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There are 30 ratings (that include a comment) on this game.
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3 months ago
Heist! is my first and likely only NIB but I’ve owned EMs classic Bally Williams, DMDs newer Sterns etc. and been a casual player for 4 decades. So I definitely have ownership and recency bias and will update my review after it has seasoned a bit.

But my first impression after putting some 7 or 8 hours on it is that it is an absolute masterpiece. The integration of theme with rules, art and sound is seamless. It is easy to learn, difficult to master. When rating facets such as backbox art or animation, the P3 has an almost unfair advantage. It is the trade-off for the relatively clear lower playfield area. The crane provides a lower target and the floating virtual targets work well for me, your mileage may vary. I’m perfectly happy with long shots (most of my favorite games have relatively sparse lower playfields), so long as they are satisfying.

I find the flippers nice and snappy but, full disclosure, my 17 year old feels they “pull” and my spouse, who only plays maybe 10 games a year, did not like their action as much as classic Bally Williams.

Thanks to the Multimorphic team for making a really fun game!
4 months ago
I like it! Of the 3 modules I've owned this is a little behind Weird Al and way ahead of Cosmic Cart. This is a surprisingly fun game. The "Heist" theming is very well integrated and it plays like a cartoon version of what a Heist would be. If you have kids and watched "The Bad Guys" that exactly how this game feels thematically... without the animals. I thought this game would have reliability issues with that crane but mine has been rock solid. It makes good use (but does not overuse) the movable scoops. The shots feel good. I feel like the shots around the center are a little tight, but its not bad. You definitely feel like you are building towards things in this game. The art feels like flash animation, but it is well done and fitting. I was not expecting to like this module as much as I have and solidly recommend Heist (and Weird Al) for prospective P3 owners.
6 months ago
How many balls can you keep on the playfield during a heist!@#! Too fun.
7 months ago
Played at someone’s house as part of London & SE League. The definition of a ‘good’, but not ‘great’ pin. If it wasn’t being presented as part of the very novel P3 Multimorphic system, Heist would be pretty average. It has a Brian Eddy-style fan layout that isn’t doing anything novel and a moving crane that is cool, but not exceptional.

The shots are okay. The rules are okay. It’s, well, okay.

But, for comparison, I had more fun with Rocs (pinball mixed with video game asteroids) on the same P3 system.
7 months ago
Really enjoying this module. I started with Weird Al and got this one 2nd. Definitely glad I did, nice to change them up and Heist has a really fun rule set and way you progress through the modes. Definite winner!
8 months ago
Finally time for me to rate this module after owning it for several months. First of all I love playing the game. It's very FUN and addictive with the wizard mode having a perfect attainability. I like the modes, they're all varied and easily understood. I like the ability to stack characters to start other modes and I like being able to break characters you fail on out of jail. I like the mcguffins or whatever which gives you an advantage later. I love that the ramps are backhandable.

Now as far as the cons, the shots just seem a little off to me. Backhanding or hitting a shot from a cradle is fairly straightforward, but on the fly its just is a little off. Plus the geometry makes hitting the outer orbit shots a very tight shot. Because of the nature of the P3 system, the art/cabinet/back glass are not as immersive or don't have that wow factor that dedicated machines have. I feel like the game could have used one more toy or gimmick to get that perfect score. It only has the crane as a toy in my opinion.

That's it, you should definitely play the game and it's a fantastic module to own for the P3 system. It's not great enough on it's own in my opinion to justify the base machine cost, but the P3 system has other great modules that collectively add to the value.
1 year ago
It's just not fun. Shots suck. Really hard to hit them. It's not fun. Everything is crammed so far away. And it feels like they are far away.

Mechanical issues galore. Customer service is great and responsive but does it matter when it's ALL. THE. TIME!
1 year ago
Hard but very good game.
1 year ago
Opened my Heist for Christmas this year.

Going through the boxes and setting it up was a blast - the side art, translite, playfield are all beautiful and original. It's really refreshing to see something that's not canned IP. The team at Multimorphic even threw in a Heist-themed Corona mask, these guys think of everything!

Audio is great and the light shows are amazing- tons of RGB LEDs on this one. The upper and lower playfield have all these little jokes about Mr. Big owning every possible business in town. The story intro is also pretty cool, "Welcome to Ocean City".

My favorite rule right now is the armored car that comes by that makes you shoot the moving scoops for cash.

I had no issues with the crane, worked great right away with no calibration. Everything shoots like butter and the inner loop returns are great.

Definitely the best Christmas present I've ever given myself. Hope to get another one again next year!

