Halloween (Collectors Edition)

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Game Design: 7.98

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Other Aspects: 8.28

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Found 15 ratings (with comment) on this game

There are 15 ratings (that include a comment) on this game.
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8 days ago
It is their best so far! I enjoy playing this machine more than most new pinball machine out there...
9 days ago
Got my hands on one this weekend. The art package in person is nothing short of stunning. I really hope Edmiston continues to work for pinball companies in the future. The game shoots well and feels very solid, upper playfields feel good and are not overtly frustrating or clunky. Current rule set is good but needs to expand and Spooky has promised this over the course of the coming year (I’ll update this rating later) Displays, sounds, music are great (hoping for more music variety in future code iterations) Need more animations and video clips in the next update (confirmed they are coming). Overall I’m still excited to get mine and can’t wait to see how the code / rules continue to expand. I’m sure the game will be fully fleshed out before I receive #690
11 days ago
This pin is tied with R&M for second place in my favorite games list, still losing out only to the great LOTR- another mega dream theme for me. I don't know if it can ever beat LOTR for me, but it has a chance of being a tie later in the code!

Halloween is a dream them, I have loved 78 all my life, the top horror movie to me. My jaw hit the floor when they announced the title. And unique pin layouts are what I seek. I received #88 NIB and have been wiping the drool off of it ever since. I also have Ultraman along side it, I feel that keeps me from getting lost in the HWN theme and ensures I am rating this game/layout properly for what it is- pure genius. "Koris Barloff"- , tip of the hat to you sir and we pour out a drink for you!

When you are alone, in the dark, in the quiet, flipping this game, only then will you "get it". The subway delay is GREAT as you need to constantly be analyzing what your next move is and what shot you are about to go for, especially as some of the shot locations are continually moving on the GI. I rated the rules and animations lower as it is still in development- only to be truly fair, but I am 1000% confident at this point that I will be back to max those scores out. 1.02 code is shaping up NICE. I have provided pages of feedback on this game to the factory and encourage you to do the same. I really don't give a sh*t who is on code, as long as I love it! There is room for many great coders in this marketplace so they need to be given the same shot as anyone else. I also believe Charlie will step in if necessary and keep it on course by whatever means necessary. Spooky and We the players, all love the world of pinball and all want it be amazing, we watch with wide eyes. Spectacular mods are gearing up for release on this as well.

Ramps are smooth are easy to make which make the gameplay nice, but modes are rough and hard to accomplish. Mainly because once you miss something, the average player will probably not make it back to trying the same mode again without draining and starting over. But it is getting close to balancing out, crack another beer and just press start again while you wait! This is all part of development and determining the direction of whether it should be aim based or slap save/survival based. When you pave new layout roads with unique triple playfields, there are no instructions to copy.

Whether it would be your first pin or your 10th, this will hold its own in your collection and I truly think it will go down as one of the greats. It is not a slasher pin, it is a stalker pin, and that helps build the suspense and add to the gameplay. If you like the movie at all, you might as well call the bank about that equity loan, it's time to buy another pin!!
Don't forget to grab Halloween on Blu-ray as well for the complete experience :)
13 days ago
I found Halloween to be a lot of fun with some rewarding shots. The two upper playfields were a very nice touch. The ball sneaks up on you to arrive at the flippers the way Michael Meyers snuck up on his victims in the movie…nice touch. I played it off and on for a couple hours in a local barcade. I enjoyed it very much, but I think in a home environment with few other games it could get boring after a while. Still, I recommend it as a very fun game that honors its theme. Another hit for Spooky.
13 days ago
'Halloween' is a beautiful looking machine. I think this is a difficult theme to translate to pinball, but Spooky managed to capture the atmosphere. In particular, the music and sound effects really nail that early John Carpenter vibe. The game shoots pretty nice too. It's probably the best shooting Spooky title, with shots that are a little wider than previous games and fewer posts to brick off of. The downside is that, at this point, the code is extremely basic... almost broken. I feel that this aspect should have been further along before sales opened and games started landing on location. This has really soured a lot of early impressions and it will be a long and difficult battle to turn the public sentiment around. I'm hoping it ends up being great, because there are far too few true horror pins out there and this one has the potential.
15 days ago
One of my best friends just received this game last week. I helped him set it up this past weekend and played it for a couple of hours. This game is simply incredible. It's unlike any other pin you've ever played and requires many adjustments in order to make the shots. The upper PFs are like 2 games by themselves and very challenging. I've owned some of the best games to come out in the past few years and know what's good and not so good. This pin is so much damn fun, the eerie music, the videos which are improving, my 14 year old son said the music was creepy and a little scary, which was awesome. This game definitely gets your juices flowing and is very exciting to play. I'm jealous of my friend as I have to wait a while for mine. Sound system was insanely loud and crisp, oh, and no more rattling glass, they must have fixed that. All I can say is that I didn't want to stop playing and got so damn close to hitting the upper PF ramp, man I was frustrated. AWESOME AWESOME AWESOME
If Spooky gets rid of those corny animations and used the real house and assets in the background, maybe add BOC "Don't fear the reaper", this game easily competes for game of the year with GZ and is a incredible change up game in you pin lineup. It's a top 3 game. Liked it much better the MM and AFM. Friggin unique and cool in every way. Blew me away. Don't believe these knuckleheads who are tearing this game down, it's a pinball experience. Play this in a dark quiet room and you'll probably get chills.

