Halloween (Collectors Edition)

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Halloween (Collectors Edition)

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Game Design: 7.708

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Other Aspects: 8.2

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Found 122 ratings (with comment) on this game

There are 122 ratings (that include a comment) on this game.
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52 days ago
What can I say? I don’t buy a game unless I like it. The latest code on Halloween makes it a keeper. Not too hard, not to easy. Actually, the skill shot is pretty damn hard. The music is creepy - perfect themed to Jason…

I like the 2nd and 3rd level ramps. They are an improvement over Spooky’s previous upper level playfields. Spooky pins have just been getting better and better. After the Rob Zombie fiasco and the horrible voice over of Alice Cooper on Nightmare Castle, Rick and Morty was decent… Halloween even better IMO. I think Texas Chainsaw massacre will be their pièce de résistance.
67 days ago
Un jeu incroyable au point que j'ai du vendre mon JP pour me le procurer, j'avais pourtant juré jamais....mais quand j'ai joué à ce jeu j'ai succombé directement.
Les finitions du CE sont simplement incroyables, la caisse est magnifique, la backglass superbe, plateau très beau (Myckel au milieu des flips est top). Les décors sont très biens faits, on est bien au dessus de ce que fait STERN. Globalement on est limite sur une œuvre d'art, il est vraiment magnifique.
Le son, dès les premières notes de piano on est transporté dans le film, je crois qu'à ce jour seul le flipper Alien m'avait fait cet effet, mais ici le jeu est bien mieux que l'Alien, j'ai rarement vu un flip avec des plateau supérieurs aussi jouables, même si l'escalier n'est pas évident à prendre. Difficile de s'arrêter de jouer, le jeu est bon, ça circule bien, les animations et extraits vidéos sont top.
3 months ago
Look, this rating is just my opinion and reaction to the game. I can appreciate a non-conventional layout. Maybe this one really sings once you get it in your home? But playing it on location? Woof. It might be my least favorite game game released in the past 15 years. I don't really want my pinball games to be a labyrinth/guessing game of where the ball is going and where it's going to come out. I do like that it harkens back to some of the non-conventional designs you'd find in the 80s like Bally's Hardbody.

The game is beautiful though - fantastic artwork, and the Shape appearing from behind the hedges is absolutely brilliant. I just wish I enjoyed playing the game.
3 months ago
Full disclosure, I currently own this pin and its my first pin ever. I looked through the ratings, video reviews, and other website opinions about Spooky and this specific machine. I was very intent on owning this due to the theme of the machine and even with the reviews against it I bought this machine nearly blind and only based on videos/gut shot.

Backstory, I been playing pinball for a very long time and the itch to buy one finally crept up on me after visiting pinball museums, bars, and arcades. I figured out that i am very much into a more casual pinball machine, with solid toys, gimmicks, or themes (Stern's new machines don't hit this mark for me). Halloween hits nearly every category of what I prefer and I will break it further in the pros/cons


- Halloween is an overall casual game that beginners and intermediate level players will enjoy. Most of the shots aren't difficult short of the hedge, final house ramp, and left orbit. Therefore most people will trigger events almost immediately without even trying. The stop and go is a plus in my book as it allows solid pacing and feels correct for this game/theme. Multiple ways to get Multiball which always feels good for anybody playing a pinball.

- The theme/sound is a homerun upon initial play. it's a very immersive game that will get any fan of the theme excited and set you down a nostalgic ride. Along with great art on the cabinet, playfield, and screen.

- (Price) The code has improved the machine quite a bit and added more modes. I tried version 1.06 and then 1.14 and could see a clear difference and understand what everybody else in the reviews are talking about. This leads to price because as of right now you can get this machine for the same price of many used Pro Stern Pinball machines and cheaper than a new Stern machine. Overall bang for your buck this hits the mark and is a solid although more pricey starter pin than some of the other older machines. To give a 1:1 example, I couldn't imagine paying for a Stranger Thing's pro over the Halloween (CE). There are other's I could list but this is the issue I ran into when purchasing.


