Indiana Jones: The Pinball Adventure


Indiana Jones: The Pinball Adventure

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Game Design: 8.554

Artwork: 8.546

Sounds/Music: 8.393

Other Aspects: 8.69

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Found 586 ratings (with comment) on this game

There are 586 ratings (that include a comment) on this game.
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9 days ago
One of the best games ever, but even better with PinSound and ColorDMD, or just wait till there is a remake.
26 days ago
Welcome to the adventure of a lifetime, folks! "Indiana Jones: The Pinball Adventure" is not just a game—it's a pulse-pounding journey through the heart of cinematic greatness, where flippers meet fedoras and bumpers bump against booby traps!

Picture yourself standing before the Path of Adventure, a veritable mini Indiana Jones playground where every shot feels like you're dodging boulders and swinging across bottomless pits with Indy himself. From the whip ramp that sends the ball soaring to the moving idol that guards its secrets, this game is a treasure trove of interactive wonders that'll leave you shouting "snakes, why did it have to be snakes?!"

But wait, there's more! Behold the Ark of the Covenant, its lid opening and closing like a tantalizing treasure chest waiting to be plundered. And let's not forget the heart-pounding action of the Temple of Doom mini-playfield, where danger lurks around every corner like a hungry boulder ready to crush your dreams (and your high score).

And who could overlook the motorized trap door, ready to whisk unsuspecting players into the depths of adventure faster than you can say "I've got a bad feeling about this"? Or the spinning model airplane, a whimsical nod to that unforgettable scene from "Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade"?

In conclusion, "Indiana Jones: The Pinball Adventure" is not just a game—it's a rollicking romp through the annals of cinematic history that'll have you shouting "Indy, I love you!" while you rack up high scores and bask in the glory of your pinball conquests. So grab your fedora, buckle up your whip, and prepare to embark on the ultimate adventure of flipper-flipping, bump-and-jumping excitement!
27 days ago
Great theme integration, classic pin with excellent music and some difficult shots.
48 days ago
the best WPC
56 days ago
Wow, TWILIGHT Zone and this run neck and neck sooooo much fun
Way ahead of its time!
62 days ago
This remains a real winner!
The theme is cool, the sounds are still wonderful to listen to and the playing field is never boring!
71 days ago
This game totally lives up to its name "The Pinball Adventure". The theme integration with the original trilogy (and if you ask me, the only three IJ movies that exist) is spot on, and there's an even balance of references looped in from each movie.

Some of the shots are surprisingly difficult, like the right ramp leading to "Path of Adventure". You think it'd be easy to hit cuz its right there in front of your face, but balls ding and whiz past it like none other. Balls also have a tendency to stall out on ramps/paths, and they end up reversing course and head SDTM. But aside from those nits, there's a lot of variety and it's just good old fashioned fun all around.

All in all, this is an all time classic and has a legitimate claim to a seat at the table of GOATs.
84 days ago
Tons of fun and a unique wide body. One of my favorite features is the elephant ball lock and the whip crack when you get a replay! The shots are straightforward and fairly consistent. Most of all this pin is a blast to play. The outlane gate is great the upper playfield that tilts is a cool gimmick. Overall one of my favorites and something i hope thy can remake one day!
4 months ago
This might be a 'controversional' opinion, but I do not like this game (enough, considering it's current market-value), even though I love the movies and wanted to adore this game.

It is just a standard-body fan layout, made wide-body to fit the toys. I just hate how easy it is to brick shots, it totally kills the enjoyment for me. If they would have added targets instead of regular posts it would have been less of an issue, but still, the amount of times shots don't land is insane. An issue which I don't have with other fan-layouts, like MM. I will give some points for the creativity of the drop-target/scoop in the middle, that thing is nice.

The rules are typical 90s modes, but there are a lot! Much variation, so that's a positive.

The path-of-adventure is fun but too easy, it should have been that symmetrical/stable. I like the shaking plane with the ramps and the boulder-ball in the back. The gate at the right-outlane is also a nice 'old school' feature. Idol-lock is just pretty.

The theme integration is done perfectly however. I love the art, the animations are wonderful and the music/speech fits the game very well. I maybe would have loved to see more speech, but whatever. I think that the good theme integration is the main reason it is so sought-after, it makes it a lovely nostalgic pin.

However, I just can't rate this game high. This game is entertaining, are great theme and fun toys, but the pinball gameplay itself is mediocre at best... The layout often prevents me from enjoying it, and considering its price, I could buy 2 or 3 other machines which are way bring more enjoyment than this one.
5 months ago
This is one of the best Bally/Williams games ever. I love the theme, the artwork, the layout, the rules and especially the music and sound effects. For some reason I find it not very easy to play this game and the Path Of Adventure on mine seems to have it's own gravity rules, but this game will never leave my collection.
5 months ago
Indiana Jones is a classic! Brian Eddy's egg launched a pinball giant. This game is timeless and it is easy to overlook the few quirks of the 90s era that it possesses. Lots to do, and overall awesome pinball with iconic theming and great variation. Buy and play whenever you can!
6 months ago
Great use of the theme. Plenty of great moments ripped from the movies and lends itself to the play.

I think the upper left ball maze is particularly neat and always feels good when you get that extra ball.

The dependence on animated mini games gets old over time, especially choosing the the correct cup.