Thank you Spooky for raising the bar and giving the pin community this masterpiece.
22 days ago
Halloween is exceptionally good. Comparing this to the Ultraman table really shows how much music and theme shapes a game. The feel of the gameplay is great, and really rewards a tightly controlled playstyle. Unlike a game like TMNT, Halloween always feels like you are responsible for what happens in the game. Ball drains feel fair, and the scoring doesn’t feel gimicky.

One way they make it feel like a horror game is you never really know where the ball is going to eject from. They have a tendency to appear out of nowhere and drain. You can’t watch the display because you need to focus on the playfield.

The Donald Pleasance soundalike isn't great - and the voice acting overall is off. But the music and sound design is so strong that it more than makes up for it.

After playing it in person, I immediately ordered one. This is an amazing game.
24 days ago
Spooky is upping their game... big time. With this title and game design, they are starting to mature as a pinball design and manufacturing house. This is a solid title that does justice to the title and theme. All of the music ques and sound effects from the movie are there, hitting all the right triggers for fans of the movie franchise in a solid, challenging and fun game to play. They are up to their old tricks again with two upper playfields and by diverting your attention then springing surprises on the player such as the flipper return lanes being fed from subway inputs instead of the lanes, making for unexpected and sometimes frustrating game play when caught off guard. But this pin shows very solid build quality and great game design all around and a fun game to play, especially if you are a fan of the movies.
62 days ago
Ultraman / Halloween is the latest offering from Spooky pinball.

The Pros:
This is the first game I've played since Gottlieb Haunted House (1982) that has 3 playfields. The shot selection on the two miniature playfields in particular is very well done. The top playfield has a spinner! I didn't get much time on this design, but I have to say that playing multiball on three playfield simultaneously is a mind-bending pinball achievement! Skill shots and multi-ball make the most of the shots on the left hand side of the playfield as well as the standup targets between them. The lighting around the edges of the upper playfield and the colored LEDs are very well done. Integration of lights, colors and guiding the players eyes to shots that need to be made is better on this game than most spooky games in the past. The rules are laid out on the screen for the modes and multi-ball for easy player access. While still not at the refinement of games from other manufacturers, spooky keeps getting better with this with every single game that they produce. With pinball has a niche audience, spooky seems to have found it.

The Cons:
Between Ultraman and halloween, Halloween seems to have gotten the more passionate treatment between the two themes. While I love the two upper playfields, the main play field does not feel as polished in terms of gameplay. In particular, the drops to the subways under the playfield to the inland kickouts, while interesting are stalling to the flow of the game. Also, it takes a few times to learn the cues that the lights on the aliens are giving you to be ready to play pinball as the ball magically seems to appear from under the playfield at the end of the flipper.

The Takeaway:
Halloween is probably going to be the more popular selling theme between the two. For me, the left hand side of the playfield is clunky and while the ramps up the middle are easily made, I am still figuring out their function. Especially getting to the upper mini playfield. Spooky is doing more and more with each game. More toys, more shots and better clarity with game rules. Shooting this game is interesting for me. Well I really appreciate the hole to the lower left hand side of the playfield, many of the other shots that are similar to it on this game feel like they are very crowded. The amount of game that resides in the upper play fields is something that I'm going to have to learn about to be able to access them at will. However, there's a lot to work with here. I'm going to look forward to see what software / rule updates come along with this game.

