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Found 36 ratings (with comment) on this game

There are 36 ratings (that include a comment) on this game.
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1 year ago
great game
2 years ago
In the end it is a nice and funny machine, I'm only sorry for the music that is repetitive after an hour, but you don't have to play it for an hour !!
the playing field must be led absolutely ..... 3 ramps, 3 rackets, a central game and several other channels ...... I had it and to play some carefree games it is perfect, better than other titles saw !!

Find it and play with it, few specimens in the world few reviews and therefore it is low on pinside
2 years ago
I had this game for a short while. It does get repetitive; however, it was still enjoyable to play. The main reason I decided to sell it was due to playfield parts not being available.
3 years ago
beautiful basic game to play...might not be for the elite players but beginners will love it..greet art work.
3 years ago
This is the second pin and the first "modern" game I added to my collection. I happened into it by chance just simply looking for a title under $2K. This was 4 years ago and I still absolutely love the game. If you want a pin with ramps this is it. If you want a super fun shooter this is it. If you enjoyed the move then you will also enjoy this pin. Not a very deep rule set and not something that really advanced players would stay at but it is still a really enjoyable game that even beginners can play and enjoy.
3 years ago
This is one of those sega pins that I would love to own. I feel its kinda underrated because of the theme. Also hard to find one without damage to the alien. Ramps are fun and sounds are great for this time period. My wife who is one of the few love this movie and wants me to get one for our collection.
4 years ago
Some people have negative things to say about this game…I’ll tell you this much, I would rather have an Independence Day than a stranger things. nuff said.
4 years ago
Decent Sega game that I've owned for 5+yrs but other than theme integration gameplay is somewhat lacking plus some ramp layouts make it difficult to hit without a more powerful flipper. looks great with LEDs though...
5 years ago
This game gets s*it on a lot. A lot of people never give it a chance. I agree many of the call outs and sound effects get annoying after a while and the game could be deeper, but I take it for what it is. A great value if you can find one, and the main play music is awesome. Also really like the translite art. Recommend that you try out one and see for your self.
5 years ago
Great theme and a pretty fun game with some really cool ramps to go for, the left ramp is especially hard (it has to be the highest ramp in pinball) and satisfying to hit. I like the alien head in the middle of the playfield that opens up for multiball. Callouts are repetitive and music is not great, If you like aliens this game is cool for a few plays.
6 years ago
Independence day is fun the game has good artwork I really like the sounds and callouts. The alien head opining up Is always cool but after owning the game for a while I have not played it much because the rules are very simple.
6 years ago
God pin great flow and ramps
6 years ago
Great flow and fast. I beefed up the alien head and haven't had any issues.

Fun game, ramps and multiball are great. Guests always like it, but for a home collection, deeper rules would have been nice. It's still a keeper though!
7 years ago
CRAZY multiball, overall fun game. I know the movie is cheesey, but this machine is for real. I have a blast when I play it. Not my favorite game of all time, but still a keeper.
7 years ago
Great pinball. One of the fastest games I've ever played. I've played it hundreds of times and it's hard to get bored with 3 ramps. That makes it fun and challenging. You can shoot from ramp to ramp and get huge bonuses. Multi ball is easy to get and hard to play. 4 balls makes it fun and entertaining. There is 2 ways to get multi ball. Lots of fun. 3 flipper to keep it entertaining at the top of the playing field.
7 years ago
I've played better... I've played worse. This one is pretty forgettable overall, Worth dropping a quarter into, but it's not going to even be on my radar as a machine I'd want to own.
8 years ago
The game is a bit simple but the multiball is a lot of fun. Given that it's fairly easy to get a multiball, you get a bit sick of the "alright Mr. President!" audio cue. Still a fun, fast paced game.
8 years ago
AKA: IDSnore, IDBore

- Good playfield design, nice flow at the ramps and orbits. SEGA's response to combo-based games like Corvette and Demolition Man
- Movie was decent.
- Cheaper than firewood and much more flammable.

- Lack of software.
- Pinball was not decent.
- Rules: Shoot jets until cows come home, then shoot the F15 hurry up for even more points if you're still awake.
- Shoot Area 51 targets to end boredom quicker!
- Another tourney classic next to Junkyard and Pinball Magic! ;)
8 years ago
Owned this one for more than a year, it was my first pin. But i was so sick of it after a year. No more Mr. President for me anymore
9 years ago
it's a solid fun game but it's no AFM, in fact it's not even a top 100 game.

the alien head looks like a vagina
9 years ago
Good multiball game fun callouts but not the deepest of games pretty easy to play
9 years ago
Pretty fun for awhile but gets boring really quick. Not a great rule set
9 years ago
This game is just ok, was a game I played if I wanted a multi-ball bash. Skill "shot" is video mode based which is lame and takes too much time to complete when you just want to get the game moving. Much like many Segas of that era, they are multi-ball heavy and were designed to be rather simple for location. This game could possibly last in a very large collection. It does have rather good flow with the ramps.

The alien heads are almost beat to shiit on all the games I have seen over the years so if you chose to put yourself through the pain, make sure its in good shape because it will impact play. I was fortunate enough to have one in decent shape which I reinforced and touched up.

If you insist on a game of this era and platform, go with ST or even X-Files.
9 years ago
I picked this game up because it was a cheap DMD and I am glad I did. It is just plain fun to play. I don't care for the theme or the art work at all. The rule set is ok at best, there is a couple modes and some nice combo rewards but it still feels like it is lacking a little something rule wise. This game is fast paced fun and I seem to have pretty consistent ball times not a lot of cheap drains. Overall I describe this game as fun not going to be a long term keeper for me but glad that I have it for the time being.
10 years ago
I enjoyed it for a while but found myself always worried I was about to break the Alien Head toy. Really great cast of characters.

Playfield is quite dark in the middle running stock (im sure you could add spotlights or something)

Cool Alien eyes behind flippers.

Worth a try but not a keeper for me
There are 36 ratings (that include a comment) on this game. Currently showing results page 1 of 2.

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