Iron Man (Pro Vault Edition)

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Game Design: 8.36

Artwork: 7.816

Sounds/Music: 8.118

Other Aspects: 8.564

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Note! There are multiple versions of this game!
This is "Iron Man (Pro Vault Edition)".
The other versions are: Iron Man (regular version), Iron Man Classic

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31 days ago
It's been said on here already, but this is my go to game. It is fast and I love everything about it. You can be an experienced player or complete amateur and still enjoy it. The art work and game quality is fantastic with rules that are enjoyable. It surprises me that this game is not rated higher in the top 100. This is a game that if I could only keep one, this would it. This is from someone who owns a rare Solar Fire (I know - its a different game/era all together, but I'm making the point). If you haven't, try it - you'll like it!
5 months ago
This game is so unique and incredible. I will never sell it. Bought mine new, pro vault version. It is so fast. Challenging for the better players but still so fun even for beginners to have a great game as well. Only takes one ball to have an amazing experience so you are always into the game. Mine has the code installed with AC/DC playing. Several types of multiball. Whiplash is awesome. Monger feature is fantastic and plays back in black when that multiball hits. War machine feature is so rewarding. I know all these new games are coming out. I have the Star Wars and JP. But Iron Man proves to be right up there with them in my opinion. Definitely recommend shaker and upgrading the speakers and subwoofer for this pinball.
5 months ago
I really like this game. Just bought a new re remake 2020. It’s fast and fun, not too deep. I personally like that. The outlanes are unforgiving. Don’t think they were designed for home use. My rating is based upon upgrades I made; red powder coat, interactive back glass, shaker motor, mirror blades, and color dmd. I also set the monger letters harder which delays that play making game much more fun. Love the fast action.
5 months ago
Fun, fast and challenging.
6 months ago
Amazing game, really fun. Maybe not too deep but love the callouts and the music. The default red dmd is terrible. Will need to upgrade to a color dmd.
8 months ago
Ok, I will sugarcoat this as best as I can.

Playfield: I am not sure what Borg was thinking about the top of the left sling basically pulling the ball to the left outlane. That is just mean...might as well put a magnet there to pull the ball to the outlane. This is the only game where I felt I needed to put a rubberband on the outlanes to have fun. I haven't yet, but I likely will sell before that point.

Rules: Lyman, can you please update the code to allow character progress carryover to the next ball. I am sure this game destroys you as much as anyone else, why not add that as an option. Otherwise people get pissed off and sell this machine. It is too shallow without that option as you have to be perfect (Karl @ IEPinball) to get to the wizard modes even on extra easy settings.
9 months ago
This is usually the first game I turn on in my collection when I go to play. A few warm up games on this and it feels like all my other games are slow motion. Always has that "just one more game" factor going for it, with plenty of different objectives to vary gameplay. I originally did a temporary trade with a friend for this game, but once it was in the house, I knew I wasn't giving it back. Fast, brutal, and fun. Can easily be as frustrating as entertaining. Finished Jericho only once, and have gotten double do or die a few times. Maybe one day when I'm a much better player, I'll try chasing the impossible do or die multiball.
10 months ago
Super fast game. Somewhat fun to play but just wasn't a lasting thrill to keep coming back to.
12 months ago
This is a farily fast pin. Left outlane is always hungry. I'm not a fan of Monger ans the lovely SDTM returns from it. This pin plays tough but it has decent flow once you dial in your shots.
1 year ago
Great remake. Fast and fun. Achievable objectives.
1 year ago
I enjoy Iron Man. It is just a fast paced fun game. I notice the kids like to play it the most of the pins we have available (which includes WOZ). You can't beat the Monger-Robot raising up in the play field to kick off a multi-ball. It is always exciting. Good sound effects, nice ramp shots, and rules are easy to follow. It is not an epic game, but if you had multiple pins, this is a good shooter to have in a collection for the price. The voice instructions are really good and little things like the War Machine cannon launch really change the rhythm and match the theme of Iron Man.
1 year ago
Playfield to open, not enough to do for the casual player.

Felt and looked. A little cheap and lacking something.

Pretty machine but just didn’t do it for me.
1 year ago
Definitely one of my top 5 of all time. Can't seem to get enough of this game. Love everything about it. Great mix of flow and skill shots.
1 year ago
Fast, fun, brutal, great! A palette cleanser in a largish collection, a maniacal torturer if the only game. It teases you with "just one more time" endlessly, abusing you raw with that one last shot to make that it won't let you have. But like the jackpot winner at the $5 slots who goes home rich, you'll get your Do-or-Die or Jericho moment to eventually get another high score on the board, once in a while.

With a subwoofer the audio is sublime. Art matters to me a lot, and the playfield is kinda just there in that regard, but I really like the BG -- it's simple, clean, elegant rather than gaudy. I'm a comics fan, IM in particular, and prefer this art rather than a comics treatment. It's just very well done, as was the movie.
1 year ago
I’m a new player but this was just plain fun. Theming is excellent and the sound track really added to play. I spent a few hours at Pinball Odyssey in south Miami playing their pins and returned to this one at the end to finish a great afternoon.
2 years ago
My favorite game of all time!!! The sounds are awesome and a great light show with a lot of toys to shoot at. I love the call outs and the overall gameplay. If your a fan of the movies you will love it. The iron monger raising out of the Playfield never gets old. I recommend this game for sure!!!!
2 years ago
Super fast game. Tons of fun though. Great toys as well.
2 years ago
It's a great, fast shooting game with challenging objectives.
2 years ago
its not a bad game. but as with all stern post 2010

you just dont feel any quality

i would love to like this machine. but it just doesnt feel right compared to my Bally/Williams machines and even JJP machines

Stern please do a better job . i think TDK was your last good pinball and even that one isnt great quality
2 years ago
This game is such a rush - hook up a sub and speaker upgrade and wow, it really gets the blood flowing. It's one of the simpler games for sure, but it's focussed, it's fast, it's sometimes brutal and it's a total blast to play.

Not much more I can say - I don't like the animations much but the games so damn fast you don't have time to look at them anyway. The rules can be a bit limited too, you have to effectively finish the game on one ball, which is a little bizarre. I guess I would prefer the artwork to be more comic book style like X-Men, but that's a really minor point.

If you want a simple, fast adrenaline rush this one won't disappoint.
2 years ago
Really fun game.. can be brutal at times but I guess that what I like about.. wish more toys and better artwork... would be great if Zombie Yeti re-did but guess that won't happen as Stern has already vaulted.
2 years ago
Bram Stoker's Dracula's kid brother Iron Man is an adrenaline junkie with a mean streak. I was thrilled when the Vault was announced as I thought there were criminally few Iron Man machines made the first time around. The improvements are welcome here and make a great game even better. Simple, fast, but such a rush. Cracking 100m on a really tough route game remains one of my proudest pinball achievements.
2 years ago
Great code, fast gameplay, short games, can be brutal but seems to always pull you back for 1 more game.
2 years ago
Way more flashy and bright compared to the classic IM. Fast and furious gameplay which is a good compliment in a collection of a few slower games. Not too much to fault the game, you could rag on the animations and callouts a bit but overall its a solid game from stern.
2 years ago
Really enjoy this game even if it can be very brutal. Very fast and can drain so fast you won't see if it you aren't paying very close attention. Keeps me coming back and trying to defeat it again and again. They could have done a much better job with the DMD dots for motion scenes on this one imo. Doubt it will ever leave my collection though.
There are 80 ratings (that include a comment) on this game. Currently showing results page 1 of 4.

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