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This game received 127 approved Pinsider ratings and currently rates 7.082 /10


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This game ranks #255 in the Pinside Pinball Top 100.

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Score breakdown in the 4 main categories:

Game design: 6.929

Artwork: 7.429

Sounds/Music: 6.485

Other Aspects: 7.1

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Found 61 ratings (with comment) on this game

There are 61 ratings (that include a comment) on this game.
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48 days ago
Never played before owning. I love the Hook movie as I was the right age went it came out. I know a lot of people aren't into it. Because of that I was willing to look past any shortcomings because I love the theme so much. However after owning for a while I stopped playing. The big spiral ramp is great and easy enough to hit. The multiball is fun, and the unique skill shot is interesting. However I got tired of playing as the mode start scoop is really hard to hit and I typically only get it by accident, which leads to games being pretty linear. I had the updated ROMs installed so it wasn't a one shot game anymore, but it still didn't do it for me after a while. I do like the sound package on this game, the intensity and excitement never lets up in that dept. Also build quality is a bit of a concern. One time it was just sitting and started to smoke. Turned out a solinoid got stuck and blew up the transistor and other components on the driver board. There really needs to be a fuse there. After fixing it up I started wondering if it was going to be a time bomb until it does it again.
83 days ago
I have a bias towards this machine because it’s the first machine I played when I was a kid so it has a nostalgia factor.
But I’ll try to keep it real here...
-The wind coaster ramp needs a strong shot to make it around but it’s very satisfying to get.
-The skull shot in the middle is rewarding to hit for the light show.
-The music will get your adrenaline going and the artwork is fantastic. Playfield is gorgeous in my opinion and the cabinet art is some of the best in pinball.
But I just don’t think the gameplay holds up...
It does better in a large collection.
5 months ago
Hook is a well themed game and has some fun shots. I feel the ramps and skull shot can get repetitive as well as some of the call outs. With this said, I think it's a fun and entertaining game. The voice overs are quality, the theme music is done well, and the artwork from playfield, plastics, cabinet and toys are all detailed and very well themed. The skill shots are fun, and the clear messaging is nice. Good game design concept; perhaps a little flat in proof compared to some of the greats from the era. Definitely a challenging game with a fair amount of depth; but could have had some much more. Hook is a class "B" license when compared to "Pirates".
9 months ago
The saving grace to this game is the amazing body artwork and playfield! Beautiful artwork for both and it has a great theme! Now, it really doesn’t hold true to the movie Hook, but rather the Peter Pan theme in general.

