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Hot Wheels

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This game received 37 approved Pinsider ratings and currently rates 8.343 /10


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This game ranks #35 in the Pinside Pinball Top 100.

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Score breakdown in the 4 main categories:

Game design: 8.17

Artwork: 8.542

Sounds/Music: 7.968

Other Aspects: 8.661

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Found 20 ratings (with comment) on this game

There are 20 ratings (that include a comment) on this game.
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20 days ago
Lot to like on this one: fast flowing shots, yet tight and challenging. Great light show! Really highlights the different modes like red line mania! I love the two handed skill shot to start out, the stop animations and fun and entertaining. Great incorporation of the shaker and the knocker!
26 days ago
Honnestly i wasn't expecting nothing at this game even worse i was laughing at it. I never been a hotwheels fan.

My friend have one and challenge me to try it before bashing on it.

OMG! Best light show in pinball, the ambiance is great, rules are already deep and fun and the most important thing: it's so much fun!!

I want to play again!
28 days ago
Hot Wheels is a great game! Much prefer it over the new Turtles game. This game features quite a few different modes and multiballs to keep the game interesting. The theme is awesome - Hot Wheels has been around for generations so anyone can really connect with the theme IMO. The idea behind the game is to complete the race along with the different modes. The shaker motor in this game is cool and not over-used. Cool lighting and soundtrack, though at times the playfield can be a little dark - the art is very bright so it kinda balances out.
30 days ago
I’ve been playing at a pincade we go to .I have to admit when I first seen it I was skeptical .This place has 90 pins including most of pinsides top 30 and last 2 times going this was the one we played the most .My youngest picked it for his game I’m hoping to have it by Christmas .Great job and can’t wait to see it in a dark room .
32 days ago
Very fun game for both novice and experienced players. Great family friendly theme too
33 days ago
American Pinball has made their third and best playing game with Hot Wheels.

The Pros:
Jim Patla was brought in to help Joe Balcer with this project and the Ol' B/W magic has rubbed off on this layout. This is the smoothest game design by American Pinball to date. The shots on this game are more balanced in width and placement. There are real skillful skillshots on this layout and you can make combos that feel smooth and flow well in this design. The left orbit to the right inlane is way sweet and the saucer on the right hand side of the PF is an excellent use of real estate. There are not too many backhand shots on the game, but the ones that are there are ones that you want. Starting a battle mode past the drop target at the center lane is dangerous, valuable and satisfying. Speaking of dangerous shots. Standups between ramps and the center of the PF are best glanced at the corner or better be worth a whole lot of points to go for. The R-P-M layout is of particular note as the speed and the randomess in the center of the PF will be heightened with this 3 bank. The Advance Bonus standup is particularly dangerous as it is a tough shot and leads to rando-SDTM death. The modes are well designed and spelled out to the player. The video from the youtube series was a stroke of theme-genius as the hard work of animating the scenes for this game had a solid headstart on it.

And now for the real deal. The rules. This game has many multiballs and many gameplay strategies are available. The big scores seem to come from collecting the many tasks that the game sets out for you. 12 shots, to acheckered flag, to a valuable multiball... but only if you play it well. Poor play is rewarded with poor scores. As it should be. E-P-I-C modes keep the player shooting all over the PF. Building the tracks to build your jackpots, perfect. Just as the theme suggests, there are lots of cars to collect and while this game is not terribly complex, the cake has many layers and depending on how you play, you have options to slice that cake up as you deem fit.

This single characteristic of this game alone, makes it the best American Pinball game created so far. Many times I have stated that I pay as much if not more attention to the software lead on a game than I do to a designer. A good layout and a good ruleset make for a good game. American Pinball’s pevious attempts felt much rougher than this one. This game's rules are solid. Well played software team. Well played.

The Cons:
This game is Orange. I mean it's REALLY orange. That is quite a bit for me to say, I went to Syracuse University and I live in Denver (go Donkeys!). All of the inserts are opaque. While that is not a bad thing, the lighting on this game is rather dark and some of the inserts should really "POP!" when they are communicating something to the player that is important, say... a super duper jackpot? GI is dark and yes a lighting kit will help. But does it have to be like this? The spinning car on the center post would attract more attention if it was lit up while it was spinning. I don't care for the car standup in the pops as it is a shot that is not accessable to the flippers. Pop-luck when you need it? I have had a few games where the velcro tape on the bottom of the cars lets go and the car falls down onto the PF. I hope this is in your home, because this "feature" will stop a game on the street from being operatable. Not good. The off-center display isn't a bad thing, but if feels... strange. Even with this being the best game that American Pinball has made, gameplay still feels like they are catching up with the competition. I like this game quite a bit, but it feels like an average stern pro.

