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Other Aspects: 8.063

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4 months ago
This game is so basic in theory, but yet that simple fact is what makes me want to play. I know I can get all the targets down and just blow up that score, and yet it is so hard to keep that ball In play. One of my favorites of the era.
7 months ago
Finally got to play a nice sample of 2001 at Ann Arbor hall of fame. Art work and theme works well. This sample was well tuned. 20 incredible drop targets. My only complaint is, that the upper drops cannot be hit with flippers, you cant really access them by skill shot, you need a lucky sling or pop bumper bounce to knock them down. The center bank of stand up targets in my opinion is too chunky and in the way. Its the reason why I gave this pinball a lower grade, the rule set is amazing. I just don't think it would last in a collection of myn. It's to bad, I guess
2 years ago
Designer Ed Krynski is an evil genius.
2 years ago
With resetting drop target mod, this game surpasses it's AAB brother! Drop target shooter's game with dangerous specials. One of the last baby flipper games. Will be staying in my collection.
3 years ago
This is the only game I had, sold, and then bought a second one to see if I maybe was missing something. So I gave it two chances.
But it still didn't really grab me. It didn't take advantage of the drop targets the way Gottlieb figured out how to do much better on later games. To me, not bad but not great.
4 years ago
This game is not one that has a super deep rule set like Iron Maiden but however this game is still absolutely spectacular. The game is very brutal and the replay value is 100 percent there. One of the best em pins in my opinion.
5 years ago
If you think this isn't "Dimension", please re-examine the cabinet. Same great play - I claim ALL targets are shootable, but may require an early-swing back-flip hook shot. Rephrase: the straight-shot, right-flipper-to-upper-left-targets approach can't reach the farthest couple of targets, as others have noted.
5 years ago
This game can be a lot of fun after you spend some time playing it. It's especially good if you want to improve your nudging skills. It can be a bit brutal with those tiny flippers and those standup targets in the front which seem to always put the ball straight in to the drain. The game has simple rules but with a challenging goal. It's very satisfying to get a whole bank of drop targets down and light up the corresponding scoop.
7 years ago
This game is all about the drops. Twenty to shoot for, but less than half of those are able to be made directly from the flippers. You'll have to rely on nudging and luck to get the rest employing the upper kickers and pop bumpers. The game embodies a really far-out futuristic theme, but the approach was executed better in later Gottlieb art by Gordon Morison (Target Alpha, Far Out, Strange World, etc). I'm disappointed that the playfield art was so bland, given the flashy nature of the backglass. The game is fun to shoot but can be a little claustrophobic at times--you are always shooting for the two open areas on either side of the middle target bank to get the ball back to the top of the playfield. A massive flipper gap works to keep the game moving quickly. The four targets in the bank are sucker shots, that will almost always result in a drain...so never shoot for them unless they are lit for special.
7 years ago
Could have been great but some serious design flaws kept it down. 20 drop targets, 2 bumper and and bunch of kick-out holes should make for a fun combination if it wasn't for the poor layout and 2 inch flippers. The stand-up targets in the center block any direct shot to the upper playfield, so the vast majority of the game happens in the lower 1/3 of the field which really isn't all that much fun. Too bad, this one had a lot of the ingredients to be really great.
8 years ago
Ok game, got old after a few games
8 years ago
I bought this game in March 2016 and, holy cow, what a fun player! The game is gorgeous -- beautiful bright colors, campy futuristic artwork and nice lighting -- and the ball FLIES around the playfield with the two-sets of slingshots and two pop bumpers up top.

The five kickout holes across the top are fun, and a well-aimed shot from the flippers can make it all the way up to the top of the playfield. I've set mine to conservative, so you have to knock down all four drop-target banks to light the special, which lights the top center kickout hole and also moves around from the different stand-up targets below the center island.

Overall a very fun game and one of the very last small-flipper EMs that Gottlieb made!
8 years ago
Solid single player game from the early '70s. The simplicity is what makes this game so great: Just knock down as many drop targets as you possibly can. Easy to understand rules trump the otherwise simple layout. Toss in some short flippers and some brutal outlanes, and you've got yourself a winner. Classically nostalgic for anyone who grew up with this style of pinball. Press start, slap a few balls around, be happy. This is how pinball was meant to be played.

