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This game received 125 approved Pinsider ratings and currently rates 7.690 /10


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This game ranks #118 in the Pinside Pinball Top 100.

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Score breakdown in the 4 main categories:

Game design: 7.811

Artwork: 7.561

Sounds/Music: 7.118

Other Aspects: 7.814

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Found 67 ratings (with comment) on this game

There are 67 ratings (that include a comment) on this game.
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78 days ago
I am very partial to this pin because I am a big Bond fan. It is very close to the movie. Great callouts and I understand there is even a modded music option as well. The satellite shot is lots of fun.
It is one of the best pins Sega made.
3 months ago
I've only played this game on location and would love to own one someday. The satellite shot is really fun. It play fast and furious.
3 months ago
I am a huge Goldeneye fan. This game pays respects to the movie quite well. The shots are fun. Great toys with the satellite, trap door, gun, and magnasave. I wish the modes had more reward for completing them, or any reward at all. I also wish there were more modes.

That being said, the wizard mode is tricky to get to but satisfying when you do.

I made a pinsound mix with remastered callouts, music, sfx so that also helps with the theme.
1 year ago
Many say Goldeneye is one of the best games by Sega. I agree. The rules are easy to understand, and many of the modes/missions are not too difficult. A couple (Q's Pen, Shoot the Guards) can be very hard and lead to a drain if not careful. More than once it has been Q's Pen between me and Wizards Mode.

What I really like about this pin, though, is how closely it follows the Movie. If you get this pin, watch the movie and it will make it that much funner. Eject or Die is an awesome feature, and of course the satellite shoot is among the best in pinball IMO. Call outs are good (Shaken not stirred martini tilt warnings, "James must you really drive that fast", "A license to kill is also a license to die", etc - pure gold)

If your a bond fan, you will love this pin. If not, or even if they dislike Bond (how could they) most will enjoy it, especially after hitting a satellite shot or spelling Goldeneye.
1 year ago
Just a fun pin with a fun theme. If you find one at a fair price go for it!
2 years ago
Definitely one of SEGA’s better pins. Excellent music and great use of magnets. The Satellite is awesome. Art isn’t bad and rules and layout are good.
2 years ago
Goldeneye is a fun game the satilite Is an awesome toy and the magnet below the flippers is awesome. The music is good in the game and it has great Flow. Just wished the game had a deeper ruleset.
3 years ago
What a smooth game to play. Shooting the ramps with the sound of a Aston Martin makes the ball go even harder.... Great fast game and 6 balls Multiball gives a rush.

When you play a 3 ball game you have to catch a breath after all that work to keeping the balls in play.

