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Game Design: 8.21

Artwork: 7.732

Sounds/Music: 7.904

Other Aspects: 8.38

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This is "Iron Man".
The other versions are: Iron Man Classic, Iron Man (Pro Vault Edition)

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10 years ago
loved it. The overall aesthetics of the game and the music draws in my visitors, second only to Spiderman. The lack of a broader variety of toys stops it from being a top five, but definitely a fun, grabbing game. Great kick back, gotta stay on your toes.
10 years ago
I initially hated this game, as it is really not a... forgiving machine. If you don't know how to handle the Iron Monger, you will get completely owned by this machine, and it won't be fun. Once you get the hang of the machine, it's a top notch table. Fast, very challenging gameplay. Ruleset isn't very deep, but it's appropriate for the table.

The renderings of animations from movie into DMD display look like crap. There isn't enough contrast to see what the hell is going on in the animation. DMD's have limited contrast, and they need to eliminate most of the background in order to make it clear what's being shown.

If (when) I own one of these, the first thing i'm gonna do is work over the under-PF lighting - lighting:
We have 3 Iron Monger inserts - but only 1 has a flasher (solution - add 2 more flashers - probably would need to be LEDs).
The light from the warmachine flasher is plainly visible through the left ramp inserts. Needs a light baffle between them under the playfield.
10 years ago
I am starting to like this more and more.
10 years ago
Ironman was good, but just didn't hit the homerun with me. It did't reall keep me engaged after playing a handful of times. The big robotic toy ended up not being too much of a big deal to me. meh.
10 years ago
Brutal on the drains and center war machine shot. I plan on playing a lot more to try to advance. The dmd looks bad at times.
10 years ago
Flipper very bad, very bad audio and monotonous, one of the worst ever produced in recent years.
10 years ago
Well implementation of the theme, into game play.
Fast and furious fun!
Some of the best music, audio and animations on a game to date.
If you are buying this game, put a shaker in it, feels like you are going to battle with the bad guys!
Not a very deep rule set, so for some of the more hard core guys it might fall a little short in that respect, but with the fan layout, magnets throwing the balls everywhere, war machine shooting at ya, iron monger, whiplash, hard rock edgy tracks and top of the line animations and plenty of quotes from the shows, this game will be around for some time in my collection.
10 years ago
this is one of the fastest, most challenging sterns to play. war machine kickback will make you love/hate this game for sure. great flow with ramps, great depth, geat toys.
10 years ago
Flat out fast, difficult, and unforgiving. But in a good way. This is a rather simple game that wraps you up in the challenge. If you rack up a good score on this machine, you've earned it. The right strategy and stacking will pay off.

The double ramp combos are great. The War Machine kickback is furious, and the magnets keep you on your toes by adding randomness and brutality. The Iron Monger toy isn't anything spectacular, but it isn't bad and works well in its respective mode.

The overall artwork is very nice, a nice looking machine. Dots are pretty well done with good animations for the modes.

The music is what really takes this game over the top. Probably the best soundtrack I've come across in a pin.

Yes, Stern has started to cut corners to save costs, but from a gameplay and rules perspective I don't think this game suffers. Sure, I'd like to have playfield support rails, full side armor, a metal apron, and maybe some more eye candy, but that wouldn't make the game play better. I think it has gotten unfairly criticized because of cost cutting. The game itself is solid.
10 years ago
Wow talk about a game that is shallow but can kick your **s. It may not have all the toy & gimmicks of past pins but talk about a game that makes you work up a sweat while playing!!! Give me this over LOTR anyday.
10 years ago
IM plays fast and fun, but the playfield just looks too sparse. My preference would be for more toys, but the magnet etc. that are there, are well implemented. Theme, art, and sound are all great.
10 years ago
Great game.Not as well built as Spiderman.Challenging,fast and fun with short ball times.
10 years ago
The only game that can really blow your face right off. It's simple, and the rules aren't very deep, but it really does fight you back. It's a glorious challenge that I gladly accept every time I see it.

UPDATE: many more years, love this game more than ever. Probably my favorite Stern machine of all time. A true ass kicker, I LOVE IT!

