Indianapolis 500

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Game design: 8.137

Artwork: 7.579

Sounds/Music: 7.442

Other Aspects: 8.132

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There are 83 ratings (that include a comment) on this game.
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4 months ago
Fun, fast and brutal. Punishes missed shots more than most pins, but doesn’t feel unfair, just demanding. Two steep ramps are fun to shoot (Dennis Nordman staple of that era), and the fast orbits and flow does fit the race car theme. Good call outs, ok video mode. Game really focuses on the laps and position, not mode variety. The shots are a bit limited, and the scoop at the top, fed by another scoop and upkicker just below to the right is a little odd. For example, the lower scoop can give awards like “lite extra ball,” then immediately kicks the ball into the upper scoop and awards it. Strange. The game features speed, nice theme integration and short games that make you want to try again. It’s a really nice addition to a larger collection.
5 months ago
Really fast table with good integration of the audio into gameplay. I do like the PIT-stop, the car-spinner (=similar to a shaker) and the "Turbo-maneuver" which is similar to STTNG (shoot left orbit and than using right upper flipper for turbo shot). If playfield-scoring is 3x than this maneuver brings a lot of points :-) Multiball-start with all the lightning effects is very satisfying.

In total 12 missions with a lot of DMD animations (I do recommend a ColorDMD) and 200 laps to go wants me to come back. Installing LEDs and some additional spot-lights in the lower part brings this table into the year 2019.
10 months ago
This game is fast, fun, and very brutal. To me, all these factors make Indy 500 a great game!
10 months ago
A racing game that actually matches the theme with real fast shots and loops. I'd say there is more hardcore "play" to this title than fun stuff and gimmicks. 'Corvette', just to mention one, being an example of the latter.

The whole idea to play for laps and position works very well here - although I would also, like many have stated earlier, expect a game like this to have a little more depth or modes.

The call-outs from the two commentators are brilliant, but the music is rather onesided and gets a little annoying after a while.
From a cosmetic point of view, the game looks kind of tame- especially considering Theatre of Magic being released that same year, and Scared Stiff the following year.

In spite of this being a much more demanding game than Getaway or Corvette, I'm still not sure it's the most entertaining game of those three. In a larger collection or in the arcades this is some real nice motorsport pinball action. Especially as
a break from attacking marsians or mad medieval knights. However I'm a little skeptical of lasting power in a smaller collection with this one. Indianapolis 500 has game and tons of it. But it somehow lacks a little in personality.
11 months ago
Indy 500 is a great game, and I wasn’t expecting it to be..
Love the flow of the shots, and love the toys.
Good art , dmd animations.
The rules are good too.
Very different than most other pins.
1 year ago
All my reviews are going to follow a simple formula for those reading.
Number of shots to make - Pro's - Con's - Must Have Mods - What To Look For When Buying

Number of shots - 6 - average

* Very fast and challenging game, tough to get a high score
* Very cool toys, the turbo in particular
* Great Animations
* Commentary matches the theme really well

* Not a huge variety in shots
* Only 1 shot from the upper flipper
* No wizard mode but tough to finish the race
* Parts really hard to come by

Must Have Mods: (Note I will not include things like LED's, Color DMD, Invisiglass or Speaker Upgrades unless it's really badly needed)
* Adding a GI light in the top scoop worth doing
* Cliffy for Turbo scoop (though this does cause more bounce outs from the hole)

What To Look For When Buying
* Cabinet fading is common
* Both ramps are unobtainable
* Wear in the Turbo Scoop
* Broken red lighted targets
1 year ago
This game is HIGHLY underrated on Pinside... its very hard and very unforgiving but it's wonderful... there is a left orbital / upper flipper loop shot combination into the ball lock that is absolutely fantastic. Also, the ball lock puts the balls into a TURBOCHARGER that spins and launches the balls at you. There are SO many great quirks to this game, and I love it...

So far - of all the games in the Pinside top 100, This one should be higher up the ratings than it is... It's just so good....
1 year ago
Very fun game. Love the many mods. It's high adrenaline. Dmd animations are great. It's a keeper for me. Very under rated game.
1 year ago
If you like racing, you'll love it. Fast pace, Entertaining, fun!!
Great multiball start! Very good DMD animations, and ambiant. Addictive game!
1 year ago
A great, exciting and fast pin to play! There is no wizard mode but it is very satisfying to get those MB Jackpots going. Too bad the Super Jackpot is not that lucrative.
1 year ago
Very underated game this one...excellent bang for your buck in terms of cost! Layout plays super fast, matching the theme perfectly. Rules are also pretty solid as there's plenty to do aside from the main modes, which themselves offer tonnes of variety. Toys are pretty well utilized, spinning car is maybe a little pointless but it certainly adds to the cool factor if nothing else. As a fan of Formula 1, which is pretty close to the Indy500, I love the commentators, the pit stops, the sound effects...all tie the theme together perfectly. For the right price I would happily own this game.
2 years ago
Wow, what a fast game! Lots of fun from this one, as theres plenty of challenging shots and gimmicks to keep your interest and make you wanting more. I love the ball lock as it reminds me of an engine running, and the little toy car that spins is also great. I can't say I'm very good at this machine yet but it is a rewarding experience even for someone thats still learning. A great output from Bally/Williams.
2 years ago
Underrated and undervalued. The theme might not have universal appeal, but if you like pinball, this game's features, rules, and gameplay should overcome any disinterest you would otherwise have in the theme.
2 years ago
I realize that I'm in the minority here, but I just couldn't get into this game. It's a good game sure, but I didn't feel like it is a great game. And this is a bummer b/c I just passed on a really nice example in my neighborhood for a fair price.

