Hokus Pokus

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Game Design: 8.278

Artwork: 7.61

Sounds/Music: 3.959

Other Aspects: 8.061

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There are 12 ratings (that include a comment) on this game.
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89 days ago
A very simple, but fun game. With 3 spinners it’s always a ripping good time!
10 months ago
Hokus is a nice game if you like spinners. The abc adds a cool feature to double your bonus and try for an extra ball. When you have it complete the spinners light so you can crack away for points on those spinning beauties.

If you don’t like spinners, this is not the game for you.

While I think the game play is fun and it’s a very beautiful art package, the spinners are really it. It needs something else to really shine.

By far the best part of this game is Bally’s “over the top” that makes a crazy celebration when you roll the score over. That buzzer makes sure to let anyone your side of the Mississippi in on the fact that you’re ripping those spinners hard.
10 months ago
One of the best spinner games I've ever owned or played. 3 total and you can really make them rip! I love the backglass and playfield art with various pictures of the weird magician doing his thing. The chimes and noises in this game are awesome, when you rip a spinner you get the clicking of the score reel giving you 10 points for every rotation, it's very satisfying. I picked this one up for 400 and it was in bad shape but after cleaning it up it's one of my favorite games in my collection. If I ever sell it I'll ask for way more money than it's worth. Love my hokus pokus!
1 year ago
Hokus Pokus is a spinner target dream pin machine! The first thing you'll notice about this game is that its really fun to play! Having three spinner targets Left, Right and Center makes this pin addicting to play and test your shooting skills! There's nothing better than hearing those targets spin racking up points! Although its an easier EM to play, both notice to advanced players will dig this game! I recommend this game!
2 years ago
Our first Pin, and of course it was an EM. Love the sounds and feel - reminds me of the pizza shop at school! This is a true Bally! Still play it daily!
2 years ago
The playfield art is gorgeous, and the rabbit coming out of the hat on the two-sided spinners is awesome, but this game is not about magic. Nope. It's all about getting A-B-C-D once, twice, or thrice, and ripping the spinners after the first completion. The reels and chimes go crazy when you nail the spinners - it's very satisfying.

This being a multiplayer EM, you start from scratch on each turn. A. B. C. D. Over and over.... But it's actually quite fun, because there are three ways to get each letter, and B and C are harder to get. The gate on the right outlane, once opened, mitigates the risk of trying for C on the right, but B on the left is always a gamble. The outlanes are not overly punishing, though, and if you are a good nudger, it's possible to keep a turn going for a while.

The Over The Top celebration is cool, but I disconnected the buzzer on mine. Scared the crap out of me every time.

All in all a terrific and accessible EM.
3 years ago
I bought this game not working and I am so glad I had the chance to make this game great again. Three spinners, a ball save gate, game options to give either extra games or extra balls, so much fun. So far this is one of the best and most fun EM pins I've played. I still prefer the DC powered flippers of Williams Grand Prix to really rip those spinners, but this game nails it with easy to understand rules, and "over the top" horn/buzzer. It is just simple fun. The back glass is very bright and colorful, I wish the play field had similar art work, but but it works. Adding color changing LEDs under the spinners and ABCD really makes the theme and to me enhances the "Magic" theme! A simple must mod if you are putting in LEDs. And finally, the chimes sound so sweet in this game as well, especially when the spinners are worth more points. If you see one, play it, if it is for sale, buy it, you won't be disappointed in this classic 1970's EM.
3 years ago
My first EM and is winning over the kids quickly.


- If you like ripping spinners, there are three of them here and they are extremely satisfying to hit. The game plays faster than most EMs I've played and you can really rip the spinner with a good shot.
- The rules are pretty straight forward, light the spinners, double the bonus, try to get the extra ball.
- The outlane gate to the shooter lane is a nice feature.
- The magic theme is a great family friendly touch and a good spinner shot has you pulling a rabbit out of a hat


- There are no drop targets.
- If you don't like spinners, there isn't going to be a lot of fun for you here.
- The artwork, while pleasing, is understated and simple.
4 years ago
This has become my go to game since I got it working correctly. Very addictive. Simple rules. Love it when you get the ABCD once, or twice, or three times. Three times and the whole play field is lit up...SPECIALS in several places. Nice play field art. Especially like the rabbit in the hat cabinet art. The backglass is nice too...retro EM. Lots to aim for: spinners, rollovers, and the straight up the middle (SUTM) open the gate target. This game is a keeper.
6 years ago
Hokus is a very fun EM pin to play...I could hit the three spinners all day and crank those chimes. With powerful flipper coils, nailing the spinners almost gets ridiculous!! Fun magic-themed pin, great layout and simple rule set. BG art is excellent as well. I would definitely recommend picking one of these up if you come across it. One of the best Bally EM's.
8 years ago
Hokus Pokus is a relatively unknown game by Greg Kmiec. You are more liable to come across one of the many "Home" versions of this deck (Fireball, Evel Kenievel, Galaxy Ranger and Elton John and the Dirt Brown Cowboy) than this one. The home version is missing the outlane gate and the center spinner.

The Pros:
A simple A-B-C-D top lane scheme to light up the table makes sure you are travelling up and down the PF at all times. Nudging skills are in demand as shooting for the standups on this table is a dangerous proposition. The standup is not an easy shot through the spinner, but is critical when lit to open up the right outlane gate. Spinners lit for 100 pts are way sweet!

The Cons:
I'm not so fond of the execution of the magic theme. Marche would have done better with pointy people for this fantastic theme.

The Takeaway:
Can be a bit simple and does not have the same touch as other games of this era, but when looked at on its own and tuned to be a challenge... this game can be a player.
9 years ago
This is a fun game that flows well. I realy like the gate that opens to save a drain on the right side. This is an old game that plays like an old game but it is great fun and has a really nice look and feel for its age.
There are 12 ratings (that include a comment) on this game. Currently showing results page 1 of 1.

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