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Other Aspects: 8.383

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This is "Iron Man".
The other versions are: Iron Man Classic, Iron Man (Pro Vault Edition)

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6 years ago
I purchased every new Stern pin since 2003. There is nothing like Iron Man. Quick play, perfect play!
6 years ago
This game has some clever gimmicks - like kicking the pinball back at you at light speed, but the variety of shots is pretty limited. It needs a slide flipper to give you more shot options. I do like playing it for some odd reason, but it doesn't compare to Star Trek which i just purchased. I will probably sell this game within the next 12 months.
6 years ago
I love the theme, call outs and game play. I'm glad the vault edition came out so I could buy one.
6 years ago
Ok game. Not a top 30
6 years ago
Good game. Magnet gets a bit crazy, but I'm alright with that.
6 years ago
Fast and furious game - fun for kids with bash toy iron monger and fun for the advanced player with ramps and combos and rule set. Looking on the bright side, the machine is naturally difficult that it teaches you to nudge for saves and makes you enhance your ball control - key skills for a budding pinball enthusiast.
7 years ago
Glad this game was added to our family's collection.
It doesn't matter when I play new, old machines, different play fields, different rules. IRON MAN is my favorite of all.
7 years ago
Had fun playing this game.It has some cool shots and toys.
7 years ago
I only played a couple times and moved on. There wasn't anything keeping me there.
7 years ago
John Borg built this in a cave with a bunch of scraps. Kill power.
7 years ago
Love this game, just recently played the Vault Edition. And i like it, fast shots, great ramps to keep banging and very smooth. the magnets throw the ball around and keep you guessing. Yes the playfield is bare and not much to look at, but really thats what i like, simple layout great shots awesome sounds and music, which keeps you pumped and ready to play more and more.
7 years ago
Played the VE edition and loved it, fast paced good ramp shots and great unpredictability when it comes out the war machine shot or when shooting the IM figure that pops up........ awesome lighting and sounds.
7 years ago
Iron Man Vault Edition. Wow! Bright, colorful. Excellent machine. The kids love the movies, so the toys, music and call-outs add to the extremely challenging playfield!
7 years ago
new IMVE owner. I have about 160 games on it after about 3 weeks of ownership. Very fun game, love the ramps and quick ball times. short and sweet. Excellent with a shaker and sub.

7 years ago
I know there are a lot of die-hard Iron Man pinball fans out there. There is a lot to like about Iron Man: it's fast, it's punishing, and it has decent flow. But, if I'm being honest here, it just doesn't grab me. Yes, the ramps are fun to hit, and the bash toy is cool, but the gameplay is relatively simplistic, with only a few modes to keep you occupied.

Many of the "modes" are comprised of hitting some dangerous stand-ups or an even more dangerous magnet shot. Yes, you can (and should) bash the Iron Monger on the sides to avoid the magnet, but when it comes to Whiplash, you don't really have a choice, and that can lead to some disastrous drains that are no fault of your own. That sort of single-ball randomness tends to negate skill and rely instead upon dumb luck.

The design also feels cheap, with some wimpy action figures and completely plastic ramps. An upper flipper shot would have made this a bit more fun.

I enjoy playing Iron Man when it's on location, but I don't think I will be adding one to my collection anytime soon.
7 years ago
Just got the Vault. Played both, and wow they did a great job. Factory LED's are best yet. I thought X-men had great led's but this is better. Love Iron man fast pinball play the way i like it. Want a fast game and fun here you go!
7 years ago
I have always been attracted to Iron Man just on theme alone, yet I never had a chance to obtain one until recently when I got a Vault Edition (IMVE). Now that I have had a chance to play the IMVE a bit I can see why so many people like the game as it is very fast, plays smoothly, and has excellent, integrated sounds from the movies. To this I happen to have the shaker motor installed and, together with the sound/light package, really is a great game! I will miss the pin I traded IMVE for, yet I do not regret getting IMVE!
7 years ago
Fast and Furious... and Unforgiving (especially when playing with wide-open outlanes for tournament mode).

There is no equivalent to Iron Man...
You need an adrenaline fix? Here is the answer.
You have only 2 minutes to play before leaving for work? IM will eat you alive in less than that.
Cool music and call outs

A game I do not own, but I am fortunate enough to have one at home for a few days.

Edit: I am no longer sure about lastabiity. Seems shallow and repetitive after a while.
7 years ago
Challenging and fun, but a shallow rule set. Great theme and sounds. Lighting is top notch. Love the outside orbits are fast and short. War Machine kickback is a total rush, especially after a trip behind the shed.

Relentless machine, ball is constantly moving. Can't really tuck the ball somewhere to slow it down a bit. True meaning of "just one more game" type of play. It's beauty is in the simplicity of the game. I do finding myself wanting more.
7 years ago
I am rating my Vault Edition. Lightning is great. Cabinet has a really cool metallic gloss. Its a pretty quick pin. The theme is great. The animations are not crystal clear but they do the job. Overall very happy with it!
7 years ago
One of my favorites!!! I love Iron man! I love the pin!
I love those 2 ramp shots and the 2 magnets! And of course I love the Iron monger toy!
If you like fast and merciless pinball machines and of course the theme than this is the way to go!
7 years ago
One of those games I wish I had bought early on before its got hot. A speed game for sure. I am thinking of upgrading the flipper coils to get a little more. Call outs are varied and you constantly at random times get ones you did not hear before.
7 years ago
Love to pump quarters into this one. It is fast and challenging. Nice fan layout with long tight shots.

That being said I don't think I would ever own one. There are just way better and deeper games for the price..
7 years ago
Brutal, fun, and keeps you coming back for more. One of the best two flipper Borg games. Fast and flowing shots (when you make them); punishing returns if you miss. This game is worth owning because it is not only fun, but will make you a much better player.
7 years ago
This game is a bitch! In a good way. Definitely want to play it more and explore its mysteries. It kicked my buns quite a bit at Lyons; but it's the good kind of kick.
There are 297 ratings (that include a comment) on this game. Currently showing results page 5 of 12.

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