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Game Design: 8.184

Artwork: 7.708

Sounds/Music: 7.898

Other Aspects: 8.358

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This is "Iron Man".
The other versions are: Iron Man Classic, Iron Man (Pro Vault Edition)

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8 years ago
That's it!?
8 years ago
This is a grail pin for me personally. I'm not a huge fan of the IM movies although they were good. I find this game to be bare boned pinball. This is no "thinkers" game. It's not stop and go but rather fast and furious with a highly addictive element. The lights and sounds are totally k/a and it's actually pretty loaded with features that keep you coming back for more. You want a pin where after the third ball you and your guests step back and say "holy sh##" then this is the one for you.
8 years ago
The massive popup robot toy dead-center on the playfield just ruins it for me. In general, it really feels uninspired and devoid of innovation. Borg has done many great games, this is not one. I will never drop another quarter on it.
8 years ago
Finally got my grail pin
I've owned a few pins in my time and played a few others
But nothing comes close to the rush of playing ironman
If u get a chance. buy one u wont regret it
8 years ago
Why on earth people like this game escapes me. Nothing on it for the most part. Stern should rerun them the markup is brutal for what you get.
8 years ago
Played quite a few games on Iron Man this weekend. I was surprised about the "cheapness" of the machine overall. Stern really cut corners on this one. It is a real blast to play and has a great flow. The shots are very satisfying and there is plenty to do. I think I prefer Spiderman over this one by a bit...

Updated review after playing IMVE. Why is this not a top 20 game?
8 years ago
Is the rule set deep? No. Does that matter when playing Iron Man? Heck no! This machine makes the heart bump and eyes figit as you try to follow the fast pace of the pinball going over this table. Fast and furious action...try not to blink too much as the ball whill head outlane before you realize it.

In keeping with heart pumping make it to the mini-wizard mode, Do or is a hurry up that starts at 35 million and counts down. As you see the points quickly count down as you try to hit the shot up the middle before all the points have evaporated.

A great game that has the "one more game" factor as it continually punishes you even when making good shots. Lots of short ball time games, that make the good games make you feel like you've conquered the world.

Be ready for the kickback of war machine as it throws the ball back with lighting speed. An easy enough game to learn to play, but that doesn't make it easy.
8 years ago
Decent pin, but seemed to get repetitive quickly. Had fast flow and some cool tricks / toys but the play field and rule set got a bit boring quickly. Had it next to a line up of other quality pins and after a few plays I was moving on. Shaker motor made it interesting. Basically what I would consider a commercial (kid) pin based on marketing of a movie rather then a solid deep pin.
8 years ago
Didn't last long for me was never so happy to trade a game
8 years ago
Fun and Fast..........May not be a game that will last forever in a collection but it definitely holds up with the top pins out there. Very addictive and gets the blood pumping. Shaker motor is a must. Greatness.........ZOD
8 years ago
This is a really fun game, takes some time to really get a good feel for how to play it.
8 years ago
I played this at a local arcade, I really enjoy the Iron Man movies and so I thought I would enjoy the game. Overall I thought the game was playable but it just did not hook me like I thought it would. The suit rising out of the playfield was cool but it seemed to take up a lot of space and was up quite often. I know a lot of people enjoy it, so I would say I just need more practice!
8 years ago
Why is every Marvel pin feel like a lack of time and creativity was over looked. Just because you have the license and build mediocre game, does not mean I have to put money in it.
8 years ago
This game is Fun. When I rate these games, I just click honestly and don't know what overall score is generated when I type the comments. So pay more attention to my words then the numbers.
I purchased mine last month (April 2013) and it highly modded. It plays and sounds great. I remember that I was just entering the hobby when this games was released. I was advised no to buy it and instead got a NIB Spider-Man. No regrets, but IM is fun. It seems to have a fairly basic layout and there are no really hard shots. That being said, I still drain a lot of balls thought the grand canyon size out lanes.

The War Machine kicker is brutal and fires the ball back at the right flipper like the one in Jurassic Park. Overall, Thumbs up. No one would regret owning this game, at least for a while.
8 years ago
THis is one machine I can really get behind.
A prefect example of hassle free, straightforward, good, fun.
It is responsive, fast, almost no empty shots possible(as opposed to the thrown up chaos of csi), so I mean instant feedback.

The sounds are great, strong, attention getting and fit the ball movements well.