- Although the machine is overall easy to play, there are some feel bad moments. Such as the pumpkin scoop bounces off quite a bit and will require a mod to facilitate that issue. The middle ramp is another feel bad moment where you can perfectly hit it and the ball will still come sliding back straight down the middle and drain. If you know how to nudge this is solvable but that shouldn't be a way to solve the issue. The shot at most times will be made but there are moments where its succeeding 50% or less and it feels utterly painful. Final ramp in the house also feels pretty bad as its not an easy shot to make and is tiny as hell. Shots aren't suppose to be easy but I do believe things need to work as intended.

- The sound is great but some of it can be repetitive at times. I went through a lot of the dialogue rather quickly but the videos are pretty cool still and I don't get tired of it. If it's bothering me as a fan of the genre. I could see it being more annoying for others.

- The toys although are fine, I believe could have had more going for it. This machine was made in 2021 and doesn't hold up to some other toys I have seen in other Pinball Machines. There is some empty space where people have had to add their own mods, Which is fine and part of the community but is a knock again the machine itself. There is no toy that truly stands out when I can point to others and go " Oh this machine has X wait till you see it operate".

Overall the wife and I love this machine and really happy we took a leap of faith and picked this up over other machines that were readily available and in the price range.
3 months ago
This is a pretty good game based on a world class theme.

The playfield layout is very innovative despite being a bit basic on the ground level. The two mini playfields are quite nice though and something I've not seen yet. The shots do not feel that satisfying but the two ramps are still nice to make. Yet nothing (so far) beats the feel of Stern's or Midway's shots. My favorite shot of the game is the ramp shot on the third level mini-playfield.

In my opinion the most memorable features are the suddenly appearing balls from the inlanes. It is sort of a jumpscare when you're playing the game for the first time. That is an excellent idea for a Halloween themed machine. The idea with the hedges is very nice too and playing the multiball is fun. The multiball where you have to free the second ball from behind the drop target was a nice surprise as well.

In terms of artwork the game looks very good as well. I think they have represented the Halloween theme quite well.

In conclusion, this is a good machine, with an interesting and innovative layout, good basic rules and a pretty good theming. I think it will please every fan of the Halloween franchise.
3 months ago
Finally rating this after many code updates. Game is finally to a place of very good rules and code. The pin captures the spirit of the film perfectly, utilizing assets into gameplay very well. Butter cabinet art is STUNNING! cool interactive topper, and despite some having issues, my game has played almost flawless for over a year. The only downside about this, my first NIB pin, is that it is now TOO deep for me. I love everything about the pin, but I am finding I like quick fun games over deep rules and modes. This pin is suspenseful and deep and I just am not interested in that kind of pin anymore. The video assets from the movie are very well utilized, even get to see some boobs if you make the right shots. Yes, Lynda, I see something I like lol. I still get chills when I get multiball and Blue Oyster Cult starts to play. Overall a great unique pin that took a while to mature, but is a winner for sure. If you are into suspense and like deep rules, tons of modes, and if you don't fear the reaper, this is a must try.
5 months ago
Jumped in recently on this game having wanted one since it was announced. The theme and game play is right up there with my all time favourites. I can't stop playing it!

The latest code has polished this up to be, for me, an all time classic that will be well sought after in years to come. If you haven't played one before or its been a while, I highly recommend you seek one out to play, I think you will be pleasantly surprised by how engrossing the game is now.

