Iron Man (Pro Vault Edition)

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Game Design: 8.36

Artwork: 7.816

Sounds/Music: 8.118

Other Aspects: 8.564

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Note! There are multiple versions of this game!
This is "Iron Man (Pro Vault Edition)".
The other versions are: Iron Man (regular version), Iron Man Classic

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3 years ago
IM is a game that keep you pressing the start button over and over again. The depth of rules is a perfect match for how brutal this machine can be. Jericho is do-able, Do or Die Hurry Up is an order of magnitude harder, Do or Die Multiball is several orders of magnitude harder than the hurry up. It's right up there with Valinor it terms of difficulty to reach. The dots are the weak spot. If this game was made today on Spike 2 with the LCD and video like GotG it would challenge for a top 10 spot. Shaker motor integration is some of the best around and the soundtrack with a sub is insane. I don't see this one leaving my collection anytime soon if ever. IM is another great example for Stern to really step up their VE game. Imagine this game with an LCD and true clips like GotG. Same goes for Tron, LotRs, etc... All these games would be epic VEs with LCD integration.
3 years ago
Good and challenging game.
Rules are simple but not very deep, that is my complain.
Hard to reach the wizard mode, very hard.
3 years ago
Too many short games and only one ball to finish the game. Why? I don't mind a challenging game but I think this game is not a keeper for me.

Magnetic use of the ball is fun and loved the movies but they could have done a better job giving the game more playability.
3 years ago
Got to put a lot of plays on one of these in one setting not too long ago and felt had enough info for a review. I really like this game. It's fast and plays like a single level game, yet has ramps. Really feels like an old school game with upgrades (magnets, ramps, bash toy, diverters, etc). The music is good and the theme is fun for a comic book and movie guy like me. The callouts are spot on as Jarvis. I'd like to own one today.

Edit: I finally got one! I found myself always playing this at a show or location. At home, it doesn't disappoint. I got an original vault with the shiny decals and they are great. I love the one ball style where Jericho and/or Do or die are always within reach. This is now my goto fast game machine. Added the shaker and wow! Loving it.
3 years ago
Like a lot of newer pins, not as many mechanical things as I would like however a blast to play with great theme art the whole package. A lot of replayability in this one.
3 years ago
Game is OK but doesn't belong in the top 50... Stern has done cheap job on using movie clips within the animations that make that look very bad. Rules, suck ... you have to finish game on a single ball (I hate that). Flow of the game is fun, but not recommended for home collection unless you have a large collection.
3 years ago
Brutal game, just keeps you coming back for more! One of the most difficult games out there. Fast, fun and simple. Something for everyone!
3 years ago
this game is a blast but brutal.. so many short games. got have a short game in a collection and it has that one more game feel since they are short
3 years ago
I really like Iron Man although I don't think I could own it. It's a fast, exciting thrill ride but I only want to ride so many times before moving on as it gets a little repetitive and affects the variation and lastability negatively. Some of the animations were on par with other SAM games but realistically don't hold up well compared to more recent games with LCDs. For sheer short-term fun, this game does rank highly for me but I wouldn't buy it for my smaller collection.
3 years ago
I wanted to really love this game. Played it a bunch at a friend's house thinking I was going to buy it from him. Needless to say, I can easily see why he was trying to get rid of it.

The game is fast, but has very little if any depth. The artwork and toys are fairly chintzy. The rules are shallow. And the overall quality of the machine (right down to the plastic ramps) are less than what I am used to in other higher end machines on the market. This is a newer pin, but the animations and DMD screens feel very outdated. The whole machine plays like Stern had some great concepts going for it, but in the pursuit to save money really decided to cut corners in the quality of the entire machine.

And, when I say the entire machine, I mean the ENTIRE machine. Everything feels very "mass production quality." Which is really sad because I think the overall theme and layout is good, just very low quality when mass produced.

Conclusion: I think the game has a good theme and certain fun factor going for it, but it is just too low quality to be considered a top 100 pin in my opinion. The whole machine screams "cost reduction" and "chintz." I would have loved to have played and original pre-production prototype because I think the overall layout of the game is good, but it fails as a final product.

