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Game Design: 8.161

Artwork: 8.439

Sounds/Music: 7.712

Other Aspects: 8.304

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The other version is: Guardians of the Galaxy (Pro) (regular version)

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2 years ago
I'm amazed this game is rated as low as it is. It's no secret Stern released it before the code was fully developed. I've got to assume many of the ratings are based on the early versions of the software.

I've spent lots of hours on a Premium and now own a LE. This is a fantastic game!

My only real gripe is that sometimes a movie clip plays too long after a ball has drained, leaving you waiting to get the next ball into play, but that's it.

The lighting in this game is amazing!!! That said, the pro version did not get the RGB lighting. I've read way too many forum posts claiming the pro is great, anything else is a waste of money. I strongly disagree. The light show you get is second to none. Stand back and watch the attract mode sometime. You won't be disappointed.

Not only do you end up with a far superior lighting package, but the Prem and LE also have 3 magnets vs 1 in the pro. The programmers took full advantage of the extra 2 magnets and toss the ball around is really unpredictable ways. Makes Orb multiball a real treat!

The pro also did not get the motorized orb that opens up or the Groot arms. Those are less exciting, but they do add another dimension to the aesthetics of the playfield.

All versions got the Groot head in the playfield, and they did a great job with it. After swallowing and locking your balls in, Groot talks before firing all the balls from his mouth at once for Groot multiball.

The rules are easy to figure out just by following the color coordinated lit shots... Again made better by the RGB lighting. Each mode is based on a character, and gets its own call outs and movie clips. Required shots for each mode are different, but easy to figure out with clearly lit shots.

Stern captured the fun lightweight feel of the super hero movie and took full advantage of the killer music in the film. Overall they did a really great job with the movie! Way to go Stern!
3 years ago
Originally thought this game was good, but a bit same, same as previous games like TF and XMen, but after the latest code update can really appreciate how much fun it is .
3 years ago
I had been waiting to play GOTG with current code and really wanted to like it/possibly buy it if I did. I found when playing the LE, which is a pretty good looking machine, it just didn't hold my interest they I thought it would. I got to 45m on my first game and really didn't feel I got drawn that far into the game. A couple of more games and I'd had enough.
3 years ago
Admittedly recycled layout hybrid but nonetheless a pure shooter and i’m Reviewing this with the Cleland code because it’s available for free and there is no reason anyone should not be using it. It puts the game over the top the same as it does for TWD. Beautiful art package and play field. A dream theme and the LE package delivers, the Groot arms do block a few inserts but my head can move left and right and the arms look cool. Also be the modes you will know when the insets light up after a few games.
3 years ago
Recently played that at my local barcade and it was a blast! We all had fun and kept coming back to this one. Fun to play!
3 years ago
Love the tight shots and the challenging layout! The artwork is beautiful, the theme is epic! The code needs work.
3 years ago
Love this game!!!

Honestly it wasn't much fun on the original code base, but once they updated to 1.00 and changed all the modes and scoring the game is easily one of my favorites.
3 years ago
Guardians of the Galaxy continues the Stern marketing plan of Marvel Superhero pinball themed games.

The Pros:
A good layout that feels like Metallica/Trannyformers. This game is definitely a Borg design. Well placed shots (17 total, what is this... Laser Cue?) that hit the flipper sweet spots. This may seem like a crowded pf, but the aiming was spot on. A deceptively solid fan design. The dmd is great. The extra ball sequence in particular is HILARIOUS! Even on the standard out of the box pro, this game sounds really good. The ramps are well placed and the guides bring the ball back to the inlanes without getting in the way of pf visibility. Multiball is fun and the under the PF magnets make sure that you aren't going to take your opportunity for big scores for granted.

The Cons:
The game I got my hands on was shipped directly to the location and set to play. There were some issues with switches and ball searches will kill your ball, sometimes this seems to happen randomly. Software needs work. Lots of work. The groot jaw interactive toy works well, but with the quality of engineering that Stern has been putting out.... let's see how long it lasts. I like the TNA captive ball lock, but the game lost the ball behind the drop target and ended up ending the ball instead of releasing the ball back into play. It could have been a bad switch on the standup that meant that the game didn't "realize" that the game was in the captive chamber, but then how did the next ball get put into play...? This thing has ghosts! Personally, I do not see enough of a difference between the pro and the preem/LE to make the jump to the higher priced model. But hey, it's your money and your pinball collection.

