Indiana Jones: The Pinball Adventure

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Game design: 8.559

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Other Aspects: 8.701

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There are 491 ratings (that include a comment) on this game.
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1 day ago
Pure fun! There is so much going for this pin than just theme alone, rotating idol, path to adventure mini playfield, great toys on the playfield and the artwork is as close to perfect as you can get (it actually looks like Harrison Ford!). There are some really tight shots that can hard to make at times, which can come off as being a bit clunky, but I think that's more about getting used to a widebody more than anything else. If there is one minor drawback is that the playfield is absolutely packed, which might give the impression that it's cluttered, but it never bothered me. Overall, one of the great pins made in the 90s, I would love to own one, but it might be out of my reach.
1 day ago
I remember this game in a cafe I used to visit after work most evenings, but I never played it. Not at all interested in pinball back then. A few decades later, I played it for the first time and was immediately hooked.

What a fool I was.

So much to do and so much to shoot for. It's always impressive and leaves a lasting impression.

This is how it's done.
30 days ago
I've coveted this game for many years, and have had a few opportunities to own one. I've play countless games on it and enjoy it thoroughly. It seems like every time I go to buy one, another game that I want just a little bit more pops up too. First, it was Ghostbusters in 2017, then it was Iron Maiden in 2018, and now I must have Led Zeppelin. I know that someday I'll own one because I always come back to wanting one. The gameplay is really engaging, the toys are cool (some of the airplane mods with moving propellers are amazing), and it's one of those themes that takes me back to my childhood, and that is a good thing. I have never walked away from playing Indiana Jones without a smile on my face. I do wish that the cabinet color held up better, and that the licensing allowed Harrison Ford to be a "real" part of the game. There is a reason this game is hard to find and costly to obtain if you're able to find a nice one.
35 days ago
One of the best tie ins for pinball and a movie. A lot of popular quotes from events from all the movies. The layout isn't for a beginner player. The only real downside to this game is the mode start shot which is sometimes hard to stick.
50 days ago
Oldie but goodie. Classic in its own rights. Fun game, wish they would make an updated version.
3 months ago
Indy is just beautiful. I wanted this game for a long time and finally found one. It did not disappoint but it did not last as long as I thought. After playing newer games I am starting to feel that the older DMD don't have the lasting ability for me. Indy might be the best theme for me. Shots are nice and smooth. THis game has some nice flow. The Idol lock is cool but really slows the game down. The video modes are also fun but didn't age well IMO. THe worst for me is the mode start saucer. On my machine it was way to hard to keep the ball from popping out. Overall if I had ore room I would love another one. Glad I owned it, glad I moved on.
3 months ago
One of the best games, beautiful work, sounds that make me enter the film, video movies are the best part, it's incredible to play with this pinball machine ..... The only notes to do: I play with very precise shots, therefore very technical , this sometimes makes the game flow a little and annoys but I think it gives a top ten
3 months ago
This game will never leave my Collection. It is fantastic
4 months ago
one of my personal favorites.. I've chosen wisely
4 months ago
My grail game.
Awesome widebody with great flow, challenging shoots and many modes.
Dialed in with strong flippers, POA and mode start well adjusted, this game is still one of the best ever. It´s high price is justified.
4 months ago
Wide body at its best. I do like the way this pinball shoots. A lot of stuff packed into this game. High variety of different shots. The start of the Multiball with an Elephant-sound indicating a ball release is well done.
Challenging modes, good shots, good lightning and with pinsound a great sound as well motivates me to own that game in some point of time. Unfortunately the price is quite high.
5 months ago
Of the 8 machines I have owned, this is easily the house favorite. I like games with deep rule sets (i.e. LOTR, SimpsonsPP) and my wife likes fun shooters (i.e. Taxi, AFM) and we both love this game.

Here are my Pros and Cons:


- Variety of ways to play: I think what makes this so much fun is that you can approach each game differently. I may focus on multi-ball one game and modes the next. Sometimes I just try to get all the companions and that jackpot. It is a game where you can have a great game and not necessarily get a great score but you can also focus on high score. However, it is a not a great game when you just want something quick.

- Call-outs and Music - My favorite callouts of any game I have owned. They never get old and really help you know where you are in the game. John Rhys-Davies is awesome. Nothing is better than getting a "Trip-le Jack-pot". I have this next to my LOTR and he is just as good in that one.

-Layout - There is just a lot to do on this playfield and all the shots are satisfying. This is kind of both a pro & con but the shots are tight. The mode hole and the right ramp are both tough shots and pretty unforgiving. This game definitely rewards an accurate shooter.

