Haunted House

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Game Design: 7.592

Artwork: 8.313

Sounds/Music: 6.696

Other Aspects: 7.633

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There are 118 ratings (that include a comment) on this game.
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3 months ago
Got a chance to play this at Golden State Festival. Wow so fun! I love the extra levels to the house. Totally adds another element to the game. Would love to have this one in my collection one day. I think if you get the chance to play this do it!
5 months ago
lots of different things going on. tons of features. way ahead of its era
6 months ago
I had this game for a few years and liked it much better than Gorgar or black hole. It has three levels and eight flippers and the artwork and back glass were phenomenal. When I put LEDs on the game it brought out the details and made the game easier to play.
11 months ago
Haunted house is a nice looking pin with a cool gimmick. The theme is integrated well with the different floors of the house and secret passages to the different floors. The rules are not very intuitive, and they are only alright. For the time there is nothing special or missing. The music gets old pretty quick and the sound effects get a little old. The backglass for this table it super awesome though, definitely the highlight here. Okay game for the time and good theme integration.
1 year ago
Cool game and really challenging. If the game was multiball it would have been a home run. Love the back glass and theme.
1 year ago
Haunted House is a very underrated game. The game always gives you reasons to swap to different levels. Playing in the cellar will activate double scoring in the attic and vice versa. This game also has one of the best art packages in all of pinball - the playfield lighting is fantastic and the backglass is an absolute classic. Big weaknesses of this game is the lack of multiball and the typical Gottlieb hardware issues that plague Sys 80 games.

Haunted House will be a permanent member of my collection.
1 year ago
Triple playfield for triple fun!
1 year ago
My parents have this pin and I remember thinking it was the coolest when I was a kid. 3 levels on the playfield, spooky house, creepy organ music. What's not to like? It's still really cool.

As I've come back to this pin many years later, it's still a lot of fun, but just doesn't have me coming back for multiple games. I'll play a couple, and then move on to something else. It has beautiful artwork, fun music and nice lighting changes when you go to the basement, but the gameplay just isn't exciting enough to warrant multiple games in a row. There's just not that much variation game to game. Also, the fact that the music cuts completely for a sound effect to play and then starts over at the beginning once the effect is done drives me insane! I guess they hadn't figured out how to play 2 sound files at the same time yet.

If I had the chance, would I own this in my collection? Yes. If it was my only pin, probably not.
2 years ago
Great old classic! Fun to play all three playing fields. A little wide and flat for slower play, but keeps you entertained for quite a while.
2 years ago
Spooky fun that endures and keeps you wanting to play more
2 years ago
I've owned this pin 3 times. It is still one of my favorite art packages in all of pinball. The theme is excellent and I love the 3 playfields. I really find the music charming as well. Unfortunately, there really isn't a lot to do in this pin...which is surprising given the 3 playfields. It gets old fast.

If I had a larger collection (25+), I would probably own another one...but since I only have room for a few, there are many games I would rather have.
2 years ago
Definitely should have had a multiball, but it sadly misses this feature.
2 years ago
I've always have had very conflicting feelings about Haunted House. The 3-level layout, especially when I discovered this machine as a kid, blew my socks off. The music and sound effects, are in my opinion some of the best themed and beautifully addictive of any pin out there, albeit a bit repetitive at times. The uniqueness of the layout always makes me feel like I'm playing a very special machine. However, the game play itself can be kind of slow and boring, spending a lot of time watching the ball rolling around. The music at the end of the game was so good at seducing me to put one more quarter in the machine, but the slow game play afterward made me wonder why I hadn't saved my quarter and moved on to another machine.
2 years ago
First I'll get out of the way that I'm not a real big fan of upper playfield games, but I actually do like lower playfield games(or at least the idea of them). I know this might not make a lot of sense, but its because I feel a lot of the upper playfield games really lack any sense of flow or amazing shots. Black Knight is one of the few that has rewarding shots... But, this is my review for haunted house. SO with that disclaimer out of the way lets get on with the review.
I like to generally talk about art first. This has a great overall art package that really enhances the theming of the table. The backglass is really nice, the cab art is unique and good(especially for the era that it was made in), and while the playfield art is simplistic it works. It really sets the tone that you're in the haunted house.
And as such there are three areas the attic(upper playfield), the main lobby(main playfield), and the basement(lower playfield). Its a unique and different design, and so that is always good. But, I just don't feel personally there are many satisfying shots. I'm not saying this game isn't fun to shoot. I'm just saying there is not a single shot that wows me after I make it.
The rules... I won't lie. I really don't understand them all that much. I just aim for stuff and shoot the flashing lights. And I generally pride myself in learning games codes... But, this one still eludes me.
Speaking about the code. No multi ball. This game would be cool with MB... I know some people do an add on for it. But, stock factory is what I am reviewing. I really think this game would be awesome with MB.
The music also plays into the theme and has some nice creepy classical music. The only downside is once you hit a switch and trigger a sound effect, the music starts over, and over, and over again. That's fine... For the most part, because it has a building/looping quality to it. I like the sound effects and they fit.
So while no really cool toys, the main gimmick is the three level layout. And as I said, its a unique layout... But, for me lacks excitement. Still it is fun for me for short bursts. Galloping ghost has one and I don't always play a game on it when I am there. And if I do play on it, I generally only play for couple of games and move on. I don't hate the game, I do enjoy it. Just it doesn't get my pulse racing like some of the other games. But, I do respect what it did for pinball, as I do consider it a classic. Would I ever want to own one... I don't know. These games are a bit heavy and if I have room for 50 games... Perhaps. But, more than likely its a game I'd be content with just playing whenever I come across it in the wild.
But, its a looker, and its a unique shooting experience. So I can understand why some people might love this game.
3 years ago
Three levels, Eight flippers, they don't make em like this anymore. Haunted House is a truly unique game. One of my absolute favorites.
3 years ago
The best of the System 80(s) in my opinion. 8 flippers and 3 levels. This game is tough and I like tough. Speech is over rate. This title is fine with plain old music and sound effects.
3 years ago
Creepy atmosphere, perfect to play on Halloween, the music sounds like an atari 2600 game (and I love that). The backglass is one of the best ones I have seen so far, it's a hard table, mostly because the ball can drain to the left outer lane or to the right spot at the left side of the lower right flipper. I managed to make 2.5 million points, I am glad I can enjoy this table and being good at the same time.
3 years ago
For an older game, this one sure has a lot of stuff going on and a lot of shots. I love having an upper and lower playfield. I love the double lower flippers. I think the only thing I didn't like was the flipper controls because it was a little misleading at first which flippers in the upper and lower playfields were controlled by which buttons. The game is a fairly decent speed game given its age. Overall it was really fun to experience playing this.
3 years ago
Very cool classic with ambitious design for its time. Three levels, so many flippers... This thing is cool!

