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Other Aspects: 8.383

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This is "Iron Man".
The other versions are: Iron Man Classic, Iron Man (Pro Vault Edition)

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There are 297 ratings (that include a comment) on this game.
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8 years ago
Wanted this game for a while. Found a good one and when I first played it thought "wow, this is a piece of cake" as my first game blew 40 mil. Spent some time working through the recommended settings posted on here. Once I got it dialed in, it's a totally different game. I get myself thoroughly whipped often and keep coming back for more!

Oh, shaker motor is a MUST in this game!
8 years ago
This is truly a hard fast fun game
8 years ago
A fun and fast game. Overall a rather simple design and rule set but tons of fun to play. Rule set might be simple, but the game sure is not easy to master. Definitely a game I'd like to own one day.
8 years ago
A shallow game, hard but for a very short time it could be fun to play it. I don't want to own one.
8 years ago
Great machine, wish i could find more on location.
8 years ago
Solid pin from Stern, has no real flaws. Flow is excellent and fast.
Love the Iron Man which rises from the playfield for taking a bashing.

Cannot judge the sound, because some other pins next to it made too much noise ;-)
8 years ago
Iron Man is a challenging game that requires your attention and ability to control the ball at all times. This is not a game for the timid or the flailer.

The Pros: Standard issue fan layout and a few randomizers on the PF make this game look like it's going to be easy... Do not be fooled. This table will eat you up if you are not paying attention. Skill is required at all times as well as patience with your multiball technique. Do or Die lives up to it's name at the hardest shot on the table.

The Cons: Ball times can be incredibly short. I've seen kids run up to the machine and say "Cool, it's an Iron Man game!" They put in their quarters and their game is over in 45 seconds. After getting beat down a few times... they walk away dejected. The art on the BG is overly simple for my tastes. The rules are following the standard Stern ruleset pattern... Lyman... C'mon! Lane-change-anti-skill-shot is a letdown.

The Takeaway: A challenging game that needs to have a ball saver on location, not at tournaments. Some players that I respect LOVE this game. I'm watching them play this table and learning from them. I still don't "get it" yet and think that there are many other more creative and better playing games out there. Even from Stern... TSPP, LOTR, WPT, Spidey, Monopoly, RiBoN, WoF, Elvis, PotC... Or even better, grab a BSD or a Dr. Who to work your pin-fu. Am I making my point clear?

Game depth = System 11 (+1) era.

