Indiana Jones (Stern, 2008)

Indiana Jones

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Game design: 6.915

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Other Aspects: 7.182

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There are 133 ratings (that include a comment) on this game.
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4 days ago
I like this pinball,its superfast,the sound is much better as the williams version and the muktiball is also verry nice and a lot of toys on the playfield.
Nice pin to me,verry underrated
14 days ago
I had this machine on a trade. I had no great expectations because of it's rating. Big surprise, it's a family and friends favorite. The music, artwork, and theme are very good. Rules are not very deep. Good machine for beginner and whole familly.
56 days ago
I adore Indiana Jones and am a huge fan of the original trilogy (leaving out that horrid mistake #4) however this game really falls flat. Talk about boring and EXTREMELY repetitive... hit the same 4 shots a hundred times over and, yay, you get multiballs for days! No amount of gimmicky 8 ball multiball can redeem this snore-fest. It’s too bad. I wanted to like it too.
3 months ago
This is a tough game for me to rate fairly. But I’ll try. First off, I LOVE Indiana Jones movies. This is a top 3 theme for me, so that alone makes this a keeper for me. But I do admit that the 1993 Williams version is deeper, more well designed and better in many key ways. However, Indy4 has better sound, music, video clips and I prefer the art package to the Williams comic book cartoon animation on the playfield. But this version is simple, easy to play and understand, and has some decent shots (the ramp and orbits feel good), and the rising captive ball is clever. Finally, the 8-ball multiball is bonkers. I’m not saying it’s great, but it’s unusual. I do believe if the 1993 version didn’t exist, this game would be considered a better game. Not great, but easy to play, with good music, sound and callouts, with some pretty good DMD scenes. It’s Indy! It’s still fun for what it is. Plus, you can pick up a really nice one, if you can find it, for about half the price of the first version. This one is staying in my lineup. Plus, non-pinheads seem drawn to it.
6 months ago
One of the most satisfying multiball experiences out there. It’s a pretty easy game that’s great for the general audience. Some of the playfield toys may fit right into my kids toy box.
7 months ago
Looks pretty, but got dull very quick. I would recommend spending your money on the Williams version.
9 months ago
Underated game that gets a bad rap because people compare it to the Williams Indy. Stands well on it's own merit. Try to buy one and they are hard to come by, people hold on to this game because of the theme and the gameplay is above average.
9 months ago
This machine is not nearly as good as the Indianna Jones game by Williams but it’s not too bad. Several multiballs and all the movies are represented, which might be a negative to some because that includes the kingdom of the crystal skull. The ark toy is cool and the raising temple of doom scoop. Not the deepest rules and not a very good layout but it’s still overall a pretty fun game.
11 months ago
I like Indiana Jones it has cool toys, good sounds and music, and the rules are pretty good.
1 year ago
Still getting to know this pin, but it is a lot of fun. The voices from the movie are great and there are a lot of great shots to make. The Arc is amazing and the 8 ball multi-ball is one of the best in the game. This appears to be a keeper, but only time will tell.
1 year ago
When all the ballsncome out of the Ark, it's super cool. So cool they stole it and reused it in Aerosmith. Haha! This would be a cool game if the rules were better.
1 year ago
A tad bit underrated.
1 year ago
Stern's IJ isn't as bad as everyone says. It is fun for what it is, and it really does the theme justice. It's a shame the Crystal Skull installment had to be included, but bad movies are a part of any movie series! The treasure chest toy is impressive--I always get a kick of seeing all the pinballs dump out. There's a lot going on in the game and the shots feel nice. Sounds are terrific, but the DMD has the horrible film clip style animations. Not a gem of a game, but certainly a solid offering from a lull period in pinball.
1 year ago
I've spent a lot of time on this game, because everywhere I go to play Pinball seems to have one! Obviously it's not going to be as good at the Williams one, but I still thing there is fun to be had on this one. The Arc toy is fantastic, and I'm glad to see it return on Aerosmith. The ramp is a very satisfying shot, but isn't utilised very well. The rising captive ball is very good and I'm surprised that hasn't been done again since. The art is a bit bland for the theme, the audio is decent and the clips are mostly good (they can't all be made out). This game falls short when it comes to rules - it has lots of modes and a fair amount of depth, but in order to get to all of these modes the game is incredibly repetitive and for every awesome multiball there's 5 minutes of dull linear play to get there. Everything Crystal Skull related is also lacking, feels like the Licensor told them not to include anything that would spoil the film so we're left with a model of the skull and four animations. Although all these things sound quite negative, I will always have a soft spot for this game as so many locations in the UK have clung onto it!
1 year ago
Fun game, but not as involved as the William's version. I loved the movies so I would welcome this machine to my collection regardless. . .
1 year ago
Includes the dreaded Crystal Skull movie. Any Indiana Jones pinball machine will have a tough time living up to the incredible 1993 Williams machine. The game consists on 4 main shots which have to be made over and over again. Starting Ark mode dumps balls everywhere for the sake of having balls everywhere.
1 year ago
The game feels like a grind. Errors in programming and missing content for the 4th movie.
1 year ago
Upon playing a better example of Indy and being able to hear the game, my initial review was quite uncharitable. The game plays well enough and the right scoop that comes up after striking the static ball is a good feature. The sound of the game is much improved with SAM over the lo-fi Whitestar games and the build up for the multi-ball with the arc opening up is pretty cool. That being said, it feels very derivative of JP with the layout of the scoops and pops. It has a shallow feel (along with the static toys with light bulbs glued to them). All and all not too bad a game, which will be carried by theme alone. The arc toy being recycled in Aerosmith (with less pomp and circumstance) shows the designers gave this game some originality.
1 year ago
This game gets such a bad rap. Not sure I'd own it, but man I like playing it when I find it. Great MB start! Worthy of being copied in Aerosmith!
2 years ago
I really wanted to like this pin since Indiana Jones is one of my favorite characters. It just didn't do much. You'd hit things or get to certain goals and expect something amazing to happen and really nothing did (maybe a short vid). I just didn't enjoy myself.
2 years ago
1 great multiball rest is garbage. indy cant even save this game.
2 years ago
LOVE THIS PIN. EXTREMELY UNDERRATED! Best multiball feature in all of pinball IMHO! It's a keeper for me.
2 years ago
Overall, great package with a dream theme. A nice inviting color scheme, with great sound, and great DMD animation. The game is fast, and very enjoyable. I can see why seasoned players don't like the layout, and I do feel that Temple of Doom and Last Crusade are too close together, but that shouldn't be why the game is rated as it is. I have adjusted the games settings so objectives are not too repetitive, and don't feel like a grinding session. Non-pinheads flock to this one first, and seem to keep going back, again and again throughout the night.

Great Stern pin that deserves to be rated higher.
2 years ago
The OTHER Indiana Jones is so good, this game didn't stand a chance by comparison. Cramming all four movies into one game was a terrible idea (just like the fourth movie). The shots feel "cheap" (so weak and pointless... hard to describe), and the gameplay is dull. This table reminds me of the plastic tabletop games that can be found in the toy aisle.

Don't do it... just don't.
2 years ago
Multiball is the only highlight of this game.

Could have been so much more but ended up being a major disappointment
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