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There are 102 ratings (that include a comment) on this game.
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11 days ago
This was a tricky game for me to rate.
Cool art and an innovative game for its day. Drop targets, a spinner, a magnet. . . all good stuff.
I had fun flipping the ball around the playfield but somehow could not connect with this pin. It could be the theme. . . not a lot of horned demons and skulls as décor at my place.
Probably a good entry level pin -- a lot of value for the price.
59 days ago
Gorgar is tough to rate and be fair to considering it was made in 1979 and for it's time was state of the art. While it was the first table to have speech by today's standards it does not hold up well. a company like Stern should revamp it. Still, though, a fun machine to dump quarters into. I still play it whenever I come across one (a pizzeria/bar in Long Beach has one).
63 days ago
I cant believe this game is from 79! It was definitely ahead of its time.. Have this game at my work, for afterwork fun, and it has caused me to stick around late many nights.
The rules are sweet. Lots of different shots to hit. I like how the drop targets themselves score one way but when you hit both banks its another. The spinner isnt an easy shot, but if you can get it to 1000 its worth going for. And it wont stay lit for long, depending on your bonus total. You have the snake pit magnet that varies in scoring, and the saucer that can lead to an extra ball.
Art is great. I like all the original type art. They didnt just plaster some movie art onto the playfield.
Sound is early speech, but it works well.
I will rec this title all day long. Looks great with LEds.
73 days ago
Gorgar is a very deliriously macabre pin. I love most macabre things and I also really love heavy metal and there is a band called Helloween that made a song about this pin. So I really, really like this theme and I find the artwork to be really good as well. The backglass is just gorgeously dripping with malevolence and its use of colors is very effective. The same color scheme and art is extended to the playfield and you almost get a nice story on the playfield. Like the backglass the woman is sacrificed, but on the playfield you can fight and save her against gorgar. Like the backglass is the foreshadowing of an ominious future, one that can be avioded only if you can "Beat Gorgar". Easier said than done, because most of the time "Gorgar Beats YOU!". And that is the main gimmick of this pin the speech, only a handful of words, but that is all Gogar needs. Because, if you do play well enough he will say you not only hurt him, but you beat him. Or rather You Beat Me".
There is no real music in gorgar, but I like the use of the heartbeat while playing this pin. The better you do, the more you advance the game the quicker it speeds up. Simple rules, but effective and they require you to shoot and hit all the shots. I'm not really aware of any overpowered shot or strategy for this game that makes it unbalanced. Simple ruleset, but I like the old time rulesets. No MB. But, game is fun enough without it.
The main shot you will be going for though is probably the spinner, once you get that up.
The other shot is the Pit shot, but you need to build that up first. Has a magnet in it as well, which probably also was one of the first uses of a magnet in pinball. So this machine has a few firsts going with it. Obviously the callouts are limited, but I am judging it on what was available at the time, and this was the first talking pin. Also, Gorgar doesn't need to be chatty, he says just the right amount and that is all you need.
Fantastic art package and I really like the theme and how it all is connected from evil voice of Gorgar, to the heartbeat. Just really engrosses you in the game.
Also this is one of my favorite cab art for this era of pinball machine.
The game is fun to shoot, and while I wouldn't want to play one for hours on end, 15-25 minutes of shooting or playing is always fun for me. When I see it at expos I try to play a few games as well. If I ever get a bigger house, I hope to get a Gorgar machine. But, I really think you'd might want it to be a part of 8-10 pin collection. Think how well one would look right next to a Monster Bash, BSD, or any other horror themed pin. Fun to play game with a nice simple ruleset. Can't go wrong.
3 months ago
Art is so fantastic, I am absolutely partial to low-brow fantasy art. I do not think it is the best pinball but enjoy playing this every time and will always play multiple games. This is a game I adore without fully understanding why I do. I believe this game is good value and could see myself owning one day.
3 months ago
Gorgar...I saw it and had to put in multiple games on it given how frequently I've seen it pop up on this website. It is a very cool looking game at first glance and there are enough shots to make it interesting, but yet I lost interest after about 5 games or so. Still, compared to other similar-era games, this is a good one. I enjoyed Pinbot a touch more than Gorgar, but you probably can't go wrong playing either (or both...they were right next to each other on location for me). I definitely can't say that I'm going to go back and feel compelled to put a ton of additional games on this pin because it was a little old after a bit, but I can understand why it is popular.
5 months ago
I vividly remember the arrival of this game in my local arcade in 1979/80. It talked! It also had a cool scary demon vibe and awesome artwork. The art and theme together with the novelty of its ability to talk made it nearly irresistible. I can remember lines of people waiting to play. And that is where I feel a little let down. For all the technological breakthrough and homerun art, the play always seemed sort of slow and limited to me. Maybe I just wasn’t good enough but even when I hit the shots it always seemed hard to really get things going. I would like to spend a while on it now and see whether it was just me or if there really isn’t much to the game after all.
7 months ago
My dad wouldn't let me play Gorgar when I was a youngster. It's evil he would say. I guess it was the preacher in him. All that made me do was want to play Gorgar. I'll own one some day, but I'll have to put a cover over it when my dad comes over.
7 months ago
Good Game as a first
1 year ago
One of the best looking games of all time. The artwork is second to none. Simply stunning. Game play is of the era. Simple, fun, challenging. I will never forget the first time I heard "Gorgar speaks!" come out of those speaker. Any game that taunts the player gets bonus points from me. Gorgar beat you.
1 year ago
This games is a classic, great speech.
1 year ago
Gorgar is a blast to play. Fantastic sound for the time that holds up in a retro cool way. The artwork compliments the fantasy theme that drew players in from across the arcade. A cheap game by todays standards and easy to shop out for a beginner. A great representative of classic late 70's pin.
1 year ago
Gorgar is a bit Bore-gar. There isn’t much to shoot at and it becomes repetitive very quickly. I like tables that have variety and this just does not. Love the artwork, too bad it is a pinball machine and not a comic book.
1 year ago
Love this game,love the drums/heart beat sound in the background as it gets faster and faster as you hit targets.Overall the first talking pinball machine to me was awesome and have always rated this machine highly.
1 year ago
My favorite game.
1 year ago
for its time its pretty awesome. earlier open playfield best played slow and level, a little art repetition, but voice sound a magnetic dragon and giant red demon what more can you ask for?
1 year ago
Me gorgar, me jungle lord brother. Very good game, excellent artwork, great heartbeat. But what the h regarding the speech. What were they thinking? Yes it was first, but how about something a demon might say instead of Tarzan??
1 year ago
My only pin, and it hasn't gotten old for the last 4+ months with over 10 games a day. Simple and balanced rules make it easy to explain and fun for beginners but its a true 'devil' to master - I've still only rolled it over once. Great spinner shot, bonus multiplier lanes/skill shot, magnet, and difficult-to-achieve moving special shot.

