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There are 169 ratings (that include a comment) on this game.
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3 months ago
Not a bad pin in terms of shots and layout, although almost all of the shots are difficult to hit. I like the theme, and the playfield looks beautiful (but not the backglass). The mechs and toys give it a sort of steampunk vibe. The video screen has nothing interesting and attempts at humor fall flat.
3 months ago
I have a Houdini that was an ex demo in a show room so it had been modded to play right i.e. an extra power supply for the flippers during multiball which I found out later is a massive pro. It has also had the trunk/chest modded to catch more often (I've only ever seen it miss once in about 90 games and it shots the ball through the air around 22 inches close to 2 feet into the chest! the longest out of any pinball machine ever made awesome toy/mech.
It came with non reflective glass, art blades and shaker motor which is turn down to the lowest setting so shit doesn't shake lose.
Playing the game is so different to any other pin we have (we have another 15 odd games) it's so smooth with the slings and the beautiful chained lock pad pop bumpers, you cant even feel them going off through the machine but very responsive at the same time and then the magnets kick in around the slings and do some of the best magnet effects I've ever experienced and I have a CV, TZ with the extra magnet and a RBION!
The stage shot, capture and screen is very different again but cool and the game has many interactive video mods. Also checkout the start game button light which flashes in Morse Code can you workout the morse code message ?!
Ok the tight shots!.......... Tight but so rewarding to make them and that's why I still own this game and it sits next to our TOM,

The people that say Houdini is too tight for shots want cheap thrills !!

The hard shots in Houdini give you the experience worth working towards which makes the thrills so awesome!
4 months ago
Never once had I considered picking up this game because it ranks low. Took a chance and I'm very glad I did. My favorite game I've played in a long while. I love everything about this game, including the difficulty. Nobody talks about this game, but I'd recommend it before half the games that rank higher.
6 months ago
This is a beautiful game. Side blades give it a fantastic look. Added a shaker that brings it to life. It is a very challenging pin that gives you a rewarding feeling when you are able to navigate the narrow channels. It’s hard bu5 I keep going back to it to improve.
6 months ago
Yes, the shots are tight. But, they are all able to be made repeatedly. The game is beautiful. Art and lighting are excellent. There are a variety of modes that all play differently. The magnets under the playfield really do add that "magic" feel. Give this one a fair try if you get a chance!
8 months ago
For the money you'd be hard pressed to find a game as loaded as Houdini.

From the locks and chains on the pops, the catapults, API Theater LCD Screen, flipper bats, 3-D models, gorgeous back glass, excellent powder coating, art blades...this game certainly delivers in spades.

The game does seem to want to center drain from the Seance scoop which can get frustrating; once you get familiar with it you can prepare appropriately. There's one music track which makes me feel as if I'm in some cheesy faux-Italian cafe but the other tracks are good. The sound quality is a bit hollow, however. The speaker panel below the back glass comes off as cheap; you can see right into the speaker grills and the wiring and bare lights are real visible...looks almost like a project or unfinished.

The shots are good. I don't feel the game is too tight at all but if you don't have some harder games in your line-up I could see frustration setting in. I have mine parked right next to an Alice Cooper, Stern TMNT and Ghostbusters so it's right at home. So many modes and gimmicks in this game, it's much much deeper than I ever anticipated. Crossing your arms to simulate playing in a straight-jacket? Being given the option to have the flippers inverted to simulate being upside down in a straight-jacket? Come on, these are modes you read about in forums that seem pie-in-the-sky and would cause some of us to roll our eyes and think "who expects anyone to go that far with this?" The first time a friend came over and was introduced to the straight-jacket mode and then later saw the catapult was left speechless.

I will say I think this game loses a lot in a noisy, distracting arcade environment. I truly feel this shines most as a home machine due to how immersive it tries to be. The animations are indeed choppy but that's by design; this reflects the quality of the film at the time. If they went with super-fluid animations I think it would be really out of place. I WOULD have loved to have seen some real film clips of Houdini and clips from his various films however, or some real-life reenactments done in black & white.

