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There are 40 ratings (that include a comment) on this game.
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48 days ago
Great theme but the game play doesn’t live up to the theme.
4 months ago
Sega's "Godzilla" wants so badly to be a contender and it's just flat. Released at the end of pinball's second renaissance, it's a movie tie-in for Sony's ill-conceived, badly botched American Godzilla movie from 1998.

It does show promise. The huge Godzilla toy just shoved into the left-hand corner of the table is attractive and I like that he interacts with your shots...but, in the end, it becomes an eye-sore after the novelty wears off. The playfield is far too wide open and there are two generic ramps, which don't offer a lot to do. Stacking multiballs is the name of the game and that's all well and good for a bit but it becomes apparent that there isn't a lot of depth after that.

The playfield looks like an afterthought, something thrown together at the last second and ugly to boot. Plus the table is dark as hell and that doesn't help things. It's somewhat saved when modders add in LEDs, but that's too little, too late.

This is a SEGA table...and with it, comes SEGA's crappy, grinding 16-bit rock noise that was also present on the Starship Troopers table. It'll have you begging for mercy long before the giant lizard does.

All in all, it's fine, but if it's in the middle of several other games, I'm not giving it much of my time.
1 year ago
This game is actually really awesome if you get a chance to play one.
1 year ago
This one I own. The gameplay is challenging and but lacks variation. The sounds are great, but the callouts get old. The lighting is fine, but is dark. No instant drainers, so the challenge is all yours. Expect high scores with the great design.
2 years ago
Very underrated ... Amazing playfield ... Beautiful machine ... Fun to play ...
2 years ago
I think the features of this game that bring its ranking down so low are the callouts. Playfield artwork and music could definitely be improved too, but as far as fun factor, shots, challenge (towards the 5 stack multiball), theme and the feeling of wanting just "one more game".. this is such an enjoyable machine.

The main draw for me is going for the 5 stack multiball and earning a spot on the scoreboard for doing so. This is the wizard mode and a very challenging, but achievable goal. Scoring high on the machine and getting the mini-wizard mode (save new york) is rather easy and forgiving, which makes it approachable for guests and people new to pinball as well.
2 years ago
This game reminds me of a girl I remember from college. . . as pretty as can be and a joy to look at but somehow lacking in personality.

The backglass art and Godzilla himself crawling up out of the playfield draw you in for sure. It took a good number of games played before I could get a feel for what is going on/what the goals are of the game, and while it was fun to play I was content to move onto something else before long.

The Horseshoe captive ball is a neat feature. The ramps are fun to hit and another piece of eye candy to gaze upon. Somehow though I felt like something was missing. Drop targets? A Spinner? I don't know. Perhaps I'm just not a big fan of large reptiles, even if pinballs drop out of their mouths.

I would not turn away from one when the chance presents to play again. . and I'd probably even bring one home for a bit if the opportunity ever presented itself. . . but ultimately I would probably have to move on to a different game. Maybe one that had a better personality. :)
3 years ago
Go Go Godzilla!! too bad they made so few of these its perhaps the best of all of the Sega titles
4 years ago
What a great looking pinball machine. Awesome backglass, one of the all time coolest playfields ever. The cab art itself is good as well. I also think the animations are really great. The layout is good, and I really enjoy shooting it. Two fun ramps. The code is good, and it really places an emphasis on stacking MBs. The callouts are fine, but I think really they lack energy. I think the music and sound effects fit the pin. And while I really think this pin shoots good, and is quite the looker, I do get bored with shooting it after a few games.
But, it has to be one of the best examples of pinball completely nailing theme that it is based on.
Would I ever like to own this game... Depends on how much space I have. But, since this game had a low production run, I don't think I will ever buy it. But, I think if you come across one. You should play it.
4 years ago
Multiball stacking is great like Dracula.This is a fun game,much better than I thought .Low rating is probably due to low production numbers.And I’ve owned 2 Dracula’s BSD and Godzilla is such a better shooter and livelier.
4 years ago
Extremely fun game. Really wish there were more of them made. Great layout and pretty good art. Even though I am a fan of deep games, this game doesn’t disappoint. Trying to stack multiballs is great. Really hope to own one some day.
4 years ago
You look at this game and it’s gorgeous. It begs to be played. You think it’s gonna be fun and by the third ball you just want it to end. The plunger shot and skill shot (is there a skill shot) are weird. Even when the ball spits out of Godzilla’s mouth it’s BORING... just like the movie.
4 years ago
A very unique game, where multiball is the goal, almost entirely. The ultimate goal is to get all 5 multiballs prepared before collecting all at the same time for the to maximize jackpot values. Perhaps more importantly, beat JEK to become the King of the Monsters by starting all 5 multiballs at one time.

