High Roller Casino

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Game design: 7.329

Artwork: 6.673

Sounds/Music: 6.448

Other Aspects: 7.091

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There are 34 ratings (that include a comment) on this game.
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9 months ago
Wasn't looking for this game because of the rating but it really grows on you. The layout is pretty standard and the right orbit shot is tough. Just because you can light the game doesn't mean you will win so the cheat game comes in handy. Collecting chips to break the bank can be challenging and cool when you activate the mode. Multiball's are fun and having several modes for multiball adds to depth. I don't care for casino's but this is a good add for your collection.
1 year ago
I personally don't like the feel of those early Sterns. Does not feel even close as good as the older B/W games.

On paper this looks promising: 2 major playfield mechanisms (roulette and slot machine), drop targets, 4 slingshots, ball locks, spinner etc.

Art quality was one of the worst I have seen. Print quality on the playfield and especially on the cabinet was pretty bad. Did not like the backglass quality either. Washed out colors and bad contrast. Looked like it was printed on a plain copy paper.
For a 2001 pin, you would expect a better sound quality too.

Atleast ruleset was decent.

You can see that this was a low budget build. But then again it does not cost much today either.
So if you are not picky, getting it for your 1st pinball machine, why not...
1 year ago
Underrated game, multiple modes, 1 main wizard mode and 2 others. The toys and gimmicks are definitely there with the slot machine and the roulette wheel. It’s got a mini video mode with the high-Lo game and there’s a lot of dmd interaction.

The music and call outs are pretty cheesy and dates itself very hard because of it. Were casinos really like that?

Stern packed a lot into this game. Keefer code is solid.
1 year ago
I’ve had my High Roller Casino for a few days now and it’s a pretty fun game overall. The theme is well integrated and the roulette and slot machine are cool toys. There are four different 4 ball multiball modes that all have unique and interesting rules. Collecting a Super Duper Mega Extreme Jackpot in slot machine multiball is tough and very satisfying. The roll and win wheel is a cool feature and getting to the super surprise mode is very tough. The casino games are cool and the cheat game feature allows for good strategizing about what games to use them on and trying to avoid games you don’t want to waste your cheats on. Overall a good bang for your buck pin that is a fun time.
1 year ago
I liked this pin. Great theme for a pin with the game design integrating the theme well. A really good rule set that takes full advantage of the gambling theme and some great gimmicks on the playfield offering dome very satisfying shots.
1 year ago
I was afraid about this game with some negative reviews. However I saw pinside moderators rated this game pretty good. Not great, but sold. I was pleasantly surprised. Not a bad game. It was pretty fun, pretty straight forward rule set.
1 year ago
Very fun Game. When all works fine and your Machine is clean wirh rebuild Flippers then is that a very nice Game. In Location the Flippers are weak often. Adjust allright andyou have a lot of Fun with this game. Long Balltimes, fun Multiballs. Bang for the Buck and the last non Licensed Game from Stern!
2 years ago
Only had this machine about a month, Got it initially to do up and flip but have added to my collection - a real nice surprise. Game play is great and challenge to improve is difficult.
2 years ago
I like this machine. I know it gets kind of a bad wrap, but the theme is just so damn timeless. Granted, I've played this more in a virtual environment than in real life, but I was totally hooked on this for a while. Finally got a chance to play one on location and was blown away by the toys and gimmicks. If you could choose one pin to play for the rest of your life, it probably wouldn't be this one, but it's a good time and shouldn't be passed up if you have one local to you.
2 years ago
Underrated game! Not a gambler but I really like this game. "Super Duper Jackpot!!!"
2 years ago
Gameplay was good, and an interesting layout. Roulette and slot machine are interesting toys, and add a bit to the game. Spin and win is another nice feature on the game. Highly recommend installing the director cut ROMs, as this makes the game more enjoyable. Sounds and call outs get a bit repetitive.
2 years ago
For the cost of this machine and what you get I would say this machine is under rated. I have had it for some time now and had to fix a few things to get in working order. Now that it is 100% and plays fine. I would say this machine is a fun game. I have to agree that the craps is random and A weak point on the game play. Some say that the flippers are weak but i have no issue with mine. I can make all the shots with no problems. If i was to play this machine in arcade I might not give it much more then a play or two. But in a home arcade it is not to be over looked. Once you get some time into paying it you will find that you want to replay this machine often. The shots have skill and nice flow to them. The sounds are kinda funny but after a while the "Bye Good Looking" grows old lol. The art work is not the best but not that bad. The cab art you need to watch out it will fade and wear out around the buttons easy, But a protector can fix that. Overall a Nice machine that can be had for a good price. If you get a chance play it a few times. It will grow on you !!
3 years ago
High Roller is one of the newer-rare games. It is defiantly the best casino/gambling pins i've ever played.
With the prototype roms, this game is very fast and can sometimes be a drain monster if you don't have it setup right. The roulette wheel and slot machine are very cool and this game looks stunning with LEDs installed.
You don't see them often, so when you do; give it a try.
4 years ago
Played it several times, just didn't do it for me. Like the casino theme!
4 years ago
I'm enjoy a gambling theme, but I just couldn't get into this game. Perhaps it was the numerous stop-and-go elements.
4 years ago
Owned the game for about 3 years tried to play it many times but never really cared for it, seemed very repetitive, call outs were annoying and i never got into the game. I tried to like it because of the gambling theme but just didn't.
5 years ago
After playing the Pinball Arcade simulation of this table, I realized that HRC had more to offer than I originally thought.

