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Game Design: 8.215

Artwork: 7.737

Sounds/Music: 7.9

Other Aspects: 8.385

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This is "Iron Man".
The other versions are: Iron Man Classic, Iron Man (Pro Vault Edition)

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5 years ago
Not a deep rule set but perfect for this brutal game. Fun to play whether its a quick game or a long one, but really satisfying when you do get it right and rack up the points
5 years ago
I keep coming back for more. Addicting gameplay. Not one of the all-time greats, but it has staying power in a way that most of the Stern titles do not.
5 years ago
Very fun and challenging game. Great music. Game times can be short, but you will want to push the start button again. Game has a sparse layout, but you never lose the bad.
5 years ago
Fast and furious. Game can be brutal but that's what I love about it. Has that one more game feel to it.
5 years ago
Simply put. Ironman is fast and furious, challenging and adrenaline pumping. keeps Ya coming back for more.
5 years ago
If speed is your thing then this is your game. Tricky ramps, hard to hit crucial shots, and toys that will drain you if you're not careful. The gameplay fits the theme perfectly. The playfield art is very simple and photo-shoppy. However, the game is fun to play and has that one more game feel. If you get a high score on Iron Man you have earned it (and definitely have advanced nudging skills). Great game for a medium to large collection.
5 years ago
One of the best and funest machines ever built
5 years ago
Just got an IM Pro with a brand new PF installed and holy sweet baby Jesus..........

This pin is an ass kicker! And it has a one more game factor that I have never known before. I can't stop playing it and even though it seems like it should be easy, it's always a challenge.

Ill update the review after a while but for now, I love it.
5 years ago
Game may seem simple, but super high on the fun factor. Lots of strategy in stacking and just brutal gameplay. Enjoy the music and callouts. Had the one more time factor for sure.
5 years ago
This game is a blast. One of my favorite Sterns. One of the best use of magnets in pinball. Licensing that doesn't feel forced, but integrated well and fitting to the theme. Deep ruleset, but not intimidating. I want one...

Edit: more plays led to some boredom just not enough to do. It's a good change of pace game
5 years ago
I wasn't sure what to think of this game at first. I really enjoyed playing and it just kept pulling me back in for more punishment. What's fun about this game is the excitement level. Simplicity while extremely challenging at the same time. I don't think any of the games in my collection provide the amount of adrenalin that this game can consistantly create. I do consider this game to be a veritable pinball trainer. A great addition to any pinball collection.
5 years ago
A great looking pin. Brutal outlanes. A good pin for a really good player.
5 years ago
very fun fast and smooth,i like the bash munger thats pops up from under the play field,nice lights,jerihco mode is sweet,
great game, it does have a play it again feel to me..although i have only played about 30 or more times i jus dnt get enough pinball play in my life, i have a family...and its 10 miles to one on location, bummer... looking to put more time on this one... great play...not sure on keeper yet,re edit in the future
5 years ago
Usually I prefer more complex games such as Star Trek (2013), but Iron Man is fun for how simple it is

- Playfield is very satisfying (especially war machine "ball teleporter). Fast and furious with good flow. The ball only stops when you hit the pin in the orbit (which isn't always up).
- Shooting the edges of the war machine is safer, making this shot much more skillful than it initially appears.
- All multiballs are achievable.
- Stackable multiballs.

- War machine popping up in the middle of the playfield kind of ruins the layout (yes it's both a pro and a con :P).
- High scoring is heavily tilted towards one single good ball. Luckily this only affects the very top games.
- 35m point hurryup (a super jackpot is 3m). It's satisfying to hit but almost always it makes you feel terrible instead.
- Simple rules. Really needs one more feature like Metallica's hurryups or Star Trek's warp ramp or away team.
- Normally I don't care about art that much, but this game has the worst video-to-DMD art I've ever seen. It's offensively bad.
5 years ago
Iron Man, one of Stern's Vault Edition re-release games. Is it a great game? Well, when the game is made more than once, there's a reason why. Let's dive right in.

