James Bond 007 (LE)


James Bond 007 (LE)

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This game ranks 1st in the game group "James Bond 007". The group itself ranks #18 in the Pinside Pinball Top 100.

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Game Design: 8.565

Artwork: 8.485

Sounds/Music: 8.534

Other Aspects: 8.862

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Found 77 ratings (with comment) on this game

There are 77 ratings (that include a comment) on this game.
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6 days ago
Good machine, played it around 10 times and will adjust after more plays but initial thoughts are fun and fast playing but the theme doesn't grab me like other modern sterns! It certainly is a must for all Bond lovers and it does play well. Good machine overall and will certainly play again!
7 days ago
The game and the theme are excellent, it is not an easy machine but it is not difficult. The toys are fantastic, the game flows very well and there is a lot to do. I don't like the design of the rear window on the Pro and Premium models but the one on the LE is beautiful, this game is evolving a lot in terms of code and will still rise further in the ranking of machines, a machine that when it was launched nobody paid much attention, for now After getting to know the machine it is standing out. It's the type of machine you should have in your collection because it won't be boring and will please everyone as well as being beautiful in person.
13 days ago
I have owned this game twice now. Once when it came out and the code absolutely sucked and now March of 2024 and with the new code it is a completely different game. Still unorthodox to play. I think the "Bond on A wand" dictated the design of what George could work with. The ramp shots on the right and nice and I have learned to like them but the kickout on the left side of the game feels awkward even with new code. I feel something else could have been done. Maybe something closer to what was done on LOTR. All that said, the game if a lot more fun and I enjoy the videos and music. Artwork and color scheme are beautiful and the topper kicks Azz. I don't regret my purchase second time around.
25 days ago
this game took a bit of a beating at first but this game grows on you. This game is a lot of fun. Don't love the them, James Bond is an English theme. Would have rather Mission Impossible. The artwork is so so ... Stern needs to re-hire Franchi he's clearly the best pinball artist in pinball.

Stern needs a better artist! Overall this game is really good!
71 days ago
I just purchased this game and haven't had a chance to play it much.
I hope it grows on my but near as much fun as cactus canyon remake or Jurassic park
74 days ago
Got an LE at a bar cade near me. Fun game for sure but once I got the jet pack multi ball and a few other modes… I lost interest. Shots are smooth but there is no shot makes me go wow. No toy or mech that wows me either. Will play out in the wild but will probably never own
85 days ago
Game is ok. I can see how die hard Bond fans woul love it. For someone who likes the movies but isn't a diehard, it hasn't been a game that's drawn me in for long game play sessions. Maybe it will grow on me once I dig into the code more, it's fun, there's just better games out there if you don't love the theme.
3 months ago
Great game, liked it day 1, bought one a few months later NIB, so many haters, don’t care, great game, I like it better than the Zilla
3 months ago
Bond has become one of my favorites. Unique layout and great code. I like features and how different parts of the playfield represent the different films.
3 months ago
Owned the game for one year. Really love the various shots. Shoots really differently from other modern Sterns, nice change of pace. Wish the henchman ramp was a little wider. Wish the rules were a little more straightforward. Never liked the artwork, but I stop caring about that as soon as I start to play it.
3 months ago
James Bond 007 is a pretty good game.

The entire layout feels pretty well balanced out and I appreciate Stern's use of metal ramps. Making the ramp shots subsequently is fun but I think they obscure too much in the center of the playfield. The best shots for me are the right ramp and the left orbit that goes into the Jetpack ramp. The game has some flow but there are some stop and go elements to the overall gameplay.

I think the Premium/LE models suffer a little bit in terms of toys' quality. The weird Jetpack on a stick looks as if it has been forced into the game - the idea is pretty cool though. And the underwater figurines' wobbling on the left remind me of the Joker figurine on Batman TDK (2008) which is not ideal for a Premium/LE game from 2022. The Aston Martin VUK looks pretty good though and it is not even a Premium/LE exclusive. The only real advantage over the Pro's toys is the physical lock in my opinion. It looks much more accomplished and fitting next to the legitimately very good looking Bird One rocket.

For me one of the biggest issues are the game's rules. Playing the different modes doesn't really have the feel of needing to complete them or having another go at it. The Bird One and Jetpack multiballs are rather reasons I'd play another round of the game.

Considering the rise in quality of Stern's playfield art this one's looks pretty "photoshopped". I have seen worse but there have definetely been better looking playfields. It is on a similar level as Spider-man's (2007). Surprisingly the LE's cabinet artwork looks much better, in fact I think they couldn't have done better on the exterior of the game. The movie sequences fit very well into the game's display in my opinion.