Fleep Fleep!
1 year ago
Really fun, unique and different game design.
Fun to play and has the one more game quality to it.
1 year ago
P3's best game with Lexy being a close second. I owned this game for a few months and really enjoyed it. the only reason I don't have it anymore is because my A-Hole ex wife sold the game when I left her. I highly recommend this title for anyone looking for something different, new, and VERY interactive. The playfield features are exceptional. impressive ball diversion and playfield variability. This game will last in any home collections, and the kids LOVE it.
1 year ago
A whole new pinball experience!!! Hard to compare to traditional pins but everyone needs to play this game. Go Multimorphic
1 year ago
Great innovation and theme is fun to play through. Gameplay has stop and go feel because game takes time to react to each of your shots. Heist is like Star wars episode 1 and revenge of Mars 3d pins with a screen and aim shots according to animation on screen. Fun at first but gets repetitive and boring afterwards. I love the idea and innovation but stop and go gameplay hurts this pin.
1 year ago
My current favorite game on the P3, revolutionary way of showing off rules and story via the playfield screen. Crane is one of the most innovative toys ever and just a great game all around. Tough game but once you get the shots down, it has some really good flow. Not a ton of physical mechs on the lower playfield, but great use of the ball tracking technology to make interactive rollovers with the cash and police cruisers/armored cars. Can't wait to see what comes next!
1 year ago
I ordered this module on the first day and received it promptly thereafter. During shipping a nut fell off the crane but the guys at multimorphic instructed me within a couple of hours how to reattach and align the mechanism. I was playing it the next day and it has been a near daily player ever since. The rules are easily understood with the clear callouts and the terrific animations on the main playfield screen. The game makes good use of the ball tracking and pop-up scoops for special modes. Gameplay is both enjoyable challenging for an intermediate player like myself. I read that gifted players find plenty to keep them coming back for more. I would rank this as their best game followed by sorcerers apprentice using the cosmic cart racing module. After that I would put Lexi. The games from this company just keep getting better and better. My only complaint about the game is that periodically the crane Hass to be recalibrated which takes about five minutes. The game will run without the crane but bashing it is a major part of play.
2 years ago
Every platform needs a “killer app” to solidify its place in the world. “Heist” is that game for Multimorphic’s P3 platform. The rules are straight-forward, like a familiar Williams or Bally 90s game… or ARE they? What’s a “side job” ? Oh you mean a quick, high scoring divergence from the main game? That sets up the shots for you automatically and asks that you hit a loop, or a lateral shot across the playfield from the upper flipper? Or to try and catch the ball INSIDE the upper flipper housing?

Games have included cranes before - look at the Batmans, or Last Action Hero… but this is no Batman crane. The crane moves back and forth, sure - but it will also pick UP the ball, and fling it at you while you battle! It goes up and down, but crucially also extends way down into the lower playfield, where you can bash it, or lose your ball to its powerful magnet.

The P3’s dynamic scoops and “walls” continue to be used to creative effect, and the playfield itself a well thought through design.

Overall, the number of multiballs is staggering, with a different “Heist” for every possible combination of the 6 main characters (each start a mode). If a character is captured (via draining or timing out during a mode, or being arrested by the police cars which randomly appear and grab your ball out of nowhere), they are jailed and no longer able to participate in the “Heist”.

Well let’s break them out then! Another multiball mechanic is the ability to break one or more characters from jail, starting a “ball+ number of jailed characters” multiball. Random shots are required to break your character out - and then they join the team without having to finish their mode.

Now that this review is turning into a rules overview, I’ll have to leave out a number of other features, but there are plenty!

Suffice it to say that the P3 platform is not without itself occasional adjustment issues (what pinball avoids that?), but with Heist, it’s clear both the game and the platform are here to stay.
2 years ago
Ok, so I just received my P3 from Multimorphic a couple of days ago. I was in the typical “out of room” situation, with titles I wasn’t willing to get rid of(WonkaCE, IJ, AFM, JP, etc). While this review will focus on Heist, I was most interested in the swappable game modules moving forward and purchased two additional modules and downloaded 4 additional games to work with those modules for a total of 7 games in one cabinet. Anyway, I’m going to give two brief reviews. First the on the P3 overall platform and then Heist specifically…

P3 platform/machine- if we were talking automobiles, this thing is like a Ferrari. Like you can tell someone has spent hours upon hours staring at one particular part so it looks the best it can. My wife even noticed details like the sides of the backbox were sloped on the bottom to match the slope of the cabinet. There are SO many little details that blow me away……and I can jump from Heist to a game like Barnyard, when my 4 year old grandson wants to play…..in seconds.

