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2 days ago
Hot wheels is a pin that plays like a fast 1970's pin over a new Stern pin, and this is a good thing. The shots are a little tight, but not impossible. Love how the R/H outlane has access to the shooter lane with a little nudge!

The rule set is easy to follow for all modes, such as start a race, make the correct shots to move up race positions. This is especially cool because it makes the game NOT a one shot wonder like some other games have been.

Spell Battle, start a battle mode with clear objectives in which to shoot. Battle modes have some of the best animation and timed perfectly with the shaker motor.

Can't hit many shots, go for RPM top center, and start Red Line Mania, a very cool timed multiball mode. Speaking of multiball modes, there are plenty in this game.

Being able to add your own Hot Wheel cars is a nice touch as well. American Pinball include extra Velcro to mount them on the stands.

For the value, this is a great deal. Shaker motor, art blades, mirrored backglass, optional magic glass and real knocker, even the apron has art work on the inside, all for the price close to a Stern Pro. This game is more like a Stern LE, especially with it's amazing light show!

The sound system on this pin is also exceptional. There is an Amp in the backbox with adjustment knobs to really customize the sound. The powered sub can really rock the cabinet, highly recommend anti-rattle tape for the glass if you turn the sub up, but it's worth it.

All and all, this game asks for 1 more play and I love it. If you get to play it in the wild, give it a few tries to see all that you can see.
11 days ago
First time through, game feels a bit floaty and shots feel a little tight. Americans flippers don’t quite have the snap that Sterns do and that takes a bit of an adjustment, but once you get going on the game, it’s a ton of fun. Game is accessible for the novice and family friendly but scoring is deep enough for the hardcore player to keep you coming back. Love loop crash multiball and the track builder multiball and redline mania combined with upping the RPMs to increase the shot value is pretty great. I don’t really care for the claymation animation and battling monsters doesn’t really do it for me, but it fits the theme of campy and nostalgic hot wheels glory. Excellent light show. Deceptively hard game to really blow it up. This ones a keeper for me, really happy I took a flier on it.
11 days ago
I have owned this game for a few months now and I thought it was time to give my opinion as to the playability of this pinball machine. This is the third pinball machine from American Pinball and it is probably their best package to date. I own all three of their machines (Houdini, Oktoberfest) and love them all, but I would say that Hot Wheels is definitely the most approachable of the three. At first glance, this pin looks to be somewhat uninspiring with few toys or complicated mechs on the playfield. The playfield has an old "EM" look and feel to it, and the really long orbits look and feel great to shoot. That is where the comparisons end however, as the rest is very up to date and modern. The light show is one of the best I have experienced, very inline with all of the American Pinball pins. The animations are taken from a show that I have not seen, but it is excellent and really fits the machine perfectly. The integrated shaker and real knocker (if it comes with it) is the best and adds so much to the game. Hitting the jackpot on Loop Crash Multiball with the knocker firing off like a gunshot is one of my favorites, and shows what can be done with good programming.

The one issue I have with the layout of this pin is the inner left orbit. I am not sure the reasoning of placing wire rails for the walls of the orbit, but it is structurally inadequate. When hit to that area the ball tends to rattle out, making an already challenging shot extremely difficult. There is a mod available that can help with the rigidity of the wire rails, but the problem still exists. Some say that the shot to the kick back is too narrow, but I find it doable and satisfying when you can find it.

The Hot Wheels pinball machine is by far their best from American Pinball due to its theme, lighting, approachability, and fun factor. This pin would be great in a small private lineup as well as on location. The programing is very good and I love how all modes are accessible right from the start. American Pinballs customer service is the best in the business. Other companies should take note. I am very impressed with the company and look forward to their next pin.
17 days ago
Fast, fun, and an instantly recognized theme.

A real good game that checks all the boxes.
32 days ago
Fun, fast, approachable. Rules are straight forward, but deep enough for almost everyone. Just keep pressing start to play another game.

