Indiana Jones: The Pinball Adventure

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Game Design: 8.57

Artwork: 8.548

Sounds/Music: 8.442

Other Aspects: 8.701

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Found 533 ratings (with comment) on this game

There are 533 ratings (that include a comment) on this game.
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40 days ago
This was a really fun game, IMO. Great shots, perfect theming, iconic music. The playfield has everything one could want from movie highlights! The ball saving totem is clever & appears rugged. Will definitely play over & over again!
53 days ago
Overall the game is fun. The ball flow is a little challenging on this one. The mission are challenging as well. But the colors on this machine are vibrant and the gadgets are well placed.
75 days ago
By far one of the greatest games ever made. The theme is perfectly integrated with all 3 movies. I wish they made games like this nowadays. I luckily found one local and will finally have this game in my collection.
76 days ago
Mark Ritchie's finest work. It takes a while to learn the ruleset but when you do, there's not a dull moment on this pin. Try to find one where the slingshots are toned down.
80 days ago
Nice game, great theme, absolutely in the top
3 months ago
I have been playing pinball for 25 years and this is my all time favorite machine. Great mode variation and video modes. Exciting 7 ball multi balls. Difficult, and heart pounding eternal life multi ball after all modes are completed. Awesome and timeless theme with amazing quotes and music. Wide body and unique path of adventure for the cherry on top. Incredible!
3 months ago
We all remember seeing this on location in the 90's.
4 months ago
Great historical dot matrix flipper of the 90’s. The gameplay is great. The 7 ball multiball is a lot of fun. The dot matrix is used for mini games that add another fun part to the game. This is a must.
4 months ago
I owned this for a few years starting in about 2004, and found it to be very overrated, even at the time. It also gave me lots of maintenance issues.
5 months ago
This is one of the best pinball machines ever made and certainly the most enjoyable WIDE Body pin ever created....yes even better than Twilight Zone. There is so much to enjoy in this game and so many different modes. The mini-playfield adds a great touch and it's puzzling to hit the shots and maneuver the ball where it needs to go. Also there 3 mini-games on the DMD display in this machine too. It incorporates all 3 of the Indiana Jones movies and it does it very well. If your any type of Indiana Jones fan this is a machine to add to your want list. They are getting more and more expensive and harder to find as collectors have scooped them up. One of the best 90's era Bally/Williams pinball machines and still one of the All-Time best!
6 months ago
One of the games I always gravitate to at any arcade...not sure if that is because of the nostalgia from the movies, or not...but I always enjoy playing this game and it has proven without a doubt that it is a classic with staying power
6 months ago
one of the best « old » pinball from the 90s
wonderfull theme integration , callouts and music
and this path of adventure is one of the best pinball toy ever made
rules are very complete and gameplay is well balanced with a great number of varied missions. the six balls snake multiball is incredible!
a great adventure pinball classic !
6 months ago
Original Indy is always a fun time.
6 months ago
Great theme integration for this game, although I find the playfield a bit tight, and therefore, things are a bit less interesting.

Love the combination of licensed assets and the great music to go along with the movies.

Callouts are great.
7 months ago
This game is a must play when I come across it in the wild. The sounds and speech are amazing and this game does justice for Indiana Jones!
7 months ago
I want to love this game.

Great theme and it is well integrated.
That for many people is enough. I would even consider owning this game for that reason alone because I do like the movies.

love the ball lock, upper playfield is neat.

Flow is good enough. Modes, multiball, it’s all there.

My gripe with this game is that somehow it just feels lacking. I never feel like sticking around to play more than 1 game on it. It could be that in an arcade setting it feels kind of tired in comparison to more modern games.
This is just my opinion and there are plenty of people who love this game and I’m happy for them. It just doesn’t click with me and that’s okay.
One day if I get it alone in a quiet setting my opinion could very well change. So one day I would like to own it to give it a fair chance to change my mind.
8 months ago
Didn't like it at first until I got to understand pinball more. Now I feel that the games today pale in comparison to all the unique shots, modes, theme integration, just everything about it. I was just a kid in the 80's, but this game brings back a lot of nostalgia from the past of what a badass was about in that time period. This game does a great job being fun, having some sense of danger, without trying to get too funny & keeps its edge. Definitely challenging in its varying shots, but not enough to keep it from being rewarding. Having the fourth ball option is always a bonus it seems.
8 months ago
O man. Indiana Jones is such a hard game for me to rate. It is a good game, but as of this writing in late 2021 you can get every other single game on the market NIB for less money. Is it a good game? Yes! Is it a great game? Yes! Is it the best pinball machine you can buy for the money? No!