- Lots of toys that the ball can hit. If this machine was released today it would probably be at Premium / LE price.
- Satisfying right loop + spinner shot that can increase bonus X a lot if you know how to shoot it
- Unique "Roll 'n Win" backglass feature that I wish other designers could use.
- Rules in the same key as Stargate; maybe not that deep, but they are still nice rules
- Collecting a "Super Duper Mega Extreme Jackpot" during multi ball is an awesome sensation
- Final game by Jon Norris. You will be missed. :(


- While I like the roulette toy, I feel gameplay would have been faster if only the ball had spun around.
- Besides the lit orbit shots that disable the posts, there isn't much flow on this game
- Art doesn't look too good, too colorful for my tastes.
5 years ago
As cool as the wheel is, I thought it hurt the flow of the game. Really didn't get into it. Not a game a would play more of
5 years ago
I remember playing this 10 years back; the thing that drove me in was the Roulette wheel. Plus, it basically has everything that a common pinball machine would have. I never expected to have that much fun with this game.

Ahhh, memories...
5 years ago
Fun to play, great for party room.
5 years ago
It's not that bad...
6 years ago
The worst game I've ever played. Put in two bucks and walked away after one game. Boring
6 years ago
High Roller Casino is a fun game. The rules are super easy to understand after a few plays. The artwork on the playfield is pretty lackluster. The extra ball shot and the right orbit are tough shots, while the roulette shot is too easy. Overall the art isn't good, but the game is definitely fun to play and I keep coming back for more.
6 years ago
High Roller Casino is not a good looking or sounding game, but fortunately, it plays rather well.

The Pros:
The shots are well done and the mini-games integrate well into the theme (with one exception below, but even then... it's still true to the theme). The PF is very well designed and both ramps have alternate functions/paths. The spinner on the right orbit is a blast to rip and my all time favorite decade/generation spanning feature of standups behind drops requires skill, risk/reward decision making as well as adaptation skills to deal with how the ball interacts with both sets of targets on the same bank. Love it!

The Cons:
The divider on the center ramp seems to be flimsy. Maybe flimsy is not the right word... it feels cheap. One of KO'C's worst art packages (it pains me to type that last sentence). It looks like he was given a rush job over the weekend and hardly any money to get the job done. The Craps game is completely random and makes achieving the wiz mode a real chore sometimes.

