Iron Maiden: Legacy of the Beast (Premium/LE) (Stern, 2018)

Iron Maiden: Legacy of the Beast (Premium/LE)

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Game design: 8.773

Artwork: 8.801

Sounds/Music: 8.583

Other Aspects: 8.569

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This is "Iron Maiden: Legacy of the Beast (Premium/LE)".
The other version is: Iron Maiden: Legacy of the Beast (Pro) (regular version)

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1 hour ago
What a blast! Hitting the loops, smashing the sarcophagus captive ball, shooting the pharao target, it's all so energetic and working together perfectly with the awesome Iron Maiden soundtrack (yes i love the music :)
The ruleset is deep and easy to figure out at the same time, i've never had a moment where there was not an important goal to shoot for with my next flip. Completing the modes, going for the different multiballs or completing one of the power jackpots, there is always something to do that feels really meaningful and each of these things can immediately blow up your score when played well. Top it off with the different wizard modes and you have on of the best games i've played in recent years!
2 days ago
Great game. I love seeing the extra flippers back on some Stern games. I am glad this game doesn't have an action button.

Only gripe is that the ball times can get long.
2 days ago
Wow - the hype is real. Long playing, but that doesn't matter because it's so freakin' fun to play. Every aspect of this game is outstanding. And I don't even like Iron Maiden.
4 days ago
Best pinball ever made up the Irons!
6 days ago
My rating is after I made some mods. My first NIB pin and my first non Bally/Williams game. I got rid of a Indiana Jones Pinball Adventure to get this and I am not sorry I did. However, my choice was to not get rid of my Attack From Mars for this pin. So, I guess for me that puts this game right in the middle of those two machines which is right where it is currently rated on pinside.

The good: very good flow, nice shots, great call outs, and excellent lighting compliment the theme and music. I happen to love all of the multi ball options and how that makes the play more fun and challenging, something that I couldn't always say with Indiana Jones. It is a dream theme for me but so is Mustang and I don't want to own that machine. So, for me the theme is not what makes it last in my collection. It could be an American Girl doll themed machine and I would still love the machine and keep it my collection. The play is that fun for me.

The OK: I am a big Iron Maiden fan and have heard all of their songs 1,000's of times so hearing the same 12 songs over and over kind of gets old. I would like it to have something other than songs such as clips from live performances from Bruce like, "Scream For Me Brazil" or hear 100,000's of thousands of fans humming the intro to Fear of the Dark for a change. But, it is kind of nit picky as every pin repeats the same stuff over and over. I have had the pleasure of owning a Pro version for a month and a Premium now for over a month. The Premium is much better but it does carry a larger price tag which leads me to the

