Iron Man

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Game Design: 8.146

Artwork: 7.688

Sounds/Music: 7.866

Other Aspects: 8.322

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There are 309 ratings (that include a comment) on this game.
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13 days ago
Iron Man is one of the most challenging games I've ever played.

The game has one of John Borg's best layouts, the shots are very satisfying to make and it truly feels like battling the villains. The Iron Monger is the highlight of the game and always fun to hit. The ramps are a lot of fun as well. The only real downside of the layout is that the Iron Monger obscures the left ramp, so whenever you start Bogey that shot will be blocked.

The gamecode is not that innovative but it is alright for what is essentially a "bash-pin". At least there are plenty of multiballs within the game. I don't know why but I've always loved the Whiplash multiball.

The playfield artwork is mediocre just like the movie scenes they used as animations. But the backglass and cabinet are looking quite good in my opinion.

For me this game is very replayable because of the difficulty of the game itself. I tend to get bored with the most games that have majorly "safe shots", this game requires you to make dangerous shots and I love it for it. But I get other players that are just frustrated by this, they won't like this game.

Overall this is a very difficult game with a good layout and very nice multiballs but it will not be entertaining to everybody.
5 months ago
Brutally fast and fun machine. Great on location, but I'm not sure it would last in my basement. Not a huge fan of the rules.
11 months ago
Game has a limited ruleset and after several games can become very repetitive quickly. I also found the game to be very dark and could benefit from aftermarket lighting.
11 months ago
It is a good redition of iron man the pinball game but it just a bit repetitive. You can make great shots and everything works wel but it is no fun achter a few plays any more. Love the theme but the ruleset is just not for me.
11 months ago
This game plays like a true Iron Man battle. Fast, powerful, and with style! I just rebuilt the flippers, and it shoots like a dream. Ramps are really fun to combo, and the rules require you to shoot nearly everything on the playfield (something I really like). Sound and music are also worthy of praise, with great theme integration and tunes that immerse you into the game. Add a shaker and subwoofer to this game, and it's next level fun.
1 year ago
I've given this one quite a few opportunities to change my first impression, but I find this game to be pretty vanilla and not deserving of the top 100. The only gimmick that I enjoyed was Obadiah Stane rising out of the playing field. This game honestly feels like a faster ol' golden age pin with a couple $5 action figures on it. Stern has some good machines; however, sometimes they just spit something out with almost zero creativity like this one.
1 year ago
Played at Pinball Republic and the newly-opened Medway Pinball Club.

I've been recommended this pin by several different people as it scratches a similar itch to Fish Tales. It is a fast and furious pin, which is reassuringly difficult. Shooting Whiplash is exciting and War Monger is also satisfying fun.

The problem, for me, with this pin is the terrible graphic design. The artwork looks like it was designed in MS Paint and the toys on the playfield have that cheap plastic look like they came in a kid's cracker. The whole thing is aesthetically terrible and not something I'd want in my front room (where I keep my pins). Superficial, I know, but the artwork on some early 2000 Stern pins is worse than on the much-derided 1980s Premier Gottliebs (I quite like the Premier Gottlieb art).
1 year ago
It’s fast it’s hard it’s a great tournament game but other than that, no thanks. I’d never consider owning this in a collection of under 15 games but I’m also not a big marvel guy. I also wish that these Marvel pins had artwork from the bronze era. Would have been so much cooler across the board. Instead we get this crummy photoshop Hollywood bore fest art package. I’ve seen candy wrappers with better graphic design.
1 year ago
I had an iron man with some cool mods and a shaker motor and I enjoyed it a lot, but it's too hard and too fast. It did keep you coming back for more, but was a little annoying. I was tempted to make it easier by altering settings, but I thought that would just be cheating and weaken my game so I traded it instead.
1 year ago
I'm not a Marvel fan.
Really easy to obtain the Multiball and to earn a free play.
1 year ago
My wife’s favorite. Not allowed to sell.
2 years ago
A solid shooter, and what I first cut my teeth into when first playing pinball on location. The rules are easy to understand. This game isn't deep, the difficulty comes in the speed and brutality of the layout - my favorite kind of pinball. It keeps me coming back again, and again.

