Harley Davidson

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Game Design: 6.194

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Other Aspects: 5.99

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Found 24 ratings (with comment) on this game

There are 24 ratings (that include a comment) on this game.
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3 months ago
Surprise - it's really bad! I played this years ago on the Pinball Arcade PS3 game and was disappointed. When I approached the real thing a few months ago, I wanted to love it, but it was just as bad as I remembered.

The motorcycle at the center is cool and the way it releases all 4 balls is awesome. But outside of that, there isn't one thing that jumps out at me. Awful artwork, sounds, music, callouts, and shots. Pathetic ruleset that could've been so much more deep. Multiball is too easy to achieve. The video mode is a carbon copy of GnR.

1 year ago
Having a hard time understating some of these ridiculous reviews where people are rating it so poorly for lame reasons.
Not every game is going to be “Medieval Madness” and the same people that rate a game like “The getaway” as great, but rate this as crap, are fools.

There is plenty to shoot, collecting patches to get to Milwaukee (the wizard mode), drop targets, spinner, shaker, orbit, nice ramp, cool toys, nice theme, and it all works together pretty nicely. It’s a John Borg game!

This game is FUN to play if nothing else, so I have no idea why people bash on it unless they’re just snobs or played a beat to death Harley, the game whips! And the jackpot call outs are killer
2 years ago
Nice game, definitely not as bad as some people make it to be....it's simply some fun pinball. Definitely a good choice for my casual playing friends and family. I love the sounds and music, the artwork suits the theme well. I'll keep it for awhile.
3 years ago
My parents have had this one for a number of years. It has a decent theme and a decent video game addition but something just seems to be missing! I can't quite put my finger on it but it doesn't hold my attention nearly as long as some others. This is not to say that I would avoid it! I don't! It's not one that I would put on my wish list.
4 years ago
This was in an old watering hole I used to frequent in the early 2000's. Every game felt like a grind. One of the few games(maybe actually the only one), that I have absolutely no desire to play when I walk by one. Literally, the only thing this game has going for it, is its theme.

If I was trapped on a desert island with this game, and a really long extension cord to power it, I would probably gut the game and figure out a way to give myself electroshock therapy to the brain rather than play it.
5 years ago
I played this a lot at a bar back in the day. I really liked the music and biker sayings. I don't think I would want to own it as I'm not sure how long it will be before it became one dimensional and boring.
6 years ago
Same review as I've posted for the Sega machine. This is pinball at it's most basic. Easy shots to learn, easy rules to learn, lots of multi-ball action that's easy to achieve. Some really uninspired stuff from a dark period in pinball. I'm also really disgusted with the theme execution, which is probably Harley's fault. While the earlier Bally HD game catered a little more to the "biker", with a road trip theme visiting all the iconic bike rallies across the USA, this one takes a more watered down approach, making Harley ownership and riding feel like a non-threatening joke. The theme doesn't help the overall bland fan layout, but at a time when you had to make pinball machines for EVERYONE (since NO ONE was playing) I guess you can't really fault anyone for the dull design or overall execution.
6 years ago
- Multi ball heaven, easy to get and you will get them often.
-Cool music bad to the bone, can't go wrong with this song, lol
-I like the traffic lights and motorcycle that goes up and down. Also the smaller bikes by the flippers
-Pretty fun and entertaining, easy for kids and beginner players


- Not a deep rule set
- Shots are mostly in the front half, nothing to really get in the back playing field
- To easy
- not a lit playing field, very dark. Must add LED lights and spotlight.
- Not for your pinball experts.
-Did I mention all shots are 3 feet in front of you. There really isn't any shots on the back playfield.

I will never get this game again, I will never drop any quarters in this game. EVER AGAIN!

Boring. Boring, Boring.
8 years ago
As a decades long Harley owner, this is a game I really wanted to like. But couldn't. The 2nd Edition had a mountain of potential.....yet delivers so little. Yes, its a little better than Road Kings. This pin was made during peak demand for Harley motorcycles.....where anything & everything that said Harley on it....was voraciously grabbed up by Harley riders. Its like this pin was designed & brought to market in 2 weeks. I usually play this game once or more a year, hoping I'll find some (any) reason to like it. And always, I come away away disappointed. This pin doesn't age well at all. If you are unfortunate enough to own one, sell it in the motorcycle classifieds. Just like KISS collectors prop up the price of the Bally KISS, there still remains lots of Harley riders that will buy anything that says Harley on it.
8 years ago
Mongo can't think of a good video mode! Mongo running over people is fun! Mongo like.

- Wizard mode is tough to reach and requires amazing pinball skills.
- Decent flow for an early Stern. Ramps and loops send the ball around the playfield nicely.
- Red Light Multiball is fun and can give a huge payoff in the form of the Red Light Super Jackpot.

- Video mode is horrendous, perhaps the worst in pinball. Scores more than anything else if you know the pattern as well (EB first couple of times, then an unbalanced 35m)
- During Harley Multiball, you collect Jackpots by shooting a post. Nuff said.
- Sounds ripped off from other pinball machines, plus they generally sound terrible
- VUK and motorcycle often malfunction on location, making the table unplayable.
8 years ago
Straight away I'll say I have no real interest in motorcycles outside of Road Rash on the N64... I don't know anything about them. I will say though that this table surprised me and I found it quite fun. I do find it strange that it has almost an, I don't know, kiddy look to it, but I kind of like that about it -- it feels like a video game or something, although this same thing may be having people disliking the design. This table is easy to play, I think, and doesn't play exceptionally fast most of the time. This is very amateur friendly as it offers quite a few opportunities for extra balls, and a lot of opportunities for multiball -- there are three or four different multiballs to trigger on this table. One thing that bothers me about this table is the video mode, which just comes up too frequently. I liked it at first, but it quickly grew tiresome, especially since the positioning of the items in the video never changes. This is a fun table that'll likely give you your money's worth per game, and for that I enjoy and recommend it, even if you couldn't care less about motorcycles. Underrated table. It may be simple and at times repetitive, but I enjoy it for what it is.
8 years ago
First I would like to say that I do understand that some players may find this table simple, repetitive, and shallow. Yes, the rules are not exactly very deep, and certain modes can repeat often without much difference, but it is that simplicity that allows anyone to play it without having to be skilled.

