Guardians of the Galaxy (Premium)


Guardians of the Galaxy (Premium)

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This game received 127 approved Pinsider ratings and currently rates 8.229 /10


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This game ranks 1st in the game group "Guardians of the Galaxy". The group itself ranks #57 in the Pinside Pinball Top 100.

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Score breakdown in the 4 main categories:

Game Design: 8.183

Artwork: 8.346

Sounds/Music: 8.077

Other Aspects: 8.349

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Found 54 ratings (with comment) on this game

There are 54 ratings (that include a comment) on this game.
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22 days ago
I played this game on location and literally had zero fun! I honestly had zero idea what to do and just wanted the game to be over. The playfield was busy and just looked bad. I’ll update this review if I ever get to play it again and I can enjoy it.
6 months ago
This is a very nice game.

The layout is basically Metallica's layout with a bit more flow. I think it plays a lot smoother and the Orb shot is very satisfying. In general all of the shots feel satisfying. This version's splitting orb is a very nice addition but I think Groot's arms obscure the playfield quite a bit.

I enjoy playing the modes and the Groot multiball is a nice feature too. I think the rules are pretty easily understandable, even a beginner could probably have some fun on this game.

The only aspect where this game is a bit underwhelming is the artwork. The playfield isn't bad but it looks a bit photoshopped. But altogether the artwork is looking good, just not perfect in my opinion.

All in all this is a very good, underrated and fun game. For fans of Guardians of the Galaxy this could be the perfect machine.
8 months ago
This game is a truck load of fun. Not a hard game but the shots are rewarding and it has heaps of flow. The music is good but loads better with the Cleland mix, same for the call outs. I always find myself singing and rocking out when playing. Great theme and good integration.
1 year ago
i am grooooooot! Great theme with some fun shots to hit. Awesome music soundtrack too
1 year ago
Solid all-around shooting experience. Doesn't excel at anyone thing for me, but nothing falls short either. Fans of the series will like to love the game while others can enjoy a solid pinball game anytime they have access.
1 year ago
Big fan of the theme. I like the fan layout, classic. We do have the game at home, and I will likely keep it. I feel the pro is just as good as the premium/le in this case. My spouse wanted the LE but I would have just as rather had the pro as gameplay is essentially the same. I do wish the game (as it comes from stern) had more of the awesome soundtrack songs from movie (I do know you can change that). A couple of the shots can be tight and tough to hit (or maybe I just suck!) but I like the flow a lot when you have a good game. At home, I am the one who plays it the most, but like I said, I love the theme. I do not understand why it rates as low as it does, especially since Metallica rates so high and is essentially the same layout? That just proves how subjective in nature the items/categories can be in rating a pin (Pinside staff did a great job with their categories in the rating system)! I personally think the pro is an underrated game compared to a lot of other pro models out there.
1 year ago
I love me some Borg and this one does not disappoint. Reviewing the premium since I have played it way more but the difference between this one and the pro is negligible. The biggest difference is those annoying groot arms that prevent you from seeing if the left orbit shot is lit or not. The RGB LEDs are nice though. Gameplay is pretty simple. Start a mode, try to start multiball immediately after so you can finish the mode, and pound that Hadron Enforcer button when able (also to help finish the mode). It's all about finishing modes. With a few under your belt, the bonus multiplier shot becomes the most lucrative in the game, and getting a 250M bonus feels really great. All in all it's just fun to play, even for a guy like me who hasn't seen the movie and has no interest in doing so.
1 year ago
Absolutely love this game, especially with the cleland v2 mod!
1 year ago
At first I was hesitant on this game but once I learned the modes and the Cherry Bomb wizzard mode I really enjoy shooting this game. Also since learning it have upped my rating.
1 year ago
I love this game. After playing on location a bunch, I brought one home. I could not be happier. It is a great pin with clear rules set and accommodates players of all levels.
1 year ago
This is a fun pinball the rule set is very easy to work out and the multi balls a different. Play can be a little clunky but the multi all’s are fun.Groot Multi is easy to get going and spits the balls out which is cool. Orb multi ball is really chaotic with a magnet throwing the balls all over the place, but the Cherry Bomb Multi ball is the best around it's on a timer so much fun! Apart from the ball draining to often down the left side very playable. Recently updated my rating recognising how good more recent games can be .
2 years ago
The game play design is great with intuitive character game modes. There is a special high scoring sort of secret Cherry Bomb multi ball that is difficult but fun to achieve. The MB is timed returns all drained balls during the entire session. A very creative and different feature from other pins. The Groot feature is very cool and well placed. Rocket raccoon shot is difficult to hit and riffles the ball back at you when hit which is exhilarating. Overall, one of the best game play designs in my opinion…loads of fun and sarcasm!
2 years ago
This is such a great game, the LE. I would personally not take the Pro due to the lighting. The lighting on the Prem/LE is so much more. All RGB lighting, crazy effects, looks beautifull. Game plays great, great flow, nice shots, easy to understand rules. Full video assest of the movie, assets on music, and with the audiomod even better. Nice call out also with the audio mod all good. Theme is just a dream for me, great movie. Took me some time to get this machine to my collection. Happy to have it. Toys are great. Overall classic machine.
2 years ago
Had this for two months on rent. Was bored after 2 weeks. Can see the appeal for some but I just felt there wasn’t too much going on.
2 years ago
I recently got this so still on the honeymoon stage. Love it! Same basic game as Metallica with different rules (that I haven't completely learned, I'll be honest).