Even though I really resent the plastic figurine necessity that the stern machines have this one is at least, interesting. It is actually a LOT of fun hitting the iron monger. Satisfaction garanteed. You get a quick multiball, so it keeps you hooked from the beginging and is easy to understand for people just begining.
But I do NOT understand the idea behind the whiplash portion of the game.

Maybe its a bit an endless feeling because there is no appearant begining or end to this one(as in LOTR or Medival Madness) but chewing gum fun is also ok from time to time.

Good for tournaments.

Backglass completely wasted.

This is one game where dotmatrix really has nothing to do with the theme.
How hard is it to go the little step further people?
8 years ago
Never did care for the theme but had a chance to play it at the Texas Pinball Festival. Very fun game and easily draws you back for another game. Learned new features of the game with every new game I played.
8 years ago
Want to get another pin and I liked this one.
8 years ago
Pretty fun to play. Easy to follow the flow. Kept plugging it with quarters.
8 years ago
Not sure why I love this pin since it destroys me every time. It's fast and furious and the music gets your blood pumping. It's addictive.
8 years ago
Flow, flow, flow. Oh and fast.
I love this game. Reminds me a bit of Johnny Mnemonic. Every shot in this machine is so smooth. It doesn't get old.
8 years ago
An awesome pin that plays very fluent, would buy one if I had the money for sure!
8 years ago
This game is underrated in my opinion. I do understand why some don't feel it is their favorite game because of it's focus on speed and a few repetitive shots, but the whole pin flows so well it simply makes for a great experience. Bottom line - Some get it and some do not, but those that do will come back again and again for a great, fast-paced pin. The ratings for this game are definitely misleading - it is much better than its current #27 ranking suggests - ie. No way that High Speed II is a better pin ;)
8 years ago
I had great hopes to play an Iron Man, with some desire to even purchase one. Well, I got to play last night when I spied one at a local sandwich place.

The backglass/translite looks great for sure, so I took a close look. I was a little disappointed in the look of the game. I found it rather cheap and toy-like looking, with a lot of plastic and the typical Stern toys scattered about.

Anyway, I played three games on it, and found that I did not care so much for the wide open playfield. There just didn't seem to be a lot to do in the lower portions, and I felt that you had no real control over what was going to happen if a ball went towards either side's out and in lanes. The ramp shots were decent, and upper play field was decent. The magnet at Ironmonger was really pretty cool as well. But...

I just didn't find it to be much fun, and it seemed that the game had an overall low quality feel to it, down to the plastic lower apron. The game was really very light in the front and could easily be moved around, without trying and without tilting (OK, setting there). The flippers felt more like a lower end 3/4 size POTC game than a real pin, and just too much plastic, overall. I think that the Stern "model" for pins, looks like a 3 year old put their toy men on and around the game. Just don't like that.

As I said at the top, I was thinking about the purchase of a new Stern game, most likely a Pro model, but after playing this, I doubt I would buy an LE version for the price of a Pro. That's not to say that I would not have one in the lineup for a while if the price was right, but to me, there are better ways to spend $5K on pinball. Finding one at $2500, well, yeah, I'd buy it. Back to looking for a mid 1990's pin. Sorry Stern.
8 years ago
I've now owned Iron Man for well over a year. I'd always enjoyed it on route but I was concerned about its depth and durability. IM may be my keeper game. I've sold my beloved LOTR, SM and ACDC, but I don't think I'll be able to part with IM.

Some Sterns feel more solid than others, and IM s somewhere in the middle. It feels a little insubstantial, but that might just be because there isn't a whole lot on the playfield. Either way, it's not an issue. If it's leveled properly it feels steady enough and I'm now confident that nothing's going to break during normal play.

In terms of depth....again, concern was unfounded. The game is NOT deep at all, but the rules are so well done for the style and pace of the game that I actually appreciate the lack of depth. IM is a game that you can play for 2 or 3 minutes and actually feel you almost accomplished something rad. The objectives are actually quite difficult to achieve, because every ball is a mini game unto itself. It is extremely satisfying to achieve either of the mini wiz modes, and it doesn't take very long to do it if you're hitting your shots and keeping the ball alive. Shots are not hard, but keeping the ball from draining is a CONSTANT. IM s a throwback to the old days, when the games were designed to beat you. So beating IM feels good.

My rating has increased twice now. I'm TFA, and I endorse this rating.
8 years ago
“superb pinball machine.very fun to play.a lot of ramps and multiballs mode.”
There are 298 ratings (that include a comment) on this game. Currently showing results page 7 of 12.

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