Halloween (Collectors Edition)

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Game Design: 7.701

Artwork: 8.517

Sounds/Music: 7.959

Other Aspects: 8.172

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Note! There are multiple versions of this game!
This is "Halloween (Collectors Edition)".
The other versions are: Halloween (Standard Edition) (regular version), Halloween (Blood Sucker Edition)

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There are 89 ratings (that include a comment) on this game.
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32 days ago
The coding needs finished, but this is one of the best games out right now.
38 days ago
Easily the most beautiful game I have ever seen. I'm still getting used to the rules but I love the theme and the tension of the game. I'm not a great player so I may or may not finish the game, but I'm having a blast in the meantime. It's just so different from everything else I have owned, in a good way!
38 days ago
I've owned Halloween for about 10 months. After getting the machine 'dialed in', it shoots very nicely.

For me, Halloween is a longer playing, adventure/mission-type game. Although, generally speaking, I prefer faster adrenaline games, the Halloween gameplay and missions really draw you in. Between the upper play fields and all of the ramps, drops, targets and locks there are plenty of shots to master with varying degrees of difficulty. There are also plenty of MB's to stack on your modes to complete, but none are too easy to start.

I don't understand some of the hate this game gets. For a game that's nicely dialed in, there's not much to dislike about it. Game play, art, sound, & lighting are all absolutely top notch. I could understand frustration with center-ramp rejects and/or draining your ball from the upper-playfields before you can start the MB's....but, to that, I say " learn the shots!". Once you figure out what works & what doesn't the game is consistent and fair. Upon release, Spooky had some more QC issues than other manufacturers that they took some heat on...but most were minor (not like JJP's play fields) and after getting all the kinks worked out on my machine it has been rock-solid for the last 9-months.
40 days ago
Very immersive; the game creates the right mood for playing; dark music and spooky lightning fit the game modes. Good combination of stop&Go and flow. I am positively surprised that the different Mini-Playfields really make fun to shoot; maybe the sanitarium playfield could be implemented a little bit better in the game code. Video animations sometimes of low quality and some of the normal animations look cheap.

I am on V1. 08a and have after longer playing some problem that the game freezes during Gameplay (even without hitting anything)....only a reboot of the game solves it. Despite of that I am happy with the game and still hope that upcoming game codes are going to fix it.
48 days ago
It is cliche' to state this game is immersive; but I cannot think of a different description. Super fun at home environment. Keeper!
58 days ago
This is a great game. i was a hater until I played it and was very impressed to the point i had to go buy one. I have found that not a lot of people know about it or about spooky in general but this game. I really think the videos of the game don't do justice either. But this really is a fantastic game
60 days ago
another unique iconic spooky pinball machine. spooky is the best!!!
66 days ago
Overall a great game if you’re into the theme. It’s getting better and better with the code updates. Really glad I got this one, really enjoying it!
67 days ago
Halloween is a game that is really growing on me. I can’t wait to play it more.


What an incredibly innovative layout this game has! Shot flow is excellent as well.

Code is really good, and offers a lot of strategies and things to do.

Art is solid overall. Nothing mind blowing, but lots of detail and attention certainly went into it.

Sound is pretty good: I love how it activates the knocker when you kill Micheal Myers.

Lighting is gorgeous, some real nice tones in there.

Some shots are seem off: mainly the right loop as it has some bad SDTM feeds.

The Judith Myers Shot could have been better utilized. It’s not bad by any means, though.

Lighting is sometimes a bit vague on what you need to do. It’s still nice, though.

Overall, a terrific game. I’m glad I’ve finally gotten to play a few copies recently.
72 days ago
Reading initial comments and hater reviews I had my doubts until I saw and played it. Maybe it was the code updates that made it better. It is a unique game and different layouts.The subway ball return and third play field both new. It is a fun game that becomes addictive. Artwork is amazing and callouts are great. Just walking up to this pinball machine blows me away. The cabinet, back glass and play field are the best I have seen in a long time. This is Spooky's bets pin.
73 days ago
Based on game state as of Sep 26 2022. Good bones, needs polish.
74 days ago
Man I couldn’t wait to get this game and it didn’t disappoint. What a unique layout spooky has created. Innovative design for sure. The music and lights get you’re heart pumping and you’re anxiety going. So fun to try and complete the modes. Callouts are great and gameplay is very fun. Keeps me coming back for more. I can’t see this one leaving my collection at any point. Get one and you won’t be disappointed.
76 days ago
I've had this game for a couple of months now. Very unique game. Never played anything quite like it. Is it the best game ever no. However it is very unique and the artwork is the best I've seen. Its currently not in the top 50 which is a shame. If it would have been some stupid comic book character it would be in the top 10. I think it will grow in popularity and in price 3 to 5 years down the road.
79 days ago
Super fun,unique beast of a game

