Halloween (Blood Sucker Edition)

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There are 9 ratings (that include a comment) on this game.
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85 days ago
This game has offered the most cinematic experience of all the pinball machines I’ve tried so far. I’m impressed by the sound quality, which was LOUD and very clear, and the little spooky details like the trap-door ball release that sneaks up on you like a villain. The lighting was also convincingly atmospheric. As a newbie to pinball, I appreciated how legible the game is to understand.

I say all this as someone who generally dislikes horror films. This game truly is creepy, despite the levity of Blue Oyster Cult dominating the soundscape. If it had a more vintage “Coney Island” flavored timeless stylization rather than its more corporate, somewhat unfashionable art direction, this thing would genuinely feel haunted. As-is, I would be afraid to keep it in a home, but will not bypass this at arcades in the future.
1 year ago
I may be biased as this is a dream theme for me. This game really hits on being immersive in context of feeling like you are playing a game of the movie. Light show is great, art is fantastic.
1 year ago
Awesome game
Play it before you judge it
If you like pinball that’s not cookie cutter you’ll love this game

Artwork is amazing on it,music and callouts are great in it super cool fall season game
1 year ago
great game with the new code. I dint think this would be successful on the route, but as a HUO this is an amazing experience. The sound is engrossing. The callouts are predominantly from the psychiatrist. The shots are relatively easy to make. Not a flow game - there are a lot of subway returns making it more stop and play. I enjoy the upper playfields. The multiballs are appropriate. The scoring is fair. Most importantly the game is creepy. I've owned previous spooky titles and I think this is their best offering yet. I never played the original code. I enjoy this far more then ACNC, TNA or even R and M. Once they stop producing them and finalize the code - these machines will go up in value just like every other spooky has in the past. For 1250 machines being made - only 5 or so machines on sale now speaks volumes. Congrats spooky
1 year ago
Do not take the opinions of people who have not played through this entire game seriously. Listen to the owners and those of us who have completed everything in the code at the moment. This game is an undercover masterpiece. It looks amazing, shoots amazing and has a very interesting and engaging ruleset. Completing the super jackpots for each playfields dedicated multiball to light the sub wizard mode ‘Boogeyman’ is extremely satisfying. Then locking six balls and hearing popper bang six times for each bullet fired into Michael Myers is one of the BADDEST ASS experiences in pinball. Talk about programming an unforgettable moment. If you are a good player focused on rules and playing for completion you are going to LOVE this game. It is really honestly quite incredible and I believe it is Spooky’s best game to date. And I say that as someone who was obsessed with ACNC…in fact…buy that too! Great f’n games!
1 year ago
If you dislike mini-playfields, Spooky games, or horror themes, this game probably won't change your mind. Being a fan of the theme really helps with getting fully emersed in this game. The artwork is amazing and the audio is solid. There's a mix of smooth shots and clunky shots. I don't think it's nearly as bad as some people do. Sometimes I still have a really fun game on it, but as of now the game has been out for nearly two years and the code is still feels like unfinished launch code. The replayability suffers as a result.
1 year ago
Not a big fan of how the inlane plastics “hide” your ball. I despise that feature on any game that has them. Sounds are just ok. The upper playfields while being a cool idea just don’t add much to the game.

I compare this to a video game that it’s decent enough for you to play through it, but 25% through you know you will never try to beat the game twice. That is Halloween.
2 years ago
I played Halloween and Ultraman several times on location. This review is for Halloween since it is the property I am most familiar with. This is not a game I would consider buying.

I think your feelings about this game depends on your feelings about upper playfields in general. The individual upper playfield or the combined upper playfields is not a Top 5 upper playfield. The gameplay on the main playfield is not particularly interesting, but I did like the hedge ball locks. The right ramp is steep, and we had a lot of balls not travel up all the way from a controlled shot. Each time the ball drained down the center, and my nudging skills weren’t good enough to regularly save the ball. The main playfield feels bare. While there are 3 lock shots on the left, and the three ramps, and a scoop there isn’t much to hit there. I didn’t think the shots on the main playfield are satisfying. The upper playfields seemed to play fairly well, but again, these do not play like JJP’s POTC.

I did not like the subways on this game. I think casual players will be very confused with the ball coming out of the inland by the slingshot. The people I played with are more casual and all had their balls saved one time (perhaps based on the operator’s settings, and then drained most every time thereafter. I do not like that design at all. Very frustrating.

I also was not particularly fond of the three clear drop targets on the main playfield. I’m not sure if it was the placement or simply that they were clear instead of decaled, but it doesn’t look particularly polished for the price of the game.

I think the cabinet art looks great, particularly the cabinet. I do not understand the blood drops and knives on the playfield, but aside from that, the art package is impressive.

I liked having the Halloween theme song playing. The light show was impressive, and the lights are not distracting. This game seems to be down all of the time at the location I go to. I’m not sure what that means, but I note it here.

Overall, i strongly prefer ACNC to Halloween.
2 years ago
Ultraman / Halloween is the latest offering from Spooky pinball.

The Pros:
This is the first game I've played since Gottlieb Haunted House (1982) that has 3 playfields. The shot selection on the two miniature playfields in particular is very well done. The top playfield has a spinner! I didn't get much time on this design, but I have to say that playing multiball on three playfield simultaneously is a mind-bending pinball achievement! Skill shots and multi-ball make the most of the shots on the left hand side of the playfield as well as the standup targets between them. The lighting around the edges of the upper playfield and the colored LEDs are very well done. Integration of lights, colors and guiding the players eyes to shots that need to be made is better on this game than most spooky games in the past. The rules are laid out on the screen for the modes and multi-ball for easy player access. While still not at the refinement of games from other manufacturers, spooky keeps getting better with this with every single game that they produce. With pinball has a niche audience, spooky seems to have found it.

The Cons:
Between Ultraman and halloween, Halloween seems to have gotten the more passionate treatment between the two themes. While I love the two upper playfields, the main play field does not feel as polished in terms of gameplay. In particular, the drops to the subways under the playfield to the inland kickouts, while interesting are stalling to the flow of the game. Also, it takes a few times to learn the cues that the lights on the aliens are giving you to be ready to play pinball as the ball magically seems to appear from under the playfield at the end of the flipper.

The Takeaway:
Halloween is probably going to be the more popular selling theme between the two. For me, the left hand side of the playfield is clunky and while the ramps up the middle are easily made, I am still figuring out their function. Especially getting to the upper mini playfield. Spooky is doing more and more with each game. More toys, more shots and better clarity with game rules. Shooting this game is interesting for me. Well I really appreciate the hole to the lower left hand side of the playfield, many of the other shots that are similar to it on this game feel like they are very crowded. The amount of game that resides in the upper play fields is something that I'm going to have to learn about to be able to access them at will. However, there's a lot to work with here. I'm going to look forward to see what software / rule updates come along with this game.
There are 9 ratings (that include a comment) on this game. Currently showing results page 1 of 1.

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