An old table that still holds up very well, gets a ton of play at my local place.
7 months ago
Definitely one of the best game games from this generation. Heaps of fun and variety and some really cool toys that have never been done again. Coding and theme integration is also really good and adds to the fun. Loved the movies growing up and this game captures them in a really special way. Lots of fun and sure to keep people coming back.
7 months ago
I played this pin for the first time about a year ago and have since played it a lot more. What an awesome game. I now see why it gets such a high rating and is priced as high as it is. The shots are super smooth with sounds tied in perfectly, especially the ramps with the accompanying airplane and gun sounds. The upper playfield is very unique (even though I suck at it). And the challenging video modes offer a nice break during game play, not too long and not too short.

Super great pin, rivaling newer pins in layout and flow. Ruleset is relatively deep but not overly complicated like some of the newer games that seem to require a deep study before tackling the game. To me, I like pins that you can almost figure out as you go, and that allow you to enjoy the journey as you learn. This one does that nicely. The flashing lights and audible call-outs make it so easy to know right away what to shoot for.

Hard to believe it's a 30 year old machine.
7 months ago
Rated with pinsound added
7 months ago
Just brought one home and I think it's really fun. The sounds and modes are great. Some of the music and call outs can get repetitive. Bummer there is no skill shot but not a big deal.
Ramps are fun to rip. The moveable left playfield is fun. The game flow can be slow but then crazy fast.

I had played one a while back but it was so dark and the flippers were jacked up. But when they are fresh and working 100% it is a blast!

Fun game but got old in a month ish time at my house. Traded if for a Big Lebowski and can say I'm not sad that I did.
Pinsound board and color dmd really add to the game.
7 months ago
I do not love the artwork as much as most people. The callouts an humor is very good. Shots are tight. The playfield is packed. Mark Ritche is a better designer than his brother in my opinion.
8 months ago
Have just added this game to my collection and it’s a great change up from the fast shooting sterns (which I love too).

The fun factor and theme integration are amazing on this game. Fully understand how this game has stood the test of time.
8 months ago
Mr Frog explains it all.
8 months ago
Indiana Jones is a classic Mark Ritchie design and probably his best.

There is a variety of good shots within the layout. The best ones are the left ramp and the lock shot. Hitting the ramps repeatedly is always a lot of fun and the Path of Adventure is a nice feature.

I love the modes and I think they have a variety of different objectives to achieve. The multiball is a lot of fun to play too. But I think this game gets a bit repetitive after a while. I couldn't play it over and over again.

The artwork is outstanding. Everything and especially the playfield is beautiful to look at.

Overall this is a very good classic game which is probably most suitable for casual players and beginners.
9 months ago
Mine came to me a wreck and has been worked over to play perfectly, even the upper movable playfield, not that it helps me make the Path of Adventure with any consistency.
There are some fun shots in this game but moving through the modes doesn't feel as rewarding as other games. Locking balls into the Idol and watching them be released is a good gimmick but other that, once you realise the Path of Adventure is a bit hit and miss, the lastability wears off.
Mine has stayed because guests get on with it much better than they do with most other machines as it is attractive and fun for them.
9 months ago
I honestly just don’t understand why this has been a +$10k machine as far as I can remember. I remember picking up our circus Voltaire for 7k (which was like at the time) and this turd was still over 10k honestly what on earth do people see in this aside from it being Indiana Jones!!?? I F-n Love Indy films but holy god does this game stink …
- modes are always lit-3/4 of which are differently dressed “shoot orbits”
- it’s a wide body for absolutely no reason whatsoever opposed to TZ which you can see and feel why it is a WB when you play
- the 3 ball lock for mb is OK but not revolutionary…
- path of adventure (on the RARE times when it is functional) is very “MeH” at best….

Truly I will never know why or who on earth would choose this machine over a TZ, stern StarTrek, LOTR, Simpsons PBP, AFM, MM, TOTAN, TOM, CV, WWh2o, or any new stern… including mando for god sakes!!! …
Heck even games of a significant lesser value tier are WAYYYY MORE FUN than this machine.
assuming I just had to choose a game and selling wasn’t an option…
I’d take all the following before I would have an IJ,
- fish tales - Johnny mnemonic-RBION - Shadow - Congo - World Cup 94 - Spider-Man - no good gophers - funhouse - hudini - CC - Dirty Harry - hot wheels - EBD - BSD - honestly most machines going back to sys 11 and even some of them are so much more enjoyable and fun to play … Dr dude, ES come to mind
Seriously I’ve spent basically everyday the last 7 yrs if my life in a place with over 100 machines to play and if your considering buying this one, I implore you to take half the money and get anything else you will NOT regret it! (Or use all the money and get a new Godzilla or whatever but just stay away from this snooze fest im 100% serious ab that!)
9 months ago
Loaded pinball. Probably the fastest and most exciting widebody pin ever. I love the theme so getting into this was no problem at all. Shots are HARD and dangerous...but after several games you can really groove them in.
One of my favorite pins of this era right behind MM and TOM.
10 months ago
Everything I could ask for from a pinball game is gathered here, a good flow (once you have taken it a bit in hand because the loaded board requires aiming to appreciate its depth) a timeless theme, a great sound atmosphere with incredible epic passages, this pinball machine is very rewarding when you reach the big goals (ok, I added a pinsound, this modification is strongly recommended) long life with a lot of things to accomplish. Three video modes! I had some of the best machines ever made, but this is the one and only to have in my humble opinion and should not be ashamed of the current production.
10 months ago
I own this pin and its great
Wide body and a little slow but for its age its way ahead of its time. Modes are fun and the ramps are satisfying to shoot.
The orbit is smooth and the captive ball is great.
I like the ball lock and the narrow escape.
Upper playfield is super cool also.
There are 586 ratings (that include a comment) on this game. Currently showing results page 1 of 24.

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