The code is also horrible by the way, even for a game with little depth.
4 years ago
No doubt one of the worst pinballs ever produced, bad design, bad music and game I think is unsatisfactory
4 years ago
Boy, what a rush!, IMVE proves that too much piled into a game pales compared a slick design, blazing fan layout and sweet shots. This game will fight you back and punish slop. Prefer The vault with a few cab updates. The DMD animations still ok, but good value Stern overall. IMVE hits the sweet spot and while not best at home solo, would complement a deeper rule set partner in a collection. Real talented gentlemen behind this one.
Great game in a competition setting.
4 years ago
Back at home , my 3rd IronMan (Vault this Time)
I comeback to this pin again and again
This pin is simple , brutal , speed and fun
Perfect pin for short game before go to work
I am not fan of Borg game's but this pin is fantastic
4 years ago
Same old Stern! I put this in the forgettable Stern movie tie in camp, along with Transformers, Tron, Avatar, and Avengers.
4 years ago
Iron man is a simple fan layout, but it is a surprisingly fun game. It's easy to see what you need to do, very little learning is involved. The mini wizard mode is very reachable, a fun challenge. Fast, difficult, challenging, fun.
4 years ago
A real blast that keeps me coming back for that one more game.
4 years ago
This game is fast and addictive. The art is great (aluminum foil) and looks good. Sound and music are good... but not great. Flow is very fast, the magnets work great and the monger toy is good. This machine is a mod dream... so much you can do. The whole machine screams fun and has a long lastability.
Added Full score today, after playing this game a while now... its just unbelievable fast and addictive...
4 years ago
Iron Man was designed with simplicity is mind...simple art work + simple rules + simple layout + great lighting & sound package = one kick ass game!!! Once you start playing Iron Man, it's very hard to walk away from Iron Man. The simplicity of the game draws you in and the challenge of the game doesn't let you leave.

Do I recommend this game is a very small collection? Probably not. In a collection of 5 or more games? Absolutely.

My friends who are good at pinball love the game and my friends who barely play pinball love the game. This is definitely one that I can never see leaving my collection.
4 years ago
Fast, furious, brutal and really damn fun. Two things I think are lacking in Iron Man - better artwork and deeper rules. The toy (Iron Monger) is epic in how cool it is even though it's just a stupid toy coming out of the playfield. It's fun. Maybe part of why I love this game is because it's simple. Who knows. It's just fun.
4 years ago
Sweet just tried it
4 years ago
One of the greatest machines when considering how well it achieves what it sets out to do. It is pretty much the same gameplay every time, but it does that type of game better than anything else. Brilliant in a medium to large collection! Sound is amazing.
4 years ago
Super fast and brutally furious, very, very difficult to attain super high scores on but super addicting. Plenty of ways to strategize the rather simple ruleset to get maximum points. One of my favorite Stern games.
4 years ago
I like the red LED display, changed speaker panel angle/added art to it and the other minor changes.
5 years ago
Just another poor machine, the vault edition even messed up the cabinet design.

Frustrating game-play, the toy in the middle causes you randomly to drain, there is nothing you can do about it. Avoiding it means you can not continue the game.
5 years ago
This is a good pin to balance out a pin collection with ones that have big in depth rule sets like LOTR, WOZ, TH. It is a pin that is a fast game that will make you want to play another game, then another. Sound is "ok" but reported to be a lot better with a external sub. This pin likes mods. There are some pretty good mods out there for this pin that help the appeal of the game, but are not necessary.

This pin polishes you shot skills and helps you do better on other pins as well. There's just something about it that makes you want to play it over and over again. If you like long quest type of games and those only, this one is not for you. This one does compliment those long running quest games though. This game would do well out on a location as it is a good familiar theme and is easy to understand the basics of the rules. The deeper rules aren't as easy to initially pick up on, but are more like rewards for having a good ball going.

The "stock" mono color DMD is pretty bad - especially with the movie clips. A color DMD mod (add-on) from a third party is almost a must for making it a little better. My ratings are based on the "standard stock" options from Stern. Add a +1 to it with modding it out.
There are 80 ratings (that include a comment) on this game. Currently showing results page 2 of 4.

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