- Rules/Code - This is a very balanced game with a ton of stuff to do. Something is always happening. It is a deep rule set but also fun for someone who doesn't know the rules, which is rare. The 12 modes are great and the multiball is challenging but accessible. There are a dozen other things to do. For me, it never gets old.

- Art - I think this is great looking game overall

- Theme - Great integration of a great theme


- Difficulty - This is kind of minor and could be a Pro but this is a challenging game. It really punishes random shooting. You need to be accurate on a few key shots to have a good game and if you are off, you can have a very unsatisfying game. This is not a game where every game is fun, you can walk up and have a terrible game where everything is missing and draining. However, most games are fun and there is nothing better than when you are shooting good. I am not the best player but the ball control in this is different and took me a while to get a handle on. I think a novice player might find it frustrating but great for re-playability for the more experienced player.

- Wide Body - Sort of related to the above but I personally find that the wide body kind of takes me time to adjust to. If I have been playing other regular pins and then jump on this one I tend to miss a lot of shots. The rhythm is just different somehow. However, if I focus on this game for a week or so then I really get dialed in. Maybe this is just me but it definitely has a different feel.

- Mode Hole Issues - A well known issue, but the mode hole can reject the ball sometimes which is frustrating. I have ordered a mod to hopefully improve this but it is a minor issue.

- Path of Adventure - Very minor, but initially I thought the Path of Adventure was really cool but over time I am kind of bored with it. It feels kind of random and the rewards are just okay so I don't love it. It is not a negative but it is also not a draw to play the game.

Overall I can't imagine anyone not loving to have this in their collection or even as their only pin. I don't think I will ever sell this.
5 months ago
This machine is def fun and well designed. Not quite as addictive as some others, but that may just be a personal preference for me. I love that there aren’t a lot of cheap drains you really feel like you are in a flow with it. Highly recommend.
5 months ago
One of my best friends owned this while I was in high school and loved this game! Would like to add one to my collection in the years to come.
5 months ago
A challenging game to master with 12 modes, various multiballs and 3 different video modes. The start mode and mini-PF can be difficult on some IJ's but playing a well dialled in machine is a lot fun. Great theme integration with modes, call outs and music.
6 months ago
Now that I have more time on it’s a masterpiece
7 months ago
I have owned this game for 19 years now. Others have come and gone from my collection (including a Stern Indiana Jones), but this one will never leave. Even after having it all this time I still love playing it.
8 months ago
The game ball is to slow for my tastes. The cabinet, art and sounds are awesome. I do not like wide body pinball machines. Fun to pay occasionally. Not to own
8 months ago
This game is what started my addiction to pinball in my younger years at the jersey shore. Still, to this day it holds up to the newer games. Shot variety, theming, toys...this game has it all! I added a pin sound board and upgraded the speakers and wow...has you completed immersed in the adventure.
9 months ago
Best game of all time.
9 months ago
And to think I wanted a Medieval Madness, HA. Indiana Jones Pinball adventure smokes it! Best pinball I have ever played.
9 months ago
When properly maintained, and especially when tweaked more for home use (Air ball deflectors, Mode start hole is dialed in, and Mini PF is perfectly aligned), this game provides the ultimate challenge with nearly endless replay value. With 12 main modes and at least a half dozen other different modes, I can play it over and over and not get sick of it. Add in a 2-3-6 ball multi-ball option and incredible call-outs from all three of the original Indiana Jones movies, there is nothing not to like about this machine. I find that guests and family members enjoy it for the theme and comfortable feel, while pinball enthusiasts enjoy the balanced scoring and consistent challenge. Mine is bolted to my floor...a must have for any pinball lover.
9 months ago
For me and many others, this is the best Pin out there and has been since its release. Anyone that has played this game for more than a few times, knows how many themes from the movies series it incorporates in its features. It does so better than any other machine ever, in my opinion. Shifting to the DMD display for the Raven, Choose Wisely and especially the Mine Cart mode, is brilliant and unlike anything in any other machine I have seen! If you are fortunate enough to have the Pinsound system in it,please try the production from EndProduct; it is absolutely amazing!
B.F. Skinner's random reinforcement theory is absolutely at work in this machine. It's almost impossible to get to all of the features even in four-player mode. I love trying to beat the Mine Cart (although I never have!) but no matter how well you shoot, there is no guaranty that you will get it during your game. And that's true with most of the other features as well; not all but most. Completely awesome game!
9 months ago
The design has stood the test of time! Such a fun pin! 12 different modes, 3 different multiballs, plenty of easter eggs, great video modes, 2 playfields, and one of the best ball locks ever!
10 months ago
I Really love Indiana Jones.
This is one great game and now a classic. Lots to do and tons of shots. Great Game !!
This one is a keeper for sure.
There are 491 ratings (that include a comment) on this game. Currently showing results page 1 of 20.

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