The game itself is super fun. It is a Super Pin with lots to do. The Path of Adventure and rotating idol are neat toys. There are multiple ways to play the game where you can just go for multiball or play through the story of the game by accomplishing all of the modes. The modes are varied and fun. There are rewards for hitting multiple shots repeatedly like the ramps and loops. The narrow escape right lane save is unique and very fun.

Overall, this is an extremely fun game. I myself bought one to try it out (couldn't play one local) and while fun, it is not a long term keeper for me at the price. I would solidly recommend this game to anyone who finds it fun.

Update: After 3 months I am lowering my rating on this game. The big flaw in this game is the mode start scoop. It is a tight shot and subject to bounce outs making the game more difficult than it should be. There is also a design flow where the ball can bounce up in the scoop hitting a diode on the underside of the path of adventure, causing a short and all sorts of playfield problems. Easy to fix... after you figure it out.

The game also suffers from requiring a very precise level. If the game is off just a little the ball won't flow properly out of the pops.

Still a fun game, but the honeymoon period on this one was short and there are other games I'd much rather have for the money so time is short.
8 months ago
Love this game!!!! The lock is a terrifically elegant shot. Perfect sneak behind the targets elicits one of the best callouts I’ve ever heard.
Machine plays like a dream and multi balls are off the hook. Sounds and visuals are amazing.
9 months ago
One of my highest ratings….I was hooked on the movies as a teenager and the pinball machine was an absolute must when I started my collection.. this game is both beautiful and challenging . It took me 3 years to find one in the condition I sought, plenty of mods available to dress it up although it is good as is… the mode hole was the only thing holding this game back as 8 out of 10 shots would be rejected which has driven many a player to curse this game… I tried everything to adjust the striker plate, dropped the mechanism down with shims but nothing worked….I studied the geometry for weeks and came to a conclusion… the striker is simply to close to the hole itself…. I carefully redrilled the 3 holes moving them back 1/4 “ , remounted the striker , and wa-la !!! 98 out of 100 balls fall perfectly in the mode hole and it allows you to complete all modes much easier. Other than that this game is exceptional to me
And I would advise anyone to add it to their collection…
9 months ago
Wow, what can I say that hasn't already been said. Everything about this pin is awesome. Theme, art, gameplay, music score just to name a few. I love the game. It has 12 modes so if you like modes and trying to complete the shots to complete a mode then you are going to like the gameplay. Bally/Williams quality!! My only knock and its a small one is overall lighting is ok. Pinstadiums will help this. Also, I'm not a huge fan of upper playfields but for what it is this one isn't to bad. I understand a lot of the newer Sterns are cliimbing to the top of this list and thats ok. I like Sterns too! However, these old B/Ws early 90s games are amazing and may never be matched.
10 months ago
A classic that broght all the elements of the Indiana Jones movies to life in this desirable classic!!!!!
10 months ago
Owned it for a very short time. May be worth having again but the notorious issues with optos, upper playfield, and saucer made the game less appealing. I LOVE the theme and wish wish wish that it would get remade with the bugs worked out, but know that will never happen. If you can obtain one that is dialed in and actually works - I could see this game as being fun for a long time. Unfortunately, that was not my experience - even after professional restoration and upgrading…
10 months ago
I have had this in my collection since 1998 and is my all time favorite game to play. I am in the middle of a thorough cleaning and re lamping with Comet L.E.D's, Pinsound speakers and sound board. Almost done and cant wait till I can play it.
10 months ago
Great game. Made well for a 90s pin as in quality. The only thing I dislike about this game is its too cartoony for a IJ theme
There are 533 ratings (that include a comment) on this game. Currently showing results page 1 of 22.

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