The Takeaway:
This is a fun playing pinball game. Not a looker, but lots of fun. Let's say this game has "personality". Stock up on extra parts as this game seems a bit flimsy in the construction department all around. Stern's first original pinball design after buying the Sega pinball division and the last game we saw from Jon Norris. Consider that nearly every year of his career he produced at least 2 pinball games. His name is credited with 6 games in 1995 including the righteous Stargate. People bag on Premier games, but there are some great games in his portfolio and when you read into what he had to deal with and the deadlines given to him... the quality of his work does not deserve the "lesser" status that many people give him and John Trudeau. A good game is a good game regardless of the manufacturer.

Update 3/2013:
I got a chance to play this game and it was a bit of a let-down and a bit of a nice surprise.

The Good:
I had forgotten how much fun the break a bank feature was on this deck. When I collected that 100th chip, this game really lit up. A blast to play. Multiball, I got a much better idea of the stacking of the single, double, triple jackpots... then collect the super from the slot machine. Takes a bit of skill and ball control with 4 balls flying around the pf. Collecting as many triple-jacks and then the Super is a hoot. I also really appreciate how both ramps have two types of diverters on them, one lateral and one vertical. I also like the randomness of the drop from the slot machine ramp toward the lower pf. It adds a nice bit or on your toes randomness to the play of this deck.

The Bad:

The flippers were not strong enough to consistently make it up the center diverter ramp. I can't hold this against the design, but I certainly can hold it against the operator. (In best Cartman voice) Weeeeeaakk! The more I played the modes the more I felt like it wasn't just Craps that were random. The 21 and Hi-Lo games were also strife with randomness in their awards that really felt like the game was or was not going to help you move along with your score. The "cheat" feature really came in handy with these 3 modes and when you need to "cheat" at least half the qualifications to the frenzy... not so hot. The targets behind the drops were not registering on this copy of this table (Again, in best Cartman voice) Weeeeeaakk!

I'm taking the rules score down a bit for this game. However, the gameplay on this game is entertaining (even with weak-dick operator flacco-flippers, and that speaks volumes in my book) when you get into the multiball aspect of this table. If you can find one for a nice price, I think you will be pleasantly surprised.

Update v2:
Playing multiball, I saw a familiar jackpot multiplier flashing on the lower portion of the DMD. Where have I seen this before? Oh yeah! LotR! This is a Keith Johnson programmed game. While John Norris is credited as the designer (unfortunately his falling out with Stern meant this was the last table he designed) the ruleset is a Keefer. Learning how to strategically "cheat" during modes will make the more random modes flow more easily. This kind of subtlety makes the difference between a good and a great game. It is also indicative of Keith's Johnson's skill as a rule writer. So hit that center ramp and save yer cheats for when you really need to progress within the game. Finally, pay attention to the spinner on the right orbit. While it does not dole out many points, it does boost your bonus which can be huge! To keep game times sane, I'd nastify the outlanes by removing posts and rubbers. While it seems that some rules are really well flushed out (3 flavors of multiball is awesome). Some of the other objectives of the table (craps) seem unfinished or at least un-polished as far as his work is concerned (MUST CHEAT!!!). Since this was a lean time at Stern, unless mystery programmer shows up... this game will probably stay as it is. And that's a shame. This table could have really shined. While it does have it's moments, it is what it is and is a serviceable table that features a lot of multiball awesomeness. Still, If I could find one for a great price, I'd get it!
6 years ago
Played this Machine about a dozen times at a local bowling alley. Had a lot of fun with it. The roulette table is probably my favorate component, and the slot machine ramp is always exciting to hit. The casino theme is a great idea for a pin because of all the fun random elements of a casino are designed to keep you excited and hoping for a big score.

When I saw it listed as being built in 2001 I was amazed, this machine feels like a late 70's early 80's design. The art, the sounds, even the really bad vacu-formed plastic components inside, it all looked so dated. Also the cheesy cowboy and ANOYING woman voices on the machine don't help.

Its a fun machine, but I'd play it with the volume down. Also wish they haden't put such cheap components in it.
There are 34 ratings (that include a comment) on this game. Currently showing results page 1 of 2.

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