This was my first American Pinball and i have found that they really put together a great physical package. Everything about the physical nature of the game is high quality. Usability was obviously important to them and it shows in little touches like making the USB connector for updates easy to get to, having a flap cover the trough so that they don't come out when you raise the playfield, etc. Even the packaging of the game in the box was first rate.

The game play is fast and fun. My wife likes the game. The battles are funny and enjoyable. The loop crash multiball is awesome. The tach and the epic features provide a lot of risk/reward. The rules are easier enough to understand, but execution isn't easy and there are lots of places to pick your strategy.

Completing the race is fun and challenging. A good variety of objectives and ways to score points allow you approach the game in more than one way.

Lights are great in general - sounds are good, but ultimately what makes this game good is the playability of it.
34 days ago
I really wanted to like this more than I do, which isn't much. It rates higher due to honestly speaking a high opinion on lighting, theme and art. It's still an endearing theme and I will always be happy to play someone else's game. Not a home purchase for me, though
36 days ago
The tone of the game is a little off, would have preferred something closer to Hot Wheels World Race.
66 days ago
Just played this for the first time and it is great. Love the variety of shots, modes, lack of cheap drains. Great integration of the theme. I guess one slight downside is it is just average from a cabinet look perspective. Really fun though.
3 months ago
first impressions after 50 games: i was very skeptical when i ordered this game. after 2-3 games i was really stocked. fun, action, challenging,... very very good pinball machine. the price is hot also:) bargain!
this pin has not the typical AP issues (like houdini; but i love houdini!); very good flow in this game. this is a game for the whole family. real fun!

after another 100 games...for me, this is "the game of 2020" !!
at the first sight maybe this game seems to be a little bit uninteresting; after a few games, you will see that it is absolutely not uninteresting; after another 50 is amazing! believe me, please try it.
3 months ago
hot whells, a hit for american pinball. already houdini is a very playable and fun pinball, but hot whells is a super horny pinball, with very funny animations, a super fast and difficult machine, for medium players or beginners, the game of lights is spectacular, and american pinball takes great care of the details in the finishes, very competitive price,
in general a good pinball, not top, but very interesting to play.
3 months ago
Very entertaining! Fast-paced, great sounds, ridiculous goofy animations! Build quality is very nice, as well. A lot of thought went into the design, and it shows!
3 months ago
I purchased Hot Wheels unseen in person and unplayed. My first impressions/comments after maybe 50 games or so:
Cabinet art is awesome. The colours and graphics really pop in person compared to photos. Well built and a real solid machine. Super easy to set up and mine is playing 95% out of box. Just a few minor tweaks needed.
The layout and shots on Hot Wheels I really enjoy. To me it really does feel like a shooters game. If you just flail randomly you will be punished. Once you figure out the shots they are satisfying but still no gimme’s on this one. They are tighter than they look. I like this. That left drain is a bloody monster. I love that it is not as easy as it looks. Nothing floaty for me here. Love the speed.
The sound effects, music and graphics are also really well done. I love the campy clay-type animations. They draw you into the theme and the game. It’s really funny actually. Sounds and callouts are immersive and I have no complaints here either.
The light show is great but I find not bright enough in a dark room. The middle of the playfield is exceptionally dark. I’m not sure what can be done there. I love playing my games in the dark but not Hot Wheels. I have to turn some room lights on or lose the ball in the middle especially tough during multiball.
The code and gameplay is really thought out and I like what is happening. That being said I really hope that it can be improved. There is such a great start but I think a few things would really enhance the gameplay for players like myself who really like to “accomplish” things. Reading the forums I can tell that American Pinball really is going to continue to work to make it better. That is partly why I decided to purchase.
With the layout, sounds, theme and everything it has going for it I believe with some code polish and expansion Hot Wheels can be a top 20 game for me for sure.
Overall I was SUPER surprised at how fun it is. This is not just for kids at all. I agree it has an amazing ability to make you want to play it again and I think it would do really well on location. Thanks American Pinball for a job well done.
3 months ago
This game is just fun! Shoots nice, unique layout. The art is fine, I mean it is Hot Wheels! Some of the audio can get repetitive, which isn’t a big deal. I think the spinning car is a little cheesy, but its ok too. It’s just a fun game to play and thats what really matters.
3 months ago
Hot Wheels was more than I expected it to be. The theme is something I wasn't overly excited about but didn't feel like it was something I couldn't get behind so when I finally got my chance to play one on location I jumped at it. And man am I glad that I did. The game surprised me. It was super fun to play, the rules at first glance were easy enough to understand to get going and the shots of the game are a strange mix of flow and hold up.

