High Speed

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Game design: 7.894

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Sounds/Music: 7.004

Other Aspects: 8.029

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27 days ago
One of Steve Richie's best.
The design still holds up as one of the best.
the use of sound effects make this have more of a story then other pinball's before it did.
the best skill shot use of the upper right flipper.
maybe the only thing that i don't like is the multi-ball jackpot carries over from game to game which takes a few games to build it to the max jackpot of 2 million.If you hit the jackpot again in the same game , it wont be worth very much.
3 months ago
For such a simple design this game is extremely fun. I really like the call outs you get once you have "Run the red light" and are trying to escape (get multiball). The innovative use of the upper switching ramp is cool. The overall design is so well done with all of the details considered that game flow and game play are simply top notch. So while this game may not have all of the bells and whistles that other newer games have the flow and speed of the game makes this a keeper.
4 months ago
3 spinners, what else do you need? Just a cool game with cool sounds. Fantastic light show and since putting more time on it I like it better than getaway. This pin should be ranked way higher than it is.
4 months ago
This is an interesting game. I like the kickback, and ball times are okay. This game really boils down to a couple shots though. It does have a good theme, and you got away is cool. There is one right flipper to ramp shot that if a person were to totally nail every single time, would probably make the game a little limited. Games based around one ramp shot make me kind of anxious when I play instead of relaxed.

However, the theme is good and saves it. I kind of wish the playfields red-yellow-green button area was less static.
5 months ago
Fun pin to play. Theme from designer is intriguing. Challenging shots and ramps.
6 months ago
This one ate a ton of my quarters in HS!
8 months ago
Fun game. Credited for the revival of pinball. I once owned one and enjoyed my time with it. I like the theme as well. I would purchase another one if the right deal came along.
11 months ago
Personally, I think HighSpeed should be rated alot higher in the Pinside rating...Currently it just breaks the top 100 at 99.....I think it should be in the top 20 at least.
HighSpeed defined excellence.
Super fun, and never gets old.
12 months ago
This machine and Pinbot serve as a mark of excellence in their field and deserve their spots in the top 100..how many other pins from the 80's have their own NES port? Nuff said
1 year ago
I've been playing this game for 30 years and have owned one for 7 years now. It's great, never gets old.
1 year ago
Great pin, lots of fun and lots to do the play field is well layed out and the game plays fast
1 year ago
I'm in pursuit of high scores on High Speed. The loops and a side ramp make this game. I run the freeway for the extra ball all day long! This game has good flow, but it really only has the loops and ramp for targets. A great game to play.
1 year ago
Some of the theming is really excellent - traffic lights I’m looking at you, but these days (and against its”remake HS2” it’s showing it’s age. This was my first pin though, and it got me hooked, so it can’t be that bad!
1 year ago
HS is my very first pin that I bought from a good friend. I hadn't played pinball in so long that I almost forgot what it was like. As soon as I saw HS at my bud's house and that siren flashing, it brought back memories of my youth walking through a pinball hall with my dad. I took over ownership of this old gem about 10 months ago and I'll still put in a game or 2 almost every day. My boy loves it too. I'll have a hard time ever getting rid of this one!!!
1 year ago
We have had high speed running at my place for just about a year now. My family still loves to play it, so it definitely does not get old or boring for us. Very solid and reliable machine has a flow and speed to it which works perfectly. Music and sound is sure to get your heart racing, and the art package is top notch.

This game is a key pinball of the 80s, and is really neat to see it featured in so many places... like, what's that playfield in the Naked Gun 33 1/3 intro? :)

Simple enough rules to be a good introduction to pinball, but skillful enough to challenge advanced players (My son has rolled the score several times now)

My biggest con with the game would have been in incremental global jackpot value, which would detract from tournament play... HOWEVER, there is now a ROM to solve that, which allows multiple fixed options for jackpot values, and some other options you may like.

Great game!
1 year ago
As a car buff this was top on my list of pins I wanted to own. It did not disappoint in the least.
The shots and goals to accomplish are very easy to understand but challenging enough to keep you coming back.
The play field light show, spinning topper light and displays going into police mode really get you pumped to outrun the cops.
Great sounds, art and gameplay!

Only sold mine because I got the “Getaway” and only have room for so many pins, but I miss it and will probably own another in the future.
1 year ago
A Ritchie classic- great theme, especially for that era. It exudes '80's & is based off a real CA police chase. It is a fairly reliable machine with a playfield that wears easily. The game rules set is shallow but a lot of fun. It is a great guest player. The topper was the first of it's kind. Bars would cover the light to keep patrons from being constantly reminded there may be someone waiting for them on the way home.
1 year ago
This one is okay at best, I feel all of the shortcomings with this game were addressed and improved on by the sequel.

The good:
Fast layout, super satisfying ramp shot, multi-ball build-up is good, and the themeing is fun and different.

The bad:
No lastability. Callouts get old. Music is awesome for the first 30 seconds then it grinds on me it's so repetitive. Very little to do other than keep on getting that multiball. This works for some games but not for this one as it loses excitement when you have to keep doing it. I don't think this game stood the test of time like it's sequel did.
1 year ago
Steve Richie at the top of his game. This is the one that really started it for me. My first true love. Great flow, super fast, just a total blast to play. Sure, there are deeper games, faster games, funner games, but few hold in place in my heart like High Speed. A classic.
1 year ago
My first pinball and restoration project....For several months it is fun then it is boring..
1 year ago
I'm a bigger fan of the Getaway, but High Speed is a great, very similar game.
1 year ago
Great theme and art package make this one a winner. It is very fast and fun with a super light show (beacon on the top of the machine looks amazing in a dark room) Music can get repetitive, this is a great value pin.
1 year ago
Good flow expected from Ritchie but not a game I got into. I loved Ritchies later pins like Elvis and AC/DC.
1 year ago
A classic! Fun and engaging, lots of fun. A real rush when you run that red light and the chase begins. The bottom and top bank of targets seem to be the hardest to get. You’re a little at the mercy of the pop bumpers knocking it where it needs to go. The ball can easily drain down the center at a moments notice so it keeps you on your toes. It’s a great one. It’s not quite as fun as it’s sequel, but for its time it’s still very fun and a landmark game for pinball.
1 year ago
One of Ritchies finest. need the papa rom to even out Jackpot settings but simple and tough game.
There are 151 ratings (that include a comment) on this game. Currently showing results page 1 of 7.

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