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Guardians of the Galaxy (Premium/LE)

Where in the world can you find this game?

Shown on this map are owners of “Guardians of the Galaxy (Premium/LE)” around the world.

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57 public locations known where you can play this machine.

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Note! There are multiple versions of this game!
This is "Guardians of the Galaxy (Premium/LE)".
The other version is: Guardians of the Galaxy (Pro) (regular version)


1youngfan ABajillion acons017 aiki99 Ammocan Angus624 artvandelay001 atum Baldo BamBam Bearcat Beez berlouts Blacksnow bluesfan19 britrex1 broncoking budman79 butrtoes Capt_Pinball CCPorter charleskelli ClarkAdkerson cohlhoff Coindropper Collector392 Confuc1uS Cosmoscr Crady1123 c_mario dferg24 Digitz DMon10 drewthegator DrPinBear dstickler Ecw0930 egiblet ernierains etlandfill Exeter Feamster FtWorthPinsider gmkilr Gooch goodstuff2u Gov Gr8play Greenway GVONM Hadojae hardkor hatrick20 HatTrick hawkeyexx heyitsjoebob Hulkbridgeout HurryUpPinball illpoet imagamejunky ImageStudio Inkyjosh Jamwin Janitor JCS0011 jehagen jhoward1082 jmurphy7 Jneiport jobowens Jolt JordanB JRay23 JRocket Jumanji1972 Kcbbq13 KC_Green Keroppi Kevlar51 killborn KilmoreTrout klyguy533 Kpmyers kshill514 Lamilvelo landon1013 Legacy69 LindsayR Lwiz24 Magic_N8_Ball Marcz Mastermat22 mattbabb Meegis Melhadmj Mercifull micromegas mike101968 mike321mc MJR8peanut mlucas Mornick77 mthirkell Nelsonford218 nidalm Nikalou Ninja_Ryno NSXTURBOS nzman Olaggie OmegaFirst Onebert Onewellbrewing Otranan Otto110 papahabla Parzival pghpinfan pilotpins PINBALLDRAIN pinballmike150 PinDog00 pingeek87 PinMVP37 pmWolf portermg PromoJoe23 Pungi Radagast Rbviessman Regena Rengozu Requis Rkrall rkstepo robd222 Robotarmy Rustyck rwalters21 Sabinja salsarodriguez Scandell Scoot seger10494 shazzam Shitstorm Sideways slcorrado smeegletrax Snappy snopro120 Speed SpencKS spfxted Spiderpin sratta Staythirsty thatdog Thebass1484 TheRookie Tiki-Ed tlang tlmajor TMFish tthousand66 Turboprop Twonickel Tysenburg UrethraFranklin Utesichiban Virpacis vongator Waldo Wallygator wesh Whitenoise3000 wilby WindRaidor WyattGuilliams Yaron zaki zeldarioid Zigzagink _TNT_

Where to play "Guardians of the Galaxy (Premium/LE)"

The Pinside pinball map lists all locations where you can play "Guardians of the Galaxy (Premium/LE)"