The animations and story of the game are great. It's funny and whimsical. the layout is unique in several ways with the stagger targets, ramps and pop bumper "land". I call it pop bumper land, because the ball sometimes just wants to live there. The objectives of the game and difficulty really had me coming back to put more quarters in, over and over. And the light show! Wow, really great mixed with the theme and how it was integrated.

The only negatives to the game for me is Theme kept me put off, until I played it and really gave the game a chance on it's own merits. Which makes me really question how much I weigh theme on any game. Lastly I did have the ball hang up in pop land, which required a tilt to get loose. It could be the way the game was set up at location which caused this, however the flow and speed seemed correct which leads me to think it's a design issue and I was just unlucky enough to have it happen, but if it happens once it will happen again.

Truth is after playing Hot Wheels I actually have been considering purchasing the game. I might have to move The Shadow out so Hot Wheels can move in. If you get a chance go play this game, it's a lot of fun
4 months ago
Fun game for a while and definitely a good value pin, but it is basically a bunch of orbit shots and it doesn’t feel as well made as a Stern or JJP to me. Not horribly worse, but slightly worse quality.

Fun to play on location, but would get bored if played it often.
5 months ago
I have to say I am very impressed with American pinball and Hot Wheels.

Ap definitely goes above and beyond with the packaging of their pins and all the fun goodies

Hot weeks itself is really amazing. It has some great shots and flow to the game. The light show is probably the best I’ve seen and the shaker motor integration is awesome. The rules are easy to understand and explain but achieving them is challenge. It really is a deep pin and coded really well. I love the art, the quality of the build, the 3D back and real painted glass. You can tell they didn’t cheap out on the cab and playfield like my stern pins. I’m glad I pulled the trigger as me and my family love it. It’s probably one of our tops right now and I think we have a pretty good lineup atleast for newer pins. If your uncertain about buying one don’t be. I wish I would of bought this right when it came out as it’s that good.
5 months ago
5 months ago
I have had my Hot Wheels pinball for a month now and I must say I love it! When I saw the first pictures I was everything but enthusiastic. The layout looked a bit boring. But as soon as I heard about the excellent rules, I wanted to have one :)

And I was not disappointed - the rules are really great! There is so much to do. Several Multiballs, the race, Epic features, Battles, Red Line Mania a pinball machine that you like to come back to that you always have something to do.

The shots are also really good. In the photos I thought the shots were relatively simple but the angles were changed so that many of the shots are quite challenging. Also you can do many combos and the pinball is really fast!

The animations are first class, thanks to the youtube series Hot Wheels city! The music is also very good and the light show is incredible.

I love my Hot Wheels and I won't give it away anymore!
6 months ago
I bought a NIB Hot Wheels. Love how effortless they are to pull out of the box during setup! Wish more attention to detail went into the programming and construction.