Our GZA is set up with super bands rings throughout, except on the kickers and flippers where we have Marco white rubber and Pinball Life yellow rubbers, respectively. We did put those fatty 7/8” post sleeves on either side of the Sonar shots, which beefs up that challenges significantly. The flippers are set to be lower when activated, but not too low to rest poorly, by bending the rubber-buttoned-stop (not the coil stop) in a bit, shortening its stroke a bit but eliminating the ‘bucket’ effect that energized Sega flippers all seem to me to have. Oh, and lightning flippers.
5 years ago
Godzilla is not a very fun pin to play unless all you like is multiball. All this game is is multiball, multiball, multiball. Every mode is a multiball and there are about 5 modes. Finishing them all brings you to the wizard mode which is, you guessed it, a multiball. The shots are not that fun or satisfying except the ramp and there isn't much that will make you want to keep playing. The Godzilla head on the playfield is cool and seeing the ball come out of his mouth is cool the first few times. Overall I'd say try it but it's nothing special.
5 years ago
some cooldude wrote a rulesheet for GZ here: https://papa.org/wp-content/uploads/Godzilla-rulesheet.pdf

Godzilla is a rare pin, only 510 made, and it contains the longest ramp in pinball, that massive green thing is all one piece, believe it or not. it also has a gorgeously sculpted Godzilla head and hand dominating the playfield centre (think Frankenstein or Freddy but several times bigger) but this could be better lit so I installed spotlights on it to make it pop out more. the shakermotor is perfectly built into the action, just as it is in Earthshaker, and the game is just a mean green machine. which is a good thing if you like green, which I do.

People complain that the game is too easy in that all you need to do to get to Save New York is to start all of the five multiballs - which can all be run concurrently to increase scoring, or even started concurrently to maximise scoring at 25M per jackpot ...... but if, like me, pinball is *all* about multiball, a game like this where you can be in MB almost all the time if you want, is a frenzied funfest.

go play it, you'll like it.
7 years ago
One of the common complaints against Godzilla is that it is all multiball and stacking them together is the only thing you are trying to do. What confuses me is that is what people say about Dracula, but they talk about it in a positive on that game. In Godzilla you get 5 multiballs to stack instead of 3, it just doesn't make sense to me why that would be a bad thing. Overall I find the game very fun. It isn't super deep, but walking up to it I know I am going to have a good time. I think it's layout is pretty decent, and the look with the green ramp and Godzilla coming out of the playfield is awesome. It is the worst game I have ever had to shop though, as the Godzilla head and ramp proved to be nearly impossible to remove from the game. Easy service state on the flyer is a clear lie, and I imagine many operators back in the late 90s simply wouldn't by this game due to its lack of serviceability.
7 years ago
I was wrong, this is a fun game if your goal is to stack all 5 Modes before starting the collection of multiballs for ultimate jackpots and a chance to be named King of Monsters.
8 years ago
One of my favorite Sega's......can't really put a finger on it I just enjoy playing this one.
8 years ago
I hate this machine, to be honest. The layout suck and some shot are just impossible without a perfect situation.
8 years ago
It's quite an easy game, but really enjoyable. As Keith says it's a "multiball frenzy", and to me this is great.
All the game you rush from multiball to multiball, making the game very dinamic.

It's another underrated game in my opinion.
8 years ago
I really do like Godzilla even though its a pretty simple game now that I have owned It a while save new York is pretty easy to get now but it still is a unique game because its all multiball and the green ramps and Godzilla's head is pretty cool looking.
8 years ago
About to own my 2nd Godzilla. Miss the first but sold it along with other pins to afford a new house. I didn't like the Movie but loved the pin. Layout, call-outs & shots are top notch. I think the game is hard enough for lastabilty but easy to understand the shots. A great package all in all.
9 years ago
This is a keeper!!! Love the balanced playing with many left and right shots. Keeps your skill level up. With many different types of multiball your can work the play field for scoring advancement. Monsters and Magnets and Multiball is there anything better?
9 years ago
Had to get this one just because im a godzilla fan from way back. And for the low production.The godzilla tearing through the city is the coolest. Plan on putting some red lights in his eyes and also in his throat when he spits the balls out . Fun game.
9 years ago
Artwork: The sculptures are great, I just wish they were more interactive.
The playfield art, I like. I never minded the SEGA art or artists though, as it's more of a fine art style than a metro style like B/W machines of the era had.

Layout: Not a lot of shots. If I had to mark it down in any one area the most, it would be here. The ramp shots are long and take a good long while to return to the flippers. A lot of pop bumper action, as many of the shots end up there. The ball can return to the shooter lane which is just weird.

Music: Good, but repetitive. Needs a sub-woofer to take full advantage of the soundtrack.

Rules: Simple, but difficult to attain. The goal is to stack multiple multiballs together to attain the biggest possible jackpots. You need to get 2,3,4 or 5 ready to go, and then shoot the shot to start them all at once (while of course holding off shooting that shot to not start them too early). That isn't very easy, and is where the challenge comes in with this title.

Magnet gimmicks and the shaker motor winds up making this somewhat rarer title really feel like a cohesive package. A solid game if you just want to have fun flipping!
There are 40 ratings (that include a comment) on this game. Currently showing results page 1 of 2.

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