Way underrated we love it bolted to the floor

Stunning looking game,glad there are people doing what they want and not what your “supposed” to do according to the experts you create a gem like this this is a great game very addicting
84 days ago
I'm not entirely sure why this game get so much hate. It's fun to shoot and one of the most beautiful cabinets I have ever seen.
3 months ago
Very unique game with interesting shots. Theme is a winner for me. Not 100% finished, so I can't wait to see how they tie the game up. I will/would have one in my collection at some point in time
4 months ago
If you are a horror fan than this game is for you, very fun to play and I love the movie cut scenes.
4 months ago
A very unique and interesting pin. It is a really fun game once you spend some time on it and figure out the rules. The theme and style of play may not be for everyone but for those that are tired of the same old fan type layout, this is a breath of fresh air. The artwork and sound quality are next level, may be one of the nicest cabinets I've ever seen. The code updates coming down the pipe should put this game into a very select group of machines I intend to keep long term.
4 months ago
In short, the build quality is solid! I did have a few small adjustments, flipper button and drop target springs and servo, but it was not overwhelming to attend too.The game is truly a work of art and is loaded.

Now the gameplay, I am really enjoying it! Not only is it unique but it is challenging in a good way. I like to be forced to make challenging shots and I enjoy being punished for not making them as well! Hence, it does have a great horror vibe! The light shows are amazing. Overall, I am very impressed and happy with my purchase. If you enjoy horror games, you’re going to love this! It reminds me of my BSD, a sharpshooter with a creepy vibe, hard and not forgiving, but very satisfying when you’re playing great. However, it's a sharpshooter with flow as well (a good mix). I feel if you do not like/understand the horror genera you are going to have a hard time loving this game, regardless of the gameplay.


Lots to do
Unique modes
Immersive (theme)
Feels great when you blow it up
One more game feel
Very unique layout (does not feel like I have played before on another game)
Artwork: playfield, cabinet, and back glass are top notch!
Light show!
Love hitting that upper pretzel shot, especially when I'm dialed in


Some times it can feel like awhile before the ball gets to your flipper again, mostly when your in a rush to make a timed shot

Bugs.. especially when you get robbed by them, however those should get worked out in the near future


I really wanted to just let others know that if you enjoy horror games at all, you are going to be very pleased with this game! I really do enjoy the gameplay and I am surprised how much I enjoy the mini playfields as well. When I watched gameplay videos its was hard for me to tell if the mini playfields would be fun, but by actually playing the game I am having a blast!

The code can use some work, mainly the few bugs I encounter from time to time, but I can tell those will work themselves out. The display graphics are honestly fine in my opinion because I am looking at the playfield, not watching the LCD. Even when I do watch, I am still content with its current state but look forward to future improvements.

Overall, has the one more game feel to it and nails the Halloween theme!
4 months ago
The game is unlike anything out there. It’s pretty amazing, all things considered. But many people fear change and are uncomfortable with new things. Their loss.
4 months ago
I was expecting the game to play slow. It’s quite fast and plays great Play one for yourself
4 months ago
I really like this game, hence why I ended up buying one. The art is top notch and the theme integration is great and only getting better with Spooky's constant updates.

The playfield flows exceptionally well with lots of different shots. Not all loops or ramps like some other games that can get boring. This one has them all from drops to ramps to loops and 2 additional upper playfields. The unique inlane returns from the under the playfield subways are certainly something to get used to.

I'd like to see more video integrated and better settings in the operator menu to adjust rules (easy - hard). But, I know Spooky is working on the code for this game and if their updates to Ultraman are any indication, this one will really shine even better in the future.
4 months ago
Halloween has the most beautiful cabinet artwork and backglass I have ever seen. Jason Edmiston's artwork is phenomenal! The hand-painted likenesses of Jamie Lee Curtis as Laurie Strode, Donald Pleasance as Dr. Loomis and even co-stars PJ Soles and Nancy Kyes as Linda and Annie are incredible - and of course the various representations of The Shape/Michael Myers. The theme of the original 1978 masterpiece is perfectly captured - you feel like you're in Haddonfield from the time you step up to the machine. The artwork is incredibly colorful and pleasant to look at. Spooky avoided the trap of having way too much black and orange and a sparse art package. As we like to describe pinball as a functional piece of art, this machine is indeed, very much a work of art. Plus you have the cool as hell topper with the iconic logo and Michael Myers' knife actually stabbing into the backbone thanks to a cool motorized mech. If you go with the butter cabinet it's a whole new level of beauty.