Easy to understand rules
Buttery smooth ramps
Leaves you wanting to play one more game

Artwork is workman-like, but works well enough
2 years ago
I just don't connect with this pin and think it's overrated. I'm a fan of the movies and the MCU but the layout just doesn't fit me. The Iron Monger is a boring bash toy and the layout just doesn't have any flow to me with clunky shots. The audio and lightshow is fairly unremarkable to me. I can see why this theme would do well on location but it's not a pin I would own at home.
2 years ago
This game is so freaking brutal which is why I hate it on location (it beats my arse) but LOVE it at shows when I have no money to lose. As a huge fan of the MCU the theme is spot on for me and the sheer difficulty of the game is what keeps me coming back.
2 years ago
Pretty standard Stern superhero game. Nothing makes it stand out. Clear ramps wear to less than transparent. Back glass might be it’s only highlight.
3 years ago
I bought an Iron Man based on theme (big fan) and Pinside ratings. I didn’t have any chance to play it before the day I picked it up in a trade.

I am underwhelmed. I don’t really have any major complaints, but nothing really seems to stand out for me. Nothing.

Pros: iron monger is a cool bash toy...but that’s all it is, game flow and speed make gameplay intense, some cool aftermarket sound packages are readily available, the “one ball game” rule set makes this unique (At least to my collection).

Cons: Nothing specific other than no real “wow factor”, playfield seems a bit too “open”, not too much to shoot at.

I guess pinball is often a matter of personal taste. This is a good machine, but I just don’t understand the rabid following it seems to have. Maybe part of my disappointment is due to all the hype.

Review Update: After I decided to list my iron Man for sale, I decided to get in a few more plays before it left the rotation. I will say this for the has one heckuva 'just one more game' draw to it. I can't put my finger on why exactly...but I often find myself playing game after game after game on this one. I updated my rating slightly in accordance.
3 years ago
Wow this game is hard. And that makes it not fun. Again, I was pumped to play it. But, it's so damn hard it just isn't fun to play. Wow it sucked. Maybe if you sit on it and really get into it. But in a public lineup, arcade style ... I'll NEVER go to this machine. Nope.
3 years ago
Fun game but tough (which I love).

Fine tune your nudging skills or you will have short ball times.
3 years ago
amazing pinball
4 years ago
Enjoy playing this pin. Magnet effects make play unpredictable, but also interesting. I wouldn't own it because there are other pins that I enjoy more, but definitely a good game.
4 years ago
This is another one I file under the "I don't get the popularity", albeit I haven't spent hours and hours on it. Probably played 20 games on the freebie night at my arcade. My thoughts: Like someone else mentioned the toys on this I find look cheap and uninspiring. Art and music are average. I would have thought this game was much older had I not looked it up and seen it was 2010. I don't find it all that fun. Also the machine I play on the magnet throws it straight down the middle probably 1/3 times - to me that's a non starter for something I want to pay for or own.

Although there are some pros for sure, I like the Iron man toy that rises (cheapness look aside it's cool when he comes up) in the middle, for instance, I just don't find it "excellent" by any means. There's some fun to be had but there's so many better stern titles from the same era imo.

I find it very average overall and don't get the hype at all
4 years ago
Intense game with a rather strong one-more-time quality to each play. Even so this high speed and actionpacked game doesnt quite grab me by neck and demand my interest like some other Stern titles in the similiar vein; like X-men or the masterpiece Spiderman who hit the market three years prior to Iron Man.

I'm not sure if I approached this one with the wrong mindset, but somehow the whole package around scoring, goals and animations felt a little underwhelming with Iron Man. On a positive note; lighting and the way the playfield is being used and populated ranks high in my book - with the Iron Monger bash toy as a prime example. Regarding backglass and cabinet art this is rather average as opposed to the spectacular style with X-men for instance. The one big gripe I have with Iron Man however is the sound. For some reason that tension-building, action-sequence-esque riffing could have been much more effective if better mixed with some other musical elements during play.

A decent game, but nowhere near Spidey or X-men.
4 years ago
Can't count how many times the Iron Monger magnet threw the ball directly down the middle drain. Things like that make this game a complete gamble and nearly impossible to get better at, if it just ends suddenly through no fault of your own.
4 years ago
I love this game. Play super fast and has a lot of satisfying ramp shots. My only major complaint is some of the wear you can get around the magnets, but that might just be because the one I own was on routed before I got it. Always challenging and good bash item in the middle of the playfield
4 years ago
I feel that this game could be a bit better. The figures on the playfield look like the lame action figures I could buy in the Walmart toy aisle. I loved the movie, so I had high hopes, but it fell short of my expectations. This game is pretty darn difficult in ways, which keeps me intrigued, so that counts for something. I will always continue to play it on location in hope that I can break through and rattle off an excellent score, so maybe it will grow on me.
There are 309 ratings (that include a comment) on this game. Currently showing results page 1 of 13.

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