High Speed

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Game Design: 7.984

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Sounds/Music: 7.137

Other Aspects: 8.118

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Found 165 ratings (with comment) on this game

There are 165 ratings (that include a comment) on this game.
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7 years ago
For such a simple game, HS really grabs me and keeps me playing. I love the simplistic goal and the flow of the game. The way the theme is brough to life with the sounds and callouts from the police is just pinball magic!

Yeah, it'll get old in a smaller collection, but I can never get enough of how cool this game is. I think it will always be a part of my early ss lineup.
7 years ago
a terrible machine, not as good as hs2 but then they had to iron out alot of faults from its predecessor... avoid like plague
7 years ago
My first machine, and I was surprised that a game that's so shallow (for a SS pin) keeps me coming back. The art on the PF is simple yet does the job, the backglass has a *very* early-80s cop chase movie vibe to it and there isn't a lot on the playfield as far as toys or anything "animated" (like drop targets).
But I continue to love the hell out of it. It's simplicity is what keeps me coming back, much like early video games... you know what you have to do, it's obvious from a glance but you just have to beat your last high score. It's the Space Invaders of solid-state machines, basically.
I don't play it to explore a universe like I would with a Twilight Zone, nor sink my teeth into and try to "complete" modes like chapters of a book. It's bare-knuckle fisticuffs against an opponent that doesn't hide anything behind a DMD or complicated ruleset.
Man vs. machine. You vs. Car 504.
7 years ago
In the arcade with friends and HIGH SPEED loud what could be better. You felt like the cops would really catch you. Love the sounds, the light show and police call outs. Of course it's gumball machine on top always let you find it quick. Always had a love for this one. It was the start of having to learn rules so to speak.
7 years ago
Traditional William's green target,blue target and yellow target
Repetitive gameplay
7 years ago
the guy in the rearview looks like a trouble maker!
7 years ago
Great game, i used to love playing it when i used to own it, wish i never had to sell it back in the day. I'm sure i'll own another someday. Not a deep game, but fun to play :)
7 years ago
A classic and changed the industry! A game that resonates well with most players of all levels. Very fun and still complicated enough to keep skilled players entertained. Can be had a low prices but nice condition PF ones are hard to find due to people have always loved to just play this pin.
7 years ago
The game is overall a very fun game, and depending on where the free game total is set at, is relatively obtainable. The lighting was not very good in the version that I played and many times just had to trust that the ball would come down and toward a flipper. The playfield is very busy with multiple inserts that make it kind of busy. It's a great game to sit down, pop some quarters in, grab a drink and some friends, and play. But, nothing that I would want to own in my own collection.
7 years ago
The total package on High Speed delivers. Shots, rules, artwork, lighting, music...everything is excellent. No, it's not a modern pin but for the time period it doesn't get any better than High Speed. The way it incorporates the changes in lighting and sounds for different features adds to the game-play. It seems easy just looking at the game but there are some challenging shots there. Some of those stand-up targets aren't so easy to hit in order. And you have to hit the upper flipper just right to get the ramp, which is satisfying every time.

Pinball has come a long way since High Speed, but you can see a lot of it's elements in newer games such as the ramp that utilizes the upper flipper and the rules (such as shots needed in succession to advance).

As much as I'm a fan I won't fool myself here. AFM or even Tron crush this game. But High Speed is FUN and at a decent price. Non-pinheads love this game too whereas they might shy away from more complicated games they can't figure out.
7 years ago
Had to rate this as it is and old time favourite and brings back good memories
8 years ago
This is the start of the pinball machines of the modern era. It has good flow and the rules just work really well with the theme. I love the shot up the Bayshore Freeway and around the the upper right flipper. When you get it up the ramp, it is so gratifying. The kickback is also a great feature on an early machine.
8 years ago
Another decent game from williams. Not as fun as HS2, but still a good classic SS.
8 years ago
One of the all time classics. I will keep mine for a long, long time.
8 years ago
I played a lot of pinball when I came back from Vietnam in 1970. I stopped playing pinball around 1976......fast forward. Now at 64 years young, I just purchased a restored High Speed with factory mylar and LED's, my 1st home pinball. I am 20 years old again, I luv the game !! I highly recommend this game !
8 years ago
Just okay for me. I think worn playfields psych me out. The Getaway seems so much better.
8 years ago
Just been restoring my HS. Fun game and can produce some very fast paced action.
8 years ago
This is one game that never gets old to me. I have had some fantastic games and then right after, not so good. Still a challenge after a few years of owning.
8 years ago
Lightning fast paced action and the start of an era for this type of game.......
8 years ago
One of my all-time favorites from a long time ago. You have to appreciate this game for what it is and the time period it's from. The ramp shots, the theme, and the music are all top-notch. Multiball is great.
8 years ago
I just purchased this game. I am now bit by the pinball bug! I am new to the home hobby but remember playing this game as a kid. My father passed away many years ago but this is the game we played often on location together so it will never leave my soon to grow collection.

Strobe light on top is a blast and the speed of the game really keeps you on your toes. A simple but fun layout that can drain really quick. I need to play the Getaway as it seems like it improves on this game quite a bit.
8 years ago
Pretty amazing for everything to gel like it does in this game with so many firsts. Great flow, i wish the ball locks kicked out faster.
8 years ago
One of the funnest games out there when you get into the groove. Love the siren and the C.B. feed from the cops. Great game.
8 years ago
Its a classic. Its fun running red lights for awhile.
8 years ago
Classic is the word that gets used over and over when talking about this game and it fits. Unforgiving and fast with various unprintable adjectives attached also comes to the fore of most discussions. If set up right - strong flippers, clean playfiled, no cracks in the ramp - it is a game that will reward a patient, skilled player but eat a ball banger alive. What more do you want.
There are 165 ratings (that include a comment) on this game. Currently showing results page 5 of 7.

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