bond Pro is as close to bolted to the floor as any pin will ever be for me. I rarely keep any pin for longer than a month, but Bond has stayed and will stay for a long time.

This pin had a rough start due to very limited code at the launch of this pin, which caused a great deal of negativity surrounding this pin. The code has really progressed into an amazing package. The code is at .99 at the time of writing this review.

I really enjoy everything about playing this pin. You are never in scoring jail and there are always opportunities to blow up the game. There is some controversy about the 7x shot being in the game as some feel like this is too big of a multiplier. Yes, 7x is pretty big, but I feel it is fair based on how difficult it is to actually collect. Also the fact that you can lose the collected multipliers if you drain your ball before using them, really adds to the risk/reward.

There are so many things great about this game. If you have a chance to purchase this pin, do not hesitate.
89 days ago
What an awesome game. Flow is amazing. Shots are satisfying. If you have no idea what you’re doing you can have a lot of fun and there are payoffs for keeping the ball randomly alive. If you know what you’re doing there is a deep ruleset waiting there for you.

I think it’s pretty well documented but the visuals on screen lag behind what’s actually happening in the game quite a lot. Makes gameplay a little stop and go sometimes.

All told it’s a killer game with awesome theme integration on an iconic franchise.
3 months ago
This pinball machine is the biggest sleeper in 2023 love the lay out it’s fast it’s fun it’s addicting can’t stop playing it
3 months ago
(In English below) Je suis totalement fan du thème ! La mise en page est originale avec ce lot de rampes à droite. Mais le fond du plateau parait vide ! L'art aurait pu être mieux notamment de la caisse en comparaison de la version premium et LE. Les animations sont sympas et s'accordent parfaitement avec le jeu. Les outlanes avalent plus que je ne l'aurais cru. Le code est bon ! Mais il y a un manque de flux et d'accessibilite qui me dérange avec ce lots de rampes droite, qui fait que ce jeu n'est malheureusement pas pour moi.

Rough translation : I'm a total fan of the theme! The layout is original with this set of ramps on the right. But the bottom of the board seems empty! The art could have been better especially on the body compared to the premium and LE version. The animations are nice and fit perfectly with the game. The outlanes swallow more than I expected. The code is good! But there is a lack of flow and accessibility that bothers me with this lot of right ramps, which means that this game is unfortunately not for me.
3 months ago
Game keeps getting better especially with the earnable smart missiles. Bond scoring tool is a well integrate ludonarrative device. I've only played the pro but I frankly prefer its art package and the loss of the jetpack mech is okay by me. I'll update if I try the Premium/LE and like the jetpack.
3 months ago
I feel this game is very underrated.
3 months ago
James Bond 007 is a pretty good game.

The entire layout feels pretty well balanced out and I appreciate Stern's use of metal ramps. Making the ramp shots subsequently is fun but I think they obscure too much in the center of the playfield. The best shots for me are the right ramp and the left orbit that goes into the Jetpack ramp. The game has some flow but there are some stop and go elements to the overall gameplay.

The Aston Martin VUK looks pretty good though and it is not even a Premium/LE exclusive. The only real disadvantage of the Pro's toys is the lack of a physical lock in my opinion. There's something missing next to very good looking Bird One rocket.

For me one of the biggest issues are the game's rules. Playing the different modes doesn't really have the feel of needing to complete them or having another go at it. The Bird One and Jetpack multiballs are rather reasons I'd play another round of the game.

Considering the rise in quality of Stern's playfield art this one's looks pretty "photoshopped". I have seen worse but there have definetely been better looking playfields. It is on a similar level as Spider-man's (2007). The cabinet artwork looks a bit better. The movie sequences fit very well into the game's display in my opinion.

The sound design and music are very fitting to the James Bond franchise, although I think some of the sounds might get a bit repetititve after many games. Generally the game reflects the James Bond theme very well and is fun to play. I only think it's a bit too easy in general (there are not enough dangerous shots for my liking).

