The Incredible Hulk

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There are 20 ratings (that include a comment) on this game.
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2 years ago
The looks of this pinball is what really makes this a gem.
Game play is fun and smooth.
Lighting is nice, it has a very warm inviting feel to it.
Hard to find pinball with a very attractive backglass.
2 years ago
One of the more disappointing pins I've played. I own The Amazing Spiderman and love it. I had high hopes for Hulk but I just couldn't get into it at all. Played it at two different locations and left me bummed both times. Not terrible but didn't meet my expectations. Love the backglass
3 years ago
This game looks terrible, the sounds aren't very fun, and it could use some insert lighting animation, but god damn if this isn't one of the most addicting pins I've ever owned. Miss it a lot.
4 years ago
I recommend Hulk. I like the kickers for the variation on slingshots, creates a different kind of play. The theme and art is great! Solid Gotrtlieb playfield, but the spinner doesn't spin for long. You can select 2 different sound types, but not great. It is a very early sound card so just go with it or you could but chimes in it.
4 years ago
I believe there are 3 tube games Cybernaut, Xenon, Mars God of War. Cybernaut is in the middle as far as speed. Xenon being first. This is a fun game with a small ramp that brings you thru the tube. There is a gate to open then you will get to shoot it again to hit your rollovers.. Drop the targets that actually drop, I miss those. Then you have the cyber multiplier that you have to hit 9 times in order to get big points..
It's a good game, very challenging that makes you want to keep playing until you complete the 9 hits.
Tube games always look good. I have a MGOW as well.. Xenon is the worst of the three but the most popular because of the sounds..
5 years ago
Compared to "modern" games this machine doesn't have a lot of rules, objectives, or variety. It is however a brutally fun game and the lack of standard slings with the strange kickouts instead really changes the way you have to play the game. For me it has that just one more game feel to it, and when you nudge your way to 5x bonus and max out the bonus and collect it in the kicker it is a great feeling. Artwork is simply amazing and very much late 70s comics.
5 years ago
Awesome system 1 gottlieb. The art is fantastic all around, very cool mirrored backglass. Cool first gen sounds, unique kickers in place of the traditional slingshots. Great simple, but hard to accomplish ruleset. Basically a brilliant EM layout, with modern flippers and inlanes and sound. Great fun, a challenge to build the bonus and multiply it 5x to collect. Always has you going back for another game.
6 years ago
I recently got to try it out at a show. It looks great, and plays great. We really enjoyed it and went back a few times.
7 years ago
This was the first game I ever owned as a kid. The theme is fantastic. For its time, it is a great and enjoyable game. We enjoyed playing it for hundreds and hundreds of hours. I'd gladly own it again.
7 years ago
This early SS is such a huge let down. I'm a fan of Marvel IP, and the backglass on this game screams late 70's / early 80's Marvel, but the game play is really just plain awful. I played a very nice machine at an expo and it never really hooked me (I tried really hard to like it too!). There are no interesting shots, the rules are flat and unoriginal, and the most dynamic element of the whole machine was Hulk on the BG. Proof once again that licensed themes do not automatically make a game better... so sad.

Even after slamming the game, I'd honestly pick one up for super cheap if I could (and if the bg was in great condition). I like the theme enough that the game could be something fun to look at, but I won't ever seek out a Hulk. I'd say don't waste your time playing it, but I actually recommend playing it if the chance arise just so you can see for yourself what a bad game is.
9 years ago
Not much flow but a lot of show. Great art with fabulous colors . If you take the hulk for what it gives you and get your multiplier and build up the bonus then work on getting your extra ball it can be a very enjoyable slower paced different style game
9 years ago
Pretty much a build a bonus game. Pop bumpers are there just t to. Take room.
10 years ago
Classic old school game, excellent pinball, cool backglass, but buy machine with new backglass, love antiques.
10 years ago
I got a really nice example of this game literally being one of those "probably needs a fuse" where it really did. It had the operator chimes installed so I installed the Pascal Janin sound board for System 1's (well worth it for authentic sounds).

As per the comments here and IPDB, the gameplay is indeed very basic. It is also quite different considering two kickbacks in front of the flippers.

Basic Pros - Scoring objectives are really obvious as well as specials and extra ball tasks. Seven bank drop! Nice placement of standup targets and spinner shot to make it rewarding but not always a swing through. For a relatively basic, very early SS layout (very EM feel to the layout) this game is a shooter's challenge. Ball times can be extremely short or with careful play and nudging pretty decent.

Cons - UPDATE: I've learned to love every bit of this game, including, and perhaps especially the purple and green color scheme.

Overall - My son says this is his favorite of my current collection, above DW, TSPP, BC, and Centaur. I'm having trouble selling the game because I really like it, some days I love it. Basic, challenging gameplay that makes you want to plunge just one more ball to get the A-B-C, max your bonus and the 1-2-3 extra ball.

If you find one in playable condition, give it several games before you make quick judgments.

UPDATE: I miss the hell out of this game. To this day it remains the one I regret selling. Mine example was really nice with a redone cabinet. It played fantastic. I love everything about this game, from the rollover bonus that is a constant nudging challenge to the drops to the standups you have to get to light the special. I love most Krynski games but I hope to have one of these back someday, hopefully in good condition as well. I really just miss the hell out of this game. One of the most underrated early SS games in my view and an excellent tournament game.
10 years ago
The art works makes up for a lot of what this machine lacks in game play. The more I've played it the more I like it but there are a lot better system 1 players.
10 years ago
A fun game, maybe not the funnest, but the theme and artwork alone make it awesome. A buyer and a keeper in my book. And the artwork highly resembles artwork right from the comics of the same era, a certain bonus as far as I'm concerned.
10 years ago
Love the theme, but he seems a little too happy on the backglass! Decent System 1, but gameplay is dated compared to a Genie or Sinbad.
11 years ago
Superb artwork all the way (cabinet, backglass, playfield) in true Marvel comic fashion. Different / odd playing game in front of flippers due to the lack of sling shots. Simple but challenging rules and gameplay. Tough as nails and as brutal as the green monster himself, but a lot of fun and beautiful piece of art to any Marvel fan (like me).
11 years ago
A brutally difficult game. It really punishes you for any mistake.
It brings me back because it's so hard.
12 years ago
Played one at a locals place. Thought it was fun, nothing to out of the ordinary for the time frame. Still an enjoyable game.
There are 20 ratings (that include a comment) on this game. Currently showing results page 1 of 1.

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