The only real drawback, in my opinion, is the playfield artwork. Large chunks of solid colors get boring to look at, especially when it's sister game, Galaxie, has much more depth and color to it's playfield artwork.
9 years ago
I remember back in 1971(I was 15yrs old)our local vendor(Vito) UN-boxing this game on the back of his old Chevy pickup truck and hauling it into the candy store for all us foaming at the mouth pinball junkies to give it a try. For sure this wedge head was an instant success. Us players had never seen a pin so spectacular with 20 colorful drop targets that seemed to disappear after being knocked down into the play field. It was a truly magical treat for us addicted players to have at our fingertips such a dynamic, fun, player friendly pinball to play for a dime or 3 plays for a quarter. This futuristic game really gave me my first thoughts of the year 2001 which seemed like icons away back then in 1971. I would have to say this wedge head could be one of the best playing 2” flippers drop target games ever produced by Gottlieb and the Add a Ball Dimension is one of the most wanted drop target wedge head on everybody’s want list. When shopped correctly with rebuilt flippers, top & bottom side sling shot kicks, pop bumpers and other moving mechanical components done to perfection the game will play fantastic giving a player a fast, smooth flowing game with plenty of wild ball action not seen on some of the early and mid 1960's games . The 5 colorful kick out holes on the top arch of the play field are enjoyable and do not slow the game down at all adding pleasure to game play, especially since the kick out holes throw the ball into the 100 point pop bumper. One of the nicest features of this play field design is having side sling shot kickers located on the top center and on the lower section between the flippers. Not too many other wedge heads have this dual side kicker play field layout design. I think Target Pool also has this play field layout design where there are two sets of sling shot kickers. You can adjust the SPECIAL to light for either knocking down 3 or 4 colored drop target banks. The SPECIAL when lit light moves from one bulls eye target to the next in the center of the play field and is an easy hit for skilled players or novice players by a flipper shot or lower sling shot side kicker. Score to beat for replays isn’t too hard to reach either especially once the player gets down all the drop targets. Even though the drop targets do not reset after getting them all down the game the ball gets knocked around the play field with a sometimes uncontrollable a super fast wild pace and there is plenty to shoot for like high score, top center kick out hole for SPECIAL and of course SPECIAL on the stand up bull eye target that move from one to another.This game is a must for the player that loves the sound of the knocker hammering replay after replay (POP,POP,POP,POP). A player can really feel in his hands and body the vibration and pounding of the mechanical moving parts,bells,knockers score reels,etc flowing through themselves. It's electrifying ! Just a beautiful great playing pinball game and a must for any wedgehead collector who is a purist pinball player at heart. I have one in my collection and still to this day find the game a super player with a ton of sentimental memories to go along with it.
9 years ago
3-inch flippers were already invented and nice to have when it comes to precise playing. For any kind of practising skills you should use the common flippers. There's also a lack of variety in the game. THere are so many better drop-traget tabels out there.
9 years ago
20 drop targets and five top ko holes make this a fast game if you modify and bridge rectify the heck out of it. You can get some weird and fun action. A fun game which has cool artwork. The number 2001 lights up after the game ends and four symbols light when you drop each set of coloured targets. Fun! Not amazing nor awesome but really good fun.
I'd rather play this than millions of modern dot matrix games with their ramps and speaking and kiiling. This is a pure game and also quite a trend setter for 1971. Obviously we will all be flying the skies on jet surf boards and wearing lycra in 2001???
10 years ago
Really like the futuristic look of this game or rather 2001 as it was envisaged back in the early 70's! Game looks great in a dark room and with 20 drop targets and a moving special it is a lot of fun. What I don't like is that the game kind of plays itself in that the pops kind of take out the drops most of the time. A good game but not a great one.
10 years ago
I'm not a great fan of drop targets, the art is a bit sci-fi, and the play field very plain. At least it has 2" flippers, but it's isn't a classic. Getting the drops is just too random, relying on the pops to do most of the work, instead of skill shots from the flippers. Chime box bongs will never equal good old fashioned bells. Give me a traditional sixties game and I'll be much happier. Not a keeper for me, fun to have a couple of games on, but doesn't give me that just one more game feeling.
10 years ago
Totally fun EM game with lots of drop targets. Great game to learn flipper control and how to nudge.
10 years ago
This is a pretty cool game. It is unique that the targets do not reset between balls. Some don't like this but I don't mind it as it is unique. This is the free game version. There was an add a ball version under a different name and I wish I could play it to see if I liked it better as I think I would. I guess when it came out a free game was important in an arcace but not in my home lol.

Update: I originally rated this mediocre for latability and fun. Boy was I wrong. I have found that this is one of my favorite Wedge Heads ever. I really love the thrill of it. It's simplistic in it's design but it works well.
10 years ago
If you want a quick challenging game that will not last all day. This is a great choice.
The short flippers make keeping the ball in play quite a task. As others have mentioned it will keep you coming back for all the drop targets. 4 different color banks of them.
It is a true "just one more game" machine.
11 years ago
Drop target junkies dream (nightmare?). A machine that I have to play "just one more time - I know I can beat it. etc. Small flippers, four banks of drop targets, infinite angles and bank shots, sometimes feels as much like billiards as pinball.
11 years ago
Drain monster but winable. If you like drop targets, 2001 has em. Different and fun to play.
11 years ago
2001 is one of the first pin-game with multiple drop target banks.

The Pros: 20 drop targets gives you lots to shoot for. Things get more interesting when you have fewer targets to shoot for. Getting the ball to the top of the PF is always a challenge. Skills!

The Cons: Eeeeety beeeeety fleeeeepers can make you nuts... sometimes. Not Gordon Morrison's best art package, but still serviceable.

The Takeaway: A damn fine game that has stood the test of time. Just one more reason to remind ourselves that Ed Krynski made our lives better through pinball.

Frikkin' love this game. On the want list!
There are 24 ratings on this game. Currently showing results page 1 of 1.

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