Heist- Well, a couple of friends have already told me this is their favorite game in my collection and I have some great games. I LOVE HEIST…..it is so fun AND the interactive playfield, scoops and crane are sweet. It shoots like butter, to the point of making AFM feel, meh. For Stern Zeppelin Premium fans…..I have hit the left ramp, cross town and left inner loop all from the upper flipper….even hit cross town to left ramp combo a few times. The game is so fun, rules are great….I am really looking forward to their “coming soon” licensed module. Nice work Multimorphic!
2 years ago
I love my Heist and I really think it is one of the best Pinballs out there these days. It is absolutely the system seller, and I cannot recommend playing it enough.

It doesn't feel weird, it has an amazing toy and has some of the coolest innovation and value in pinball. Period.
2 years ago
Such a great game! I think the crane is the best mech in pinball! It can grab the ball, act as a bash toy, and has the ability to move all over the playfield. The theme is great as well! I'm so impressed with what Multimorphic did with this game.
2 years ago
I have had my P3 (came with Heist) for close to five months now and wanted to wait a while before posting any review, or at least until after I got over my honey-moon phase with the game. But, months in I'm still having a lot of fun with this new addition to the P3 line up and no second thoughts on the purchase. I have since added Lexy.

The PF is well laid out and Heist is a three flipper game. The lower PF is completely inter-active thanks to the sensor array. There are a lot of things you can do on the lower PF such as catch dollars as they float down, qualify the crane to come out for a side jobs, etc. And don’t forget, the lower PF is basically a complete LCD monitor and the graphics are crystal clear (the back box also has a full LCD monitor).

The upper PF has a lot to like. Good loops, nice ramps that you can back-hand, and two bash toys: the crane and the jail house gate. The rules are pretty intuitive but if you want a deep dive then just go to YouTube and watch the streams by Kevin at Buffalo Pinball. The Heist removable module is heavy (much heavier than Lexy) but it also reflects all the work and tech they put into it.

I have had and continue to have epic games and the “just one more” is strong on this and Lexy as well. When you get Heist going, have the modes running, etc, it really is a blast to play. I expect to have my P3 for years to come. I think the concept is exciting and I’m patiently waiting to see what Multimorphic does next.
2 years ago
3rd best game of 2020. Sad to see it forgotten without shows and I was lucky to try it in a showroom.
2 years ago
I've been reading about Multimorphic's games and their innovations for years and have been very eager to play one all along. LA is a commerce driven market, so this pricey system has not been publicly available until recently with Heist. I have not had a chance to play Lexi Lightspeed. But with Heist as my debut experience, it certainly lives up to the hype. I normally try to avoid writing lengthy reviews here. But it I will have to divide my impressions to cover the system and the title.

The Multimorphic P3 pinball system:
With interchangeable upper playfields, a row of rising scoops across the middle of the playfield and an interactive LCD monitor as the lower playfield, these are not just gimmicks. Multimorphic has (in my opinion) successfully brought pinball into the twenty-first century in much greater fashion than the other pinball manufacturers. The build quality is exceptional and playing the game is a joyful pinball experience. All of these considerations justify the pricing with the only negative being that the pricing is prohibitive for most players. I agree with most of the comments regarding the lower playfield monitor perhaps consuming too much of the playfield and would likely be better with a more economical approach to that part of the system configuration. But that is a minor caveat. I also agree that the flippers configuration requires a little adjustment, particularly having to use one of the additional flipper buttons for the upper playfield flipper. But that is also a minor caveat and actually seems to add to the challenge of gameplay. Otherwise the flippers are very responsive like most other pins. My hat's off to Multimorphic and if I am ever in the position to consider owning one, it will become a serious consideration.

Heist the game:
I absolutely loved this game: great theme, great art, great game design. This game reminds me of the classic pinball themes through the early eighties, before licensing took over most of the medium. The designers of this pin created great, clearly defined characters as part of a simple and compelling theme, then integrated it all into a very well planned game. This easily enables the player to immediately absorb the game elements, making the gameplay tasks effortless and natural with the exception of actually executing those challenging tasks due to the brilliant upper playfield design and implementation. It is a lot of fun to engage with those characters who, in turn, make it easy to understand what it is that you need to do. But then it isn't necessarily easy to do it. This is masterful pinball game design both mechanically and aesthetically. My opinion is also swayed by the crane toy, which I love. I also loved it in other pins (e.g. Batman 66 and Dark Knight) and they use it to great effect here. If fact, the crane multiball is absolutely awesome until the game just suddenly ends... which sucks. But then another game is available to play... umm ... okay. Not a problem because the only thing that actually sucked about playing this game is when it ended. That is because I did not want to stop playing it.
2 years ago
I REALLY like this game.

