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Game Design: 7.797

Artwork: 7.548

Sounds/Music: 1.958

Other Aspects: 7.539

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There are 10 ratings (that include a comment) on this game.
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1 year ago
A straightforward EM game, with easy rules, nice chimes, and decent gameplay. Getting to play it longer I found it more enjoyable, and more fun than my first experience. I wouldn’t search this one out, but worth a few quarters if you find one.
1 year ago
My first E.M. rating! I'm not an E.M. guy, but got to play quite a few games of this at Mom's Organic Market in College Park Maryland. This to me is a "rip the spinner" game and those shots are very satisfying on this game. This is also a game where the bonus factors heavily into your score. As such, the moving balls in the backbox that pop up for every "x bonus" were very helpful and made sense. I like the chimes on this one too. All in all a fun game.
2 years ago
This is a great mid 70's Gottlieb pin. A good variety of shots for an EM and nice backglass bonus scoring mechanism. The spinner offers variations in the targets that reward bonus while also earning bonus. Total bonus can be scored during play to allow skilled players to continue to earn bonuses as long as they can stay in play.
2 years ago
I highly enjoy this game, from the sounds of bells and the fun of scoring points from adding up all the balls in the back box, it’s super fun! Love this game, I can sit and play it for hours.
3 years ago
Great e m machine! Same game as top scorer but yet top scorer is ranked way higher than this one. I don't understand that but whatever. Anyway very good old school game. The centipede on the right it's very fun to shoot for. Definitely worth picking up if you can find one that's not beat up.
3 years ago
Look at this game. Freaking fantastic. They made a great bowling game and it doesn't have a stupid set of 10 rollovers for you to "bowl" at. What it does have is about 300 rollover lanes that will pop a ball into the backglass, a zippy spinner, and a bonus collect hole to score all your balls. The backglass feature even looks like the bowling ball return thing! Part of what makes pinball fun is how things "feel", and I can see popping and scoring those backbox balls is one of the most satisfying things you can do in a pinball machine. Absolutely love this one.
4 years ago
Not sure why this game is rated well below "Top Score" which is exactly the game except 2 players not 4.
5 years ago
Cards, Billiards and Bowling. The big three of EM pinball themes. Bowling is probably my least favorite of the three. 300 is an okay game, certainly better than King Pin, Gottlieb's bowling wedgehead, but it's not a game I would go out of my way to play, let alone own. I'm a big fan of the spinner that stands alone in the middle of the playfield, but other than that, the layout is standard fare. The right side bagatelle just takes up space, and I'm not a fan of them on Gottlieb games overall. The double kickout holes that run underneith the upper plastic are a novel idea but I think the idea works better in design than in actual practice. Middle of the road game, for a middle of the road theme.
5 years ago
I'm surprised so few have rated this game with so many that were produced. Bowling is my thing so I love the theme. Love the backglass animation, the spinner, and the two kick-out holes. Open gate-more EMs needed this feature. And I love the bagatelle. The rule set could be a bit better, but for me that's it. This game has a special place in my heart as at the age of nine, this was the first I had ever played. Actually I asked my Dad to play it first because I didn't know what to do, but I remember being mesmerized by it. This game started it all with me. I own it and will never part with it.
6 years ago
Bonus balls are good, hard to get special on it. Fun to rip the spinner. Good game from the era.
There are 10 ratings (that include a comment) on this game. Currently showing results page 1 of 1.

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