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This game received 30 approved Pinsider ratings and currently rates 5.798 /10


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This game ranks #343 in the Pinside Pinball Top 100.

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Score breakdown in the 4 main categories:

Game design: 6.026

Artwork: 5.667

Sounds/Music: 5.415

Other Aspects: 5.685

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There are 22 ratings (that include a comment) on this game.
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8 months ago
This is a great ball bearing shooting game that can be played in small doses. It is fun to chase the lights. After about ten times of playing and grooving to the cool sounds of Williams games that come from the cabinet buy the game and give it as a gift to children of people who were rude to you so the noise can drive them crazy all night. Who doesn't love the sound of endless ballbearings rolling? :)
1 year ago
Great game! It’s like a pinball paintball gun without the splatter! Absolutely chaotic!
2 years ago
Not a pin, but still fun.
Shoot hundreds of mini pinballs and spell words.
This works in a very large collection.
2 years ago
My first few plays didn’t impress me all that much. Shoot balls at lightning bolts... sorta like missile command on Atari. But my playfield display wasn’t working properly (see my other posts/videos on fixing that issue) and the game took on a whole different level of fun once fixed. Here’s the deal, some folks don’t want to call it “pinball” and maybe they are technically correct. However, it’s super fun especially if you’re trying to spell the words and get all the letter bonuses. I admit this game is more entertaining with two or more players as it’s all about beating your buddy because a crazy high score isn’t going to be likely. I love the fast play and my only gripe is the machine noise. I decreased the noise in about half by installing some sticker felt fabric in some key locations as described on “Ed’s Hyperball” link online. For literally $2 in materials and about 3 hours of labor... the noise is far more tolerable and my wife is letting me keep it now.
2 years ago
Not really a pin a loud shoot em up moving target game. Gives a break from a regular pin but the fun doesn’t last long.
2 years ago
Electromechanical Space invaders is how I describe this oddity of the pinball world. Interesting history as well.
What’s not to love about firing 3/4 steel balls as fast as you can pull the trigger!
Battling your friends over a few beers is the most fun with this beast.
Very loud do not keepin a small room.
3 years ago
Worth one play....ONE play.
3 years ago
Hyperball is not a pinball machine proper, and it is really a different kind of game than pinball other than the fact that it uses small metal bearings to finish various words. So, comparing it to other pinballs is really not a good analogy. However, the game should be outed as a boring, attention grabbing yet silly game that doesn't deserve a quarter. Fits better in a redemption game format at FEC's than in a pinball collection.

Just keep walking.
3 years ago
A lot of fun and very unique gameplay. It would have been nice if the gameplay was a little better.
4 years ago
Gets old super fast, if you enjoy those video games where you have to type things out like The Typing of the Dead this is just the pinball version of that - the game gives you a word to 'spell' and you shoot the corresponding hole on the playfield to gather letters and spell the word. I can see why it totally flopped.
5 years ago
Hyperball looks great. It's basically an electromechanical version of Space Invaders with great sounds, neat light show, and, well, a machine that launches small, steel bearings at targets :-). It simply has no longevity. It's not a great game to own unless you're a big time fan. It's also a nightmare to maintain for those not experienced with fixing these things. This game is great in a large collection. I wouldn't let this one take up floor space when there are better, more reliable and fun games out there in the same price range.
5 years ago
I don't really know why, but I enjoy Hyperball.... Always have - I bought a dead one this summer and brought it back to life and it is a blast. I have 7 pinballs and when people are over for parties, Hyperball gets played non-stop. There are a few caveats: 1) You need to install LED's under the playfield - This makes the lights brighter and game easier to follow 2) MOST IMPORTANT - Set your game to the settings available here:
The factory settings for this game were way to hard and this is a fined tune way to make the game enjoyable for everyone and ramps up fast as you go.
6 years ago
I always loved this game - just feels like you're really accomplishing something with all that great Williams' sound and balls flying around. Great stuff!
7 years ago
Its a reflex game and faster move.
It's fun but the sound of ball is bad.
7 years ago
Hyperball is a cool game. Very much Steve Ritchie, loud, fast and unforgiving.