The Takeaway:
Some people will poo-poo the theme and say it is too "kid-like". Really? Because I thought pinball players were all big kids. Oh yeah, pinball is a real man's game. For men who menly-man their themes with... yawn... Big kids around the world rejoice, your childhood has returned. Is it the best game on the market right now (8/2020)? TMNT and JP2 are damn fine games. Wonka is a true player as well. It's hard to beat the classics from Chicago gaming and when Cactus Canyon comes out... hoo-wee! These are not good games, these are great games. American Pinball is going to have to come out with even better games than Hot Wheels to be competitive and make the other manufacturers jealous. So here is my hope. They will get better. Their playfield designs will get better. If this is the trajectory that they have after game #3, they are on their way. But right now, there is more work to be done, and they are doing it.
33 days ago
Fast fun game, really enjoy mine. Red line multiball is awesome. The lighting in the GI is a little dark.
43 days ago
Pure hi octane joy.
Hot Wheels retro toy references? Check.
Hot Wheels You Tube series animations? Check.
Awesome game play? Check.
Replay-ability? Check.
The progressive game play as you shift gears is very cool, the light show is spectacular and not overwhelming.
The synchronization of the shaker motor with the dinosaur movements is wonderful and entertaining.
The game was delivered in a box that looked like it would protect a tank.
The game feels like it is built like a tank.
Menu access - very clear and intuitive.
Looking forward to working my way through the levels.
This was my very first NIB game and I am very pleased with my decision.
Thank you, American Pinball, and please keep up the great work!
Thank you, OnTilt Pinball, for help with the setup.
46 days ago
Smooth shooting. All of the shots are fun to shoot and satisfying. The BATTLE and EPIC targets at the lower end of the playfield are well integrated into gameplay and you actually want to shoot them. On a lot of other games, I feel like targets in these positions are just throw-ins and don't figure in to gameplay much. The only tight shot is the turbocharger, but I believe that is by design. It makes it satisfying to hit and a real surprise when you hit it accidentally and find the ball rocketing back to the flippers.

I wish it had one more toy. However, when you're playing you don't really notice. I like the supercharger and I like the way the spinning car is integrated into gameplay. It's a nice visual reward for getting the tach up. Being able to choose you're own Hot Wheels to add is a lot of fun. This game is definitely a case of more than the sum of it's parts toy-wise.

The sound system works well. I believe it is scaled back a bit from Houdini, and Octoberfest, but it still thumps if you crank it up. Callouts are adequate during gameplay. The web show audio is fun. I hope they tweak the music a's not all that memorable at the moment.

Well implemented. Colorful, fun to watch, and informative about your progress. I like the Hot Wheels web show. For those of you who wanted the display to be centered, I don't think you'll notice once you start playing. I kinda like it off center.

Well done American! Varied objectives that are all fun in their own right. Encourages you to shoot all around the playfield. Objectives are satisfying to get and didn't feel like I had to chop wood to get anywhere. I really like the EPIC risk/reward rules. You can really build it up but you lose it if you drain before collecting. Collecting cars, the battles, the race, the turbo charger, the tach, redline mania, the skillshots, loop crash, building track...all fun to do.

I like the art a lot. It's quite a blast of orange, but it works. I actually like just standing and looking at the game.

Light Show
The light show is absolutely fantastic, right up there with WOZ, TNA, and Hobbit. The red line mania mode and the checkered flag effect when you win the race are my favorites so far. I especially like the inserts with multiple lights. The game as a whole is beautiful.

Over everything else, this is my top metric. Is it fun? Yes, Hot Wheels is a blast to play and it keeps me coming back for more. I think a lot of people are going to like this game once they play it. I hope they sell a ton of them.
53 days ago
AMAZING flow. Lots of shots. The build quality from AP is second by to none. My only real sticking point is theme. It just isn't my cup of tea. If you are a Hot Wheels fan, however, you should go buy it immediately. I will say that I would 100% play this if I saw it on location. It's a blast!
55 days ago
AP knocked it out of the park on this one. Hot Wheels is very fun to play, hit's the flavor and implementation on theme. Rules and game play excellent. Approachable for casual players, families, etc and offers enough stuff for the better player. There is something for most everybody. Probably the highest I have ever rated a game - but I think it deserves it. Very impressed.
55 days ago
First impressions... this is a great game. Its fun, its fast, the theme is tied in very well. Its also not easy. Some shots are hard shoots, the skill shot and super skill shot ARE NOT a walk in the park. Its an overall great game so far. The shots could be a bit better, as could the lay out. But thats Nit picking.
59 days ago
Review after 1 week of ownership and if my impression greatly changes I will update. If I had to summarize this game it would be with one word, "fun". It is just fun to play. The theme immediately evokes the joy of playing with cars as a kid and the game brings it to life with races, battles, crashes, speed, and curves. The layout is really nice. It is not cookie cutter as you can see in little details like stand up bank of targets being in a stair step set up and variety of shots. The shots are not too tight and easily feed each other for lots of flow. The ramps and orbits are super smooth. There is a magnet to vary things up as well as a vicious kick-back. Not much for traditional toys on this game. This one uses more of creative gimmicks, like the magnet use in loop crash multiball similar to hitting the ball in Lord of the Rings. The rotating car is a visual cue to let you know how your tach is doing. Seems silly at first, but you kind of get used to keeping your eye on it. If it stops moving, you aren't scoring. Rules have lots to do. There are races, battles, track building, loops, epic features, all available at any time. You can focus on one thing, but during a long game you get around to playing it all. There are some cool moments, like the crazy shaker going off to start modes or the pretty cool Red Line Mania multiball. Plus winning a race and then trying to beat your best time is really challenging and exciting. Music, callouts, and animations are great and I perceive will improve with updates. The ability to swap out your own cars is like having a built in mod. I've already swapped one and will at least swap another. It is a small thing, but makes your game feel personal. The automatically included side art is very nice. I also enjoy the use of the Hot Wheels City show clips. It is very childlike and again, just fun. This game is approachable and easy to play for beginners as they will instinctively figure out how to start something. Very fun game and highly recommend it.
60 days ago
Just finished my first session with Hot Wheels. I'm not really blown away. The offset screen in the display doesn't make any sense. No creative toys on this playfield. . . layout reminds me of Beatles (aka Seawitch) meets Nascar. I found the spinning car toy to be really distracting and didn't have any correlation with the game. The red timed multiball was fun, but I just can't see adding this machine to my collection. I'm pleased that American Pinball keeps hanging in there, but hope that they've got something better up their sleeve for their next table. Probably would make decent returns on route, but not a keeper.

