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Harley Davidson

Pinside rating

This game received 53 approved Pinsider ratings and currently rates 6.308 /10


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This game ranks #337 in the Pinside Pinball Top 100.

Score breakdown

Score breakdown in the 4 main categories:

Game design: 6.509

Artwork: 6.375

Sounds/Music: 6.12

Other Aspects: 6.009

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Found 21 ratings (with comment) on this game

There are 21 ratings (that include a comment) on this game.
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3 months ago
We have this one for our love of HD and riding in general. We have the settings set to "easy" for friends and kids to hit multi-ball quickly, and that makes it a hit with the novices. Love the playfield look, needed better backglass/animation. (Note- mine is the first version, CQ, pristine condition)
4 months ago
I played this for the first time recently and was shocked at how good of a game this is. I don't understand all the negativity surrounding it, but I put about 10 games on this thing over two days and they were all fun. It's very forgiving and shoots pretty easy which may turn some hard core people off, but I enjoyed it. The shots didn't get old or repetitive. It reminded me a lot of The Getaway in rules and feel, which is a good thing. Everyone I was with thoroughly enjoyed this game.
2 years ago
I played this back when it came out and thought it was pretty fun, so more than 17 years later, I was open to the idea od trading for one despite the negative reviews- glad I did.

Harley is a very fun game. It's a Borg design which I like, the rules are pretty straight forward, with 3 different multiballs you'll want to revist over and over again (like you would in Tron) which is both fun for beginners and advanced players, because the jackpots and callouts are pretty sweet. For the advanced players, HD is no walk in the park, as it requires you to collect 16 patches to get to the Wiazard mode-Milwaukee multiball. To collect patches, you have a set number of miles per state you must complete, and the more patches you collect, the harder this becomes because the miles increase. However, the 8 drop targets down light the scoop for a patch, so this is where the sniper in you pays off.

Other than that, the scoring is solid and the balls end bonus x is very deep which I love. Basically every shot in the game is 100k x the number of times you hit it, so a good ball can net you 20-30 million.
The only bummer really, is the recycled video mode from GNR, which I also own, and this give you extra ball and when not extra ball, 35 million, which is a tad too much. Other than that slight flaw, the gameplay is just really fun to jam out to.

The playfield layout wips, with dual orbits, a spinner between the pops, and a steep swooping ramp. The up/down motorcycle is a cool toy, as well as the traffic light.
Playfield art is only so so, but imho, the backglass is awesome as well as the cabinet art.

Bottom line:
Harley IS a very fun pinball table, and I don't think it deserves the negative press honestly. I understand their classic appeal, but If games like T2 and Getaway can rank a full point or more higher, I don't feel that's accurate, given those tables limited rule sets and capped balls end bonus (max on those two are 9,200,000 which is lame)

Good strong flippers on a clean harley is a pure joy to play, I recommend it for beginners or pros, and I'm a two time state champion myself. (toot toot) ;)
3 years ago
Same review as I've posted for the Stern machine. This is pinball at it's most basic. Easy shots to learn, easy rules to learn, lots of multi-ball action that's easy to achieve. Some really uninspired stuff from a dark period in pinball. I'm also really disgusted with the theme execution, which is probably Harley's fault. While the earlier Bally HD game catered a little more to the "biker", with a road trip theme visiting all the iconic bike rallies across the USA, this one takes a more watered down approach, making Harley ownership and riding feel like a non-threatening joke. The theme doesn't help the overall bland fan layout, but at a time when you had to make pinball machines for EVERYONE (since NO ONE was playing) I guess you can't really fault anyone for the dull design or overall execution.
3 years ago
I am NOT a Harley guy (Honda/Yamaha) but this game is not as bad I see reviews for in my opinion. I have played it a few times and understand the rules without having to read up on it. It is a good layout and the "toys" fit quote well for this.
3 years ago
Wow, one of my worst games I've ever played or owned. This game is horrible.

-jackpot for multi ball is a post shot, you could hit 15-20 jackpots on accident shots. No challenge
- All shots are in the front half of the game. Too close up, no far challenging shots
-Not challenging what so ever
-Sounds of the game is repetitive.
-you might just fall asleep if the game goes longer then a minute