The Pros:
Nothing else is quite like it. It feels like you are firing a gatling gun when playing this game. Fast and furious, just like a Steve Ritchie pinball design. This game gets faster and faster as each wave is completed. No slacking or missed shots allowed! The audio on this game is spot on and it definitely has the Steve Ritchie feel to it.

The Cons:
This game is tough. Rules are not noticeably spelled out. Balls sometimes float across the PF getting in the way of aimed shots. Mechanically, this game is a nightmare. Finding needed parts often means cannibalizing other games (if they weren't cannibalized for their boards already that is...)

The Takeaway:
My son (who is not as much into pinball as I am...) loves this game. I may have to get a copy for him. Is it pinball... no. But really, who cares?!? This game is FUN! This table is best in a larger collection.
8 years ago
I don't get it.. maybe I need to play more. no fun.
8 years ago
This game is COOL. It is a super visceral experience. The blazing fast hypercannon and the balls feeding into it are just awesome. The game is really fast paced and fun to play. It is very challenging. Is it a pinball? Well, it has pins, and balls, Not flippers. But a cannon that shoots so fast it has it's own cooling fan. You may not call it a pinball, but it fits in a collection of them! It is a crowd pleasing addition to a well rounded collection. It isn't a game you see a lot of. It's known for being hard to maintain. I would never put one unattended on route. The ball lift can jam and put it out of commission. Not really a problem at home. But if it were out in the wild, that would be a big issue. I definitely recommend this game if you have a few other machines. It is not your traditional pinball at all. But it is great fun and a real crowd pleaser when it is working correctly.
8 years ago
What can I say? This machine is AMAZING to behold. Rapid firing pinballs is awe inspiring, the first several times in a row. This thing would make a killing at an arcade but I can see it being repetitive at home.
8 years ago
Fun to play once just for the novelty and to say you did it.
9 years ago
NOT A PINBALL - Space invaders with steel balls!!! Different, but fun and very challenging game, demanding good reactions and precise aiming. Hated by Pinball purists, loved by open minded gamers of all ages. Very noisy machine!
9 years ago
I tried to rate this pinball apples-to-apples compared to other machines. It's a little difficult since this machine diverges away from the typical "Flipper" pinball. For those not familiar with the way this game works, it has a bunch of smaller pinball balls loaded in it (about 40-50 if I remember right). You don't have flippers, but rather two gun handles that you can rock back and forth to aim the shooter. As the game plays, the playfield lights engage in a pattern to indicate what your active target is and you are supposed to hit the indicated target as quickly and frequently as possible.

The best redeeming factor this game has is its uniqeness. Personally, I don't find it as engaging because there isn't the randmomness of the flipper ball. The pattern gets to be predictable after you play the game enough. Also, the artwork isn't very notable as there wasn't really much of a theme other than lightning bolts.

Also, there isn't much in the way of sound / music either.
15 years ago
It May Not Make Sense To Most That I Would Rate A "Flipperless" Pin, Far Above & Beyond All Else, But For Those Lucky Enough To Have Experienced This Sensory Over-Load,Those Who "Get It",Understand What This Machine Is All About! If & When You Should Be So Blessed To Happen Upon A Prime Example, You Realize That This Is One Of The Ultimate Connections Between Man And Machine! Totally Engaging In Physical Response/Reaction, Visual Stimulation, & Immersive Audio/Sound Effects! And This Statement Means What It Says:Ultimate Connection Between Man And Machine! Better Then Sportscars, Hi-Po Motorcycles, Female Sex-Bots[For Now] Etc, Etc,Etc. This Machine Is The One!
There are 22 ratings (that include a comment) on this game. Currently showing results page 1 of 1.

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