Could be Improved: Toys are lacking on the Pro with the plastic 1 dimensional characters where as on the Premium and LE there are two, three dimensional plastic figures. I, however, thought the 3 dimensional figures could use more detail consistent with Maiden album art and have changed them both out and modified the machine with more detailed NECA figures. Makes the game look really cool. As was mentioned by other reviewers, Stern machines have a different feel. This again being my first Stern machine, it doesn't feel as smooth as all of my other Bally/Williams machines. When you play them side by side it is easy to tell. The flippers have a smoother feel on the Ballys/Williams than on the Stern. It is not enough to deter me from owning more Sterns machines in the future, however. Just my .02
10 days ago
I finally got to put some games on this one and I'm a bit disappointed, especially after all the rave reviews. First, my rating does unfortunately reflect my take on the theme. I do not like Iron Maiden or their music. But folks said the game was awesome despite not liking the theme. I played an LE on location and everything was working fine. Why don't I like this game that everyone else loves? 1) theme...already said that. 2) animations are just not good. Looks like a phone app animation. From what I understand, that is what they are based on...but they just look...not good. 3) game play was not what I was hoping for. I'm an average player and my ball times were super long. I kept getting into multiple multiballs that all felt the same. I ripped the was okay. The sarcophagus lock was nothing special. The ramp into a wall felt disappointing watching the ball just fall down. I liked the loop shots, but they were harder to hit than I thought they would be. Never was able to do multiple loops. I guess the main thing is that I walked away with unused credits on the machine because I was just tired of playing it. Nothing felt fun or satisfying. Even my son who was watching me didn't want to give it a try, he just wanted to go back to Attack from Mars. So, basically adding this review to try to give some balance to this game's rating. I think it is a great effort from Stern...but it's no top 5. I think we'll be seeing a lot of these on the resale market once the hype honeymoon ends. But it does have me looking forward to what Elwin does next.
13 days ago
Extremely fun
18 days ago
Playfield lay-out is just briljant.
Very solid rule sheet.
This is something new and it's awesome !!!!
24 days ago
Best Stern Pin, thats all!!!
25 days ago
This is my new favourite ever pinball
Great flow, plenty of shots, great code and spectacular art work
29 days ago
Not an Iron Maiden fan, but the fun factor with this game is undeniable. Guarantee you Mother Theresa would have a smile ear to ear playing this. So many different shots... some easy and some challenging. Making the ramp between the pop bumpers is a challenge and feels so rewarding to hit. Callouts are good. Lighting is very good. Soundtrack I could care less about. The game is just plain fun with a definite one more game thing going for it. Also, very attractive art/ colors. Only complaint (as others have said) is that the game feels light/ not as solid as a JJP or Bally/Williams. Oh well. Fun factor makes up for this. My favorite Stern game so far.
33 days ago
This is my first nib stern pin ever! I was super exited when they released their next game as Iron Maiden! I love the band but was quickly scared it was going to be produced poorly if not done right. So not being bias here! After photo releases I was thrilled! The artwork is amazing throughout! Sound quality I’m guessing for a base stern is not the greatest. I had to adjust a leg and while I was underneath the Cab it sounded a little fuzzy. Slightly disappointing but I guess that’s why they sell speaker upgrades. Sure sure lack of toys but whatever. I don’t get a hard on over toys. Shots are great and plenty of them. The biggest complaints are lack of the band itself and the animation. However the call outs are awesome! “Welcome to my world.... under glass”. Also love “the loneliness of the short distance flipper” . That happens when the top left flipper was last hit and drains. It’s a good quirk to their song “The loneliness of the long distance runner.” Love the loop shots! Especially holding the left flipper up to have a more accurate shot on the left loop.
Overall this machine is incredibly addictive! Very hard to get to beast/wizard mode.
I wanted to buy this game without playing it as my 1st nib pin but I had 2 different locations nearby that had it before I could purchase it. 1 was an LE and the other a pro. For the price differene either or will fill the player void. The sarcophagus lock on the Le/premium is awesome but just can’t justify the cash difference. Was very curious to see what the mirrored back glass on the LE’s were gonna be. The mirroring is very thin. looks good as far as the artwork goes in general but not too impressed. As the mirroring is not that noticeable compared to your older back glasses.
So yeah, this machine is incredible! Love the layout! Very addicting! Artwork a solid 10! Great shots throughout!
33 days ago
A breathe of fresh air from stern. Best game since Metallica
33 days ago
Iron Maiden, as a theme, is a major turn off for me, so it says a lot about the game that I keep going back to play it. Elwin's design here is great, and it really overcomes my hesitations about the theme and music. It's so refreshing to see a layout in pinball that isn't your standard fan layout paired with a rule set that rewards accurate and deliberate shooting. Iron Maiden has both.

The upgrades on the Premium/LE aren't critical, but they are nice. The sarcophagus lock is great, and I love the diverter behind the backboard. Beyond that, I think the pro features are sufficient, so one shouldn't hesitate to "settle" for a pro on this game.

The ball times are extremely long, and it's not too much of an issue when playing alone, but playing with 3-4 players starts to feel cumbersome. If you play with friends often or use machines for competition, the ball times will become a bit of an issue. You can always make the game more difficult through setup (open outlanes, tight tilt, etc.), but the game sort of demands longer ball times to see everything in the game.

And boy, this game has A LOT going on. There are a ton of modes, multiballs, hurry ups, and combos. It'll be a while before you run out of new things to see, and they're still adding stuff to the game with updates at a good pace. Even high level players have some work to do in order to see all the game has to offer, and few have been able to run through all the game's content.

This is a great start for Keith Elwin and his career in pinball design. It's hard not to call this game anything but a winner.
36 days ago
Even better then the pro. Not sure if it is worth the price jump, but I love the physical lock and the cool color changing beacon. My favorite Stern to date.
38 days ago
Wow! Pinball utopia has arrived. Thank you Lord!
40 days ago
i just bought the premium
it is the best stern game ever imo. before i purchased this game i put in at least 50 games on friends machine and on location and there seems to be no end to the fun factor for this game. on top of that, i love iron maiden anyways, so i am absolutely thrilled that this machine came out so well. congrats to stern, elwin, and zombie. they created a fantastic game which will be historically great. i consider this the medieval madness of the new generation of pinball.
43 days ago
1.0 code really tightens up what KM(F!)E was trying to lay down when he was designing the premium/LE features.
Probably one of the top 10 modern layouts of all time I’ve ever had the pleasure of flipping.
(Being a huge Maiden fan is also a bonus.)
In all honesty though,
It could’ve been My Little Pony and people would still be snatching this game up, it plays that damn good!
Am I happy with the way the two 360 Newtons are designed? No, not really.
Sarcophagus mech reliable? Finally, yes...but only with some roller switch replacement.