This table is the absolute king of multiball madness! Almost every mode leads to multiball! Sure, it may seem too easy, but to be honest, everyone loves multiball! Kids will enjoy it, and casual players will find it entertaining.

There is a very cool feature in this table, which is a controllable pop-up post that will block the center drain for a brief moment when the player presses the button on the side adjacent the flipper button. This is great when the ball is going SDTM and you want to save it. Another cool feature is the rumble motor that shakes the table in tune with the engine sounds.

This table also has a selectable bonus when launching the ball. You get a choice (selected by using the flippers) of 10Mil pts, Speed Pops, Next City, and Harley Letter. The 10Mil is good if you are close to reaching a target score. Speed pops are okay, but can be earned by shooting the ball into the back right ramp as well. Next city can not only get you a chance to receive a good amount of points if you can shoot into the stoplight quick (the amount goes down as the countdown goes) and start other modes sooner. Harley letter is the equivalent of a ball lock, and is really best used if this is your last ball, and you need one more letter to ready the Harley multiball, or to start the multiball if it is already filled in.

The video mode is unfortunately the same every time. The cars and people appear in the exact same spots each time. This can be used to an advantage if you can remember the pattern well, you can earn a lot of points each time.

Overall, I enjoy this table. It is fun, the objectives are clear, and I love multiball!
9 years ago
This game left a bad taste in my mouth that only a beer could cure.
10 years ago
A early Stern that did not age nicely.
On the plus side: the shaker is a cool accessory for this pin. The central "controllable" post is an interesting addition, hard to master. The motorcycle lock is funny.

Then: PF layout is not so exciting and rules are shallow. The theme means nothing to me. The pin seems cheaply built and did not age well on location. Video mode is a direct copy of Guns and Roses.
10 years ago
Not into Harley so the theme is wasted on me. Nonetheless, the table just feels like a poor rip off of The Getaway. The voice call outs are annoying. The screeching eagle drives me nuts during the bonus sequence at the end of EVERY ball. Honestly, everything on this table is about another multiball mode. The Harley toy and how it shoots the balls out at the multi-ball start is the only redeeming factor. Just a really cheap pin and another example of Sega/Sterns from the turn of the century.
10 years ago
The Sega/Stern Harley Davidson games... could have been any game. The theme is slapped on with this deck with hopes of pin-sales.

The Pros:
A Decent PF with drops on the side and an interesting lock that rises out of the PF.

The Cons:
Standard issue Sega/Stern rules that are as deep as the thought of being "a true American rebel" just because you bought a motorbike. The artwork on the 3rd edition blows harder than a house mouse lookin' for some truck stop love.

The Takeaway:
The Oursler designed Bally Harley-Davidson game was a MUCH better game with rules that had you travel across the nation and back. This game is a vapid exercise in marketing to bozos that think napkins on top of your baldspot make you look cool. Keep this abomination of a pinball game in the back of the H-D dealership for the jokers who will buy ANYTHING with a H-D logo on it, or tattoo themselves with their favorite corporate branding. Shameful any way you look at it.
11 years ago
I am not a fan of this theme, and I found the game way too easy. It's just not for me.
11 years ago
This pinball machine plays a little odd if you're not used to it, but it's still a lot of fun. I love the subject matter, since I'm a big Harley nut...
11 years ago
I played the 3rd edition and wow it looks good, add this to the great soundtrack with 'born to be wild' and 'bad to the bone' pumping out the speakers. Overall its a fun game, not the deepest ruleset but plenty of chances to play a few multiball rounds, the harley multiball is cool it pumps out 4 balls at once straight down the middle but don't worry there is a pop up thingy between the flippers.
11 years ago
A must have for any biker. Too bad I'm not one. A typical late Sega/early Stern. That is, not very good.
11 years ago
The one I have is the 3rd edition. Nice and fun game to play. Very easy to play and kids love it. One of Sterns better games. The game looks great with Leds.
11 years ago
This game has some decent shots and great theming, it would always look good in your collection, but average game play at best.
13 years ago
I got a really good deal on a HUO machine that was in near mint condition aside from a couple of broken pieces that were easy to repair or replace for little to nothing and I personally am a Harley guy I own and ride a Harley but I just wasn't impressed with this machine. Don't get me wrong it has a couple of things going for it and my 11 year old son and 7 year old daughter just love it. But I felt that there just isn't enough to do and getting a multi ball is waaaaayyyyyy to easy I mean I can play a game and get 4 different 4 ball multi ball's so in a 5 to 10 minute game i've had 19 balls slamming around on the playfield. But this is just my opinion and like I said my kids love it for that exact reason.
13 years ago
Pleasently surprised when I played this.
Didnt think it would be so much fun
Great looking pin
Thinking of adding it to my collection
A 2nd Edition Chrome one,Nicest looking of the three
There are 24 ratings (that include a comment) on this game. Currently showing results page 1 of 1.

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