Oakdale, PA— 51 games
Added May 12th, 2018 — Updated September 17th
Gatlinburg, TN— 67 games
Added January 1st, 2019 — Updated September 14th
Brunswick, GA— 85 games
Added October 5th, 2017 — Updated September 13th
DeKalb, IL— 8 games
Added May 18th, 2011 — Updated September 12th
Birmingham, AL— 32 games
Added October 28th, 2014 — Updated September 10th
Salem, OR— 8 games
Added November 22nd, 2018 — Updated September 4th
Reno, NV— 14 games
Added October 22nd, 2017 — Updated September 2nd
Rotterdam, ZH— 115 games
Added September 24th, 2015 — Updated August 27th
Katy, TX— 18 games
Added February 4th, 2016 — Updated August 20th
Erding, BY— 9 games
Added April 9th, 2013 — Updated August 19th
Sharon, PA— 51 games
Added October 21st, 2017 — Updated August 6th
Renton, WA— 31 games
Added November 28th, 2013 — Updated June 22nd
Gatlinburg, TN— 5 games
Added October 21st, 2019 — Updated June 15th
Gatlinburg, TN— 5 games
Added July 6th, 2011 — Updated June 15th
Gatlinburg, TN— 15 games
Added August 20th, 2019 — Updated June 15th
Banning, CA— 625 games
Added September 17th, 2016 — Updated May 31st
Minneapolis, MN— 24 games
Added November 12th, 2017 — Updated March 13th
Buffalo, NY— 5 games
Added April 4th, 2016 — Updated March 13th
Redding— 5 games
Added May 21st, 2016 — Updated March 10th
Cheektowaga, NY— 78 games
Added September 17th, 2012 — Updated March 4th
Raleigh, NC— 17 games
Added December 23rd, 2014 — Updated March 2nd
Austin, TX— 3 games
Added February 21st
Atlanta, GA— 2 games
Added February 20th
Atlanta, GA— 2 games
Added February 19th
Pittsburgh, PA— 428 games
Added February 7th — Updated February 11th
Laval, QC— 12 games
Added December 11th, 2019 — Updated January 27th
Wichita, KS— 16 games
Added December 15th, 2017 — Updated January 22nd
Belconnen, ACT— 8 games
Added June 8th, 2017 — Updated January 8th
Chvalovice, Jihomoravský kraj— 166 games
Added November 29th, 2019 — Updated January 3rd
Chicago, IL— 41 games
Added February 18th, 2014 — Updated December 4th, 2019
Ann Arbor, MI— 39 games
Added April 29th, 2011 — Updated November 15th, 2019
Lannion, Bretagne— 1 game
Added November 15th, 2019
Greensboro, NC— 14 games
Added January 27th, 2017 — Updated November 12th, 2019
Abbeville, Hauts-de-France— 1 game
Added October 29th, 2019
Broomfield, CO— 13 games
Added March 21st, 2016 — Updated October 18th, 2019
Durham, NC— 16 games
Added January 8th, 2019 — Updated October 14th, 2019
Elk Grove Village, IL— 15 games
Added July 29th, 2017 — Updated October 7th, 2019
Lincoln City, OR— 27 games
Added April 28th, 2013 — Updated October 5th, 2019
Montreal, QC— 7 games
Added June 21st, 2012 — Updated September 22nd, 2019
Chandler, AZ— 6 games
Added September 13th, 2019
Fouras, Nouvelle-Aquitaine— 3 games
Added August 6th, 2019
Austin, TX— 99 games
Added May 19th, 2011 — Updated July 30th, 2019
Armação de Pêra, Faro— 5 games
Added July 1st, 2019
Cedar Rapids, IA— 1 game
Added November 10th, 2013 — Updated June 10th, 2019
Plestin-les-Grèves, Bretagne— 1 game
Added May 19th, 2019
Perth, WA— 2 games
Added September 26th, 2014 — Updated April 14th, 2019
Utrecht, UT— 3 games
Added April 22nd, 2017 — Updated March 2nd, 2019
Wiener Neustadt, Niederösterreich— 19 games
Added October 15th, 2018
Sydney, NSW— 8 games
Added August 9th, 2014 — Updated October 15th, 2018
Grand Rapids, MI— 19 games
Added June 20th, 2011 — Updated October 13th, 2018
Rapid City , SD— 2 games
Added August 20th, 2013 — Updated July 19th, 2018
Berlin, Berlin— 3 games
Added December 11th, 2017 — Updated May 30th, 2018
Vancouver, WA— 3 games
Added April 27th, 2018 — Updated May 3rd, 2018
Kansas City, MO— 1 game
Added March 1st, 2018 — Updated March 8th, 2018
Échirolles, Auvergne-Rhône-Alpes— 2 games
Added February 5th, 2018
Troy, MI— 1 game
Added January 26th, 2018
Bad Axe, MI— 1 game
Added January 26th, 2018

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