This game is INTENSE! As soon as you plunge, you are literally plunged into a world of suspense and terror. The callouts are perfect. They have a voice actor doing a Dr. Loomis impression, and it's pretty darn close to Donald Pleasance. The callouts from PJ Soles as Lynda are a joy. The music is exactly what you want - a combination John Carpenter's iconic theme to get things pumping, other classic Carpenter selections from the soundtrack that are instantly recognizable and other fitting musical selections so you never get bored with the main themes.

The animations are getting better all the time with each new update to the game. They are not bad. They're quite passable and fitting for the art style and for the game. I love that Spooky basically has the whole movie to draw clips from. More and more get added all the time.

The gameplay is challenging. It's a Spooky layout. That means the shots can be a little tight and it's not a typical fan layout - but damn if it isn't a lot of fun. This is a perfect game for home use. You're not going to get tired of the game overnight. The shots are rewarding. There's some things that I've never seen in pinball before, and forthcoming mods will only make it more amazing. There's a lot of modes to play, the new wizard mode is awesome. The way you get into it is fantastic. This is a game that will improve your pinball skills and that you'll have a lot of fun locating the shots.

The game is an absolute blast. Best played in a dimly lit home environment where you can hear the music and the callouts clearly. I've never played a game that has this sense of suspense and horror. The closest is some of the moments in Dracula - this blows Dracula away. When the games light show goes off and the shaker motor kicks in - it can give you a real start! This game made me jump a couple of times.

I truly believe the people scoring this game lower either are Stern fanboys or are not horror fans. I've heard a few personalities in the community just seem not to get this game. But they are the same ones who don't like the idea of horror themes. I love horror movies. I love horror pinball games. Every horror fan that I've talked to that has played this game has LOVED it and wanted one in their home. I've been playing Halloween on location, but my Halloween will be bolted to the floor next to Elvira's House of Horrors, Alice Cooper's Nightmare Castle, Elvira and the Party Monsters and Rob Zombie's Spookshow International. It perfectly fits that lineup and is just different enough too! If you love Halloween, horror movies and original layouts, this game is a permanent keeper!
4 months ago
Game has a truly unique layout and as of 1.08 code, the game is coming along splendidly with new stuff promised. If they continue to improve on the game content this is gonna be a very very good game. Still some iffy game rules or some messy aspects to the presentation of the game logic, but with updates incoming and improving the overall aesthetic of the game, this has tons of promise
5 months ago
Like many new owners of this title I ordered my CE before I ever played a single ball, I’m such a fan of the theme. Having now played the game dozens of times, I’m convinced Spooky did a fantastic job designing this game. The theme integration, music and atmosphere are perfect. Some licensed pins feel like the game is missing key content (JP2, imho), but not here. They squeezed every last drop out of the movie soundtrack to fill out the modes and attract sounds and effects. The artwork is very impressive and original, and not simply cut/paste/photoshop. The cabinet features awesome Halloween pumpkins for the speaker and flipper covers, and the topper is one of the best. The gameplay is very good, with several ramps that are well-placed and feed the upper 2 playfields. The game has a ton of things to do, and even the 3 hedge shots are fun to make. My fav music is the main theme used in Hedge Multiball. The game has a good balance of flow, with a fair amount of stop/go. That’s hard to avoid with so many playfields and places to shoot the ball. Some clever innovation with the VUKs feeding the inlanes too. The callouts aren’t great. I’m not sure who the girl is supposed to be (a kid? Lynda?) and Loomis is ok sometimes and some callouts are pretty off. Plus, they use some original audio movie quotes, which I prefer to the actors. But, all the callouts really help direct the player, and this game is very good at doing that. Some people don’t like the animations, but I’m ok with them. Durability remains to be seen, but I was impressed with TNA. This is a very impressive offering from Spooky, regardless of theme. But for me, they totally nailed Halloween, my favorite classic horror movie.
There are 89 ratings (that include a comment) on this game. Currently showing results page 1 of 4.

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