Overall, James Bond 007 is a good machine with some flow, nice toys and a very good representation of its theme. I think it's probably ideal for any James Bond fan and will be a perfect game for beginners and casual players.
3 months ago
Code 0.99 right now. This game has come a long way and is actually a display of how much modern games may progress and improve beyond their initial release. About a year ago, when this game first released I did not care much for this game, I felt like the modes, theming and features for pretty uneventful and mediocre. However, a lot has changed in a year and it is evident how much work Gomez and Stern has put into this game over time. Recently, since about code 0.97, the modes are easy to get to and fun, the multipliers add a lot of dynamic to the game, multi balls are fun and useful for scoring, and missiles (spot shots) add more strategy to game play. This has become my favorite game of the past few years. And the pro model gives up very little. I don't think the physical ball lock and jet pack are worth the thousands of dollars more they cost. I tend to judge games by how you get to the modes, how modes play, fair scoring in modes and design of finishing modes. 007 does modes incredibly well. Villain and henchman modes act like traditional deep modes with a lot of shots and strategy to progress through. Q branch act like side missions with quirky shots but upon completion lead into lucrative multiballs. Spectre modes are short and odd shots but worth a lot of points for individuals shots. This game has a lot to do and unlike games like Jurassic Park and Godzilla it doesn't feel like you have to progress really deep into the game to get there. The wizard modes are fun and have their own uniqueness. The Chaos wizard mode inverts your flipper inputs like Houdini. Overall, I love this game and it is currently at the top of my wish list to own. My favorite game of the past few years.
4 months ago
I lost a bit the fun off playing with the last sterns (to much to do on the pf's....to much rules )
i found with the jb a game thats fun ,easy to understand ,nice shots lots off missions and a wel integrated theme.(80s kid)
its strange but i compere it with a williams dracula....
And the code is not even on 100prct. there are a few minor points but witch game is perfect; (godzilla and jp not in my eyes)
play it and you will see :)
4 months ago
Like a lot of players I wasn't very impressed with this when it first came out, but the code updates have completely changed my mind and now it's one of my favorite pins. I've grown to appreciate the layout. The left side scoop is a bit unwieldy but I love the left side spinner/orbit/ramp and the whole ramp contraption on the right side. The pro is a very good value as the Bond-on-a-wand doesn't do anything for me, and while the ball lock behind the rocket is pretty cool the game doesn't lose very much without it.

Like a lot of games with movie assets many of the film clips are too long for the game, and you have to either slow the game down to watch them or cut them short which is a shame. Nevertheless, the game with the new code is just wall to wall fun. Between the villains, henchmen, Q-Branch, SPECTRE weapons and Bond women there's a lot to do and you can approach the game in multiple ways.
4 months ago
This has easily become one of my favorite pins to play.

I have played the LE version a few times, but most of my experience with it is various pros I have played on location. It's been said before, but you really aren't missing much with the pro version of this game. I think the jetpack is the part I miss the most, and it really is just novelty.

Many things have been said about the game's code, but at this current moment, I find it to be fun and easy to pick up and play. The separation between villain and henchman ramps is really user friendly, even if the henchman ramp can be a tough one to hit sometimes. Of course it all depends on how the game is set up. But the progression and the alternating between the modes with really fun clips from the films to accompany them is clever, and a good use of the early Bond Films.

All of the cabinets look great, from LE/Premium/Pro and I think the pro is no exception. I will say, I really thought the pin was just called Dr No for the longest time before I played it, and was surprised to see the breadth of films that go across the Sean Connery era. It's an excellent pull for Bond, and smart of them to limit to this era.

I think it feels great, there is a decent switch between flow-y shots and cradling up to think about what comes next. The amount of choice you have in holding off on starting multi balls with the button is clever too, I love having control and it does add an interesting amount of skill to when you use it.

I have been seeking out this pin every time I go out for a pinball day, would love to own one someday, I think this one will stand the test of time as one of the great ones.
4 months ago
The first pin in a very long time to absolutely grab me and keep me coming back for more. Played on location, loved it. Left and later came back that night to play just this game more. Looking to purchase one as a result. Amazing flow and the updated code make this a top game.
4 months ago
Has some great shots, but also a few clunkers. That left scoop is really not a good feature, feels like an afterthought.

Way too much start and stop with the cutscenes.

Scoring feels unbalanced.

Not a bad game, but not a particularly good game either.
4 months ago
Played the premium version about 5 months ago. Could not get into the game at all. Heard about the code update and tried the pro on location. I was having an absolute blast on this pin. Fun unique shots and kept me coming back for more. Still never quite got the scoop shot on lockdown. I am going to be on the lookout for one of these used. Highly suggest giving it another go if you weren’t initially impressed.
5 months ago
This game is a blast to play and a great tribute to the early Bond era. The most recent code update made this game a keeper.
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