Pros: great sound effects, Fast paced, fun gameplay overall

Cons: Frequent air balls due to playfield layout, overuse of plastic materials, lack of toys & unimaginative mech

I think ultimately the layout is the double edged sword that kills this machine for me. I enjoy the fast paced gameplay and circular shots but those RPM and stand up car targets induce way too many violent air balls. I’ve tried changing the pitch from high to low and lowered flipper strength to no avail(it’s a common complaint amongst owners). My playfield is taking a beating from the impacts from these excessive air balls. I mean this machine sprays SCUD missiles all over the playfield almost every game. With all the plastics on this machine I don’t see it aging well. I already have chipped targets and moon craters after barely 100 plays. I wish AP would have used softer materials or altered the geometry of the those RPM targets, they turn a fun game into frustrating experience. Nothing worse than having to stop a game, pull the glass off to check for damages after a violent airball. Overall this game just feels very cheap to me, all your eyes see is plastic all over the playfield. It’s Hot Wheels where is the toy innovation? All we get is a a car that spins 360 on a stick, very disappointing ....I’d recommend just playing this game on location, or pick up a Houdini if you want to support American Pinball like I did with HW.
7 months ago
This game is fast and a lot of fun . A couple clunky shots but overall more fun than I expected . Still. trying to get a grasp for the rules after a few plays . Kids love the theme on location and are instantly drawn to it . Red Line mania is fun and the light show is excellent. Animations are claymation and fun to watch .
Have Houdini and Octoberfest and this game shoots the best .
7 months ago
Fun fun fun
Great lighting and artwork, American pinball has come a long way. Solid build , great effort
7 months ago
American Pinball has been on an impressive initial run for a newcomer. Houdini was an outstanding debut. It's drawbacks were WAY overshadowed by its advantages. The whole was definitely greater than the sum of its parts. But it was fun and entertaining to play, if not a bit too challenging. Oktoberfest was an impressive follow-up that continued to show the promise of American Pinball. With Hot Wheels being the first licensed title, my expectations were not very high. Taking that into consideration, this pin did not disappoint. While it is a little thin on playfield features and gimmicks and appropriately heavy on playfield orbits, the shots are fewer and less challenging than the aforementioned pins. I am also not a huge fan of the slightly sluggish mechanical feel that American’s machines have during play. But it was still a challenging and a fun pin to play that is true to the theme and the franchise. It is definitely a worthwhile edition to American's burgeoning lineup.
7 months ago
Easily the best overall “bang for your buck” if looking to spend $6,300 on a machine. Mine came with a topper, not a great topper but better than what other manufacturers give you when spending significantly more. Came with a shaker motor and art blades as well as an extra car with several Velcro adhesive strips to mount your own. Build quality is just below JJP, if API would use a 27” LCD like JJP then it would be a tie.

After unboxing and lifting the playfield the one thing that stands out is how clean all the wiring and mechanics have been laid out under there. No clutter whatsoever, tons of space in between all the individual components that will be a dream to work on should anything ever need replaced/tweaked.

I’ve only played a few games but here’s what I noticed. I turned the flipper strength down a couple notches from the factory setting which did two things: 1) Slowed the gameplay down ever so slightly to make it a little less brutal and give me a chance to learn the rules. 2) Virtually eliminated airballs entirely and shoots very smooth. My gameplay impressions will be based on 6.5 pitch and slightly weakened flipper coils.

This is not an easy game by any means. Yes it looks childish based on the theme etc but it won’t take long to realize this game is brutally fast but sometimes floaty at the same time. API recommends 6 degree pitch on most of their machines which is very flat compared to most. When the ball is bouncing around near the slings flippers etc is feels like an EM. When you hit an orbit shot or hit a standup/post the ball rockets back at you. When you hit the kickback to the right of the RPM targets it takes you by surprise at how fast and slow this game can be.

The spinner sounds are great, animations are fun. Shaker motor integrated very well. Lighting is phenomenal..competes with TNA. Maybe even better with the way the RGBs transition within the inserts.

Best Bang for your buck out there..great addition to any collection, plays differently than all 13 of my other machines. Could easily be an “only pin” for family friendly environment.
7 months ago
Really cool machine. Was a little disappointed in the layout of the shots and rules. Not as fun as I was hoping it would be
8 months ago
Lot to like on this one: fast flowing shots, yet tight and challenging. Great light show! Really highlights the different modes like red line mania! I love the two handed skill shot to start out, the stop animations and fun and entertaining. Great incorporation of the shaker and the knocker!
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