Shaken not stirred
3 years ago
Goldeneye is one of the very best games by Sega. One of the best Bond films in pinball form what's not to like about that? Gameplay is fast and fun with alot of ramps. I like the sound clips used and the music is pretty good too. The shaken martini during tilt warnings is perfect! Some fun Easter eggs are thrown in during the intro to not keep things too serious. The magna save is awesome, but should have been better designed. The playfield gets such a crater there, it does not function properly on some games. Satalite dish / jump ramp is that super jackpot. The rule set is the only bummer on this game. Most objectives and missions are pretty easy with the exception of Q's pen. The timing on that one is very tight. Upon a failed completion you have to work on relighting it again...and again...and again as needed. This turns into a chore getting to the wizard mode and zaps some fun from the game and describes almost every game played. Great game by Sega that has been overlooked for years.
3 years ago
I played a ton of Goldeneye 007 on N64 in college. So I was obviously from the get go! The pinball is definitely in my top five for sure. I love the magnets that are used in the game. It's a fun playing pin with great ramps!
3 years ago
Goldeneye is one of those games that was overlooked, but now sought after. I haven’t figured out why yet, but this game plays better than other Segas’. It feels crisp like a modern stern. Shots are very smooth and if you like ramps, there are a lot of those shots.
This game is loaded with challenging modes, amazing sounds, SUPER FAST game play, nice graphics and display animations to complement the movie. I can’t believe I just stumbled upon getting this game! The only couple of gripes I hear about are problems with the magnet save between the flippers, and the cheap helicopter in the back left. Well, there are upgrades for the magnet board, but I still think this technology isn’t perfect by design…You’re asking a magnet to toss a ball up consistently; but I think the force generated spins in a circle to whip the ball. Sometimes it slings it up, to the side and down. So, cool innovation but not without faults. Hopefully someone will make a light up helicopter toy for a replacement one day…Maybe one representative to the actual eurocoptor tiger in the movie ; )
3 years ago
Overall a decent game. Fun to play, but typical of the Sega era. Can become a repetitive game for a pro level player.
3 years ago
Pretty great game. I'm not a big James Bond fan but the game is done really well. The two magnets are awesome. Hitting the satellite dish electromagnetically grabs the ball and triggers multi-ball and there's another magnet in the main drain that can save your ball. It's a great game even if the theme isn't for me.
3 years ago
This game was a big let down for me. It may have been due to the condition of the machine I played. A clunky game.
3 years ago
The highlight of this game is the ramps. All 3 feel great and you'll be shooting them all. The Goldeneye toy is cool, but the flat white plastic look is really cheap. The shots are easy overall so it's nice that you need to hit a death target in the center to light each lock. The Xenia DMD animations sure are something. Overall it still has a Sega feel (as someone who doesn't usually like Sega games) but it's one of my favorites.
3 years ago
It's Bond James Bond, one of the greatest themes and one of my all time favourite games of all time.
3 years ago
If you like smoking hot girls, fast cars, money, and a lot of action then Golden Eye Pinball is for you. Quick reaction is required to make the skill shots to complete the Bond mission. The entertainment factor is one only a James Bond fan will appreciate. The humor is all 007 from the initial ball launch using your Walter PPK to the sex challenges that have to be completed before she squeezes you to death in bed. The modes takes you through a fast pace car, helicopter, tank, and train mission, always keeping an eye on the hotties. Of course Q and M help you out. You get your missions from the stereo while driving your Aston Martin DB9. Make sure you “shoot to kill or be killed.” “ A license to kill is also a license to die.” “Thank you very much Mr. Bond.” Many famous one liners during game play. Two fantastic toys are the satellite dish that captures the ball if you shoot the pop-up ramp for multi ball and magna ball save. The magna ball save pulls your ball back into play keeping the action going instead of waiting for a ball re-launch. Best Sega title. A small production coupled with the ones viewed were fully enjoyed has me on the hunt.
4 years ago
Decent enough game. Not for me though. Very mid-range.
4 years ago
I somehow managed to go 20 years without ever encountering this title in the wild until I recently found one.

It's not a great game-- there's nothing about it that really stands out in terms of play. It does however have one of the coolest ball save gimmicks that I've ever seen-- that really stood out, and I'm surprised it hasn't been used for more titles than this one. Beyond that, it's pretty forgettable.
4 years ago
Fun pin to play love the satellite plus the speed of the ramps
4 years ago
Good layout, good shots, fun bond theme!
4 years ago
Behind expectations. Nice magnet ball stopper (which ruins the playfield after years) and some film toys but I prefer watching the movies rather than playing the pinball machine. Doesn't tap its potential.
4 years ago
A pretty fun machine. The one copy that I played had some minor playability issues but was still pretty fun. All of the Bond films would make great pinball themes. It is too bad that there aren't more Bond pins out there.
4 years ago
Classic....though I may just have a lot nostalgia from my N64 days. Music is repetitive and will get sick in your head! Satellite shot for 5 ball multiball is rewarding though I found it to be too much of a focus on the game. Enjoyable pin though and especially for those who have a multiple pins.
5 years ago
Great theme but not a deep rule set. Music was great! After 10 to 15 games lost interest.
There are 67 ratings (that include a comment) on this game. Currently showing results page 1 of 3.

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