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5 days ago
great game . well made . challenging but fun
11 days ago
Played Houdini for about 10 games. And yes the shots are tight but if you're "connected" with the game, you can shoot all shots with no Problem (for me 7/10 inlane shoots succsesfull).

The themeintegration from the Artwork over animations till gameplay for me is superb. The sound grabbed me from the first second and soaked me in houdinis world.
Also the Humor and the callouts were really good.

The game can be frustating if you just want to flip some balls. It's "work" but it makes fun.

Also the freshness of the game take it to the top. Cool innovative features and no copy and paste layot like a of stern games.

We played it in the line with iron maiden LE, JJP POTC and Guardians of the Galaxy LE. And Houdini was the clear winner which appeals to all type of players, also beginners can have fun.
11 days ago
Hard game for me but keeps you coming back. Excellent first pinball from America pinball
15 days ago
Novel rules, innovations such as opposite flipper control and second chances on drained balls. Deep exploration of Houdini theme...almost a history theme.
20 days ago
Great theme. Hard game but very satisfying. Definitely not a game that you will get bored with.
25 days ago
my brother bought this game, it kicked our butts. but when you are in the zone, it plays like no other. if you aren't willing to work at getting better. this probably is not for you. i can see this being a dissapointment on location. this is a collectors game for sure. i can't see it getting boring , too unique. i love it,
30 days ago
Houdini is an interesting game. As it continues to grow and evolve, it's really shaped up to be a fun player. The first chance I got to play this game, I was left a bit confused, but saw plenty of potential. In recent time with the game, I've found that the potential is starting to solidify into a fine pinball package.

Houdini has a lot of demanding shots. Nearly everything on the game is tight, but you can dial into them fairly well. That's a good thing, because most of the modes in Houdini demand that you string together several accurate shots in succession, often in a very specific order.

The game is visually appealing, even if it looks a little basic at times with its animations or art. The animations remind me of You Can't Do That on Television, a kids TV show from the '90s. That isn't to say that the game is ugly, but it's a style we're not used to seeing very often these days.

Of all the magic themed games, I think Houdini is going to hold up the best. Theatre of Magic is far too simple, and Pinball Magic is far too linear. Houdini manages to offer a much more dynamic experience, and it demands a higher level of skillful play to complete.

American Pinball has a winner here, and sales seem to reflect that others agree.
35 days ago
Beautiful machine, good theme integration, love the way the display looks on the backglass.

Shots are way too tight. Spoils most of the fun.
42 days ago
I never saw bricked shots behave like this in my life.

In Houdini, when you brick, the ball rattles between two standup targets in the entrance to each lane, and then dribbles back to the flippers.

While I've never designed a game in my life. I'm going to go WAY out on a limb here and say...

"Whitewoods matter."

I think if this had 7-8 main lane shots instead of 9-10, then you'd have a great pin here. I like the theme, and theme integration, and I think a lot of heart went into making this game.

Hear me now, and remember me later, modern game designers of the fan layouts...

Brick Action: What happens when you MISS a shot in pinball is REALLY important, it's what beginners and intermediate players do most of the time. Adding bank(s) of drop targets to the LOWER playfield -- allows for "something" to happen even when you miss...

I went to the arcade to play Houdini -- I played 1 game, and had no interest in continuing my exploration. Another day perhaps...

I'm ok with 1 tight shot in a game, note to self: Do not design a game with 10 tight shots. Horrible idea.

