High Speed

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Game Design: 7.978

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Other Aspects: 8.132

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Found 161 ratings (with comment) on this game

There are 161 ratings (that include a comment) on this game.
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6 years ago
One of my favs for sure.... Finally got one recently.... A good theme for most.. Cars Cops Chases.

6 years ago
Really fun Sys 11 game, great flow (obviously) and a fun theme. Superior to the remake/sequel.
6 years ago
High Speed was the king of pinball back in its days and still holds its own due to a superb design and layout. The dame is just fun to play, fast and furious. the rules are simple but moderately challenging to accomplish. Everything works together nicely, the ramps, the flippers the lanes, the targets, the entire concept.
the biggest downfall is the rather ugly back-glass. Who wants to look at 2 cops? A hot chick in a Ferrari would have been more appealing.
Anyway, a real fun pinball experience and one of the most underrated games.
6 years ago
Great game, great design, keeps you coming back for more... maybe not a game for the ultimate player, but an excellent game to hone the skills necessary to becoming a good SS player.
6 years ago
High Speed was clearly ahead of it's time. The flow is great with the 3rd flipper and the dual spinners. Starting a police chase with the siren topper spinning never gets old. The callouts are fun and this game has probably my favorite light show in all of pinball, the attract mode, extra ball sequence, and jackpot sequence all look great in a dark room. Unfortunately most routed games got a lot of play because of these things and really show some wear and tear if they haven't been restored. The progressive jackpot also kind of stinks in a home environment. I ended up trading mine before I thought I would.

Bottom line, it's kind of a one trick pony but it's one hell of a trick. I think this game would feel better if there wasn't a sequel to it that added so many more features. Still, it's a great value when it comes to System 11 games, the fact they made so many probably keeps the price down.
6 years ago
This is one of the only games that I had to have myself even though a good friend had one and I can play his.

When you first start to play your right arm can get tired from over flippering that side. Some might think it's a 1 trick pony but after extended play you start to enjoy hitting the loops and spinners for huge points.

Hitting a crucial shot is immediately awarded a cool light show with pulse driving sounds affects. This game is a keeper
7 years ago
This was my first machine and I have no plans of every letting it go. I come back to it time and time again. I love the flow, the speed, and the sounds. Amazing game and classic System 11 that proves you don't have to spends thousands of dollars to have a great game.

Update 7/21/2015
Finally let it go as it was not getting played much any more. After doing everything you can do, I realized it had lost some of its luster. Still a great game and theme. Still think its one of the best pins to begin with too due to availability and cost. But in terms of my personal tastes, I have moved more into earlier solid state pins that are more difficult to master.
7 years ago
Classic mid 80s pin. I've been looking for one for a while, found one and just finished a month long refurb.
This pin shines with a LED conversion. Eliminates the dark areas.
The rule set is easy to learn. Pretty basic. Great music and sound effects. The cop radio chatter along with the flashing beacon on top of the back box, during the chase is a lot of fun. The whole theme works perfect together.
This is just a fun, classic pin to play. Keeps you coming back for more!
7 years ago
Love the original theme and game play. the sound effects and dialog keeps me wanting to keep on playing
7 years ago
Great machine from the 80's. Great sounds. Fun to play but can get a bit repetitive. Even though I don't think so, one can make an argument that it is better than HS2. Nice addition to a collection.
7 years ago
Wow...a watershed game. When I think of pinball, I think of High Speed and Pin*bot, two games that would influence the course of pinball for the next twenty years. Still get excited every time I play High Speed. Sound here is top notch...I love how you get rewarded for achieving multi-ball with that unbelievably catchy theme song...the lead-up is a simple percussion beat urging you to progress. Bless Python, but the backglass does nothing for me. Mark Sprenger's playfield brings the freeways of California to life. Easy game to learn, hard game to master. Beautifully executed.
7 years ago
An iconic pin from the 80s. Easy one of the best of that decade.
7 years ago
One of the best early SS games.. yes its not a late williams or stern game but for its time was a great game..when this first came out played it all the time..its kinda cool to have the red light turning on the top.. ramp shot is the main scoring feature to get..people just need to remember this was a great game when it came out and still is..
7 years ago
Fun & a classic
7 years ago
TL;DR: 3 Spinners that can spin at once! Awards for Repeatable Orbits! Great Saucer shot! But Steve, where oh where are the drops ???

High Speed was a pin with breakthrough design in 1986. Dream team worked on this.

Originality: Very good originality with a car chase theme.

Art/Lights/Theme: Very good. You have red/yellow/green all over the place, and then the blue lights flash when important things happen. The tachometer is very good looking. Sounds carry over from Defender!

Sound/Callouts: Funny callouts from the "cops" "He got away..."

