Indiana Jones: The Pinball Adventure (Williams, 1993)

Indiana Jones: The Pinball Adventure

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Game design: 8.487

Artwork: 8.541

Sounds/Music: 8.394

Other Aspects: 8.624

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There are 432 ratings (that include a comment) on this game.
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7 days ago
A beautiful machine visually,and a fabulous theme.this game would suit any player,the wide body packs a lot in.the video games are awesome especially with a colour display. If you are an Indiana Jones movie fan you will love this game especially the way they integrated the 3 movies into the one game. The stern version couldn’t hold a candle to this.
13 days ago
A really very good pinball with incredible sound,animation,multiball(get etrenal life is awesome).
18 days ago
Awesome game, so much to shoot for and so much to do. Cool sounds and art, this is pinball at its best.
25 days ago
This is an excellent Pinball, one of the top Williams I rate il as a top 10 without any doubt
28 days ago
Overall this game is awesome. I enjoy certain modes. for the most part the game is great!
41 days ago
One of the best pinball games of all time. So much to do in this game. Stern must have been embarrassed at what they turned out compared to this. Games really encompasses all the great movies and incorporates that into some great fun gameplay. I just like watching the Nazi melt
41 days ago
great game would like to own one someday.
52 days ago
Where to start? So I love the theme. Indiana Jones will forever be a part of my social conscience so getting to feel like I'm a part of the adventures is fun. Love the music, and the voice clips from various movies. I like having the revolver as the plunger, though this Indy skill shot is a little blah. Satisfying drop targets and the ball lock feature is just cool.

So the way the balls are launched in multi-ball is fun and fast paced. I like the teetering ramp to get the extra ball, it kind of feels like labrynth, a childhood staple from the 90s, which definitely requires more than just pinball skills to be good at. Love the sound effects. The ramp shots are satisfying, if just a little steep for some places that have weaker flippers.

Stuff I don't like, the right out-lane having the ability to magically get saved, is great except when it's not. I guess it's unique, but I'd prefer more of a traditional outlane where I have a better chance of shake saving it. The scoring doesn't seem very balanced, like getting 30M points for the minecart video mode which is super easy, when jackpots for doing pinball skill requiring shots don't net you near that many points. I like being rewarded for modes, but feels a little too gimmicky.

All told, love the theme, really enjoy the game, but hate seeing this come up in competition as it's luck of the draw for which mode you start. I still would like to own one, but there are a lot of games higher on my must own list currently.
84 days ago
I can't think of a machine that does a better job of theming than Indiana Jones. Tons of modes that connect to the first three movies, awesome callouts and music. A beautiful package that is packed to the gills with toys and features.
3 months ago
This game is a tough one to find and play! I have maybe two games a year on it at a Pinball show. I've never seen a working one in the wild and the licensing was too hefty to bring it to Pinball Arcade, so this is, quite aptly, the holy grail of Williams games! I like most things about this game - fantastic soundtrack, great shots, great ruleset. This one oozes it's theme which is awesome. I'm not a huge fan of the way some of the shots are blocked by the path of adventure or the idol housing, can make some of the shots feel less satisfying. Not quite as much flow due to the widebody size, which is a problem I find with many widebody games but this isn't the worst example. Absolute pinball classic nonetheless though.
3 months ago
Best Williams Pin ever
4 months ago
A wide body fan layout. Not lit well, but this is a solid and fun game with good theme integration.
4 months ago
Beloved by most but always found it overrated. Playfield is cramped, hence flow is compromised.
4 months ago
This machine has it all. It's a widebody with great flow and lots of fun shots to hit. It has an awesome theme (Is there a better theme for pinball?) that's perfectly executed. The dot animations are great, especially with a ColorDMD. The music is exactly what you would expect and the custom voicework is exceptional. The artwork, while a little heavy with the yellows and browns, makes this a stunning machine to look at. The software is just deep enough and the wizard mode is a real challenge to get to. The 12 main modes, 4 from each film of the original movie trilogy, offer lots of variety and a decent risk/reward balance.

On the negative side, the Path To Adventure toy is pretty finnicky to keep working perfectly and it's moderately fun at best. This pin is also missing a skill shot, which is always a negative in my book. However, using the gun to immediately shoot the ball into action actually feels very theme appropriate. All in all, I feel this machine lives up to the hype as one of the best pins of the 90's and it has a fun factor that few pins can rival.
4 months ago
This has to be the single most overrated game ... so many things are missing like the ark, the toys are plastic and look silly. Its even missing the accurate planes that where in the movie. The playfield looks like very little thought was put into making the game reflect the movie. Now I'd love to see JJ do an Indian Jones pinball ... this game needs an upper playfield in the tomb with snakes, a way to dodge darts, the ark that releases the ghosts, a spinning plane, something that lights up the directions to the lost tomb, it needs more things you'd solve to find the ark and win the game. To me this game is opportunity lost. Love to see a remake by Jersey Jack.
5 months ago
Fun adventure game by Williams is deeper and more immersive than the Stern version, IMHO, but they are also different pins with different feel and design. Both are good at capturing Indy theme and both have good music, sounds and callouts. I like the Stern artwork better, even if photoshopped, because the hand-drawn art on this pin looks odd to me. Overall, the art package isn't bad tho. Nice widebody has a very unique feel all its own. Should have maybe one or two more shots for all the extra room a widebody offers. Still, it offers lots of modes and goals, fun Path of Adventure and very good dot animations. If you love Indy, this is a very fun game that, while it doesn't blow me away, usually gets my quarters when I see it in the wild. I would like to own one, but they are getting very expensive for a quality example. People love this theme!
6 months ago
I recently got to try it out at a show. We really enjoyed it. It was easy to play, and you could have a decent game without being a pinball wizard.
6 months ago
I finally had the chance to play this game on a location. I had really high expectations. Man was I disappointed. The one I played was beat to hell so that probably didn't help. Even still, call outs were meh, game play was slow. Just didn't like it.
7 months ago
Such an excellent game. Only problem is price.
7 months ago
It's ok, but not a top 10 IF you ask me :)
7 months ago
Great all round package. Some good flow through the outer loops as well as some satisfying stop and go aiming shots. Very solid build quality and game play. The many different modes (12) are entertaining and diverse allthough the three video modes get a little boring over time. Overall the strategy is slightly limited (going for modes or multi balls) but the game still lasts reasonably well in a small collection and attracts both beginners and more experienced players. Wizard mode is quite easy to reach but hard to finish.
7 months ago
Great game, never get tired of it. To me, this is the number 1 pinball, a couple others (MM might be more fun, TZ might be more creative) might be better to most people. A perfect stand alone game, no other pins needed.
7 months ago
My favorite machine ever. Best sound effects and theming of all time.
7 months ago
If you grew up in the Star Wars/Indiana Jones era, who wouldn't want to own this one? Great use of movie quotes, mixed with John Rhys-Davies adding some extra dialog. The programmers of this game went the extra mile, adding specific quotes for unexpected shots, like a ball-lock when the targets are still up. "You cheat, Dr. Jones!" My biggest two complaints on this machine would be the unreliability of the Path of Adventure, and the side panel coloring. Many folks fall victim to fade on the cabinet, and that is quite frustrating. Overall, in my top 5 of all time, and there is no way it is leaving my collection!
7 months ago
Near perfect, very fun, very deep. Very special to play, a lot to do, difficult but always fun.
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