Heavy Metal

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There are 5 ratings (that include a comment) on this game.
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1 year ago
I love Heavy Metal. Much better feeling when compared to Star Wars Pin. Same playfield - yes. Other things are much better. Very fast game to play.
1 year ago
Love this game. Very fun to play, fast shots and great music. Shots actually quite challenging with timers going crazy and rock blasting. Nelson and Taarna shots quite satisfying when coupled with the shaker explosions. I have it connected to my stereo and I can’t say enough about how awesome the killer soundtrack is. Great. Game!

Also, the artwork on this machine is gorgeous and probably should have won a Twipy.
1 year ago
This game rocks! It's got the best game music of anything I have ever played and the other incidental sounds are fun too. It MAY be able to be loaded with the Star Wars ROMs too so thats a bonus. Most importantly the game play is really great and the art is spectacular. 10/10

Now that I've owned it almost a full year, this game has lasting power. My family and myself still play it almost every day. My skill at the game keeps inching up and I regularly place a new high score. But this game is difficult. It's so fast and with the light show and music blasting it's difficult to keep up. I rarely hit Heavy Metal Meltdown but when I do it's a thrill. And the evil taunting even I finally drain makes me smile every time. I truly love this game and can't see getting rid of it. Looks, sounds, feels, better than most of the other pins I spend time on. I'm just sad that so few were made. If I get rid of it, I'll likely never play it again. It's that rare.
1 year ago
Heavy Metal is very fun. Even though we have seen the layout in other pins that came first, it seems like this was the theme and rule set it was really made for. George Gomez is a trusted designer and his layouts should never be dismissed. On Heavy Metals release, the price is what drove people to say it was not a pin worth having, however My NIB was a lot cheaper from the distributor than original priced getting the game ever closer to its home pin predecessor in price. FIRST THING: This is a full size game cabinet, custom side rails and legs (painted in an awesome color changing sparkle). Custom shooter knob (like other available accessory knobs offered by stern) And don't forget it has art blades installed as well.
Strength of the game: Music, Flow, and Crazy Speed. This game is not complicated but is brutal and punishing if you lack ball control. The shots flow great, but the speed of the game makes it difficult to keep up. Features I love in Heavy Metal: The music changes based on what character type you are scoring on, and the music itself is classic to Heavy Metal Movie lovers as well. Lighting in this game is fantastic. Compared side by side to my Iron Maiden Premium, Heavy Metal is a lot brighter making everything really pop.

Detractors of the game give the playfield art a thumbs down, yet it works perfectly for the theme and stays true to Heavy Metal Magazine and parts of the Movie. Cabinet Side art is just Awesome! Anyone would be proud to have this showing in their line up on this alone. Artistically this game having a DMD actually is Bad Ass! It fits the time period and personality of the game to a "T".

What could be improved:
I would like to have slings and pop bumpers independent from each other more so out of a preference than an actual functional issue. For those who don't know, the two slings fire at the same time when a ball hits either one because they are sharing one node board. Two of the three pops fire together as well. However I have found that the game still plays solid just like any other pin. It looks a bit bare when compared to the likes of a Jurassic Park etc. But it feels more like a Sword of Rage Pro. Code has been updated to support a shaker motor, but thats a separate add on, which means more cost.

Final note: Will the theme work for everyone, NO. But as far as boutique pins go I think this is by far the best Stern has made.
1 year ago
Game has a few things that make it feel cheap for a new pin. The B17 lights are not individually lit, Heavy is one big target, slingshots both fire, no colour dmd (spidey homepin!)
Re-theme of Star Wars homepin
Will game get the same level of code support?

Otherwise, the art and music are top notch.
Game has many orbits to keep play fast.
Lower playfield feels a bit overly open/devoid of features.
Has some neat animations, images.

Game came with a custom shooter rod
You send for the magazine.
Mine is 15/300

Game did have some outside sales pressure. Covid, EU tariff. I would be suprised if all 300 get built.
There are 5 ratings (that include a comment) on this game. Currently showing results page 1 of 1.

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