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Other Aspects: 8.118

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There are 165 ratings (that include a comment) on this game.
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4 days ago
Perhaps the one pin that was responsible for pinball's resurgence in the mid-80s. Its popularity spawned ports to video games, such as the Nintendo Entertainment System. The premise was simple - light the stoplights red, run the light, then evade the police. The game played fast, living up to the namesake, and involved placing shots up ramps and stationary targets to change the lights. It is a good game for beginners. Experienced players might get bored with the ruleset simplicity. Might not be the best 1980s pin, but it played an important role in the history of the industry.
19 days ago
This is a fun theme. I love the lights, the flashing from the siren. It does get repetitive with the ramp and running from the police. But it is hard enough for the beginner to moderate player to learn and grasp without draining balls. It has a special place in this world being based on a true story of the pinball designer getting pulled over at high speeds.
29 days ago
Rockstar status designer Steve Ritchie. I could just leave it at that.
There’s much more to High Speed than just the creator name on the box.
The mid 1980’s, pinball was dying, videuh games were getting better and better the Nintendo Entertainment System was taking the world by storm and pinball was barely keeping up with the times.
Williams releases a Renaissance of all new games! Flashy, hip, exciting, cool, gnarly, totally tubular, radical, jammin, and so on.
Pinball is saved!!!
It’s Friday! I got five bucks!!! grab your friends, put on your Oakleys, pile into your older sister’s 71 Dodge Dart, crank up the Judas Priest and hit the arcade at the roller rink.
My 80’s memories are a bit weird.
High speed was like riding in the car with my sister, if the cops ever bothered to chase her.
Not a lie, everything is going everywhere, it’s all a blur, and you are holding on for dear life. Soon it’s over and you stagger away.
Now days she drives like a grandma.
But high speed never slowed down.
Some say the sequel (High Speed 2 the getaway) is better. It is an improvement on the original, but it doesn’t take away from the fun of the original. If anything, seen side by side, they compliment each other. If you find one out there in good condition, buy it. Say Hi to my sister, she’s out there somewhere on the fast loop shot!
80 days ago
This is definitely one of my favorite pre-dmd games. I typically am more into deep rulsets that challenge me to get to a wizard mode, but I can still have fun with these older pins when they shoot well, and that is definitely the case here. I'm a sucker for games with on upper flipper ramp shot and that's the center of focus on this game. Nail away at the ramp for lights and then the jackpot during multiball. Simple premise, but tough to play. I always enjoy this one.
86 days ago
One of the best system 11 games
4 months ago
The longer I play this game the more I grow to really appreciate it's balance of depth, skill and fun. Hitting the ramp shot is not easy but that makes each successful attempt extremely satisfying especially when trying to run that red light. Easily one of the best games of this generation.
7 months ago
I really enjoyed this game. Its such a fun game to shoot and I rather like the simplistic rules. I actually feel sometimes games can be too deep and the rules too convoluted. I personally really enjoy classic simplistic rules(I still love deep games too), but when a game shoots like this well and also is challenging to boot, I don't think it needs a deep rule set. Its enough of a challenge to just get multi ball.

The game is smooth as I said above, but if you miss a shot, it can be costly. Its not very forgiving if you lose control(I know most games are like that, but trust me, this is a unforgiving, but fair game).

I like the art. Think its great and it fits the theme. The playfield art while not amazing, certainly is easy to read and understand. The backglass is very nice and I love the mirror on it. The beacon light at the top is a nice touch. Adds a good bit of flair to the game.

All in all this is a classic for a reason. Would it work in a small collection.,.. Possibly. I think it could also be a persons only pin. Would it get old, sure... But, for most people I think you'd only want this if you have a few more modern and deeper games.

But, it plays great, unique layout, looks great, and for the time had great music and callouts. Not so much callouts as voice samples. But, it tells a story and that was ground breaking.
10 months ago
Fast, fun game with good rules, nice selection of shots, and great theme.
10 months ago
The flow in this game is great. That ball gets moving and there is nothing like the feeling of timing your shots perfectly.
11 months ago
Saw the ratings on this and kept my eyes open for one for sale in my area. Finally got one and am kind of disappointed. Game plays fast which is nice but the music gets annoying pretty quickly. The play is repetitive too. It’s all about the ramp shot. And the lack of anything in the middle makes for too many straight down the middle no chance to save balls. Will definitely be putting this one up for sale soon.
12 months ago
A true classic with that great steve ritchie story Thats told in the back glass and pf.
It looks like a easy game but when you have to hit the ramp and you mis it all the time it can kick you in the .....
but if you hit it and you can escape the police you always want to try it again and again.
1 year ago
Total classic. It is one of the best pins of its' era and denotes the times perfectly. It has one if the highest "price vs. Fun" margins out there.
1 year ago
This is the game that got away on me.