Keep in mind I am reviewing a IMVE build date Aug 2015. I am NOT reviewing the original from 2010.

The game has a very solid presentation overall. Playfield looks the part and is bare while having a lot going on if that makes any sense. No real toys to shoot for until Iron Monger comes out from underneath the playfield, but hey, that is totally ok. This is a game where "less is more", and it executes that pinciple very well.

Light shows are very well done. ColorDMD in this game, as with any ColorDMD game, is an absolute must. The animations look so good with a ColorDMD. Heck, some of them I never even could really make out until color was added.

Incredible flow on this game, nearly no down time until Iron Monger emerges. Orbitals can get going super fast, and if you nail the orbitals 3 times or more, you'll know what I am talking about. Ramps are relatively easy to hit and are very satisfying to hit in combo shots.

Modes are good, some can be very annoying. 10 drones seem like a lot to hit to achieve WarMachine MB. Some modes can be stacked, and you can get some big points going quickly.

The difficulty on this one is high. Some would say it is Stern's BSD, and I 100% agree with that. If you do not nudge or learn to shake a machine to get ball control, you will have some very low ball times. This game can be vicious even on factory settings. Nudge or prepare to feel defeated quickly.

Overall, a solid "less is more" game. It is a solid addition to a small or large collection, and the theme is one most will gravitate to immediately. Jericho is a solid mini-wizard mode. DoD Multiball is next to impossible, but hey, if you want a large challenge that is definitely it. Overall, well done, Stern!
5 years ago
Excellent machine. Fast and fun...has a real go again factor to it. Hard to walk away from lol.
5 years ago
Game is quick, brutal and makes you wanting more.
5 years ago
Just an adrenalin ride. This game can kick you arse in minutes but has that one more game factor. Get a good game going and its palm sweating excitement. Love it more than Tron or lamp.
5 years ago
Thought I loved this game and even considered owning but my local arcade has a good knick vault and so no real need. The more I play the game this less appeal it has as a keeper. Great to jump in every now and then and if you had a big collection why not. However as far as buying a NIB or spending $6000, there are so many other options out there that would provide a much better longterm investment.

The Iron Monger is a great bash tool no doubt and multi ball is always a blast to get. However the rest of the play field seems kinda of flat. The ramps just don't feature enough in the game.
5 years ago
Cheesy game, hard ramps. The magnet was the only cool thing. Cheesy pop up manger
5 years ago
I love this game! I mean I hate this freaking game! The flow and speed are out of this world. But it's brutal in that it drains quickly if you're not careful. It certainly hooks me into that "just one more game -it ripped me off with that drain" syndrome. I'd love to buy one but I'm afraid that I'd smash it after it just brutalizes me over and over again. I finally got G.C. on a V.E. on location today after trying for two weeks and it made my day!
Update - I just ordered one. I'm weak. But oh so happy!
6 years ago
Not a fan of Stern games, but as far as Stern games go, this one takes the cake for me. Simple fan layout with plenty to shoot at. No playfield clutter or wasted space. Absolutely love Iron Monger multiball--fantastic toy. Great immersive music and sounds. A shame the dot matrix animations were movie clips instead of actual animations, a la X-Men and Avengers. This is a game Stern got right.
6 years ago
Fast and Furious!!! So brutal, but SOOOOOO satisfying when you have a great game!!! Keeps me coming back for "just one more game"!!!!!
6 years ago
I had the please playing this gem on a recent visit to Chicago. Not too many toys clutter up the playfield and a nice layout makes for very fast ball movement that trains your reflexes. There are plenty of difficult shots and stuff to keep you entertained. Too bad I don't have that machine anywhere in my n'hood.
I would call this game underrated because it suits my style of play. Good flow, non-stop fast and furious fun.
6 years ago
Some people really love it but I found the playfield somewhat barren and very short ball times. Was thinking of buying one because really like the theme but just found it to be work than fun.
There are 297 ratings (that include a comment) on this game. Currently showing results page 3 of 12.

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