All-in-all it's a fantastic game, very appealing, grabs your attention. Looks like an excellent show piece and visitors have assumed it's a higher-dollar machine. I wish American Pinball the best of luck as they seem to really give you a bang for your buck...and in this day and age of pinball and the prices they command, that's saying something. Give Houdini a chance!
10 months ago
I found the flipper action extremely slow and shots just okay. Played twice and wslked
11 months ago
This game is criminally underrated. It is absolutely absurd the things that “pinsiders” complain about in regards to this title. It’s gorgeous, has and excellent layout and ruleset, deep code, its a total blast to flip and the build quality is top notch. The difficulty for me at least is a good thing, it means that it’s a game I’ll have to put time into to master which means it will stay in my collection for longer. I’m actually mad at myself that I held off for so long. The takeaway? Don’t listen to pinsider whining. This game is WAY COOL.
1 year ago
I so much wanted to like this game but ended up letting it go at less than I had into it. The shots were tight but rewarding. I actually liked the shots and gameplay with that one more game feel. A lot of features for the price which should have meant a keeper. Now where did this game lose me and why did I move it out? The music is decent but the the voice work is just bad. The monotone voices are just that monotone with no highs or lows or the ability to pull you into the game. Why wouldn't you pay some voice over people to add to the experience rather than taking away from it. As time went on it became more annoying. The second thing was the poor animations and in particular the the ones from the hat with the attempt at humor that just falls flat. I love theatre of magic and expected an equal or better experience. A better effort for voice and animations had the potential to make it a very good game.
1 year ago
Gorgeous looking game. Also very fun to play!
1 year ago
Underrated game. Has a reputation for tight shots and drains. For home use, it can be tuned to avoid these types of issues. Deep ruleset, with fantastic lighting. Trunk catapult very cool. Tons of modes. A great pinball.
1 year ago
Rare game that I think gets beat up because not many people have played it after the updates. Great build quality, great theme integration and rule set. Very deep and fun game.
1 year ago
A great challenging game it can be tough but so addictive n the toys n gimmicks are great.
1 year ago
Owned for about 4 years now.
Absolutely a beautiful machine.
Can be tough to play but when you get on a roll it can really flow.
1 year ago
I recently purchased this game.

It is *DIFFICULT* and I love it.
The shots are tough, but rewarding. I am still experiencing new events as I grow as a player.
That said, the challenge isn't for everyone.

Some people will knock the animations, but I see them as a throwback to a simpler style that tries to blend new technology with an older, classic feeling.

The sounds and music are great.
The film modes are interesting and try to tie in the shot objectives with the film.
Modes stack, so there can be 5 or 6 things going on at once.
Interesting ball save modes.
Interactive LEDs are color coded to show you which objective can be achieved from that shot.

The monitor in the back glass fits perfectly in the theme, as does the mini API Grand monitor on the playfield.

The game is extremely well lit, which is great as there is much to see.

The game is amazing. It's theme may not be for everyone compared to pop culture and music licenses that are so common.
1 year ago
I can never help but play another game. Even on location with a partially busted flipper I couldn’t stop playing. Animations are rudimentary, but who cares when you’re playing? Sounds could have been better. Otherwise a creative, well designed game that rewards repetitive play. (The right inner loop shot to the trunk catapult gets easier and easier.) This one’s coming to my collection and I don’t see it ever leaving.
1 year ago
Fantastic game.
The shots are tight but fun.
I think it is one of the reasons I always want to play one more game.
The trunk shot made my jaw drop the first time I saw it and still makes me smile every time.
I find the dry sense of humour very funny.
Hearing Bazinga or Booyah when you hit a jackpot during multiball is hilarious.
The modes are varied and very deep.
I keep discovering new things each session.
Can’t see this one leaving the game room.
1 year ago
Quite possibly One of my top 5 favorite pins that have been released in the last 5 years. The shots are tight and challenging, very rewarding when you can hit the ramp consecutive times or the inside loop on command. The inside loop and milk can loop can definitely ruin your day, but I really enjoy this game. The game modes, multiballs, video challenges, so much to love about this game. Great art and light show. I've played about 100 games on it now and it hasn't lost a beat for me. Highly recommended
1 year ago
Love the steampunk theme of this game. Common feedback is that the shots are too narrow, but I still love it. Many mods available, on the list to own one some day.
1 year ago
Great build quality and toys and shots are fantastic. Pretty surprised how low its rated but could be because there's not many around to play. I think it needs to be in a home setting to really understand and get into the deep rules. Yes shots are kinda tight but I dont think as tight as everyone says, for a home setting I think thats better anyway.
1 year ago
I enjoyed all of the shots on this machine, but found myself feeling that another magic-themed table was tired. …But then was, like, “This table’s FUN!” So, yeah. Pretty cool table.
2 years ago
Kind of average gameplay. Looks great. I'll play it again when I see it on location, wouldn't buy one for home though.
2 years ago
Beautiful, but fairly slow. Felt sluggish, although I wanted to see what happens next.
2 years ago
Bought one of these and was quite surprised how good and fun it was, yes it has tight shots but enjoy the modes and the skill needed to complete these.
They have added some nice touches like the locks and chains, cool idea with the stage and to be quite honest the trunk shot is a amazing idea and how accurate this is!

I think this pin is a hidden gem and what a great first title by AP can’t go wrong plus I got magic glass, shaker motor and art blades with this for no extra cost!

Win win
2 years ago
Great use of the mini-screen on the playfield (much better than Star Wars) and fun to play.
There are 169 ratings (that include a comment) on this game. Currently showing results page 1 of 7.

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