"Rip the spinners!"
5 months ago
The more I play this machine, the less I like it. The shots just don't have a satisfying feel to them and I get lost in the game modes, unclear of what to do at times. Another Spooky miss.
7 months ago
This is definitely an alien within pinballs. This one is like no one else!
The theme is incredibly staged: music for the orginal movie, sounds, artwork... Listen to the knife when plunging, or the steps approaching! And sometimes it becomes just quiet. This pinball really frightens me, in a good way! And the lighting is incredible.
I really enjoy the surprising playfield: you are never sure where the ball goes, and where it would get out. This could be an issue for some pro players, but, to me, it serves perfectly the theme. The use of two upper playfields is really new to me, with this "pretzel" shot, very satisfying.
The rules may appear not as deep as in other Stern machines, but it is also more straight forward and easier to understand. You jump quickly in.
Definitely a great machine, impressive work on the CE, very original. A must-have for a fan, and a super pinball for someone looking for something different.
7 months ago
Very good game ! Unfortunately sold it due to waiting for code incompletion, it seems to be coded greatly now
9 months ago
The 1.12 code has greatly improved this game, and I expect the code to keep getting better. This pin is unique, which is why it is played often.
9 months ago
I like the machine, updates helped it along.
9 months ago
I waited for the code to become mature before rating this game. Today it finally does and I have to say it's the most immersive pinball machine I've ever played. This game is really capable of putting you under pressure! The rules are rather simple but effective, not like most sterns which I often find too complicated. It is also one of the most beautiful machines. More than just a pinball machine, it's an experience...
I think this pinball machine may be the best game spooky has created with rick and morty.
Well done spooky pinball!
10 months ago
The playfield on this game is amazing. Triple level, with two upper levels stacked on top of each other. I don't think this has ever been done in pinball before. The main level has 3 narrow lock lanes at the left, a good use of space. Getting up to the upper levels can be challenging until you can figure out what the game wants you to do, which is not easy. This game is brutal to beginners, as it is full of hidden sudden kickouts that drain the ball instantly unless you have memorized in advance where the ball will be kicked out from. Some critical shots on the right are hidden from view. Once you figure out the game, there is not a lot to do on it, unfortunately, but what's there is fun. There's even a surprise licensed song from Blue Oyster Cult that plays during a wizard mode. Artwork and music are right out of the horror movie. This game is great to play by itself in a darkened room!
11 months ago
Updated review - after seeing how much love and care is being put into this machine POST launch, I needed to come back and update my review.

The artwork on this machine is amazing. Hard pressed to find better art on a machine. The lighting is beautiful and sucks you into the game immediately…the only thing that lures you in deeper than the lights is the sound.

The moment you press that start button and hear those piano keys…you’ll be hooked.

Tons of depth, with fun and skillful shots. - the screen provides great feedback regarding your shots as well.

Hitting the middle drop targets and having it carve a pumpkin a little further each time until you hit all three….which then grants you a mode at the actual pumpkin scoop. - it’s great!

The voice actors are top notch which is super impressive as the voice of loomis is hard to recreate. -

If you haven’t seen gameplay yet, hitting the shot across the ramp in the top playfield is just a chef’s kiss moment. The way the ball looks like it’s floating on the other side as it wobbles back and fourth, almost like it’s deciding to jump from the window until it finally plunges down to the flippers.

Let me paint the full experience for you -

It’s Friday night, you enter the room where you keep your machine. The room is dark, but the glow of the machine breathes the colors of fall against the ceiling and your face….the start button resembles a glowing full moon….begging for you to reach out and touch it…..
You hear kids talking and laughing as they ride their bikes passed your open window….followed by a gust of wind and a loud breeze….
You push the start button and the sound of the ball entering the shooter lane clunks through the silence. Loomis gives a brief narration about the evil that’s coming for you….and then you hear it…..the iconic, powerful, and unmistakable sound….the brilliant but simple piano keys playing the theme that brings you right into the streets of Haddonfield. The excitement builds and you haven’t even launched the ball yet. You make a few good shots, and your treated with scenes from the film, making you feel like it’s October and your on the couch in the living room having that all too rare moment nowadays….of watching a movie. You make a few more shots….and that’s when it happens…..your treated to a great scene from the film where the kids run out of the school and Michael grabs one by the shoulders….”boogeyman boogeyman boogeyman”….it’s the longest the game has taken to grant you control over the ball…..as you wait you hear it…..(queue the intro to don’t fear the reaper) - the entire song begins to play as you gain a multiball - that’s when you realize you are IN the movie…..somehow you’re still playing and you hear loomis shout “follow the trail of blood!” So you shoot for the blood drops….and then you hear loomis shout “someone lit the Jack o lantern!” (And you truly do feel like you and loomis are in haddonfield together) as you shoot for the actual Jack o lantern and your granted a “shop” to spend the blood as currency. - you feel like you and loomis are shopping at a gun store to prepare for Myers - I’ll end this story here….if you want to find out the rest you have to play it!