I got another chance to play this game recently and, I have a much better idea of what it's like now. First of all, work needs to be done on the graphical user interface. Communication with the player is key when things are not obvious and my eyes are pretty good. I even noticed some overlapping text on the bonus count screen. These things are easy to fix, and I know that the team will get to it as soon as they can. I had to squint to see what needed to be done to get things started. Six shots of the middle ramp was what got me to the upper playfield. I had no idea until I was into my second run with the game. I also have to say that I got the hedge multi-ball started and when the piano music kicked in, it was awesome! Rarely have I ever felt more tension and suspense playing a pinball game ever then this one. It was really well done. However, theater cannot save a pinball game. And while this game is still the best non-Danesi pinball game that spooky has produced, it still does not show the finesse and polishing that we see from games from other manufacturers. This game was better than I originally thought it was. And in that case, I love being wrong. I love learning new things and having awesome pinball experiences. If you like horror, and you like pinball, this is as good as it gets!
68 days ago
One of the few times I thought it might be better in DMD than LCD. IMO the music and sounds immerse you, but other than the amazing plastic artwork and Myers popouts the story gets lost with the simple animated pictures on screen. I’m not a fan of the text font either and it screams boutique.

As for the physical gameplay, it’s much more positive and I like the flow and straightforward shots. I mentioned in Ultraman that I would prefer the plunge onto an upper playfield like White Water to make the transitions more cohesive going up as they are going down.

I welcome Halloween as a license and I’m glad to see movie-ish tie in and October with games on location, but despite the better than ever shooting experience, the media experience at launch seems closer to AC and RZ than the Danesi games.
69 days ago
I’m impartial to the Halloween theme. I’m not into horror films. I don’t even know a ton about the movies.

I played this game on location.

I think this games most marketable feature, aside from the Halloween theme, it’s it’s uniqueness. It’s definitely unlike any machine I’ve played and I’ve played most of them. If you want something totally different this will be great for that.

I played one of the earlier released machines. It’s…fine is the best way to describe it. Shots and gameplay are fine. It should please those who like more open playfields (Led Zepplin) but also please those who like the whole. “World under glass “ concept (WOZ). But if you like only one or the other then you’ll hate this.

It’s a very cool looking machine. The topper is beautiful. It’s the first thing I notice.

The multi layered playfield is fun to look at. The con is that I have no idea what is going on most of them time when the ball goes up there. It’s not really easy to see the ball when you there also.

Also the ball eject doesn’t come from the scoop you hit it into like instinct wants you to look for. It comes from above the in lanes which takes a lot of getting used to and you will probably drain when not paying attention.

The biggest complaint (so far) is the sound. Or lack thereof. It’s quiet. Really quiet. The callouts and sounds are extremely bland. This would be best suited for a room that’s completely quiet. Any other background noise will cover up any sound this thing makes.

I returned to play it more so because it’s new rather than fun.

It’s not a bad game. It’s interesting but not sure how long I’d keep interest in it as the theme doesn’t appeal to me.
76 days ago
Game #2 at IO Arcade bar in Madison, WI. Early game so early code (I will rereview later when more code).

Best shooting spooky game to date. Jam packed with stuff, super smooth orbits and upside down ramp to middle playfield. Both mini pf are actually super fun and right challenge level. Neat and new features that still feel great!
I have decided post playing about 40 games that this will be a long term game in my personal collection in the future.

Looking fwd to code progressing over time but even at the start it is damn fun!
81 days ago
Between me and my wife…about 200 plays to date. I could do a really in-depth review, but I’ll reserve that for later code. That said, the code feels quite mature already. More video assets are needed, but I’m sure that’s coming.

I have been looking for the next playfield layout (the simple fan has been beaten to death (IMO)…and this is it. Unique, but absolutely works. The upper playfields are a blast to play and don’t interfere with gameplay. This machine can have the speed of Metallica, but there are definite times that you can breath and regain control. Really a lot of fun to play! Sometimes when companies try a “new” layout it just feels off or weird, but not here…this just works. Light show is incredible and rules are coming along nicely. All-in-all, this is the next great pin. The parts that need improvement will come…the parts that can’t be improved upon (hardware and layout) are already incredible.

Oh, and the topper…an interactive, lit, moving topper is included.
83 days ago
Was able to play this game at the Southern Fried Gaming Expo. Game is alot of fun and love the theming for this game. There was always a line to play it. If i had this in my collection - i think it would be a keeper. Didnt get a chance to play enough of it to rate its lastibility. Only downside i saw was that i saw it break a couple of times while i was there and the techs had to fiddle with it to get it to work. as this is a new launch game - that wasnt a good sign in my opinion.
There are 15 ratings (that include a comment) on this game. Currently showing results page 1 of 1.

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