Indiana Jones: The Pinball Adventure

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Game design: 8.579

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Sounds/Music: 8.483

Other Aspects: 8.704

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5 days ago
Indiana Jones got everything a pinball machine should have.
8 days ago
Fantastic game from a Williams. Wide body but plays fast. Fun code for its time. Lots of shots. Top 10 no doubt
9 days ago
It has a lot of thing to be a greater game but unfortunately it isn't. For me the playfield doesn't have goof flow, doesn't have good shoots and is very plane in rulset. I don't understand how this game could be compare to TZ or STTNG. It is in a very inferior league. I have one for some months and I have to sold it. Fortunatelly people are still paying a lot for this mediocre machine.
13 days ago
Perfect theme, beautiful artwork, and pretty fun. I always want to enjoy this one so much more than I do.. but its basically one shot over and over and over interlaced with the actual pretty fun gameplay once a mode is active. Having all the ramps and shots so low down on the playfield makes hard bricks to the posts extremely common and super frustrating (at least for me and my amateur shot accuracy). Still scores perfect in many aspects, but its unfortunate that without the theme, I think this game would be subpar.
19 days ago
This game captures the true spirit of one of the greatest trilogy's of all time. Jr! It is you Jr!!!
28 days ago
One of if not, the best pin out there!
32 days ago
It is side by side with the newer stern Indiana at my local pinball. My kids and I will always just play this one. It just oozes theme visually and with the audio. As a kid I felt like I was sucked into the movies while playing.

I am not a fan of the playfield layout though, but still would love to own this regardless.
33 days ago
This is a really great game. First off I am a huge Indiana Jones fan and I feel as if the game did a fairly great job of capturing the essence of the movie in the game. This is one that is on my list of games to obtain and keep in my collection. It is classy and has a timeless feel and look.
38 days ago
AN AMAZING GAME, Sallah adds alot of character to the game, MULTIPLE video modes, A great toy playfield, an intense ramp shot for jackpot/path of adventure, great shooting, great combo potential, and an AMAZING variety of modes.

The DCS sound really shines here with clips from the movie, and john williams score sounds wonderful on this, BETTER than the stern one (although the ark multiball on stern IS great fun).

The gun plunger was one of the things that drew me in as a child, I loved Indiana Jones, and this theme is masterfully merged into a wonderful game with great gameplay.

Multiple multiballs, tough as nails modes to master and a great design make one of the best machines EVER.
44 days ago
This is my favorite game of all time. The only real gripe I have with it is that it's constantly broken! Most machines I've played at public places have at least 1 issue. But a fully working version is hard to beat.
48 days ago
Very nice game
83 days ago
Played it a few times they were better games to play there
87 days ago
Theme is well integrated with game play. The Path to Adventure seems hard to keep working as intended, there have been issues with 2 of the 3 I have played here. Great callouts, music, and balanced game play. Overall an excellent pin.
3 months ago
A classic 90's game. Feels like most B/W machines, with a great theme perfect for when it was made and a dozen years later. Starting to get a bit ling in the tooth here in 2021.
3 months ago
Very hard game to completely set up. Like the concept of the upper playfield but ran into so many where it wasn't leveled or working properly which HIGHLY affects the outcome of a game. Love the theme. Had to let mine go as it was a maintenance nightmare.
3 months ago
I love the movies and I truly love playing the Williams pinball machine!
4 months ago
You cheat Doctor Jones! What a fine machine... Can we just appreciate for a moment that this pin was made in August 1993?!? 28 years later, and it’s still fun to play. Nowadays, with all the stinginess surrounding licensing and assets (Jurassic Park!), this kind of machine would cost too much to make. Yes, the “path of adventure” breaks a lot, and the general illumination is a bit dated in this RBG LED era, but it sure knocks it out of the park with everything else. Name something else that holds its value so well with 28 years of use. Great game!
4 months ago
Love the game but some the angels are off in this game. Music is great and so are callous.
4 months ago
Had the game for 10 years and made the mistake of selling it. This is the holy grail of pinball machines. Great shooter, lots of modes and lots of different shots. The best upper playfield on any game.
4 months ago
Would love to own one someday. It's a must have in your collection. It will be mine, oh it will be mine.
4 months ago
Pure fun! There is so much going for this pin than just theme alone, rotating idol, path to adventure mini playfield, great toys on the playfield and the artwork is as close to perfect as you can get (it actually looks like Harrison Ford!). There are some really tight shots that can hard to make at times, which can come off as being a bit clunky, but I think that's more about getting used to a widebody more than anything else. If there is one minor drawback is that the playfield is absolutely packed, which might give the impression that it's cluttered, but it never bothered me. Overall, one of the great pins made in the 90s, I would love to own one, but it might be out of my reach.
4 months ago
I remember this game in a cafe I used to visit after work most evenings, but I never played it. Not at all interested in pinball back then. A few decades later, I played it for the first time and was immediately hooked.

What a fool I was.

So much to do and so much to shoot for. It's always impressive and leaves a lasting impression.

This is how it's done.
4 months ago
Game was fun but not everything that I was lead to believe it was.
5 months ago
This is the game that hooked me on pinball.
5 months ago
I've coveted this game for many years, and have had a few opportunities to own one. I've play countless games on it and enjoy it thoroughly. It seems like every time I go to buy one, another game that I want just a little bit more pops up too. First, it was Ghostbusters in 2017, then it was Iron Maiden in 2018, and now I must have Led Zeppelin. I know that someday I'll own one because I always come back to wanting one. The gameplay is really engaging, the toys are cool (some of the airplane mods with moving propellers are amazing), and it's one of those themes that takes me back to my childhood, and that is a good thing. I have never walked away from playing Indiana Jones without a smile on my face. I do wish that the cabinet color held up better, and that the licensing allowed Harrison Ford to be a "real" part of the game. There is a reason this game is hard to find and costly to obtain if you're able to find a nice one.
There are 509 ratings (that include a comment) on this game. Currently showing results page 1 of 21.

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