Top 3 pin for me (only I can't apply a n/a to the art package, and I refuse to lie and say that part is good based on how much I love to play the game otherwise). Perfect game, bad art. This is definitely my favorite Stern game (lackluster art package aside). Could we get another vault? With some actual comic book style hand drawn art a la Spiderman please? I would lose my mind to get one of those!
10 years ago
The robot in the middle of the Playfield is very funny to shoot with de ball when up.
10 years ago
Marks based on one afternoons play-very impressive and challenging. Love the toy and dots.
May update later
10 years ago
Design of the game makes it hard to send the ball up the ramps, so your experience in an arcade might be that the flippers need to be stronger, As with most new stern games the sound system is awesome and art work is cool, but the rule set is shallow and it quickly becomes boring for the pinball enthusiast, IMHO.
10 years ago
Just O.K. to play a few times then it gets old. Gameplay just doesn't feel like a williams/bally pin.
10 years ago
Almost impossibly fast.
10 years ago
IM is a great fit for a few fun, quick games. It's certainly challenging to conquer but any player can jump in and have a good time. There are plenty of different multiballs, quick flow, and the Iron Monger toy is just too cool coming out of the middle of the playfield. Magnets, magnets, magnets.
10 years ago
Fast pin has a lot of unpredictability to it with magnets and pop up. IMO to many of these elements result in quick drains which kills the fun for me a little. Perhaps if a few items were laid out a bit differently this could have limited that. Still a fun pin but I wish a few things were done different to take it over the top.
10 years ago
I like the theme and it's a fun game to play for a while but, leaves me wanting more after a couple of games. A good one to play at the bar/arcade but would not last long as a home machine IMO. The shots just felt very repetitive to me. On a good note the toys are cool and the back glass is attractive. I'll still enjoy playing it from time to time at the local pinball pub but, I wouldn't buy it for myself.
10 years ago
When it comes to Pinball, I have a rather clean slate. Despite being 30, I'm new to it, and therefore nostalgia for certain types of games, or, the preconceived idea of what a good game is, doesn't creep in. With that being said, I love Stern's Iron Man.

I took a chance and bought the game NIB. Let me tell you, I'm even more impressed than I thought I would be. I've played the top ten pinball games and I can tell you this game has the best sound of any that I've come across. Simply amazing. I love the simple back glass design and it's the best I've seen.

As some reviewers have already mentioned, this is an intense game. This is a pinball game, maybe the only one, that really fights you back. The dot matrix looks great, but you won't be able to peel your eyes up to even see it given the speed of this game.

It lacks in deep rules, but makes up for it with intensity. I would have liked to see a bit more humor. Don't be surprised when this machine makes the top 20.
10 years ago
I played IM and Avatar in the same arcade and so it was easy to compare with each other. The artwork is great but the playfield was lacking quality. The main toy is fun and so is the magnet. The theme works very well but for me, once I had finished 6 games, I had had enough. Again, a lack of humour and engagement becomes apparent. It did not make me smile or want to play it again. Very disappointing as I want to like these games. In the current economic environment it is difficult to see how Stern are going to produce and design a machine that has the 'wow' factor.
Edit. Update. Well I played it again for longer and wow, so addictive. Yes, it looks a bit cheap and there are things I don't like. However, the way the magnets throw the ball around and the crazy intensity makes me want to buy this pin.
The rules on this game are perfection. Always feel so close and yet so far away. My favorite Stern. Prefer to ACDC Premium.
10 years ago
Most of my family isn't into Pinball machines and could care less about deep rule sets like I have with my LOTR and SPP machines. In fact my 7 and 12 year old son just want a game that's fun. Iron Man absolutely delivers as an excellent theme and music and easy to understand. Quick play and action make this an exciting game.

Probably the best DM display of any Stern game to date.
10 years ago
Yes, this new Stern game doesn't have the "full" playfield of a Lord of the Rings, Simpson's Pinball Party, etc. but don't let that fool you. This game still rocks! Recommend the shaker motor and subwoofer upgrades too which really add to the experience!
There are 297 ratings (that include a comment) on this game. Currently showing results page 11 of 12.

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