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Other Aspects: 7.649

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5 months ago
Simple ruleset, very fast playing. This is a pretty fun game and when I finish a game on it I think “just one more”.
8 months ago
This a classic "remake" of the 1980's pinball PinBot. Same shots, same cool visor, etc, but taken up a notch with a great risk reward gambling theme. I always liked Pinbot, so when I got the chance to add the third in the series to my collection, it was a no brainer. Plus, the motherboards are easier and cheaper to come by on this title compared to Pinbot. The call outs and DMD animations are great, especially with a color DMD, fun jazz music plays in the background and make you feel like you are at an old casino. The Casino Run mode is another cool risk reward for big points and is very satisfying to make it through the whole mode. I'd recommend this title to anyone who liked the original and wants an DMD in their lineup.
11 months ago
I got this without ever playing it
Definitely fun
Nothing hard to figure out but it’s fun
I think the artwork is beautiful and the theme is great
Got a color dmd and it really adds to the game visually
It’s weird hard to “rate” this game
Simple but lots of fun keeps me playing it
I would recommend to anyone
This is a keeper undervalued game like the nuances of the rules
A classic!
1 year ago
Amazing PIN and fantastic software!! Reallu underrated
1 year ago
This pin quickly became a family favorite. The jazzy music and the gambling aspect keeps it entertaining and interesting. It's a lot of fun to open up the head and get the multi balls. It's got a semi challenging skillshot which I find much better than Bride of Pinbot.
1 year ago
The best of the Pinbot games.

By far.
1 year ago
This is basically Pinbot but with a dmd... I think the ball locks are really cool. Decent rule set. Fun mb's and if you like robot babes then great artwork. To me, there is nothing great about this game. I like Bride of Pinbot better, but I think I rather own this over a Pinbot. Good animations, decent callouts. Again... its a fun game to shoot, just not a great one. It looks nice and would look nice in any persons collection. But, again in a limited space collection I rather have Bride.
1 year ago
I love the gambling aspects of the game. It's not the typical randomness thing decided by the machine, but by you. Where at certain times you can accumulate a huge pile of winnings in Casino Run - millions of points, extra balls and credits and you could simply rake it in... but you just get the fever and say "Dammit, I'm still going to take one more skill-based flipper shot and go for broke!!"
1 year ago
Tough game. Ball times can be short, lose control and it’s over pretty quick. Tough isn’t always bad though, if you rate accuracy over flow this game ticks boxes. Keeping control, hitting shots and backing yourself to gamble points can be very very rewarding. Great to play head to head because soild play generally = good score. I feel like I shouldn’t like this game as much as I do. Simple but satisfying.
1 year ago
It's pinbot, only it isn't. Fun game. I like the other 2 games better, but nothing wrong with Jackbot at all.
2 years ago
Very fast, very challenging, very fun! Exhilarating when a game starts getting deep; the mega visor is a serious accomplishment! Beautiful colors, artwork, and music. Has that "one more game" feel nailed!
2 years ago
Great usage of the pin bot theme and updating to something new. Has the casino theme which is fun when you try to double your money.

The music isn’t great but it works.