Great sound with the legendary first voice in Pinball. If its set up right, it's a fast and unforgiving game. The brutal outlanes teach you to up your nudging game quick! Overall a great game highly reccomended. Put it many hours on various DMD's - but am glad I own Gorgar.
1 year ago
me eat you, me Gorgar, you fucked now.

this was the first talking pin so we shouldn't be too harsh now looking back. it's beautiful to look at, especially the backglass, and it plays ok for a game of its era. didn't stay long in my collection though as I prefer a bit more going on.

me Gorgar! oh I already said that
1 year ago
Loved the backglass and lighting.
1 year ago
I truly don’t get the high ratings for this table. It’s pretty to look at. The art is phenomenal. That’s really about it. It’s basically a souped-up electro table on crack. The shots and gimmicks aren’t much and are fairly easy to master and there isn’t much to do or cheer about once you go nuts and hit those at will. Neat, but just not for me I suppose.
2 years ago
Pros will shatz the inlanes to build up the Pit value. Its a challenging way to play the game ....
2 years ago
One of my all times favorit.
2 years ago
Gorgar is one of those machines that people always remember playing "back in the day". It is a nice solid game that will give you some good times and leave you wanting one more try.
2 years ago
Fun game and always something to shoot at.
There are 102 ratings (that include a comment) on this game. Currently showing results page 1 of 5.

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