I absolutely loved High Speed. It was fast and BRIGHT! music was amazing and the callouts are the best in the biz.

I would immediately buy another High Speed. Well worth the money!
1 year ago
High Speed is one of the pinball greats. The game introduced storytelling into gameplay. Put the traffic light on red, run the red light, run from the police. Simple, but very addicting. Like pinball should be.
1 year ago
It's High Speed and its awesome!!
1 year ago
This machine is fast and fun. Flow is great and the call outs just make you want to outrun the police each time. 3 spinners! The upper right flipper shot just feels good when you hit it. Backglass is very nice and the call outs do not get old for me. The game should be ranked higher.
1 year ago
Good game. Like an earlier version of get away. Wait... Hahaha

Very cool to play. Revving it up. Backglass is amazing.

Lots of fun.
1 year ago
I had a High Speed for about a month as a package deal trade, and really enjoyed it in that time period. I would totally recommend this game as a budget game in a one pin lineup. This game is not terribly deep, but does require skill. The goal is simple, hit all the green targets, then the yellow, then the red, then hit the Ramp to start multiball and the ramp again to hit the jackpot. Sounds simple, but that 3rd flipper ramp shot is a challenge... especially in multiball! Replacement parts are readily available on this machine with the notable exception of the Williams Pop Bumper Caps with the stripe and W. The loop shots provide variety and getting the upper traffic light colors requires skill. The only cheap drain in the game is hitting the rubber in the back behind the bumpers and having it hit back straight back the middle. Theme integration is excellent in this, and I like the overhead shots of the cars. Playfield wear is common on these, especially in the upper playfied past the upper mylar. A hardtop has been released for this title, and is driving the price of this machine upward. If you are looking for a game of deep exploration that tells a story, this is not for you. If you want a fast and fun game to work on your skills with, this game fits the bill.
1 year ago
This game was my go-to game in the middle to late 80s! Having grown up with classic EM machines, playing this one was like when Dorothy opened up the door in the Wizard of Oz and black and white became color! It has a cool theme, an interesting layout and that certain "I just have to try it again" quality that makes this an 80s William's SS classic! Millennials used to games like LoTR, Twilight Zone or Jurassic Park, may find High Speed somewhat simplistic (many prefer The Getaway) but the original will always hold a special place in my heart! (Update 4/13/21) My son and I have just finished upgrading the lighting to LEDs which was a nice improvement! He has been playing the game now for about five years and is becoming quite proficient at picking shots! Just like me, he is enjoying HS during his college years! This one deservedly carries the moniker "classic!!
1 year ago
One of Steve Richie's best.
The design still holds up as one of the best.
the use of sound effects make this have more of a story then other pinball's before it did.
the best skill shot use of the upper right flipper.
maybe the only thing that i don't like is the multi-ball jackpot carries over from game to game which takes a few games to build it to the max jackpot of 2 million.If you hit the jackpot again in the same game , it wont be worth very much.
2 years ago
For such a simple design this game is extremely fun. I really like the call outs you get once you have "Run the red light" and are trying to escape (get multiball). The innovative use of the upper switching ramp is cool. The overall design is so well done with all of the details considered that game flow and game play are simply top notch. So while this game may not have all of the bells and whistles that other newer games have the flow and speed of the game makes this a keeper.
2 years ago
3 spinners, what else do you need? Just a cool game with cool sounds. Fantastic light show and since putting more time on it I like it better than getaway. This pin should be ranked way higher than it is.
2 years ago
This is an interesting game. I like the kickback, and ball times are okay. This game really boils down to a couple shots though. It does have a good theme, and you got away is cool. There is one right flipper to ramp shot that if a person were to totally nail every single time, would probably make the game a little limited. Games based around one ramp shot make me kind of anxious when I play instead of relaxed.

However, the theme is good and saves it. I kind of wish the playfields red-yellow-green button area was less static.
2 years ago
Fun pin to play. Theme from designer is intriguing. Challenging shots and ramps.
2 years ago
This one ate a ton of my quarters in HS!
There are 165 ratings (that include a comment) on this game. Currently showing results page 1 of 7.

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