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Game Design: 8.215

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Sounds/Music: 7.9

Other Aspects: 8.385

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This is "Iron Man".
The other versions are: Iron Man Classic, Iron Man (Pro Vault Edition)

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6 years ago
Supersonic game...
6 years ago
This game's pretty fun -- I mean, it's not nearly as good as X-Men in my opinion, but it's still a very fun machine.
6 years ago
Iron Man is quick, high-power game that features great toys and challenging gameplay. One of the things that drives me crazy about certain game designs (AFM, Spider-Man, many others) is that they have center playfield shots that almost always end up in a SDTM rebound. Iron Man fixes that by having its raised center target (Iron Man MONGER toy) have a magnet in front of it. When the ball hits the toy, the magnet randomizes the return of the ball. This changes a risky and often frustrating shot in to a thrilling and fun shot.

The game play is quick, but the ball doesn't drain quickly. The MONGER multiball is easy to activate, and what's more fun than one rapidly moving pinball? Three rapidly moving pinballs!

I'd like to have an Iron Man in my collection - definitely play Iron Man on location when the opportunity arises.
6 years ago
Fast and aggressive, Iron Man is a real unassuming game. It may look like it hasn't much to offer but once you get going on this table it's hard to walk away from.
6 years ago
The layout is ok, but very prone to draining. Several modes, but can be challenging to complete because of how frequently the game drains. A good game to play with a group of friends since ball times can be shorter than most games.
6 years ago
Very fun and fast game, hard and mean but in a good way, I could see getting tired of it. But for now, having a blast :)
6 years ago
I love this pinball. This is absolutely a keeper at my home. Its fast and fun to play over and over. Looks great and is a crowd favorite.
6 years ago
I play this game in a local tournament, hated it at first because it was a total ass kicker, but as time as gone on I like it more an more, its a total adrenalin rush from the moment the ball gets plunged into play, the ramps are nice an smooth, there is a fair few features on this game which make it stand out like the war machine kickback in the middle of the playfield, whiplash magnet is very random and obviously the monger , in my opinion the monger pops up a little to much taking away the novelty of it, but when his up his great to bash, this machine is multiball madness an your on your toes the whole time. you cant go wrong with this game, it truly is a rush!!!!!!
6 years ago
I have had this game for around 8 months now and play it almost daily!! It is just fantastic. I used to be a huge BW fan and this game makes the BW games look like clunky old turds. It is fast and furious and engaging.

The layout is so fantastic - the ramps and orbits are buttery smooth with nice tight shots and really punish low accuracy
The rules are very simple and any average player can start trying to turn out huge scores almost immediately
I have the VE and initially I wasn't a big fan of the super bright LEDs in the GI, but over time I"ve grown to love them and it makes every other game looks yellow and garish
I enjoy the one ball exponential points from achieving do or die. These rules remind me of a throwback to games like Taxi where you had one ball to achieve it all
Stackability of the whiplash and war machine multi balls is great as well as the iron man fast/double scoring
The music is so intense and the callouts are from the actual actors
So much more

My only qualm is that I think the iron monger comes up much too frequently

Overall I see myself keeping this game for along time.
6 years ago
WOW Iron Man Vault edition....may be what I have searched for - a KEEPER!

I love fast games and this one is fast. Very similar in game play to Metallica if you ask me, with a fan layout starting various stackable multiballs. I love the ramps and the bogey sequence; the whiplash is a cool boss/toy and of course, the Iron Monger. On the Vault Edition, the unique backbox is stunning and the 3D side art is incredible. I have added figures to mine with a shaker, etc.

Audio is top notch. The roar of the jets never gets old. I enjoy the "Spiderman" - movie feel to the animations, also similar to Tron. If you are a fan of the IM movies...forget about it!