On a positive note: the Spotlights are really neat, and are placed in a great spot... creative thinking there...
46 days ago
Beautiful machine. Top notch build quality. Great sound. Tight shots but makeable. Great animations. Built well!!
48 days ago
Houdini is a players game. Fun, amusing, brutal and simple. Its the whole package.
You either love or hate it.
Very challenging yet very rewarding. It wont get old or too easy to play and boring, It always leaves you ready for "just one more game".
I can see this game becoming a much loved game for either the home or in tournament play,as much as Twighlight Zone is.
59 days ago
Great job by American Pinball !! A nice fun game with a great theme. The back glass and animations are excellent. There are several modes and some very tight shots to keep things challenging which I really like. I look forward to seeing what the next game American Pinball puts out.
61 days ago
For first time company I wanna give it a 10, solid game,, all the shots are great(9), the inner orbit (lock)shot is challenging and addicting, the through pop bumper shot to eiether stage or magic hat hole is nice too.., both very tight ! ,game plays smooth and fast , some stop and go, you pick the mode is cool, missions, multi balls, many... lots to do, lots I didn't do, .the game tells u what to do. I found the milk can shot feels and reminds me of the taxi Dracula shot with the catapult,, easy shot with practice , i got tierd of the catapult into box after awhile, nice to see it tho....one ramp feels like two, great orbits, center stage, back box ,so much to say... great experience, And it is very fun to play!!!!
66 days ago
Houdini is an awesome pin entry by American and deserves to be among the best. The artwork is beautiful. Gameplay is fun, and went away wanting more. this was better than most i have experienced.
73 days ago
The game that could have been... this should have been a wide body. You play this game and the whole time you fight for your life. The game isn’t fun to play because they tried to do way to much in to small of a space. Widen this game to a wide body and its one of the best pinball games made ever. It might be the best looking game ever made but one of the least fun to play. What could have been.
74 days ago
Cool game. Shots are tight, about like Avengers. I’m not a huge fan of Houdini as a theme but AP did a good job with this game.
85 days ago
This game is amazing it’s challenging, smart, well built and is destined to be a true collector must have.
88 days ago
Always looking for that pin that holds my interest, I think I have found the one that will never leave my home. Feeling that i need or want many Pinside top games I've found to be very overrated to me. Houdini is the most stunning pin, just beautiful. It will force you to become a better pinball player. Watching people play Houdini that didn't like it were just hitting the ball around, using no ball control, hoping it will do something and saying it to hard. I am still in awe every time I see it across the room. Nice job American Pinball!!! Proud to own it.
89 days ago
So, first let me say that I would highly recommend buying this game. It was clearly a labor of love and AP did an amazing job for their first game. The shots are definitely tight, but not nearly as bad as some people make them out to be. The theme integration is top notch, the rules are very deep and engaging, and the overall game qualify is top notch. The trunk shot is one of the best toys I have ever seen in a pinball machine and never ceases to amaze me. The sound quality isn't great due to the lack of a sub-woofer and the shots can be frustrating if you don't own one to practice on.
3 months ago
This game is cool! It is a beast and is very unforgiving! The 22” jump to the chest is amazing! This game beat me up at every opportunity, but kept bringing me back for more! The game talks smack to you and taunts you- just like a big brother! Another game on my short list to own!
3 months ago
Wow! What a fun game. I don't have one so I can't mess with the audio settings which I know can be manipulated, but the Houdini at my local arcade has great sound but some of the call-outs get irritating. Beautiful pin. Super fun to shoot. The theme is done well but it's Houdini. Houdini was never on my top 100 list of dream theme's but damn American Pinball did a great job of incorporating Houdini and Steampunk into the theme. Someone really did there homework here. Lot's of interesting information about Houdini. FW is good. Shots are hard but something to work towards.
I’ve played this a bunch more and it’s still fun but I think some of the shots are too tight. And it’s not about having more time on the pin to get better, I understand that and realize I would probably make shots more consistently with practice. It’s that I shouldn’t have to work so hard to enjoy myself on the pin. Still like it, will still drop a few dollars into it on location, but I updated my rating to reflect my no longer wanting the pin in my collection right now. At this point, I’d rather have something fun. My GB Premium is my challenging pin and don’t need another just yet. That said, when I’m ready to move on from GB, Houdini might replace it :-)
3 months ago
good looking game , very tight shots. I really like the trunk shot, the ball flying up the playfield is cool. creepy and dark mood makes this one fit in well with a horror themed collection. This game will make you a better player.
3 months ago
Just got in today , played at expo in banning . Well worth the wait
3 months ago
Game is interesting. Tight shots and tough as nails. Not for the weaker players, as it may get frustrating. Can be fun, and definitely needs to be learned.

Some cool shots and tricks to it though.

Nice first effort for American pinball
3 months ago
Absolutely stunning game. The backglass is so crisp. Not even sure how they made it look so good. For me, the game is too challenging. The shots are too tight and it is WAY to hard spell Houdini and get to the wizard mode. Milkcan shot is near impossible. Wish it was just a little easier.
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