The Takeaway:
Stern QC out of the box is slack. Software isn't quite as bad as WWE out of the gate... but this is not competition, and hardly even street worthy at the moment. Seriously, wtf is it with Stern games and their software being very incomplete (other than ritchie games...). Don't make me ask where the code is... This game could be REALLY good, the pf is solid. Let's see how the S/W production cycle turns out. I will be updating this review in the future after more mileage and code updates are acquired.

Update V1:
The new update (already.... YAS!!) is much more solid. The rules feel like songs on Aerosmith, but tweaked a little better. Building the shots from the mode and victory lapping and THEN collecting at the scoop on the right... big points! We shall see how the bugs are squashed now... I like the super skill shot. Going for it is fun (semi-random from the 3 shots on the right hand side of the pf with an OG DMD score display on the screen...) and the multiballs from groot and the sphere are both solid. Groot seems to dole out more points, but the trap behind the standup is way sweet. I frikkin' love it. The songs on this table (and the movies...) blech... The quotes from the movie are fine. I actually caught myself WATCHING THE MOVIE between balls. Hilarious I tells ya! The rules are going to make or break this game. The layout is Metallica, the rules are Aerosmith. Not a bad combo. Let's see how this all comes along, so far, it is getting much better.

Update V2:
.90 is making this game worthy of playing. The new mini-wizard mode is well placed halfway between the 8 modes and the modes have been completely re-written. The difference is staggering. I look forward to playing this game now. Before it was heavy on the "meh" factor. No more. Kudos to the coders and their willngness to scrap what isn't working for something that is. It's like playing x-men on release code as compared to what it is today. The difference is that huge. If I could find one at a good price... I may have to get a copy of this game. You can easily put one right next to Metallica and enjoy both games on their own merits now. For real. Well played Stern. This game is playing as it should now!

Scores boosted accordingly!

Update V3:
Code keeps on getting better. The Orb multiball is now worth playing for and while it is interesting to see a nearly identical playfield to Metallica, the rules are what makes the difference here. Now that these rules are really being sussed out... this game is a player. Better than Metallica? we shall see.
3 years ago
Originally bought this one to get the wife’s buy-in, but now it is one of my personal favorites! I enjoy fast, “in your face” pins and this one definitely makes the cut! Action packed! Shoots super smooth and love the sound effects/music. Just an overall fun pin for everyone to enjoy. A keeper for me! Recommend upgrading the speakers on this one and cranking it up. Makes you feel like you’re in the action!
3 years ago
The 1.0 code update made this a top25 game with the only exception being sound and we know the solve for that. I’m not sure I have been more addicted to a machine - verging on unhealthy. The layout is so well tuned it delivers excellent challenge if you want a shooter - hell, though the humidity in NY changes this game changes more than my others! I did eventually have to repair the infinity stone drop target repeated times.
3 years ago
This is unbelievable to me. Currently ranked #145 overeall?!?! The list of games currently ranked higher than GOTG are unreal. This game is frequently compared to MET as being a very similar layout. Yet, the 2 rankings are so different?? HUH?? GOTG is LOADED with the best film clips from the movie and has a TON of custom speech in it with hilarious callouts. The toys are every bit as good as MET if not better. Now that Groot mouths the words "I AM GROOT" at Groot multiball as he spits out the balls, it's awesome!! Love the Rocket kickback and the Orb lock mech as well. Rules have gotten fantastic after they were completely redone from earlier code. I can only imagine 90% of these ratings were done before the later code updates because this overall ranking is ridiculous.
3 years ago
I've had a chance to put quite a few games in on the LE at a crowded bar. It was hard to hear the music and sounds but I have played it in the past and know that the voice acting not matching the movies bothers me. Beautiful artwork all around, and a very fun shooting pin. Guardians of the Galaxy is one of my dream themes but the machine still seems like it could have been better. The new code has really helped this pin and I really enjoyed the light show. All in all a fun pin but not the best I've ever played by any stretch.
3 years ago
Having this game in my collection for about a year now I have started to play it more and am finally getting in sync with how it plays. I keep coming back for more as I know this game will make me a better player because how fast it can play and some shots are very difficult and that is also a good thing. Like most modern day games ball control is key, as are making shots, so this game will stay put in my collection for some time as it really challenges me. Playing this game has improved my overall game play on this machine and others, so for me that is a positive outcome to what has been at times a frustrating game playing experience.
3 years ago
Long playing, ho-hum Stern movie game. I thought this game looked a lot like Metallica or Iron Man but I can't say I prefer it to either. Doesn't bring much new to the table. Really nice and colorful though.