The sound design and music are very fitting to the James Bond franchise, although I think some of the sounds might get a bit repetititve after many games. Generally the game reflects the James Bond theme very well and is fun to play. I only think it's a bit too easy in general (there are not enough dangerous shots for my liking).

Overall, James Bond 007 is a good machine with some flow, nice toys and a very good representation of its theme. I think it's probably ideal for any James Bond fan and will be a perfect game for beginners and casual players.
4 months ago
Just love this game, new game code is brilliant!
5 months ago
one of stern's best games. theming is integrated very good. very good variety of timed shots.
5 months ago
I bought this game on release because I love James Bond and love George Gomez. I really liked the unique layout and the shots but it felt super rough; rough enough that I mostly stopped playing it. Got back from a summer trip and decided to try the latest code (0.95 or 0.96 at the time), and quickly realized it's basically a brand new game. There is so much to do, the theme has really come to life. It's a shame it took so long, I think a lot of people have already dismissed this game. But I think with time this will be considered one of Gomez's best. Thank you George and team for keeping at it.
6 months ago
This game is really fun. I bought it NIB when it was released and I suffered through all of the months of incomplete code but man, the waiting has been worth it. I knew GG would deliver another winner and man, he is really dialing it in now. When the code is complete I am confident that it will rival any of his previous games.
6 months ago
After having this since it came up and with all the recent code updates, I figured it was time to put my review down. First off, I am a huge Bond fan and Connery is the best in my opinion. You can clearly see that Gomez and the gang felt the same way. This game has the best theme integration of any Stern I can think of. The shots are unique and slightly difficult at first, but once you get them dialed in, the game is a blast. There is so much to do and see in the game and the code just gets better and better. Art is subjective but I really like the old school poster aspect of it, could it have been done better, sure but I still like it. The music and callouts are great and the crazy amount of modes in the game keeps me coming back. If you’re a Bond fan, particularly Connery, this game is a must own. It’s a true homage to legendary franchise and a heck of a lot of fun to play!
6 months ago
Updated codes makes Bond an awesome pin!
7 months ago
Great Pinball. 24 Modes , 7 Multiball Modes, and the Wizzard Modes will come in next Updates. Bond Woman can give a 7x multiplier over 70Seconds started with the action button.
Very hard to do but awesome!!
George Gomez has once again delivered a masterpiece.
Fast shots and deep rules. Not the easiest, but one that challenge the player.
8 months ago
Code has made this a great shooter and is getting better and better with each update.
8 months ago
Always thought this game was fun but the new code makes it out of this world. Great game.
8 months ago
Love this game and continues to be one of my go to games that I gravitate to. Love the theme and the way the code has evolved.
8 months ago
First off Connery James Bond is a dream theme for me... played the Pro...bought the LE. This is a fast flowing beast that has gotten better and better as the code matured. The code is still not at 1.0 but has now become VERY fun and very deep. Challenging 3rd flipper shots, great modes (gadgets, villains, etc) and one of the most satisfying orbits I have played to hit Jetpack multiball. I'm not an expert on the rules yet, but Bond is my new obsession and the risk/reward with the Bond women is such a tight/stress inducing gameplay decision...I love it. I cannot wait to see what the team has in mind once code is completed.

One last note...Friends and family are truly more drawn to the BOND game over my Godzilla...I wouldn't say its better...but it is "up there" in terms of pinball enjoyment...so satisfying when you start to flow with this game and hit some big jackpots...the light shows, music and the topper integration are really amazing.
8 months ago
I own the LE and have been riding the tide of the code releases and now at .99, it’s night and day. From the interaction to bond on a wand, video, modes, multipliers. I’m glad I invested in this game and will be a perm to my collection.
8 months ago
Fair enough time to rate it now, started out really slow and bad out of the box but as they have coded the modes in, this game is actually a blast now! Really fun gameplay and some final polish will definitely get it up there with other great titles.
*Updating heading into 2024. Talk about night and day from where it started to where it is now and they aren't done yet. This has quickly become one of my favorite games. Super challenging and so much to do. Love it
9 months ago
The game is a masterpiece, code 0.97 is making the game unstoppable fun! Combos are so great, you need to dial in to experience how awesome the shots are. 24 modes, 7 multiballs, 4 mini wizard mode .. alot to do and you engage in the movie. The theme is a dream one! Loke the clips, music, animations. George Gomez deliver another great game!

Hope they add more on action button, add a ball to Bird 1 multiball and more missions with bond woman other multiplier.

The videos, music and theme is epic. One of a kind pinball imo and has alot to offer. Friends and family are in love with theme. Glad to have made such choice!! Well done stern and gomez!
There are 77 ratings (that include a comment) on this game. Currently showing results page 1 of 4.

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