Play is actually pretty decent, I’m surprised that it has so many features and it’s quite fast paced. The music...turns me off. It really doesn’t fit the pirate theme, it’s more video game-ish than anything. Overall, a fun game to play, kinda priced a little higher than it often should be.
11 months ago
Simple and fun PIN i like music 90 style
1 year ago
It looks great but I can't seem to get a kick out of it.
1 year ago
I owned Hook for a while and it kept my interest for a lot longer than I expected. The rules are pretty simple but somehow the game manages to be a lot of fun. To my mind, the rule set is very similar to something like Rocky and Bullwinkle and yet I couldn't wait to get that one out of the house. I can't think of one thing that's particularly amazing about Hook but it somehow manages to be greater than the some of its parts.
1 year ago
Not sure why this game gets ragged on so much, it’s a steal for the price, easy for beginners to walk up and play have the updated rom and plays great. Slowly swapping my collection all to early data east. Maybe I’m a bit bias.
1 year ago
Loved playing it! The kids and grands very much enjoyed playing it too. Sounds could be better. Could use a little more shot variety.
1 year ago
As a huge fan of the movie, I was disappointed with this pin. It felt remarkably slow to me and that's the biggest issue I had. I realize that not everybody prefers fast pinball, so there is definitely fun to be had here. I had admittedly lost interest by ball 3. There are a nice amount of shots to hit but I couldn't see myself returning to play this pin repeatedly. It's far from terrible, just not memorable.
1 year ago
Cool theme. The ramp is pretty sweet but apart from that there aren't too many memorable shots. A good pinball machine for non-pinheads to get into!
1 year ago
Nice pin esp. for kids. Beautiful ramp with lights. Sound is good but repetative. Good for a few games bit once the kids left the house sold it. Good as first pin for kids to get intothe hobby. Gameplay is nice but nothong special.
1 year ago
The artwork is one if the best in pinball. I enjoy the gameplay, ruleset, and shot selection. I wish the sounds were a bit better, and i would like to see better toys (mods perhaps?) Overall fun game!
2 years ago
I am rating this after playing this game for probably about 40-60 minutes. I found the shot layout to be unique, but ultimately not very fun. Not a lot of shots in this game. You have the left ramp, the right ramp, the center skull, the left lane to the right of the left ramp, and that's really about it. Also, I found the rule set to be a bit hard to follow or understand. Not a lot of lights or really anything to guide you. The skill shot is interesting... But, difficult to pull off. But, what is cool is loading the multiball. That was and is a cool concept. For me it just needs more shot variety. And I while nothing was horrible about the art, it just the theme doesn't appeal to me. The playfield looks amazing though. Love the roller coaster ramp and love the skull in the middle. But, having that skull in the middle really takes away from the shots you can have in the game. One thing though the music is really good, and while I find the callouts to not be amazing and repetitive. They have a sense of energy that works with the game. It all moves fast. This is a pin that I wouldn't mind playing again. But, I would need to have a collection of like 100 games to ever consider to have this in my collection. Just doesn't hold or bring me back. I got the replay on it and then I moved on.
2 years ago
great game hate that I traded it awhile back.will get another one if I ever come across a good deal on 1
2 years ago
One shot game. BANGERANG gets pretty annoying. Paul’s art looks good though. Not as bad as people say, but not a game I would own.

Edit: wow! I played a REALLY nice one on location, and it played great and has great flow! Really surprised.
2 years ago
Hook, hook, eeeerrrr shut it! Loved the look of it, but hated playing it. Just wasn’t fun.
2 years ago
I liked it!
2 years ago
The more I play this game the more fun it is. Maybe not a long term keeper but def worth buying at the right price. Guests seem to gravitate to the theme and playfield toys. The art work is awesome.
3 years ago
Hook gets a bad rep from a lot of Pinsiders. But in the short time I have had it, my non pinhead friends seem to gravitate to it first or second (after Rocky and Bullwinkle) among my modest collection.
3 years ago
A great fun game that everyone can enjoy from any skill level or age. It might not be very deep, rule wise, but that doesn't stop it from bring a challenging game.

The music is really good and really gets the wxcitemdnt rising once you have started multiball and got a few modes going. I really like the fact that the music is used so well to tell you what you need to be shooting for once you know what each sound is for and their meaning.

The physical skill shot is a great thing that actually takes a bit of practice to get right and is very rewarding.

Overall i believe it is a good game that should be enjoyed for what it is. Anyone can walk up and have some fun but it can still be rewarding for the more skilled player.
3 years ago
A lot of show, not as much go. Hook, at first glace has the "Play me!" look with its large ramp with chase lights and nice use of blow molded skull and boat plastics. The number of shots that can be made are varied with 2 ramps and scoops, one VUK and one upper lane return. The drop and stand up targets along with the 3 pop bumpers round out the play field. The game does fall a little short on depth of rules though. The left ramp is bash for millions, the right ramp is bash 3 times for a timed millions. Hit stand ups for multiball, hit left ramp for jackpot, then right ramp, then left. . . . The game unfortunately, is slightly less than the sum of its parts. Most casual players and novices will be drawn to the theme and look of the game. The display is pretty good at telling where to shoot. The more serious players will turn up their noses to it. A fun game to be sure, just a shallow one that is not much deeper than Cyclone. Worthy of quarters, thousands/hundreds of dollars. . . . .that is up to you.
3 years ago
The most underating game
3 years ago
Great game
4 years ago
I once owned this game because it attacked me with its looks and creativity. It was a great beginner game but I found myself gravity to the other pins and end up selling it.
There are 61 ratings (that include a comment) on this game. Currently showing results page 1 of 3.

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