-There really is NO other pinball game quite like this. The P3 platform was made for this game. SOOOOOO unique.
-The crane toy is multi-dimensional and works REALLY well. Well-built, well-integrated, and fun to bash!
-OMG, the cop car going across the screen with the boxes is my absolute favorite gimmick in all pinball currently. Such a great idea.
-They layout is good, but not great. More on this in the cons, but the layout overall plays really well; it's just TIGHT.
-3 flippers!
-Great animations, lights, art, and pretty good sounds (more in Cons below)
-Theme integration is absolutely perfect

-The music. It's kinda 70s porno vibe when I really feel it should have been more Ocean's 11. Of course, I'm a composer for a living so I have strong opinions on this. <---Gerry, hit me up to do a game! ;P
-The flippers take a bit of getting used to. They really are different. I don't know that this is a con, but it is a real thing. I found that the ball kicks up a bit after you release a cradle due to the design. Weird.
-The shots are really good, but VERY tight. In particular, the jail break shot is a bit too tight IMO. It's not very accessible for youngers and non-pinheads. Wish it was a bit more like the MM castle shot. For this matter, LOTS of modes make you hit the 3 center shots. Wish it had a touch more variety.
-I personally don't think the monitor in the playfield is really necessary for this game.
-Still a bit pricey for the average collector

I want one!
2 years ago
Really cool pin. All the mechanical elements are in the back of the playfield allowing a massive area for the below-playfield screen, but I felt that screen was underutilized and really had a very limited role in gameplay. When I stepped up to the machine, I was actually expecting obstacles or other items to appear that needed to be hit or avoided and was disappointed when that wasn't the case. What is the point of having that much area for a screen then? Still well made and good shots.
2 years ago
Like a lot of people I've followed the P3 but wasn't impressed enough with Lexy Lightspeed or the other less traditional pinball modules to invest in one. But Heist tipped the scales. The game is amazing, and is up there with the best pinballs ever made in my book. It's certainly the most innovative, by far, while retaining the soul of traditional pinball.

I don't put much importance on a licensed theme versus one that is well integrated and immersive. Heist may be the best integration ever of an unlicensed theme: there is an engaging storyline and every character has a unique personality that is brought to life though the artwork, numerous call-outs and animations.

At the end of the day though, it's all about playfeild design and rules for me. I can't think of a smoother fan layout, and while there may be a few machines like JM that are faster, Heist gives them a run for the money. Every shot is important to the game and well balanced within the rules. The three loops, two outside and one inside, are lightening fast and can be hard to control. The ramps are relatively easy to backhand or combo and the geometry is so well designed that the ball seems to be pulled over them. The up the middle u-turn/spinner shots are also extremely satisfying. Plus every shot has multiple states. My one complaint is that action in the pop-bumper area is weak even with sensitive switches. The rules are also outstanding. Every mode has a unique, humorous personality, and there are plenty of strategies to advance or go for score. Unlike most games today, you have to work hard to qualify the two main muliballs (Crane & Police) which I prefer, and the Jailbreak and Heist multi-balls are unique and add a lot of risk-reward strategy. This is a tough game that requires better than average flipper skills on factory settings, but the out-lanes are easy to close down and you can tailor the mode timers and other settings.

The machine is extremely well engineered and built. It likely has the highest cost BOM in the industry. There is a learning curve to get comfortable with exchanging modules and working on things but it all falls into place if you are mechanically inclined and know your way around a traditional pinball. My Heist module was a relatively early build and had some bugs but Gerry and TJ quickly addressed everything. There is no better service and warranty in pinball.

I also bought the Lexy Lightspeed module and while the playfield design, theme integration and animations are not at the same level of Heist, it's an excellent game in its own right. Top 50 IMO. The platform is just too different to quickly grasp and appreciate playing a few times in a loud show hall.

With Stern and JJP LE prices basically at $10k the P3 is no longer "expensive" versus the competition. It doesn't hold its value as well due to the smaller buyer pool, but this is more than offset by the prospect of new modules at half the price of a Stern pro.

If you're a serious player or collector with decent skills and want something more than the formula Sterns, then I wouldn't hesitate now to go for the P3.
There are 30 ratings (that include a comment) on this game. Currently showing results page 1 of 2.

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