Like others have pointed out, Black Hole is a similar pin in the same time period that plays smoother. That said, the theme and three levels make Haunted House a fun early SS to explore and enjoy.
4 years ago
Played this machine at the Museum of Play in Rochester when I lived up in NY. I absolutely love the triple playfield and the theme is amazing. I may be a tad bias as I love most things horror themed and this machine has probably one of the best backglass in pinball. I wonder if anyone could remake this pin with a Haunted Mansion theme?
4 years ago
game is ok had it for 2 months before i traded it for Johnny mnemonic bc it just had no flow .
4 years ago
This game plays like a pachinko machine with flippers. The ball doesn’t stay on any of the three levels long enough to do anything and there really isn’t much to do anyway. I wasn’t a huge fan of Black Hole either although I would say it’s a better play than HH. I would have called the game abandoned house as there isn’t really much haunting the house...it’s pretty empty in there - a bit of dusting and you’ve got a pretty nice tri level house. I think this game had huge potential, just didn’t make it in my opinion.
4 years ago
I will say some nice things about Haunted House before I trash it. (Can you trash a haunted house? I mean, it's already infested with ghosts, right?)

First off, of course the triple playfield has to be noted. Everybody should place this game a few times just to feel the experimentation. Gottlieb had a hit with two levels with Black Hole, why not try three? Give them credit for trying here.

In addition to Black Hole, the obvious point of comparison is Black Knight, from which Haunted House took no small inspiration for the upper playfield, right down to the impossibly steep and short ramp.

Implicit in a lot of negative reviews, I think, are machines that took the "spooky house" theme and did it much better later -- Elvira, Scared Stiff, Monster Bash, and perhaps the two Dracula machines (one before, one after). So maybe an unfair comparison in some ways, but one I bet a lot of people make unconsciously.

The basic artwork is actually pretty decent and clean - you get the three levels, looking like a downward architectural rendition of sorts, and a nice simple Psycho-like glowing green house in the backglass with match cabinet artwork.

The main problem with the theme was -- it's an empty house. There are no ghouls or freaks to pop out at you, as it were, so it's almost as if they never quite finished the concept.

And, the great pleasure of popping between levels notwithstanding, as one other reviewer put it, there's a lot to shoot at but not a lot of reasons to shoot at anything in particular.

Throw in some problems: the extraneous lower pair of flippers (which are pointless), the off center lower bumper (an odd Gottlieb trademark of the era, but one just adding pain, not fun, to a game on the left side), a really impossible far upper left reach shot, and target banks that don't have a lot of natural bounce patterns.

My sense is they built the triple playfield but then got exhausted and didn't do as much play testing as they should have, in the end. It just plays a lot duller than it really ought to in the end, given the three dimensionality of the machine.
4 years ago
I remember playing this when new, wow three levels! Other raters compare to Black Hole, I can see why but Haunted House is its own game and still around four decades later is on my wish list.
4 years ago
I find it hard to believe this game is ranked so low in the list. I mean you have three playfields on the same game!!! This game probably has my favorite back glass designs, I sometimes leave this one turned on just to see the glass, it really pops with led’s. The problem with this game is the main field doesn’t have a lot to offer but but treating all 3 fields as 1, there is more than enough to keep me interested...I like this game in attract mode more than just about any other pin I’ve owned ... it even has a susan b Anthony dollar slot!!!
There are 118 ratings (that include a comment) on this game. Currently showing results page 1 of 5.

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