Right now just enjoying the music, theming, toys (Groot is great!). This game penalty deserves to be higher on the list.... I will probably update this review in 6 months or so ...
2 years ago
GoTG is a fun game that combines Iron Man and Metallica. If you own either one of these games you may want to consider getting another title because it plays similar to both of them. This makes since because it was designed by John Borg and has a fan layout. That said, I like Metallica's game play much better. GoTG just doesn't have the ruleset that Metallica has. I graded this game pretty high because I like the theme, cleland music score, and art. However, gameplay is just ok and the rule set is weak. I enjoyed owning and playing GoTG but it isn't a keeper for me.
3 years ago
This is really underrated. Its fast, fun, absolutely beautiful colors and light show, some shots are easy and some ... can be difficult at times. Love the use of the magnets under the playfield for the orb multiball, really gives the ball a spin. The Cleland sound makes the game and people always want to play it just for that. If you liked the movies you will enjoy the callouts and movie clips. Keeper for sure.
3 years ago
My rating is influenced by the Cleland sound mod. The games big miss is the lack of music, but with this add-on, it becomes a whole new animal.

Just a blast to play
3 years ago
Great fun game that people just gravitate too when they come over. Easy and hard at the same time.
Nice shots, hate Rocket just so fast that kickback. Great use of magnets on orb multiball. Upgraded with Cleland sound and it’s a beauty. Yes one more game.
3 years ago
My pin is has the cleland mod a must if you own this pin. Adds a lot more songs and replaced the voice actors call outs with original movie clips. This game a Has no call outs it would be a welcome upgrade if rocket would tell me to shoot the left ramp.
3 years ago
I found the game way to fast for me. It seemed a constantly flipping battle to stay in the game. Not my favorite game. Good theme though. Game play was not for me
3 years ago
Thats my maschine! One of the most underestimated machine.
Gameplay nice flow! Some Hard shots for me, like hit Rocket.
Gamerules are intuitive. The Version without Groot arms are little bit easier to play.
Some hintes to know. Like press the left flipperbutton by pulling the plugger. Than do nothing and the Ball will jump dirct in the right hole.
You will love the „Cherrybomb MULTIBALL“
3 years ago
Love it. I find it has excellent balance between kick-ass and being able to get deep fairly frequently. I often find myself close to Immolation or Save Xandar. Close, but not quite. This is the way you want it. I like having to think about which mode to start at which point in the game. I have the Cleland sound upgrade which makes the game WAY better than stock. I knocked the sounds and music section based on the stock lameness.
3 years ago
This definitely makes my wish list! I AM GROOT!
3 years ago
Underrated game. The music alone is a huge thing on this machine (even if it means a custom code) shots are all great and flow is up there also. Daughters favourite game.
There are 54 ratings (that include a comment) on this game. Currently showing results page 1 of 3.

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