The Orb magnet is hilarious. Groot should give you the finger when it flings the ball into the left outlane.
3 years ago
Stared off really bad with the code it was released with.

The playfield is bright with vibrant colours and a nice art package. The layout is cool, with good flow, the kick back is brutal!
It’s a real shame that STERN couldn’t get the rights to use the real actors voices, but that is being addressed by pinsiders.
The animations are OK, could use so much more from the movie to make it better.

With the new code the game is so much more fun and interesting. It has evolved into a much better game and could, in future be regarded as a classic
3 years ago
So far so good. The game is a lot of fun. The code is making the game better with every release. The artwork is really cool and I like the playfield layout. I added a few toys to the playfield and the game looks really nice and complete. I also added the new speaker light kit that is available. The shots are really fun on this machine. A few tight shots but not hard to me. A nice flow feel for sure.
3 years ago
Decent play. The game is pretty good. The animations and movie clip are good. The game layout is pretty decent. I am not sure why the designer decided to put an insanely fast kick back on the game but whatever. There will be mylar placed or playfield damage because of that. I would not buy it at this point because the songs are lacking. The game needs several of the songs from the movie. That was a huge part of the movie and it just lacks. I would not buy it for my home. It is fun to play but not a keeper.
3 years ago
Why doesn’t this game use actual sound clips from the movie instead of not so great approximations of them? It’s fun and plays well but it’s pretty damn unforgiving.
3 years ago
I got this game recently. The music is great, but gets constantly interrupted by certain shots. The game goals are not well defined. Their is nothing very clever about the game other than Groot.
Once you get multiball a couple of times, you keep getting ‘saves’, whether extra balls or right outline lane saves. Thus, the game can go on, and on..., and on. Instead of wanting to come back for one more game, I want to abandon the game I’m playing. Not satisfying at all! This game might be better with better code... maybe. I don’t know players can give this game a 10. It just does not rank in the top 100 IMHO. This game is comparable to Aerosmith. Just... ok, nothing special. It will be one that I will get rid of.
3 years ago
Fantastic game. Any one who likes late model Stern s will like this. Best cabinet and playfield art from any Stern. Great light show. This machine will rate well as it is very easy to learn and fun. Code is a bit short but with updates this game could turn out to be one of Stern s best. Hardon button is a great idea as you can use it to complete difficult shots.
3 years ago
I’m still trying to figure this pin out,It’s plays very fast and the latest code(0.81) does seem to make it better,I think when code updates come out it will get better,as for the artwork it is very nice,The build quality is a lot better than previous stern titles,The added monitor sure makes it nicer,Still not the 26 0r 27 inch that we are now seeing on other pins,but its a start,As for the trim on an LE(I have the LE) I would have gone with a purple color toned,It would have fit very nicely with the colors on the cabinet and playfield As for the shots,I find them very tight and sometimes hard to make,I don’t own any of the music based themed pins but I’m hearing that it very similar to (This is a Borg title) so That may the reason for that,I do find that some of the shots and the layout are similar to other Borg titles,So far I’ve logged about 30 plays on it and have not got past 70 million points and I have all the settings set factory, Groot Multiball is easy to get as the Orb Multiball is the harder of the 2, as for the other Multiball modes I have yet to achieve those
3 years ago
I have had the game about a week now and cannot stop playing it when I can kick my family off it... I bought an LE and I have to say it is beautiful. The cabinet art, playfield and LE backglass are amazing. The gold trim which I was originally concerned about looks AWESOME! I did purchase the upgraded etched side rails and awaiting those to ship.

Game play is VERY fast, fun and addicting. My family is totally addicted to the theme and logging a ton of play on it. They have even started researching the rules which they have NEVER done for our Metallica Pre or Tron LE. Stern continues to release code containing new content, music and voices. There has been debate here on Pinside about voice actors being used instead of the movie actors. In my own opinion it has made ZERO affect on how I perceive the game. It truly is allot of fun and I don't really notice!!! I continue to look forward to the code progression!

If you like Pinball/Guardians of Galaxy you cannot miss out on this pin!!!
There are 51 ratings (that include a comment) on this game. Currently showing results page 2 of 3.

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