This game falls under the Fish Tales category of a great tourney game. It also is fantastic in a larger collection. I had the chance to trade for one and between this NIB game and TAF, I picked TAF. No regrets at all. Both games are great and still easy to find, but man... you really have to be in the right mood for dealing with this table. John Borg did a fantastic job with this deck design. While I am not so hot about the DemoMang-like BG, my eyes are usually on the PF. I also have to respect the shots on this table as missed shots are death. Fortunately, the kicker is not the BBH insta-death angle that we have seen from other designs, but still, stay on your toes. If the ball is ANYWHERE near the left outlane... bump it, nudge it, get it outta there! That side took great notes from ST:tnG/ DM and it will make you look silly on the regular. The rules on this game are not deep, and they do not need to be. Few games have the challenge/fun/frustration balance down like this game. Lastability is good, but you may also have to take a break from it before you throw it down the stairs out of sheer pin-fury. I like this game, but I don't love it. I hate this game, but I respect it. You'd better play well or Iron-mang is gonna play YOU!
9 years ago
Just a so so pin. It is cool when the War Monger comes out of the play field but that is about it. Maybe I need to play more but I really have no interest to go back.
9 years ago
Very addictive game, didn't really like it on location, probably because of the short game times, didn't feel like I was getting my moneys worth. Played it at a friends on free play and really liked it, so much that I purchased one.
9 years ago
Iron Man was awesome. While it is very challenging, and my play times were shot, I was very impressed with this title, and I wouldn't mind owning it some day.
9 years ago
A disappointing table on many fronts, but I enjoy the toys and the sheer power of the audio -- it seems like this one is always the loudest table in the arcade. (Well, until "X-Men" came along.)
9 years ago
Really fun and challenging. Smacks you around and makes you wanna play it more, I dont care if its stripped down... it puts the hurt on you if you ball control is lacking. I really like this pin
9 years ago
Great game overall. Love the toys, magnets and the 3 spinners. Very fast and challenging. Would love to own one someday.
9 years ago
Brutal game, fastest game ever created to date. The bare bones playfield looks like an old EM machine, but when you start playing it, you cannot stop!
9 years ago
A very fast and intense game. You would think that by looking at the playfield first glance that this game doesn't have much to it, but the depth is certainly there. There is much strategy involved in this game to getting the best score, and while doing that you must deal with random magnets, the War Machine target that fires the ball even quicker than the raptor pen on JP, etc. Its a challenging game, but its that challenge that will have you coming back for more. As the months have gone on, I'm loving this game more and more.
9 years ago
Fun to play. Very addicting. Plays very solid, feels like it fits all the shots well and incorporates the Ironman well.
9 years ago
This is not my style of game. I prefer deep rulesets with varied shots and theme integration. I love a challenge, but I want to go on a journey when I play and be immersed, and instead this game is like walking across the street. It's is a product of the lean times at Stern. Stripped down to almost nothing and bare bones physically and rule wise. You can see the entire game in 5 minutes. Ball times are short so you find yourself repeating the same things over and over quickly game to game since there is so little variation. I would never want to own one due to price and repetitiveness and I find myself not really interested in playing it on route when there are other options. For what Stern charges for their games, I expected a lot more out of this game. Next to the Stern Indiana Jones, this is easily the most disappointing modern Stern game for me.
9 years ago
Like many stern pinballs, when I play it I can feel the economy game factor from the artwork to the playfield. The game lacks more of everything. The iron monger and wiplash toys are a nice addition, game play is fluid and rapid. This game is clearly for experienced gamers.
9 years ago
Fun game. I would say the most intense Stern game to date. Very challening, plays great with a shaker motor and Sub. Would love to get one in my collection one day. (Iron Man Classic edition is a joke. Get the Pro one if your going to get one).
9 years ago
I love the theme, but the machine feel a little bit empty, half the time the ball doesn't have enough power to go to the end of the ramp and comes back. Most of the shots will make the ball directly drain. It's a fast and hard game. Definitly a game for skilled pinball players.
9 years ago
I don't see the appeal. Iron man? More like plastic man. In my opinion it has a sparse playfield & uninspiring PF art. HOWEVER The sounds, music, translite & cabinet are really cool though. I would play it on location & I certainly do... But I would not own one unless I had a massive collection.
9 years ago
This pin is not too bad, but it doesn't make me want to stay on it for long. Probably one of the fastest play fields I've played on! The video clips are good and the fights are not too hard to accomplish, but I'm not much of an Iron Man fan, so it doesn't impress me all that much.
9 years ago
At first I didn't like IM, mainly because I wasn't good at it and it's a tough game that kicks you in the &^$! if you get lazy. The more I played it, the more challenging it became, and the more I wanted to play it more and more. Couple that with an amazing theme, great music, great quotes, and to me this is the total package... if you are a true pinball player. If you like long ball times and easy going play, this is not the pin for you. This is one of my favorite titles when it comes to tournaments, it separates the men from the boys...
9 years ago
I love this game! Fast and in your face! No other game screams just one more game like Iron Man does. Don't let the simple layout trick you into thinking this game is a dud. The rules and gameplay make up for the seemingly simple layout and it will punish you for making bad shots. Sounds and music are great but it needs a subwoofer to take it over the top.

If I could keep only one, this one would probably be it!
9 years ago
This is a fast, fun game. It can be brutally difficult with the unpredictability of the magnets.

At first, I was worried that the layout was too similar to Austin Powers (identical ramps, toy in the center that comes up from the playfield) etc. Iron Man is a very different experience, though.

The music is great, and the game has a lot of quotes/scenes from the movies. However, I am disappointed with the lack of Tony Stark/Robert Downey Jr quotes. What made the movie GREAT was the awesome quotes from the quick-witted Tony Stark...and almost all of them are missing from the game.

Heck...the pinball should be LOADED with Robert Downey Jr. quotes...and instead, we get a ton of Jeff Bridges. (Don't get me wrong...those quotes are fine, and well's just that I'd rather have Iron Man quotes all over my Iron Man pinball machine (wild, eh?))
There are 297 ratings (that include a comment) on this game. Currently showing results page 8 of 12.

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