Flow: good. There are no real "dead ball" spots on this game other than the shot straight up that hits the end of the pin and then returns. Sometimes the ball "donks" into various posts on the way back to the flippers...

Toys: Cool ramp with 3 exits. Cool catapult/habitrails that return the ball "near" the flippers with force -- which keeps things a bit random and risky.

Ball Control/Hazards: Good risk reward balance. The use of stationary targets keeps the speed up in this game. The game might be a bit on the easy side. I built one out with new parts and just go for maximum speed on it, and see how that plays.

Balanced Scoring: (likely good) I haven't played enough games to know if there are knockout scores, but from what I understand there are not. There's an "escape" jackpot, but from what I can tell it gets reset often.

Fun/Lastability: The home run shot of making the ramp is simply fun. locking the balls during mutli-ball is the second challenge. PL with Whirlwind then copied this design (imo).

Asymmetry: nearly symmetrical, but it's not... So the asymmetry is Fair.

Use of pops: POOR design. They only have scoring opportunities in 1 of 4 directions. They cannot hurt the player. Just not having interactive 1-2-3 lanes nearby makes these pops a total yawn.

Shots: OK: very few shots in the game, like 9. Top flipper has 1 shot...

Doesn't have much JOM (just one more) factor -- it's fun to rip the spinner to the tunnel, and the re-ripping of the orbits are nice, and the top flipper shot is nice, but... It's just not a top-25 all time game. Once you have the main shots, you have them...

Left outlane is a leftover from Firepower, and is still not fun.

I think the dependability for OPs, number of copies made, and the nostalgia keep this game in the top-100.
7 years ago
High Speed has been on my wish list for awhile and I finally got one. It was worth the wait. One of the best System 11 games. You can really see why this game is credited with changing pinball. Right off the rip revving the engine and the lights in the center mimicking the RPM gauge lock you in. From there the game play is fast and just flows. The left orbit to top flipper ramp shot never gets old. You could shoot it a million times and it feels great every time you nail it. Setting up the red light and running it sets off the dialogue from the cops about to chase you and every time you hear it it's cool. Multiball is fast and the jackpot is fun to set up. Like all games of it's era they did a great job lighting the game up and using the lights to change the mood as you progress. Also this game is a great game at learning skills that can be used in later more complex games. A true classic and I'm so glad I finally have one in my collection.
7 years ago
I know that this is one of those special pinball machines that always is mentioned as a must own, so I went out and bought one. The first 50 games were good in that everything was new, but as it got more and more play it became a little too repetitive for me. Love the theme, and it does flow well, but it just doesn't have as many shots as other pinball machines.
(NOTE: The sale of this game is the only one to be received negatively by my friends and family as they all really liked it. Someday maybe I'll give it a second chance...)
7 years ago
love this game everything about it SCREAMS play ME! you can tell this is one of the few games where the designers had the ability to not be shackled down to COMPANY wants and focused more on producing a hit game.
7 years ago
I like high speed 2 better!
7 years ago
My 1st one into the collection. I keep coming back to it. yes the rules are simple and the gameplay is pretty straight forward. But it is still a ton of fun to play.
7 years ago
This game overall is a great game to own especially for a beginner. The game is not to deep to understand but it has cool features like the police pursuit and hideouts. For 1986 this was an awesome game.
7 years ago
For such a simple game, HS really grabs me and keeps me playing. I love the simplistic goal and the flow of the game. The way the theme is brough to life with the sounds and callouts from the police is just pinball magic!

Yeah, it'll get old in a smaller collection, but I can never get enough of how cool this game is. I think it will always be a part of my early ss lineup.
7 years ago
a terrible machine, not as good as hs2 but then they had to iron out alot of faults from its predecessor... avoid like plague
7 years ago
My first machine, and I was surprised that a game that's so shallow (for a SS pin) keeps me coming back. The art on the PF is simple yet does the job, the backglass has a *very* early-80s cop chase movie vibe to it and there isn't a lot on the playfield as far as toys or anything "animated" (like drop targets).
But I continue to love the hell out of it. It's simplicity is what keeps me coming back, much like early video games... you know what you have to do, it's obvious from a glance but you just have to beat your last high score. It's the Space Invaders of solid-state machines, basically.
I don't play it to explore a universe like I would with a Twilight Zone, nor sink my teeth into and try to "complete" modes like chapters of a book. It's bare-knuckle fisticuffs against an opponent that doesn't hide anything behind a DMD or complicated ruleset.
Man vs. machine. You vs. Car 504.
7 years ago
In the arcade with friends and HIGH SPEED loud what could be better. You felt like the cops would really catch you. Love the sounds, the light show and police call outs. Of course it's gumball machine on top always let you find it quick. Always had a love for this one. It was the start of having to learn rules so to speak.
There are 161 ratings (that include a comment) on this game. Currently showing results page 4 of 7.

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