I like Stern; they make good games (despite the correct complaints from many about delayed code) and I think Iron Man is one of, if not their best. Play it!!
6 years ago
A tough game but yet fun to play. The VE with LED lighting is an improvement on previous versions.
6 years ago
Iron man though "basic" looking packs a hell of a rule sheet

3 balls sound good until - 1 - 2 now your all alone on 3 with Jericho in your sights

the pressure cooks every orbit you make when you finally light that center spinner you hear your heart pounding in a sudden death like scenario

do you have what it takes

think that was tough

get all your characters completed on 1 ball for "Do OR Die"

that's what separate skill from batting the ball around
6 years ago
One of the best, "just one more time" games. Like the short ball times and challenge.
6 years ago
Super fast and brutally furious, very, very difficult to attain super high scores on but super addicting. Plenty of ways to strategize the rather simple ruleset to get maximum points. One of my favorite Stern games.
6 years ago
This is old school gameplay in a modern format. It has really satisfying shots and I love the challenge of achieving all the objectives in one ball. Cool theme, art and dots. My current fave.

[UPDATE] I've owned this for two weeks now and I love this game. It has the simplicity of a game from the 80's and 90s, yet great depth in the ruleset (v1.83). While the playfield looks quite simple, it has 12 different shots plus the Iron Monger that rises up out of the playfield plus the 7 Iron Man stand up targets - 20 shots in all. People say the game is tough, but if you set the outlane posts to narrow 10-15 minute games are the norm. The four settings on the outlane posts give you plenty of control over the game difficulty.

The sound effects are awesome, there are great callouts from the movie, and the missile sound effects during the Jericho wizard mode are incredible, I think I'll be getting a speaker upgrade and sub just for Jericho. Do or Die wizard mode adds further depth to the game. I haven't worked out what to do to get Do or Die multiball yet, I'm looking forward to this. There is also double scoring somewhere in there, too, which obviously ideally should be stacked with some of the big payoff features. So the gameplay is not as thin as some suggest. Before I bought this I did a lot of research with owners past and present. They love the game, and most that parted with Iron Man regret the sale, some have bought it back.

The art package is great on the PF, translite and cabinet and really emphasises the Iron Man theme. I have not been this excited about a title since AC/DC.
6 years ago
dont have this one yet, but would be happy to add it to the collection
6 years ago
Just purchased the IM (VE). Really like this pin. Fast action, lots of meltable, strong fidelity to the theme; a solid pin.
6 years ago
Love this game. Will acquire one soon. Excited at the chance to own it.

Only one word to sum up this game: FAST!


you will find yourself wanting just one more chance. EVERY TIME!
6 years ago
Really hard game...but a whole lotta fun! Feels a lot like a vicious system 11 game, somewhat like Whirlwind, which happens to be one of my favorite pins ever. Games are VERY short; it's not uncommon for them to be over inside of 90 seconds. But when you get a good game going, it's so rewarding. My be my favorite Stern pin ever, just awesome.
6 years ago
I just couldn't get into this pin. Maybe it was the short ball times, but this game will kick your ass. It was a fun pin to play, but I don't miss it.
6 years ago
Fast , addictive and cool game . Perfect game for short play before go to work .
Cool sounds . Monger is fun to bash . Push start again and again !!
Playfield is same to Metallica but not same gameplay
6 years ago
I will repeat this in many of my ratings but I'm an old school EM guy and the complexity of the rule set in newer machines makes or breaks it for me. I played Iron Man on-route and I fell in love with on the first play. Not only that but it kept me coming back for more, definitely a pin I would own it.
6 years ago
I have been able to play this at several locations after discovering at the Expo. I bought it IM VE and really enjoy this game. Maybe it's the magnets but everyone that comes over this is the pin they choose to play.

I love the layout and the game and play is unique to what I have. It takes awhile to remember there isn't a third upper flipper.
6 years ago
Not a bad pin but got boring real fast for me.
6 years ago
I have the vault Edition, It is a tough game that can piss you off put keeps you coming back for more punishment.
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