-It has a really nice layout. I love that the orbit shot goes behind everything and can either hit a VUK or come screaming back down at you.
-Multiball is definitely a rush on this one.
-The video mode on this game is actually a decent video mode.
-The "supercharger" borrowed from Getaway is always fun to have in a game.
-The modes have decent objectives. I enjoyed learning all the different objectives though again, I wish they were more understandable to someone just walking up to the game (i.e.: the game has the appeal to pinheads for sure, but I just can't see my friends getting this as quickly as they would on a game like Whitewater)
-The callouts are great, the music is decent. Nothing great here, but all good.

-I had a hard time figuring out what shots to hit. This says more about what type of games I like, but the rules don't lend themselves to immediacy for newbies.
-The upper flipper is really only used for 1 shot: turbocharger
-The pf artwork and colors are pretty bad IMO. It just looks rushed and phoned in, compared to say a Funhouse or a WH2O
-No wizard mode
-Given the era this game is from, it feels nowhere near as high-tech as other games of the time. A fine layout, but not enough to compete against other games

Again, not a bad game at all! Just not an A-list game no matter how many people wish it was higher on the charts.
2 years ago
Indy 500 is ok game I don't like it because of the artwork,theme, and it does not have many toys.
2 years ago
Indy 500 is fast, furious and full of fun. It's a real adrenaline rush and the gameplay links beautifully with the theme.
2 years ago
Indy car racing is not hugely popular in the US. That combined with low production has kept this a hidden gem for years. This game is fast, fun, has great music, animations and an excellent video mode. The call outs in this game are outstanding using real Indy 500 announcers. The way they banter back and forth is perfect. I love how humor is worked into this game which was pleasantly unexpected. Some of the rules are very well thought out. Pit stop multi ball for example the faster you hit the ramp the quicker you get out of the pit and the more cars you beat. The more cars you beat, the more jackpots available in multiball....genius! Tons of modes to play and they added extra things to achieve 200 laps, passing cars to get into pole position etc. that add to the replayability. Complete these tasks for a Victory Lap jackpot. Trying to get this with 3x playfield scoring will keep you coming back for more. Turbo lock is awesome and keeps everything moving fast. Not everything is wizard mode is a bummer, original light up target design will have them broken almost guaranteed, and a few things with the code could use tweaking (super light ups scoring, souvenirs reward). But this game for me is just as good as any of the "A" list games.
2 years ago
A solid pin overall. The turbo loop combo is really fun to hit, even though the turbo shot is the only shot available with the upper flipper. The turbocharger toy, with matching sound effect, is an awesome part of the game that will make any gearhead smile. It is challenging to hit all of the modes in this game, and there isn't a wizard mode, but getting all the laps and modes is a challenge all in its own.
3 years ago
Played this in a tournament a few times. A lot of fun.
3 years ago
Cool game. I'm not a fan of the theme but my hubs and really likes this game.
3 years ago
I500 is a very well-produced pinball version of the annual race. Official announcers are the voices and actual racers for the time period are referenced. Game plays fast. Very fast. Having only one shot from the third flipper after owning TS was a downer. Recommended for the racing enthusiast. Parts are hard to find. Hopefully that changes.

Update 7.10.19: I picked up another Indy that is fully working and I’ve spent more time with it. The game really is like the Indy 500 car race. It’s fast. Very fast. Orbit shots are fun to hit. The third flipper shot, which previously was a let down, is now a welcome break to catch my breath. Locking balls there during multiball is tough challenge. I have revised my scores upward a tad. If you get the opportunity to spend time on one, give it a chance.
3 years ago
A challenging game, as it can be very fast. It has a good flow, many interesting shots, and a rather deep ruleset. The theme totally works, even if I'm not a fan. Overall, a nice machine if you enjoy the way it plays.
3 years ago
Super fun wpc with slightly lackluster theme. Gameplay makes up for it, very good shots in this pin. Lots to accomplish. Very underated. Get it while it's still cheap. Edit sold this pin awhile ago don't miss it at all. Not a bad table theme just sucks. Has good layout and replay.
3 years ago
Indy 500 is one of the fastest, most difficult pins out there. It's fair though. You just need to play it the way it wants you too. You can't attack it from different ways.

It's simple, but has awesome flow, with great sound and speech that remind me of watching the Indy 500 as a kid. The Loop Turbo combo / ball lock is very satisfying to hit. The code suffers on the reliance of the 3rd shot in the Gasoline Alley mode, though. You need to hit that shot and pass 15 cars with any hope of winning the race. Too much rides on that shot.

I'd love to have a pristine example. If you master this, Indy will make you a better pinball player.
3 years ago
I'm not a racing fan, but I really enjoyed Indianapolis 500. Great layout with fun shots. The rules are decent, but I wish they were a little more intuitive.
There are 83 ratings (that include a comment) on this game. Currently showing results page 1 of 4.

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