Displays and animations fit the theme and the info screen is well thought out from a player’s standpoint. Scoring is visible for all players at all times which is very refreshing.
The font isn’t the greatest, but it IS easy to read/understand.

Once all the minor switch $#!t is fixed and you get the full Maiden experience in front of you, it’s amazingly good. Multiball starts are well sequenced, light and audio cues are top notch, and of course the music is weaving all of this fanfare into a cohesive story that whisks you away to “Maidenland”, where our favorite metal anti-hero Eddie, is struggling to get his soul back in one piece so he can have some good old fashion payback-showdown with the Devil himself!

I can’t wait to see what KM(F!)E has up his sleeve for the second game and I’m fairly certain, I’m not alone!
46 days ago
Wow. Just wow! What a great effort by both Elwin and Yeti--they both knocked this dead. Believe me when I say that photos do not do the LE justice, none of them bring out the true colors, fine detailing and highlights. There is so much to shoot for/at in this game it is hard to wrap your head around. A players pin and fun for hacks as well. Very fair table, no cheap drains unless you get very unlucky. This pin was way too much fun right out of the box and has only improved as Elwin keeps tweaking the code. Most impressive initial Stern code in a long time. There are so many ways to score, and to score even bigger if you are willing to gamble it is mind boggling. I don't think the LE and Premium justify their prices with the extras that are included, but that being said the ball lock features, rising ramp and newton balls do really add to the great play of the pin. So, you pay to play if you want all the features Elwin designed into the pin. To top it off, the LE might just be the best looking LE Stern has brought to market, (and I am not a Maiden fan). Elwin will have trouble topping this, a solid top-five pin, Imo.
50 days ago
Amazing game. Layout is one of the best I've ever played - lots of flow, love the loops, and so many shots. I can't think of a single way the layout could be improved... Keith Elwin KILLED it! The rules are exceptional and best of all - FUN and not super repetitive. Everything about this machine is a win, and Stern set the bar very high for future pins.
50 days ago
Just purchased a Premium and updated the game code. Whether or not a fan of Iron Maiden makes no difference this pin is fantastic. Well thought out play field with great flow. IMO one of Stern's all time best!
51 days ago
I just played this game and sadly a lot of the switches wouldnt register any hits. I just couldnt get anywhere in this game due to its poor quality and balls getting stuck. I imagine I would have to go to someones house and play it.
Im just not a fan of the music at all.
It was very easy to shoot, stupidly easy and lacks challenge. Ball times remind me of Hobbit.
I played my regular 20 games on it to see if I wanted to buy it.
Im not sold.
51 days ago
It's brand new let's give it a 10....NOT... this is the same or equivalent machine than the pro, want have fun with a ROCK machine Monster Bash is still # 1 compare to this abomination …
As a fan of Maiden BIG disappointment with the stern product...

52 days ago
I was lucky enough to get the LE. There are only two negative things I can say about this game ...

(1) they could of done so much better on the cabinet art - so many cool Eddie art throughout the years and this is what they come up with! since when did you see two Eddie's in the same vehicle / plane? I am shocked maiden approved the art, but it is what it is. I will say looks much better in person then the pics, so glad about that.

(2) the toys are very lame in the game. again stern thinks they put four flippers and now, wait, we need to cut back on toys to make 200% profit. If I wasn't such a die hard maiden fan and this is a dream theme for me then I would of just got a pro. The extra money is not worth getting the LE or even premium. Stern will just make a vault in 2 years or a spin off like "number of the beast" edition :-)

Now for the positives ...

- Awesome playfield layout: finally something a bit different then standard fan layout!
- Music is great of course: I would of picked a few different songs, but I guess they were looking at non-metal folks playing this game.
- Animations are very well done in my opinion. I am actually surprised at some who complain about the animations in this game, including SDTM guys. Really?? I am actually amazed at how they made Eddie come alive - great job IMO. It beats the annoying animations in Aerosmith or the lame movie clips from GOTG and Star Wars. If I wanted to see clips from a movie I can watch the entire movie - no effort in my opinion when it comes to taking clips from movies. Look at the difference when Stern uses dots in or lame clips from movies (i.e. spiderman or GOT) - easy way out.
- Rules: very well implemented. I can't say anything negative about the rules at all ... makes you take risks and just different then other games. Remind me a bit like the 90s Williams/Bally games.
52 days ago
Best Pin i have ever owned. They will bury me in it or burn me with it.
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