-If you like Harley then it makes a good talking piece
-Easy to get multi ball

Other then that, don't waste your time or money on this game. It stinks. Not even fun for one game. Worst game I've ever bought.
3 years ago
This game was lackluster in nearly every way, however I genuinely thought the use of the shaker motor to simulate the motorcycle rumble was clever and I liked the idea of moving to higher gears by way of the ramp. Overall gameplay was forgettable at best. I played this in a loud location, so I declined to rate the sound and music.
5 years ago
This game was really bad. The call outs were horrible. The gameplay made little sense. The play field art looks like it was drawn by a child. The game design did little to capture the essence of the Harley brand. It belongs in the laundrymat where I found it.
6 years ago
Just no my game. Could have been much better. Didnt do much with a classic theme.
6 years ago
I am a harley bike owner and really wanted this game. But they could have made a classic with so many Harley people out there and it would have been great in the bars but they just didn't do all they could. Worse part its a Sega and Quality is not the same as a late 90's Williams. It is fun to play a few games but I can't see playin for hours on end.. In a larger collection or in a harley collection it would be nice..
6 years ago
I jumped to judgment on this pin way too fast. I am not a huge fan of the theme and I think that made me judge the actual gameplay too harshly. This is a decent Sega era pin. It's fast, has good, flow, and plenty of multiball. Most Sega pins I play seem to not be very deep and just a lot of multiball. This one is no exception. Did I mention I hate the theme? Oh yeah I can't stand the theme, but underneath the poorly executed generic Harley theme is a decent pin. It's fast and can be very punishing. If you like a lot of multiball then this is your game. It's a fun game, but could get old fast.
7 years ago
As someone who bought his first HD back in 79, I have a long history of HD cycles and enjoy the theme. After playing this a few times, its obvious these pins are best played at bars by casual players. They could have done so much with this theme.....and did so very little. I really wanted to like this pin, but simply couldn't.
Rerated this game after playing it a few more times at the MGC.

As a HD owner, I certainly had thoughts of one day purchasing the pin. But as a pinhead, I know this machine is a lemon, with very weak game play.
If I buy anything that says HD on it, there better be wheels on it.

Sadly, this is a lame overpriced pin that belongs in the house of a well to do Harley owner that wants another accessory.
8 years ago
Same game as Stern version as far as I can tell. Same opinion. Nothing too special...seems a little too familiar with Getaway High Speed II at times for me, and just lacks fun.
8 years ago
The Sega/Stern Harley Davidson games... could have been any game. The theme seems to be slapped on with this deck.

The Pros:
A Decent PF with drops on the side and an interesting lock that rises out of the PF.

The Cons:
Standard issue rules that are as deep as the thought of being "a true American rebel" just because you bought a motorbike. The artwork on the 1st and 2nd edition is absolutely horrible. The art package on the 3rd edition blows harder than a house mouse lookin' for some truck stop love.

The Takeaway:
The Bally Harley-Davidson game was a much better game with rules that had you travel across the nation and back. Keep this one in the back of the HD dealership for the panheads.
8 years ago
I am a bike and Harley fan and this pin did not do much for me. It was worth a few plays but I will probably never own it.
8 years ago
Meh..ok game that gets kinda old.
There is a third button which lifts a pop up blocker between the flippers, wow this should make things really easy right? WRONG!!! That damn thing changes the way you play and will screw you over in the end. Just pretend its not there and you will do much better!
8 years ago
I played this at a motel. I do not own this pin. HATED IT! No matter how I tried to like it, I couldn't wait for the time I had allotted to play it to be over with! It just wasn't fun! I guess because I don't like motorcycles I felt it was just a pin for people of that kind of cult. Nothing appealing to me at all. In fact, I can't even remember much about the play field toys or any memorable modes or actions. Sorry to rate it so low, but just being honest here.
9 years ago
Multiball gets sorta crazy on this one. The shaker is appropriate for a motorcycle themed pinball machine such as this. I enjoyed playing it. Has a great ramp.
10 years ago
I'm a Harley fan so i was naturally drawn to the machine. It was a huge disapointment. The Theme and artwork are great but it just lacked gaining my attention. after 2 balls I was done and not sure I'd play again. This is for the Harley guy that needs a centerpiece ... not a pinball fan.
11 years ago
This game is definately for a novice. Fun theme with a great toy (the motorcycle ball lock) and a wild ramp. The rumbling machine is a nice effect but does not change anything for the gameplay. Plenty of multiballs and has the rising block in between the flippers to keep longer balls. I think the game is fun, but not one I could keep coming back to if I had it in my game room.
11 years ago
i own the 3rd edition of this game made in 2005. i have all the new artwork etc and it looks great (at least compared to the old machine). From what i understand the machine is the same as the original except the art work has changed (also my machine vibrates like a harley.. not sure if that's on the original game either). I like the game. Fast play, and there's enough going on to keep my focus. The only thing i would knock it on is the pop up blocker in between the flippers (seems like cheating) but at times the game picks up to a fast pace especially with all the balls dumping out of the Harley store compartment at once (so it seems needed at times to make the game fair).
There are 21 ratings (that include a comment) on this game. Currently showing results page 1 of 1.

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