Update: seeing this pinball sit unplayed at Wizards World while others line up for TMNT makes me think that it would not be a wise choice to put on route, either. Understandably, if you love it and own it, more power to you. But for me, hard pass.

Update update: one last thing. . . just to be clear; I think that American Pinball is an excellent company. I stopped by their Streamwood office a few years ago, uninvited and unannounced. Dhaval came out, gave me a tour, let me play an Oktoberfest development machine. . . they were wonderful and very, very generous with their time and access. I sincerely hope that they have great things in their future. Unfortunately, for this pinball fan, this game isn't my cup of tea. I do wholeheartedly hope that the company hangs in there and continues to grow, expand and fuel the pinball community.
64 days ago
Loved it so much I bought one last week. American Pinballs best to date and price point is fantastic. Really fun game with some tight skill shots and good rules. The multi-balls are a lot of fun and can be had at some good points in the game. The race itself is hard but can be done. This is one of the rule sets that give Hot Wheels many playing options. This game will not disappoint and I definitely recommend it. Enjoy!
65 days ago
I just bought this NIB; and wanted to share feedback to help others that might be looking at Hot Wheels.

This is my first American Pinball pin that I've bought, have had about 20 Sterns and B/W's over the years. The quality that AP is putting out is top notch, cabinet is SOLID; not cheap at all; feels legit, in some ways better than Stern.

Layout is fast and fun, I have the game at about 6.7 degrees, and cranked up the flipper strength a bit. This thing screams, when you get the shots dialed in, the ball is constantly in motion, and back at the flippers. It's fast and furious, lots to shoot for and do.

Playfield artwork looks awesome in person, as does the cabinet. I was worried that it would be kiddish or a bit cheesy, but it looks primo in person; very impressive, the backglass is beautiful as is the 3d backdrop on the back of the playfield.

DMD/Display animations are awesome, this game reminds me of the Lego universe for some reason, just the way the animations come off and the voice actors; that's a good thing in my book...Feels top notch in terms of quality of actors used.

Rules are fairly deep, as there is a lot to do; but it's easy to figure out what is going on. RedLine Mania is a Rush!!! Very exciting 6 ball multiball.

Two criticisms would be that a couple more toys would have been cool to see, I'm sure there will be plenty of mods for this game, and you can always add your own hot wheels, which is awesome; but one feature Toy would have been cool, if that makes sense.

Music variation could be better too; the new code update provided that, so I'm sure they will mix it up a bit. The background music is decent; catchy, but not annoying.

I'm digging it; it's a big thumbs up from me. I like fast flowy pins, with not super deeep rule sets, so this checks all the boxes. It Feels like a throw back pin to me a bit, super easy to pick up and play like a 90's pin, really solid feel to the flippers, and the cabinet is impressive.

Makes me want to look at adding a Houdini as well...Good Job American Pinball!!!
67 days ago
Has to be one of the worst games all time.
3 months ago
I played this game numerous times and kept wanting to progress further into the game. The shots were fun and the game was pretty intuitive. The integration of the shaker motor is awesome, the light shows are great, even the skill shot is cooler than most. I’m a little afraid that the code was stated to be at 95% complete but there are so many ideas for improvement. I think they missed the toy wow factor for a hot wheels theme, more loops and ramps would have made sense.
3 months ago
Hot Wheels is American Pinball’s best effort to date. Lots of tasks to shoot for and multiballs to play. American Pinball’s attention to detail on this game is incredible and the rules/coding looks to be almost complete. Instructions and lighting are well defined and coupled with bright colors on the cabinet, make this game to be very approachable. Video assets are underrated, but are enjoyable to watch and really tie the game together nicely.
There are 20 ratings (that include a comment) on this game. Currently showing results page 1 of 1.

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