I really enjoy the pin and so does the family. One that would be hard to get rid of out of our collection
2 years ago
Very 90s retro feel - played this at Rocky Mountain Pinball Festival 2017
2 years ago
Gambling version of Pinbot that changes things up and makes scoring more interesting. There is a visor that can be opened by completing a Keno card, after that, you try to sink the balls into the eyes in order to to score a multiball. There are 2 and 3 ball multiball. Skill shots are a bit difficult. There are a variety of games to play within the game, Pinbot Poker, Slot Machine, Roll the Dice and Keno, so there's a lot going on within the game to keep you playing and aiming for. It's a fun game that is usually overlooked in the Pinbot Series. I enjoy it and wouldn't mind owning it. It definitely keeps me entertained.
2 years ago
I picked the game up about 5 year ago. At one time was looking to get the other two Pinbot and Bride of Pinbot. But I think the is the better of the three. I was thinking of putting on the maket, but my 8 year niece said it was her favorite and to please keep it. So it stays in the collection.
2 years ago
Jack Bot is the best of the "Bot" bunch. Fun to play with the classic playfield. The table could use a little more light so i see some led's in the future for mine. Not sure about the cheat mode if i like it or not yet. But the machine does have lasting power that keeps me coming back to play more.
2 years ago
Jack bot is a fun game rules are good but I don't like the theme or artwork.
3 years ago
The third in the "Pinbot" series of pinball games. Jackbot is better than the last entry. In fact, the "Jackbot" seems a bit layered in terms of meaning: is it is a response to the cries of sexism in "Bride of Pinbot", featuring a male robot instead of a female or is it "Jackbot" as in "jackpot"? Honestly, nobody cares, I suppose. But while this is better than the second table, that's not saying much. The game is a virtual carbon-copy of the first game. There's no originality in the design except that you're playing in some sort of space casino thing while scoring "Jackbots" every so often. The casino games are just kinda there and there's no real risk in losing anything since an average player can easily score a billion points without a sweat. I like what I'm seeing but nothing in this series will top the original "Pinbot".
3 years ago
Pinbot remade! Got to try this at Bethany Beach, DE. While it seems like an upgraded version of PInbot, there are some pretty decent features that make this one worth checking out.
It is a good challenging machine. The outlanes tend to work better than Draino. The play speed is pretty fast. I like the risk vs reward aspect. Take a chance for more points, or just grab and go?
Pinbot was one of my favorite machines during my teen years. Jack*bot seems to have captured my memories of a good machine, and left me wanting to play more. A fun machine for everyone.
3 years ago
I was not able to hear the sound but it is an overall good game with some simple gambling rules.
3 years ago
a attempt at what gamers wanted, more sequels..great transition
3 years ago
Jack*Bot is a great game that really emphasis risk vs. reward in the Casino Run mode. The visor is used really well, and while the rules are simple they provide a great challenge.
4 years ago
Fun, a nice addition to the "Pin Bot Family"
4 years ago
This game is amazing. I absolutely love the way the gambling is integrated and Casino run is addicting. What a fun mode!

The playfield is recycled from pinbot but so what? It's awesome.

The art, music, and just general feel are superb.

The pin is challenging as well. You'll curse the outlane drains.

The only thing I would improve is to give the left flipper some meaningful shots and make the lighting a bit more interesting.

Other than that, it's perfect. Can't wait to add one to the collection.
4 years ago
Jackbot takes a decent 80s layout into the 90s without really refining anything in terms of geometry. The casino games are kind of whatever, they just sort of happen. I don't feel like I'm playing the casino games during the game like High Roller Casino for example (not that Jackbot is worse than High Roller Casino!). The standup target grid is the central and most interesting part of the game, it still looks and works great. I have a soft spot in my heart for pin boards so I love that too. Cheating is really fun, you can mash the extra ball button at so many times during this game! Casino Run is especially exciting, although it's a ton of points that can be left up to random chance rather than skill. There are a couple neat, probably unintentional things I like about the game. Starting a Super Jackbot with the left eyeball keeps the right eyeball lit for another Super (but not the other way around). Also the valid playfield plunge to a flipper is really more exciting than the regular skillshot since that all important first shot can open the visor single handedly. The art is really great and sounds fit the theme well. The multiball dots sequence is really memorable.

The skillshot is unfortunately worthless and takes up the whole upper right of the playfield. Jackbot is a game where you score into the billions, so why am I putting my ball into the somewhat dangerous pop bumpers for a few million points? The right side of the playfield kind of doesn't have much to shoot for, really an effect of keeping PinBot's layout. Why shoot back into the pop bumpers? Overall though, this is probably my favorite one in terms of gameplay of the 3.
There are 84 ratings (that include a comment) on this game. Currently showing results page 1 of 4.

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