Guns N' Roses

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Game design: 7.892

Artwork: 7.827

Sounds/Music: 7.975

Other Aspects: 8.026

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There are 146 ratings (that include a comment) on this game.
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70 days ago
Like it. Played a lot this week, but started to be too repetitive in the music. I think long term, it’s novelty will wain.
5 months ago
Best band Pin out there period. Fun to play and music is awesome! Artwork and play field are fantastic. A must own if you are a fan of the band and pinball.
7 months ago
Great game and theme, gnr ramps are fun to shoot.
9 months ago
Best Data East period. So fun to shoot, if you are. Fan of the band this is a must have. Lots of shots and objectives for the era, one of John Borgs best even considering everything modern. Perfectly executed theme integration.
9 months ago
Great music pin! Songs, gameplay, shots...all stellar.
1 year ago
I finally got to play one that was in great shape with good lighting. ColorDMD mod is great for this pin. Had a really fun time. Interesting shots, layout and code progression. I would play a "good one" (functioning well with good LED lighting) lots of times on locations, but would get repetitive to own one for a long period of time.
1 year ago
A very stellar effort from DE--maybe their best game. Fun to play, the ramps are cool, good lighting, rockin' music (if you like GnR--I'm only a casual fan). Don't know why we need another GnR, as this one is very good.
1 year ago
Easily the best music pin! Game still holds up today! Great dots, great sounds/music. Crank this baby up and she jams! Great, satisfying shots. Plays fast and mean, the way it should be. The best DE pin by far.
1 year ago
Of all the bands that are out there this is definitely one of the best pinball machines dedicated to a band super great when you get to riot fun all around
1 year ago
Having owned this machine for 12 years I feel this is a good place to start with my 1st Pinside review
All my reviews are going to follow a simple formula for those reading.
Number of shots to make - Pro's - Con's - Must Have Mods - What To Look For When Buying

Number of shots - 9 - very high

* The Music - It's GNR
* Guitar Modes are fun and varied
* Satisfying saucer shots
* G and R shaped ramps nice and smooth
* Plays fast for a widebody pin
* Great magnets under playfield

* The repetitiveness of "Welcome To The Jungle" you better like that song (or get pinsound)
* Not a strong wizard mode

Must Have Mods: (Note I will not include things like LED's, Color DMD, Invisiglass or Speaker Upgrades unless it's really badly needed)
* Speaker Upgrade here is an absolute must
* Cliffy Protector for Axl Hole

What To Look For When Buying
* Wear around the Axl Hole & on The Guns & Roses logo below it
* Yellow G Ramp regularly broken
* Snake on left side in good shape as it's unobtainable
* Launch Ball ramp aligned property
* If it has the original topper as these can go for hundreds of dollars
1 year ago
Why is this game rated so high? As for a music pin you can't hear their music, the pinball game itself is massive wide body, overall just not fun. Make a new Guns and Roses then we'll talk.
1 year ago
Great looking Data East widebody with the genius G and R ramps. Not as much fun as some other DE games of the era like JP, WWFRR and Tommy but still a blast to play. Needs a pinsound to get the most out of it. You will pay a premium these days for one!
1 year ago
Bought it as a trial, wow what a nice game. If you like fast game play like Theatre of Magic or Medieval Madness Im sure you will like Guns & Roses. Very fast and good nice shots, 2 shooterlanes and good music. Magnetic field (like addams family), lot of varities in this game. Not the most easy one but after a while very addicted.
With upgraded sound speakers and a pinsound board this is a wonderfull pin.
1 year ago
Wow, what a game. Excellent layout with shots that are fun to hit. Great art and music too. Rules are really good although not terribly deep. Probably my favorite Data East games. I just wish it wasn’t priced so high, although I can see why it is.
2 years ago
Pretty fun mode based data east game. Don’t like it as much compared to Jurassic Park or tommy but it’s fun. Guns N’ Roses is a good theme but I don’t care much for he layout. The G ramp is super steep and hard to hit and there aren’t many shots to make it feels like but that could just be my experience with the game. Overall it’s good stuff.
2 years ago
I bought this pin and it sounded so crappy. Threw in a pinsound board and Flipper Fidelity. Holy mother%##%÷=. Amazing. Must do mods. Period. Now it not only stands up to metallicas and acdc but rocks even harder. The modes,shots, features are through the roof. They just don't make pins with this much on them anymore. Good use of the widebody. Honestly this pin is highly underrated not sitting in the top 20 minimum.

Edit: i have sold my game after playing it a fair bit the lack of depth in code hurts the lastability. This is a personal preference where as my wife loved the wide variety off the start of the game i prefer games that have more to achieve further on than just score and riot mode. Fun pin but it had to go to make room for the next game
2 years ago
Great Pin. Best Music Pin for me with Metallica
2 years ago
Always a hit at my place. The last remaining DE game I own, I've had it for 15 years now ...
2 years ago
Pretty fun game will update. Played a nice example of the game and liked it.
2 years ago
For me a game is either awesome or it sucks.
This one Is AWESOME
2 years ago
I am biased. I have been hauling this around since I bought it in 1998. I played a prototype at Gala North in Carol Stream, IL back in the day. It had the 9MM gun handle and a more realistic snake.

On rating this, you have to rate it for 1994, not for today. Mine sits next to a Metallica, and the 23 years show off some evolution. For 1994, this had peak animations, layout, art, and the Rose plunger. The G and R ramps are cool.

This game is pretty simple, but doesn't get old. The sound is great. It stands the test of time. I've had some board issues, but some excellent local techs have been great. Most of all, I met some super cool people who know the ins and outs. I met Rick, Tom, Phil and Rich through this machine. That's what it's about.
3 years ago
I have a heavlly modded GnR and LOVE it.
3 years ago
Fun at first, but not a keeper.
3 years ago
Guns N' Roses is one of those games that just feels "off" to me - the layout seems skewed and confusing at times (why is one of the best shots buried in the upper left under the hokey yellow plastic ramp?). Overall, the table was challenging at times, rarely fun, and just seemed like another run-of-the-mill rock band game, but not as entertaining. And the lighting was just terrible, so all that was left to keep me at the coin door was the music and the easy multiball.
3 years ago
I've waited over a month to rate this game. I've put hundreds of games on it. I've waited so long to rate this game because I'm waiting to see if the new car smell wears off. But, it hasn't. I have to believe that this game doesn't rank higher because of the poor factory sound quality. I immediately put in pin sound, color dmd, and even alternative translite. I must say, with these additions, this game is incredible. Upgraded sound is a must. But, the game offers a lot. It's just a rush. If you like GNR music, buy this pin along with pin sound and color dmd and enjoy!!
EDIT: still have GNR and absolutely love it, but had it ranked slightly too high. However, I still believe this table with color dmd and pinsound is incredible!!
There are 146 ratings (that include a comment) on this game. Currently showing results page 1 of 6.

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