In short, if that story got you excited or interested…you need to get this game.
11 months ago
Not sure why this game gets so much hate. It’s unique and lots of fun
11 months ago
Okay, full confession - I have only played this game on location. Before playing it in-person I had seen pictures online - I thought “that is an interesting theme for a pinball machine.” I am a big horror fan and certainly respect Halloween for its influence. However, it was certainly not a dream theme for me. And looking at the online pictures made me think - “Hmmm - might be interesting to play - I will judge it when I can see it and play it.”

Now, I can recall “gasping” at pinball machine art 2 or 3 times in my life.
1. Gorgar- I was a little kid and it actually scared me to the point that I left the arcade. 2. Scared Stiff - this Elvira pin made me honestly lose my breath and not just because of Elvira on the backglass. 3. Texas pinball festival 2015 or 16 Wizard of Oz - 1st time I saw that machine I new things had just moved up a level. I say all this because I can tell you walking up to Halloween and looking at that cabinet, back glass and Topper made me lose my breath. Stunning! I remember thinking there is no way the playfield can match the cabinet. And then I saw the playfield. The whole package blew me away. It was absolutely gorgeous. I never would have thought I wanted a Halloween theme until actually I saw it in-person.
I began playing the game and immediately realized this was not like any pinball machines I had played before. This machine was not about crazy flow with modes, multipliers and multi-balls – it was like no other machine - it was about immersion. It was about mood. I know that sounds weird to say about a pinball game but it is true. I know I was on later code because this was around December 2022. Even though I was playing on location I was immediately sucked into the world of the machine. I had trouble figuring out the rules and I kept losing balls because I was staring at the LCD. The upper playfields I thought were fun but difficult to achieve anything because I was kinda lost in what to do. Anyway – on to review . . .
Sound was top notch. The LCD was informative and the movie clips were nice – the animations were below current level expectations but serviceable. How well the playfield design would hold up in a home environment is hard for me to say. I played on location a lot but that is still different than owning the game. But - this is the best compliment I can give this game – if this was my dream theme (Halloween) then this is the type of game I would have wanted.

In the end I think it’s worth a couple of bucks to play if you can find it on location. But as of right now seems like there is a lot baggage to carry around if you want to actually own it – though the prices are coming down – hmmm . . . maybe some day . . . Spooky keep working that code!
1 year ago
Theme is fantastic as is the art, but I am not a fan of this game nor would I own one. I find the layout to be extremely clunky.
1 year ago
Extreme creativity. Definitely different from the "one Stern after another" parade (and I do love and own two new Sterns!). I wouldn't buy one because it isn't the best fit for our 7- and 9-year-olds, but I admire the thought and talent that went into this machine.
1 year ago
Its OK ... Wouldnt last long in my GRG ....
1 year ago
Love 70's/80's Horror movies...When I saw that Spooky was doing Halloween, I put a deposit down on day one.

This game has lived up to the hype for me. Absolutely beautiful game, gorgeous cabinet art, playfield art, backglass is stunning and topper super cool.

Layout is different, I like it...Not a boring fan layout; interesting shots, challenging, addictive. Code just keeps getting better, this game pulls you in and doesn't let go. Big Thumbs Up
1 year ago
since 2013, i played and/or owned most of the stern/JJP pinballs. First time with Spooky and I say...YES!!
Sincerely, beautiful, super lighting show, perfect matching with the theme, incredible sound quality and well balanced with the game.
I was not fully convinced before getting in touch with it...now yes 100% sure that it is a very good one.
I started to play with code 1.08. I moved to 1.09. What a gap. still more immersive with these new videos and new expert missions are coming soon!!!
1 year ago
Newest code update has transformed this machine into a beast!!!
1 year ago
A uniquely different pinball experience.
With so many games over the years it's wonderful to play a completely different layout.Very immersive game with great light shows and sounds.
Code 1.09 running

Halloween will keep you on your toes.
1 year ago
Wow what an amazing game, I got Godzilla and Halloween at the same time and I play Halloween a lot more, what a challenge to get to the finals without getting your ass kicked by Michael Myers. this game is so good, the atmosphere the animations the sound, it's really what I'm looking for in a pinball game. I've had all the spooky ones and each new one is better and better. I also love ACNC and Rick & Morty. Thank you so much for what you are doing
There are 122 ratings (that include a comment) on this game. Currently showing results page 1 of 5.

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